2010 A+ Gun Box Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: aone
  • Updated: Jan, 29 2010
  • Version: v1.2
  • Size: 4.28 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Liang Zhang

add ANIMATIONS for every gun!!!

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Simulate a fire fight with your friends using 2010 A+ Gun Box! With 23 weapons to choose from including


AUTHENTIC SOUND RECORDINGS FOR ALL ACTIONS 6 Machine guns, 6 Hand guns, 5 Shotgun, 5 Rifles, and more!!!

- P90
- AK-47
- MP5
- XM1014
- M3 Super 90 Combat
- Steyr TMP
- Beretta Elite
- glock 18
- Desert Eagle
- Steyr Scout Sniper Rifle
- Steyr AUG
- Arctic Warfare Magnum/P
- Five seveN
- G3/SG-1 Sniper Rifle
- FN M249
- M4A1
- Mac10
- Sig p228
- FN P90
- Sig 550
- SSG552 Commando
- UMP45

2010 A+ Gun is out and I added new sounds and weapons as promised.

If you have ideas for this application then leave a review with what you would like and i'll add it. I read reviews and if people have valid complains I'll change the application.

Customer Reviews

  • Cool! But.... Needs something more

    by Aios

    This is one of my favorites apps and I would like to keep it that way. Not that I am complaining but you should really add more guns. Like the RTK-74 and other machine guns. Also, it would be really nice it each gun had it's complete biography. That's mostly it. If you take meaning to my review then I will really appreciate it. Thanks

  • Umm

    by diamondbling

    It's ok but some of the guns don't work and fix the sounds and maybe add some animations and have better quality to the Huns and stuff

  • Needs more animation

    by Hachglaughflagh

    Animations need to be improved. Flashes, more realistic movements, possibly movements on guns. This wold be kick arse

  • awesome

    by Aw1111

    best gun app ever will never find better!

  • Amazing

    by Andy while

    Great app! Please add the ACR, Tar-21, Spas-12, and/or PP2000.

  • Not bad

    by illisGL

    great game. please keep updating!

  • Cool!

    by SeekJess

    Fun, Cool, I like it!

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    by Misterasian333

    All of these guns from counter strike(cs)

  • Real

    by JessicHeFC

    This app is very tight. It has good graphics and sweet guns. Definatly worth getting!

  • Great one!

    by Lala Jess

    This is a great one, but can you add the acr?

  • Good

    by Lax 4life

    Please make so guns have recoil fire and smoke and life size guns

  • It's cool.

    by Anonymous284736392638

    It's pretty cool. Guns look good. But it's just the sounds.....I would like to see the gun actually fire.

  • More features

    by alex-63500219

    I'd like more features to the guns. Lock n load Just add effects needs minigun

  • Awsome!

    by hivemind_

    Great app, but just add some light machine guns like the SAW or M60.

  • Great but needs more...

    by vikiala

    This app is awsome but could you add more gun. Like a rifle,or a shotgun. Thanks very much.

  • Good gun app

    by LJessica

    Awsome app to have so everyone should get. God the next version add more guns,camos,reloading clip yourself.Thankyou

  • MK 16 SCAR-L

    by MK 16 SCAR-L

    Please add the mk16scar L. It's a beast of a gun just google it. it's amazing!


    by App Fans

    This is the best gun app ever! LOVE IT! But it needs some Russian wepons PKM,RPG,and SCAR:( But anyway BUY IT:):):):)

  • Fricken awsome app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by mariokids

    This app is soooooooo cool. U guys should add a ranger shoty and a vector. This app is very very BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok app

    by Gunfighter 42

    It has good sounds but it crashes after you fire every gun

  • Worst

    by itsthenoob21

    Easily the worst gun app I have ever seen or played I wouldn't trade my own crap for this. No stars

  • Terible

    by Legend1125678psn

    It just keep crashing on me no stars

  • Stinks

    by Dave 215

    The animation is horrible it needs more affects and it keeps crashing

  • Crashes

    by Jdv2341

    Good but needs update keeps crashing please update fast.

