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- Add personal notes to recipes
- Add the "Story Behind" to your recipes
- New and improved side menu
- Improvements and bug fixes

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Description has over 150k recipes and a vibrant community of cooks. It's just like getting recipes from friends and neighbors!

The social community for cooks is home, sweet home, for people who love cooking and sharing ideas! Get followers from all around the world!

Easily scan through 150k recipes just by saying ingredients you have and discover great recipes! Easy access and share your recipes through your iPhone, iPad and iPod!

Ask questions and someone will reply within minutes! Our real-time messaging platform is constantly evolving. Not only recipes, but food in general.

Start cooking at home! We have helped many people to live healthier and discover the taste of real food! Think out of the box!

We also provide you with all the tools you would be expecting, like adding recipe ingredients to your shopping list, meal planning, nutritional information, etc.

Tons of recipe categories for your cookbook; including kids recipes, healthy recipes, dessert recipies, main dishes, baking, cheese, chicken, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, soups, stews, pizza, pasta, and desert diet recipes.

We also categorize many recipes by how easy and quick they can be made. Including 10 minute recipes, 20 minutes, etc. It's easier than a book! Grab a drink and relax while cooking! All recipes for free!

Find recipes for cooking what you have in the fridge by typing the singular ingredients. Be the chef and learn about your kitchen! Prepare amazing dishes! Build your follower base and follow great chefs in our community and prepare great meals for your family and friends! Create and organize your own cookbooks.

In a day you will be telling your friend john about how this little organizer changed your life!

Ask and answer questions instantly with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Join allthecooks now!

Customer Reviews

  • Needs Some tweaking.

    by Kmhhen

    Love the ap. Have tried a few recipes that have become favorites. Not liking a recent update that made the font white on the homepage, therefore making it hard to read what the featured recipes are for.

  • Just right

    by Desertchef

    Simple, fun and easy to use.

  • Unreadable title

    by My. Me

    Can't read the name of the recipe it's in white letters , please correct this please, so that it's readable , otherwise , IDE give it 5 stars .

  • Great app

    by Sexton09

    Exactly what I wanted, I can look for recipes and make a shopping list!

  • Awesome app

    by dicex1024

    Title says it all

  • Gotta love it

    by mufumbo

    I love it!! This app is beautiful!

  • Love it

    by Scurioni

    Great app!

  • Love it

    by 102dagood

    Very good and honest discussions re recipes that r given. Fun for cooking hobbyists!

  • Love this app!

    by radically_brandon

    Adds to the fun of cooking. I like how social it is. You can see other peoples takes on recipes and even ask the author of the recipe a question if you're not sure of something. The design of the app is very nice too! I like how I can go between iPad and iPhone with my favorites synced too. I was having an issue saving favorites. Sent an email to the developers and not even a few minutes later got a response and they asked me to update because they just released the update and voila! You guys are great!

  • I Love It!!!!!

    by Joi_ful

    Best recipe app out there! I promise you will love it!

  • Great App

    by CrystalBeachBum

    user friendly app. Must have.

  • Cool

    by Dance lover515<3

    Wow! I love this app!

  • MS.

    by Verito89

    I don’t ever write reviews but I thought this might help the developer so here it goes. This is a cool app, I like the idea of it, kind of like a pinterest just for recipes. But it still has a ways to go to being an excellent app and social media site. Here are the problems I’ve run into so far: 1) I already had all my recipes typed out on my laptop and you don’t have a website to access the site or an app that can be downloaded through iTunes for my computer, this means I have to retype all my recipes. If I wasn’t that serious about organizing my recipes I would have given up on your app because of this. It would be great if your website offered the opportunity of logging in through my internet browser to help me better organize my recipes. 2) This is a small one… You didn’t list all possible fractions, in one case I needed to put 1/6th of a cup and you did not list this as an option. Its cool that you have it but typing it would work just as well. 3) Your “Add Photo” is very confusing. You should try to make it to where you can add the photo directly from the draft, not have to go all the way around to the recipe card and snap a photo. I still can’t figure out how to even take the photo because nothing happens it just turns on my camera. 4) Which brings me to my biggest peeve so far, that I can’t upload pre-existing photos. These are recipes for which I already have photos and I can’t complete the recipe card until the time comes where I make the recipe again. Otherwise the app is organized very well, I liked how you went about organizing the adding of individual ingredients and directions, its very methodical, and that you thought about including information on preparation and serving sizes. I will stick with this app for a while and see if it improves over time because I do think it has a lot of potential.

  • Love

    by Ducky4724

    I love this app and their customer service is great! I had issues with my app crashing and they fixed it right away! Love the app love the recipes!

  • Great App! Works Perfectly Now!


    Beautiful app and it works perfectly now. It had issues with crashing but once the the developers were notified, they fixed the problem right away. I definitely recommend this app to anybody who likes to try new recipes.

  • Up and running!!!

    by Mssoon2be

    Yesssss!!!! Thank you so much for fixing it!!! Shes back up and running!!! Woo hoo!! Lol

  • App back up and running!

    by Dolphin222


  • Great, but won't load

    by Clwillis

    I have really enjoyed this app since I got it, but the latest update won't let the app open on my iPhone. That makes me sad. Please fix it.

