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Welcome to the completely re-imagined Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app!
- Just *one* recipe box—see all your favorite recipes in one place, whether you saved them on Dinner Spinner or (It’s now easier to move your Dinner Spinner favorites by creating or signing into your free account.)
- Designed exclusively for iOS7 with a brand-new look and feel.
- Get it for both iPhones and iPads!

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Get dinner on the table with less fuss and more fun! The new and improved Allrecipes Dinner Spinner gives you instant access to Allrecipes’ amazing collection of member-shared recipes, photos, ratings and reviews from a community of more than 30 million home cooks.

The latest version of the app is better than ever:

Seasonal Recipes: Get inspired by special seasonal recipes that change daily.

Videos: More than one thousand mobile-friendly recipe videos with step-by-step cooking instructions.

Sharing: Write reviews, add photos, pin, post, text, and email your cooking victories.

Recipe Box: Find and save recipes in your Allrecipes Recipe Box for quick access. Recipes feature cook time, ingredients, step by step instructions, member reviews, photos, nutrition and more.

Shopping List: Add recipes or ingredients to your shopping list, and cross them off at the store.

Super Search: Search by dietary need, cooking time, and even the ingredients you do and don't want. Or, just use Dinner Spinner (iPhone only) to shake things up!

iPhone and iPad: Brand new look and feel with features designed just for iOS7!

Customer Reviews

  • Great recipe app

    by Importedleafsfan

    We'll, i've never had any version of this app other than the one I have now. But this works great for me. It is easy to search for recipes, and mark them as favorites, Saving them to my allrecipes account.

  • Fix the Recipe Box!

    by shauncpa

    The app works well and is user friendly. However, the "Recipe Box" needs work, such as the ability to delete recipes and the ability to sort and/or organize recipes. It would be ideal if I could create folders and then place saved recipes into those folders.

  • Superb performance

    by Clera John

    One of the best app ever.

  • Perfect app for finding recipes

    by MrSethK

    Use this constantly to search for recipes and to get ideas I'd never have thought of. Use it at the stove when I cook, too (doing that right now, in fact). Most of the bad reviews are about the old app, which wasn't nearly as good.

  • Excellent !!

    by Tapzoomama

    Easy app!! Nice recipes !!

  • Works great for me

    by Jm 86

    I'm very happy with this app, it does everything I need it to do.

  • The best

    by Bfudhdjdid

    Its the best app for recipes, i find everything i want i have no words to describe how wonderful this app is

  • Not Bad

    by Twinkletoes Mom

    This app is not bad. However, I'd love to have a 'Notes' section within each recipe page so I can keep track of the changes (if any) I made to a particular dish.

  • Ok

    by Embro78

    This app is ok. Could be much better with some tweeking. You should be able to edit your recipes. When i find something i want to try, I put it in my recipe box. There are some I won't make again and would like to remove them from my recipes.

  • Delete and re-install

    by 313dsg

    The developers should let users know that we have to delete the app and then reinstall it. After doing that everything works fine.

  • My favorite cooking app


    I did not have this app prior to the updates others complain about, but I still really like this app. My favorites are easy to access. Browsing for ideas is easy. UI is great. No ads!

  • Hated using the old app? You'll love this version.

    by QuarterSwede

    Apparently I'm unlike everyone else and thought the pre-iOS 7 app sucked, a lot. With this update not only do you get large easy to see thumbnails while searching but you can easily read the ingredients thanks to the larger font size (mine is set the to system default). I've never used the shopping list feature so I can't comment on how it used to work but I may now that it's easy to add individual ingredients. As a whole it feels like an entirely new app that is designed much better. As for the reviewers that didn't have their favorites move over I'm not sure what happened as mine imported just fine. [Update 1/23/14] It seems that the only list of recipes you can now search is the, largely useless, In Season list. I could understand the decision if others or the full list were available for purchase but that isn't the case. I've gone from being able to search endless recipes to 2-4 at most. Just kills the usefulness.

  • Great app BUT FAIL!! Need option to delete recipes from recipe box on phone app

    by N!cc!8!

    I really like the recipe choices. The reviews are great. It's easy to select favorites but you can't delete favorites or shopping list on your iPhone. You need a computer. FAIL!! Fix that and it's golden and 5 star worthy in my opinion

  • GeckoOrphan

    by GeckoOrphan

    I used to like this app, then the spinner got old. However, I kep using it because the recipes were still great. Now the In Season stuff is getting in the way.