  • What a piece of crap

    by Thebigqqq

    It keeps crashing i wouldnt trade a lump of pigeon crap for this

  • Waste of money

    by Cool Kid Pwnz

    It always quits out

  • Don't buy rippling offfffffff

    by Laggy Taft

    Don't buy it keeps quoting on u it goes bak to where all the other apps r and that happens when u switch a gun it a piece of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do Not Buy!!!!

    by FalloutMaster

    I got tricked by this app! Don't do the same thing. Search aone on the app store he has the same app about 9 times they are all almost exactly the same. This is a horrible app. The graphics are bad, the sounds are bad, some of the guns don't work, it is unrealistic in every way. Buy gunclub2 instead it's way better. I can't get my money back but I can warn you please DO NOT BUY!!!! I accidentaly bought it once and it was horrible. I went to download it again to show my cousin how horrible it was and I downloaded a different one! I wasted 2 dollars on this worthless program. It's only 2$ but still. The author of this app is evil!!!! He released the same app multiple times under different names! Total ripoff! aone is a c0cksuck3r I hope he goes to h3ll!

  • Great... Needs some improvement.

    by Paejax

    Great app! Sound effects are great! I would have to say that u need animation. The guns you picked are wanted on a bunch of other gun apps :)!!! I would say the Masada acr would be nice and also aa-12 and French FAMAS. Please keep updating.

  • Read

    by Alan conrad

    Ok so this app has pretty good sounds but... IT NEEDS ANIMATION!!!!!! I mean serioulsy. If ur gonna make a kick back on the gun when u shoot it u need muzzle flash and animation reloading. I mean come on guys. Oh and u have a bunch of gunapp things and all of them have the same guns with a diffrent background. It needs some work.

  • Waste

    by Электрический

    Bad graphics, ripped straight from counter strike. No animation. No realistic reload.

  • Eh, its ok

    by RPGWarriorX

    Pretty good, but this app is exactly like the other A+ gun box watchamacallits (boo) good sounds tho (yay) no animation (super boo) great pics (yay) I think you should add a few more pistols like the M1911, one more shotgun (dont care which one), and some more assault rifles (ACR, FN SCAR-H, etc...) and maybe throw in some SMG's as well, like the vector. You did a pretty good, so i think its a good deal. :)

  • Needs animation

    by GC325

    Needs animation like reloading and stuff , amazing pictures that don't move. If there were animations like explosions at the barrel and cocking back the pistol and stuff this app would be my new favorite gun app. The update didn't give you new guns, it just makes stuff like grenades and bombs in the backround that you can't even use. The animation you added only did recoil.. can you please make it so you can customize how much recoil you have cuz on some guns it's too much and please ... if you make like a small explosion that comes out of the barrel and real animation this app will be 10000000000000000 times better

  • Way to go

    by TheRealDaveStrider

    You have to get your gun sounds from counter strike...LAME

  • Horrible app

    by M4C4

    This app is horible don't waste your money. No animation but had okay sound effects

  • Worst Gun App EVER

    by ~G*U*N*S*L*I*N*G*E*R~

    This app is terrible! No animation. Guns are not a very good depiction of the real deal. Wouldn't wanna make my worst enemy pay money for this crap.

  • Not very good

    by Draw

    Need to make the guns more realistic

  • HORRIBLE!!!!!!

    by sonicspeed97

    I wasted money on pics of..... well, they dont look like guns wheres muzzle flash, 3d, REAL realoding, recoil?!?!?!?!?!?! TERRIBLE APP!!!!!!!!!

  • LAME

    by Boxjocky

    Horrible application!

  • HELP!!

    by Hugotron123

    Help me people I don't know how to use this please tell me ASAP

  • Bad

    by Call me asian 1

    Needs realism and no stupid pictures plus reloading

  • Nooo

    by AuToGrApHzZz

    I wasted my Money on pictures

  • Whyyy:(((

    by Marlon@CA

    This app seemed good cuz it has a bunch of guns. But really it's just pictures that make different sounds when u touch it. It would be wayyyy better if there was muzzle flash, bullet cases, and you could reload. Until then this app only gets two stars

  • Good

    by NascarRacing2003Fan

    Make guns more realistic. Add the scar, m16, the glock 18 is full auto, add muzzle flash, recoil, and ejecting shells, barrett m82a1, dragonouv, M700 sniper, revolver of any sort, better sound effects ( make some of the guns rate of fire better ), and add a colt 1911. Other than that, it Is an ok app.

  • This game needs update badly!!!!!!

    by 11249kingj

    The game crashes on me the first time like cmon fix the bugs plese and get the minigun...if you want to contend with other good gun apps make real fire noises and PLEASE fix the bugs and some guns don't even come up wait for an update!

  • Ok

    by SUG Borek

    It's good but can use more things to do

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