  • Crashing

    by Jesswills

    Are they a least trying to fix this problem this is my fav app

  • Crashing

    by Nahhhhhhx

    I love this app but for a few days now it won't even open for me. I have erased it and reinstalled but it is doing the same thing. Every morning I use this app to see what inspires me to cook!

  • Not user friendly

    by iOSTommy

    Is there no way to add recipes from websites without having to type out everything yourself??

  • Gave it a try, but.....

    by SeanMoran

    keeps crashing when trying to input info. Very annoying!!

  • System Crashing

    by Nita 1978

    Why is the app crashing ?

  • Just OK

    by Monashoe

    10,600 main dish recipes and no "seafood and fish" category!!! An index would be helpful, too.

  • Keeps crashing

    by $-XxbadassxX-$

    It's got a beautiful interface.... For about 3 seconds! Keeps crashing when I open it.

  • My Favorite App!! Please fix soon!

    by Michelle.dwan

    This is my favorite app but it is nit working after the update on my iPhone. It works fine from my Xoom tablet. Please fix! Thank you!


    by MrDetermined

    Worked beautifully before. Now it doesn't even open. I guess it's time for a new cooking app. I have iphone 5.

  • Froze my phone

    by Silvroses

    This app crashed 3 times in a row, and then froze my phone. Couldn't shut it down- had to hold the home and power button simultaneously to force restart. Garbage!!!

  • Can't open

    by Mrs.Griffin

    Was an absolutely wonderful app, but with last update it crashes. I can't open it to get my recipes at all!

  • Please Fix!!!!

    by JustMe3343

    Only app we care to use for recipes and now.. All it does is crash!!!!

  • App

    by 4100161790

    My app keeps crashing now. I can't get into it. Bummer.

  • Doesn't work since Update

    by H8eToCook

    I am a horrible cook so I use this app all the time to come up with new easy dishes to try. I book marked a recipe and bought everything to make it on Tuesday, now I can't get the app to open. So mad bc I can not find the same recipe online and I don't have certain things to make other recipes.

  • Best recipe app out there.

    by Chadwick89

    Best recipe app out there.

  • It crashes all the time

    by Maryam Arbaboon

    This app was great at the beginning but when I upgrade my iphone and got 5c it stoped working and won't even open. Shame

  • Won't Open.

    by Carol Whitt

    After downloading this, I couldn't open the app. It would attempt to load but then close. I spent 10 minutes going through this loop before I uninstalled in disgust. Will not redownload again.

  • Won't open...

    by Chorzoman

    Loved the app but now it chased before opening, plz fix.

  • PLEASE UPDATE!!! Keeps crashing

    by Animekp

    App won't work. It keeps freezing up and crashes. Please update so we all can learn and exchange recipes!!!!!

  • Help

    by Nicki0223

    LOVED this app until it started crashing every time I tried to open it. Help!

  • The best app ever but....

    by Lino girl

    I love this app and I would be 5 stars if it was working lately it force closes on me which is terrible because I have a lot of favorited recipes please fix this issue

  • Doesn't open

    by HollyMidnight28484

    Tried four times. Wouldn't open. Crashes every time.

  • Update is crashing

    by Chad_s1234

    I've loved this app for quite some time. Last couple of times trying to use app it crashes. Using 5S never did this before last update..

  • Crashes on I phone 4 s

    by I phone 4 s n

    Used to love this app but I tried to get on it today and it just crashes on start up please fix

  • App crashed & locked

    by Joannarambo

    I love this app it was working fine for the first 3-4 days I had it. Now it keeps crashing when I try to open it, already deleted and re-installed the app still won't work. Could the allthecooks team look into this. From other reviews I see I am not the only one this is happening to. Thank you

  • Crashing!

    by cjb3270

    It was a great app before it started crashing today! Please fix it! Also it would be nice if the app kept my recipes on the phone without connecting to the internet. "My recipes" should be the home screen of the app. I don't want to wait while it connects to the internet and displays somebody else's recipes, then dig up the app menu trying to find my own...

  • Crashing!!! Won't open!!

    by Teenat692

    Well if u have an iPhone it's not going to work now...was my favorite cooking app and now it won't open an wen it does it loads forever then it crashes. Booooo:(!! Guess I gotta find a new fav

  • Needs updated!!!!

    by Tatooedrider

    Needs updated!!! Love the app but it will not open!

  • Crashes

    by Kingjobean

    This was a great app but now it won't open. Crashes on start up.

  • Crashed and locked me out of phone

    by Wheelzhgfdsaert

    App was working fine until I tried it today. Crashed and locked me put of my phone to the point I had to connect to iTunes to delete it from my phone. Couldn't do anything. "Rate this app" seemed to be the culprit. Please fix because I won't try to download again unless I see an update to fix this

  • App crashes

    by Jack1946

    Latest version for iPhone crashes. Won't open app. Was working great be Christmas. No good today!

  • Does not work anymore

    by Twiggory

    Love it!!!! But it suddenly stopped working on my iPhone....

  • Very useful

    by Stevie Blanco

    Very helpful in creating diet meal plans

  • Great and easy

    by P17R

    Makes u wanna cook

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