  • Love this! Requesting a function!

    by Xann77

    Hi I love this app and use it often. Could you please fix app so that I can text or email my shopping list to someone???? Thx!

  • Great App!! Just need a few touch ups!

    by Pocketnurse

    Love the recipes. Always good!! Makes me look like I know how to cook. I use the shopping list but with the recent update I miss being able to delete one recipe off of my shopping list if I need to. Also I would LOVE to be able to keep my items I use each week on the list instead of reentering them each time. Thanks!! Still a great app.

  • Amazing!

    by Cook 4 life

    Most of the reviews are negative and I have no idea why! I love this it gives great recipie ideas! I've made a lot and my family has loved them!

  • Love

    by MG is the best

    I just got this app today, and I love it. My family loves the food and my children love the desserts and all the exotic dishes. But there is just one thing, I was hoping that you could make the app available in different languages, for example, Spanish. My mother is the one that cooks for the family most of the time and she doesn't speak English, and my daughter that is very picky with her food, gets bored of the same dishes, so my mother can't make new foods that are listed in the app because she can't read what it says. Please make it possible in different languages.

  • Awesome!

    by Becki678

    I deleted this app months ago because it was awful but took another look today and it is great! Love the search options and adding to the shopping list is easy! Love love love it! I think it more user friendly than the website now (ps the website update is worse than before and needs more work). Thank you to the app developers for making some great updates!!

  • Lost Pro Version

    by Evan_13

    They took away support for the pro version and then replaced it with an app that has half the features.

  • Fix this

    by Sportbike9

    I don't like when you put something in your recipe box you cannot take it out

  • Disappointed

    by jacrocke

    The app seemed great... After using from the internet, this app is sub-par. None of my recipes are categorized like on the internet. They are all lumped together in one big view. Big view of pictures that take up a lot of the view paging, so if you have a lot of recipes you have to scroll through to find what you're looking for. I don't even remember what all I have, so trying to remember what I had previous categorized is a hassle. After reading other reviews, it appears that previous software versions were better. The pictures are nice. I can see food images that I wasn't able to see from internet view. But the trade off of this to not having my previous sorted and categorized recipes on this app, is frustrating. Software Developers: you can do better. Get back and do some coding to make this app like how I see My Recipes on the internet.

  • App is CRAP

    by danakristine

    HATE the new update. This used to be my favorite recipe app, but now it's being deleted.

  • Forget searching

    by ^the gnubian^

    Took away Search. Awful app now.

  • What happened to your custom ingredient!!!

    by Kdhehci

    I wish thy still had the custom ingredient, or at least let you search by ingredient

  • Please fix

    by Fritalyn

    I love Allrecipes. It's my go to for new recipes. But, the app is awful. I can't delete items from my recipe box. It took me quite a while to find the search options. I can't sort the results based on rating anymore. Please fix these problems!

  • Terrible Update!

    by Gudaluvdo

    With this new update it's literally impossible to delete a recipe from your recipe box. How aggravating! Also not loving the new shopping list functionality. Wish I had never "upgraded."

  • Terrible update! Worthless app!

    by Rlovesvb

    This was such a great app before the changes with the update. Now it's a worthless application. Save yourself the trouble! DON'T DOWNLOAD! I wish I could give it ZERO stars. I never leave reviews, but this application is so horrible now, I feel the need to warn everyone.

  • Terrible Changes

    by Liquid_Extasy

    What the hell is "In Season"? Why can't I sort search results? Why don't I have options when searching instead of hoping I hit on a keyword?

  • Can't sign in

    by Jh131313jhjh

    I don't use this app anymore. You might as well just use the website which allows you to see your saved recipes. Can't do that w the app without going pro.

  • Horrible app from a great .com site

    by Bain888

    I love the site and would love to have a app that can access my account and recipe box. But this spinner app is horrible and not user friendly!

  • What happened?

    by gweatmusicmind

    This use to be my favorite recipe app. Since the last update I hate it. Please go back to the way it was.

