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Seller: All Recipes

- Save favorite videos to your Allrecipes Recipe Box.
- Optimized for iPhone 5 (including screen-swipe to see menu).
- Create a (free) Allrecipes account.

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Watch top recipes being made step-by-step in this free video cookbook. Pause, skip, and go back whenever you want as you make the recipe. Save favorite videos to your Allrecipes Recipe Box.
- Videos are organized by course/meal (ex: Appetizers)
- Featured Recipes section offers fresh recipe ideas
- Video recipes include user ratings and prep/cook time
- Expanded view features user reviews and nutrition info
- Directions are synched with video for easy viewing (iPad only)

Customer Reviews

  • Remember Password Option

    by LaMoria

    The app would be a lot easier if there was a remember password option so I don't have to log in each time my iPad times out. Just saying.....

  • All recipes Cookbook

    by Tomuchfor

    Just what need for the right health meals

  • Doesn't work for me

    by Code6000

    The screen doesn't respond to input. Can't view recipes or see anything beyond the initial screen in each category, won't turn pages or scroll, whichever this does. REVISED REVIEW!!! Now it does work, and it's great!

  • LOVE!

    by Senluvsart

    I love allrecipies! Best app ever because the videos make it easy to learn! The recipes are delicious! I can't live without this app!

  • Great, but...

    by AllSarahD

    Great app, but not sure whether it doesn't sync saved recipes between devices. I have Pro on the phone but can't find pro for the iPad. In any case, real value would be to sync devices so I can cook with iPad but shop with phone. Great job overall!

  • Really good app. Just one issue!!!!

    by JDias2

    I really love this app. My only gripe about this app is the fact that you have to keep signing in every time you want to access your recipe box. That's the only reason I gave the app 4 **** instead of 5 *****

  • The best cooking app I encounter so far ♡

    by NHobani

    Where this have been all my life! Simple, clear, & easy to follow plus a very neat design & the videos quality is great. Thank u!

  • Love this app

    by Lex45688433

    There are so many dishes to choose from. And they're all step by step videos! I'm much more of a visual learner so this is great for me. The only thing I would change is the fact that the recipes in your recipe box keeps repeating themselves and sometimes add things you didn't select but not that big of a deal

  • Love It!!!!

    by MshouseWife

    This is By far is the Absolute best Recipe App ever! I didn't know there was a Video Recipe app but I'm so happy it Exist. Excellent for beginner cooks.

  • Videos

    by Apollo 56

    I can't get all 500 recipes either. It's in the main dish menu. Am I missing something ??

  • Great but "Oh no!"

    by Silver Radio

    This thing is what I've been waiting for but, oh no, the utility videos are nowhere to be found! Videos like "how to DICE AN ONION" or any other "how to" videos that you have. Arrrrggghhhh. Other than that, it's great.

  • Great App But!!

    by th3 watch3r

    It says its about 500+ recipes but I'm not able to see all 500+ in this app is there way to access all the Recipes

  • WOW, such a deal!

    by GrandmaNikki2012

    I just accessed the video site, don't remember if it cost me anything, but if it did, it was well worth it! I agree about wanting the input of the reviews, however, I figure I can always just access the recipe on the A/R site to refresh if needed. Great job folks!

  • A must for foodies

    by Improve app please

    The app had a lot of bugs when I first downloaded it, but they seem to work themselves out. Helpful videos and great streamline look. Easy to navigate. My only quibble is that I'm unable to access lengthy reviews of the recipes. The reviews often have great ideas on how to improve the recipes, otherwise this would be a five start review.

  • Excellent App!

    by Jen123outofnicknames

    This is an excellent app for all foodies! The videos are very well done. In just the few videos that I have watched thus far, I have learned so much. They have a wide variety of recipes that any cook can do!

  • Automatic signin

    by Obichukwu Ezennia

    The app overall is great but it needs to have some sort of automatic sign-in. I hate signing in every time I use the app.

  • Love it!

    by Rockypancake

    Love the newest update, but many of the recipes in my recipe box disappear, and it would be nice if I didn't have to sign in everyone I open the app and save a recipe

  • Even Better!!!!!

    by LaDanaWendy

    Thanks for listening to us!! I signed in to my Pro account and now I can save video recipes in this app...AWESOME but just one teeny tiny change...would luv recipes to save in alphabetical order (easier to retrieve later)!! That said, I'm still at AWESOME, thanks!!!!!!!:*) Previous Review: Hands down, to date this is the ABSOLUTE BEST app Allrecipes has made available, and I hope this is the first of many in this format!!! One suggestion: a Favorites folder would be great!

  • App Review

    by KRamirez22

    I like it! So far so good no complaints yet (using app on iPad mini)

  • Overall a great app

    by Nekesa

    The only suggestion is to add a favorites section to save recipes. I've found recipes I want to try, but I wonder if I'll have any trouble finding them later on.

  • Unresponsive

    by Jadn93

    App doesn't scroll or tap onto recipes. Like really?!!

  • What about the recipes that don't have video?

    by crimzn.

    I had the allrecipes pro app on my phone and loved it! My dad had the same app on his iPad and it's just great. But now that I have an iPad, his app is gone, and the only allrecipes app I can get is this one, which only includes the recipes that have videos. I would really like to be able to access *all* of the recipes I have in my box...Please bring that app back! :)

  • What's up?

    by Librarygirl2day

    Downloaded this app and it looked good. Then I tried to watch a video. Got the message that I was not online. Tapped the try again button several times kept getting the same box. Not only did I have Internet connection, it was almost 3 bars! Any suggestions?

