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Seller: Baglan Dosmagambetov

- Support for iOS7

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◆ Now with preparation video for each drink!

This is a short introduction to the 16 most popular espresso-based drinks. It was developed in collaboration with a professional barista with 10 years experience. Demonstration of drinks in cross-section, interesting facts about coffee, specially created music and impressive graphic design – all this will help expand your horizons and teach you about the ‘coffee world.’ By covering the stages from beginner to expert, you will open up a whole new world of drinks, and may be one of them will become your favorite!

Human creativity is limitless – it colors and qualifies every aspect of our life. Even in such a relatively conservative industry as cookery numerous innovations constantly pop up: these include nonstick frying pans, food processors, electric hobs and gadgets for molecular gastronomy.

One of these innovations has been an espresso-machine. Its specifications have changed many times since it was first created, but its essence remains the same – it is still used to extract the taste and aroma from the coffee beans under high pressure and temperature. There is something very retro-futurist about the espresso-machine and the drinks it creates – it supports our belief in human mind and creativity and gives hope for the future.

Coffee drinks in this app:

◆ Espresso
◆ Espresso Ristretto
◆ Espresso Lungo
◆ Espresso Macchiato
◆ Espresso Con Panna
◆ Espresso Romano
◆ Espresso Doppio
◆ Latte
◆ Americano
◆ Cappuccino
◆ Marocchino
◆ Latte Macchiato
◆ Caffe Mocha
◆ Irish coffee
◆ Cafeccino
◆ Vienna coffee

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by RoxyAdelle

    I can't wait for more ideas and varieties!

  • Beautiful and educational app for coffee lovers

    by Driveman

    I learned a lot from it.

  • Great reference tool

    by Penderworth

    I use this daily to show coworkers and customers what a drink is made of and how to make it better. It's a marvelous tool.

  • Amazing Coffee App

    by cheerhe07

    I very love drink coffee. This is a perfect app to me. I have a advise is that could you provide a option to delete the download video?

  • Beautifully put.

    by Billholk

    I love reading the facts about the different types of espresso, will there be any added content?

  • Awesome

    by olamk

    Creative and very well photographed and coded.

  • i actually really like this

    by flashymeow


  • I like it.

    by Stacey Lynde

    Sure, if you're looking for a deep, comprehensive catalog, this isn't it. That said, I like the clean, simple breakdown of my favorite drinks. The secret drink was a nice touch.

  • Coffee Lover's Perfection

    by justinthehansen

    This app is so beautiful and informative. Entertaining and perfect for coffee lovers. Only thing I ask is for more facts on coffee. Awesome job with the subtle steam effect and parallax effect.

  • Not worth money imo

    by DDbarista

    Looks and sounds good but more content would make this a worthwhile purchase. As it is its not even worth $1 let alone 3. Please add basics and sweeteners. Tbh 2 stars, as is 5 if up'd

  • Great App!

    by Bez.J

    My espresso life made simple

  • La RECICLETA café

    by Cafedelirio

    Muy interesante,nos encanto la presentación.De mucha ayuda para los que nos fascina el café.

  • Coffee Delights

    by Thegirlinjeans

    Love this app!! Such great info on various coffee drinks and their names.

  • Really nice

    by Fireupman

    Pleaser place to discover code and so many bountiful details even steam. You rocks!

  • Great coffee app, literally

    by Resmondo

    Good for learning how to make some great coffee at home, good interface, need some more coffee choices though

  • Gorgeous and Fun

    by Lilma Eifert

    Beautiful, fun, engaging

  • Great!

    by Sponeyhum

    Very interesting. Thankyou.

  • Coffee lover

    by A mee zeen

    U think this app is awesome but wish for more drinks

  • Beautiful

    by Michael77up.

    A really beautiful app with a great interface. The only thing I could ask for is a more detailed write-up on how to make the drinks. It explains the components, and has a video, but it is not that detailed in its explanations of making the drinks.

  • Informative and aesthetically appealing to boot!

    by mllegrace

    I'm especially fond of their description for Crappa. (Check it out and you'll see what I mean.)

  • Beautiful and funny

    by KAubuchon

    Coffee porn at its best...