  • Fix your other app!

    by Randy026

    Why don't you fix the bugs in your other app.. I paid for this and never had one update.. The ingredients disappear and freezes but you make other apps instead! Fix it!

  • Cool

    by Anynonyus

    Love the pumpkin spice recipe. Yum!

  • Great

    by Shudaddy97

    Love it

  • Love it!

    by ninicek

    I learn recipes and cooking techniques better by seeing photos or videos vs. just reading. These videos are high quality and very easy to follow. Plus you get nutrition information and of course, the recipe itself. My new favorite app!

  • I love this app!!

    by Lbs lost!!

    When I want to make something I go right to this app!! It has the best recipes on here, better then Betty Crocker and that's saying some think! The more stars it had the better the recipe. Also look at how many rated it as well.

  • Great

    by Kzx3

    This is wonderful app. Love it! Please add more videos and a "favorites" so we can save/file for future use. Thanks

  • Great App!!!!!!

    by jj12bj

    Love this app you can follow along which is great.

  • The best cooking video APP

    by silverfox8668

    I am not a good cook, but thanks to your videos, I am now a great cook.(says my family)... The video segments are well planned and executed... Thanks and please keep the recipes coming. I am impressed and a fan forever!

  • Great potential!

    by NicuNurse123

    great APP! Missing a few key elements: 1. Many more food and drink recipes are needed. ( only 12 drinks!), 2, no way to bookmark or save favorite recipes, and 3. No way to make up a grocery list for the recipes I've chosen to then print out (wirelessly). You are on the right track !!! Free or paid is fine. Thank you!

  • Great app!!!

    by Corey Mo

    My wife and I have cooked numerous meals using this app. Just needs to be updated with more video recipes

  • I should read more reviews

    by alexandra rivera

    I only downloaded about 2 weeks ago. When I downloaded I opened and it was good but now it doesn't even open. I wanted to impress my bf with a meal in out day off but can't even do that....

  • Favorite videos

    by Whammy sammy

    I just downloaded this app and it's nice, but how do I favorite a recipe or save it?

  • New cook

    by Teens rock

    I just bought the app and am looking through all the stuff in it. I never really liked to bake cook because of the mess I think I've changed my mind.

  • Good

    by SD Veronica

    Good app

  • Excellent app

    by Doom Technologies

    Would love to see a favorites option, or a way to link to my Allrecipes account/app. Otherwise the app is great.

  • Mr.

    by rezelle

    This video cookbook application is excellent! I've learned a lot since I first uploaded it. Am now very excited to do cooking. If you love to eat, you got to learn how to cook and this video cookbook will really help you. Double the stars for me..

  • Fantastic App! But something missing

    by Hdvgn

    This app is absolutely amazing! It's just missing a favorites button. Also, it'd be nice if the main course dishes were separated in breakfast, brunch, lunch, & dinner categories. Other than that -- flawless!

  • The Best

    by MizTrial

    I love this app. I find it hard to put it down. Now only if the developers will take the advice of all those who are requesting a favorites folder or button. Then I will come back and add another star.

  • Favorites?

    by candy9101

    Where is the favorite button? Am I just missing it or something??? It seems like a pretty big thing to forget to include....

  • Excellent but......

    by Pebav

    Terrific app with great videos and easy to follow directions. I only wish they had a "favorites" section(unless I missed it), where I could save some of the recipes. There are so many good ones.

  • Why are there no carb measurements?

    by PK in MN

    This seems to be a great app, but every recipe I've looked at has N/A listed for the amount of carbs when you look at the nutrition info. It shows calories, protein, sodium, fat -- all good things, but I also need to know the carb count. As a diabetic, it is important to control carbs. The developers choice not to include carbs makes this app unusable for me. Very disappointing!

  • Vic

    by Vic4500

    It seemed like it was going to be nice app. But all it does is crash upon opening. What a big disappointment.

  • Won't open

    by Rusty Willey

    Just downloaded and it won't open.

  • Mr

    by (ABL)

    This is by far one of the best recipes apps out there if not the best, you get the whole written recipe, how to prepare, and for those who can't You have a video tutorial.. How cool is this,, I've been cooking for many years and this app completely covers everything you Need to know.. So many recipes too.. Unreal!!! I wish they would add more recipes.. I would definitely PAY to have them in this app with videos.. This is like your own E-recipe book.. With video..OMG. Awesomeness.

  • Oh the possibilities!

    by Special3teach

    I've never written a review prior to this but I'm so excited about this app I had to write! I LOVE this app though I'm really more excited about the possibilities. I am always looking for apps to help teach children and adults with challenges like autism. PLEASE consider additional video cookbooks with simple recipes for kids along with more complex recipes for adults with challenges. Simply adding a few more details such as showing the specific measuring cups and spoons to use and showing details like getting a bag of whatever from the freezer would make these perfect!

  • Great videos

    by Emurray35

    The videos are clear and easy to follow.

  • I love AllRecipes and this app is great!

    by angies91

    The videos are quick and clear. Shows the steps to making some of my favorite recipes and lists the steps below, so no struggling to try to keep up or write anything down. And the video quality is great - thanks for another winner AllRecipes!

  • Really nice app

    by Permies World

    I was surprised at how many recipes were included in the app. It's nowhere near exhaustive but I figured that since it was free, there'd only be a handful. It's nicely laid out. Easy to browse. I love it that the developer included videos. Nutritional info is provided on the individual recipes. Overall, they've done a nice job with the app. I hope they will continue to add to the recipe library.

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