  • 视频出错,无法删除!

    by yeqian007


  • Not a bad app. Needs more drinks.

    by 66maverick66

    Add more drinks. We could use some excitement from more drinks.

  • Ms. Yanti

    by Ricky Aryanto

    Great application

  • 10/10

    by Kraevaanna

    Приложение о рецептах и особенностях кофе Приятно полистать, замечательный интерфейс, уместная музыка. Функционально бесполезно, но на столько хорошо сделано, что выше всяких похвал

  • Great fun

    by Seahs9

    Thoroughly enjoyable. Great for beginner coffee enthusiast. Wonderful app for the visual learner. Hope there will be more coffee recipes added. Thanks.

  • 2.0

    by RU_nesurock

    Отличные видеоролики, особенно последний! :D

  • Wow

    by Gerdendan

    Really great app! Thanks!

  • Молодцы!

    by Obolonsky

    Великолепный дизайн, отличное содержание! Последним видеороликом добавьте процесс создания приложения:)

  • $$$

    by The Rampa

    Nice BUT To expensive save your $$$

  • Awesome!

    by Blaine Davis

    I've been looking for a simple yet elegant app to browse different espresso recipes. I am a barista at work and home :)

  • Promo video sold me

    by dousley

    Honestly, I have not run the app as it's installing as I write this. I saw your promo video on the iMore site and it looked like you went to such great lengths to produce this app that the least I could do was throw down 3 bucks.

  • Pretty good

    by Dantheintern

    Seems great, but wish it was deeper with more content. It would make a good free app.

  • What a great app lol

    by Porce Lana

    A great app,I love it so much.

  • Just too expensive

    by idown

    I download it because it's free for today, haha.

  • Nice to look at, but...

    by doobers338

    I was looking a great coffee app (not sure what "a great coffee app" would be; I was kind of assuming this app would show me), but this app just looks neat. Nothing more to it. You'd think at the very least, there'd be detailed descriptions on how exactly to make the drinks illustrated in the app -- but nope, just pictures and (admittedly fairly well-written) descriptions. Maybe more of a history on each drink? Maybe that's all to come? Hopefully. Otherwise, this app comes across as a bit lazy, even if it's nice to look at.

  • Dumb app Nov 2, 2012

    by McCalpr

    Not worth the money. Starbucks app has this info for free

  • Gorgeous!!

    by tigar55

    Love it! the coffee pictures are beautiful.

  • Amazingly Beautiful

    by waitingforthebeat

    One of the best looking apps I've ever seen. An interaction masterpiece.

  • Coffee app

    by Lyelverton

    Useless!!!! Wish I had my $1.99 back!

  • Waste of time and money

    by Frank Falco

    Pretty photos and brief descriptions. No recipes or video describing how to make. Give it a miss.

  • Just Pictures

    by Jeff R

    A waste of time. Wish I'd seen the preceding review before I bought this.

  • Disappointing

    by 4bot

    Look at the screenshots ...that is it. You've now seen the entire app. A short description, a picture showing proportions. NO recipe, NO video ...nothing else. It DOES professionally show you the screenshots you see ...nice animation, but that's it. The music is annoying, and you can turn it off. This should have videos, recipes, techniques.

  • Lovely

    by Sajed Al-Mutairi

    Nice but could be better

  • Ноль информации

    by Svarga

    17 рецептов кофе за $1.99 несерьезно. Информации ноль.

  • no recipes

    by Vladimir Prohorenkov

    no recipes, some pictures

  • Очень атмосферно....

    by Serj Korj

    Классный дизайн. Абсолютно кофейное начтроение. Казахи, вперед!!! Очень жду обновление под iPhone 5!!!

  • Молодцы

    by Лазуков Станислав

    Очень приятное приложение, сделанное с душой

  • Вкусно!

    by VitKrsh

    Очень красиво и вкусно! Но хотелось бы не только краткого описания напитков, но и рецептик (инструкцию, пропорции, советы приготовления). Пожалуйста, продавайтесь, развивайтесь и обновляйтесь!!!

  • by @Tenis_Den

    This is an app masterpiece! :-)

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