  • Issues, Less User Friendly

    by Pnut4lLf

    I use this app weekly and have an iPhone (iOS 7.0.4) 1. Please re-title "In Season" to "All Recipes" or something more intuitive 2. Let us have the option to tag or group each shopping list item to recipe(s) 3. Need to "undo" adding shopping list items from a recipe 4. Need to be able to remove favorites from the Recipe Box 5. Would like the ability to sort recipes by popularity (used to have it, what happened?) 6. Would like the ability to add my own notes to a recipe for personal reference Thanks for reading, hope improvements come soon! My family loves my cooking, but doesn't like to hear from a cranky mom caused by the worsening Allrecipes app. Help!

  • Add custom ingredient back please!!!

    by Monica PK

    I miss not being able to add a custom ingredient on spinner. This was such a great feature!

  • Some good, mostly bad!

    by Bmc11

    I like the tiles of the recipes instead of going down a list, the pictures are more clear and bigger, and it takes less time to load in between recipes. BUT, why would you take away the ability to delete recipes from your box??? Especially if a recipe is accidentally added since the designers put the Add button where the back button used to be

  • Can't sort by rating anymore

    by Cooking in the MSP

    Like many other users I have found the update to be less functional than the previous version. The worst part, for me, is that I can no longer sort my search results by rating. I have used allrecipes for several years because it enabled me to find highly rated recipes easily. It might be time to find a new recipe source.

  • Hate this app

    by Ilovetocook86

    I can't log into the stupid app. I even created a new acct and still nothing! I would give it no stars of I could.

  • Ditto to the review below!!

    by Dgalindo1285

    There are a few things that are great about the ios7 update. The overall look is cleaner and brighter, your recipe box syncs with the online website, and the app keeps the screen from going to sleep mode when looking at a recipe. However, you cannot delete things from your recipe box, you cannot delete one recipe from a shopping list without clearing the whole thing and starting from scratch, and you cannot access recipes from the shopping list screen. These are all capabilities that we had with the old version. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!

  • Frustrated after update

    by 1$shot

    Was my favorite app. Lost all my favorite recipes and now you are trying to force me to create a user id and pw or use Facebook. Am not going to do that so will be deleting the app as it is no longer usable for me. Bad move.....really frustrating!!!

  • Waste of space

    by K340029

    Wow. I love all receipies web site so thought I would try this. It's a terrible app. So limited in functionality that you done even have a search button. I'm going back to using the mobile version of the web site and taking this off my phone.

  • New App is TERRIBLE !!!

    by SSMess

    This is absolutely the worst update I have ever seen !!! It is is extremely difficult to navigate through it. PLEASE Re-do or bring back the previous version. Plus the App doesn't allow me to print to my Air Printer !!

  • Terrible

    by SunnyDaze69

    I cannot delete unwanted recipes in this app. The "in season" portion makes no sense and is pointless. I cannot access my account to update my profile. The shopping list puts every single detail of the recipe on your list instead of being able to select what ingredients you need.

  • Bad update

    by Rathual

    1 star until sorting results by popularity is an option again. App might look a little better now but I need functionality, not looks.

  • Awful update. Not worth it.

    by Busymomma-tx

    Terrible update. It's pretty but in some areas useless and a lot of standard features are gone. I should be able to delete recipes from my own box and organize them how I need them. I'm about to delete and looking for a better one.

  • Awful update

    by Raysgirl 1972

    I lost all my favorites and miss the spinner. Like many others,I will be searching for a new recipe ap.

  • Update deletes your favorites!!

    by Jen1018

    Used to love this app. Updated it and then discovered that it deleted all the recipes I had favorited!!! Seems like now you need an account instead of having the favorites attache to my phone? Not worth the effort to go find them again, especially since the new search function makes no sense.

  • Seriously....

    by EndymionNomad

    Well, I suppose you realize how much your app is sucking. What is so difficult? Why can't you realize that people just wanna look up recipes and save them? Simple.

  • Love the website

    by Stcy022288

    I love the website and use it whenever I'm at my laptop, but I find to app to be so limited. Recipe box is a jumbled mess, why can't we sort recipes from app instead of just the website and see the folders to eliminate scanning through all the starred ones you have to find that one you remember starring and wanting to try. I'd like to keep my meatless recipes separated from my meat friendly recipes and not have to go through all the smoothie recipes I saved if the beginning to get to my favorite black bean burger recipe. App needs a lot of work.

  • If it not broke don't fix it!

    by GustavoJM

    I use to use the old app all the. This new version is confusing and frustrating. Not easy nor helpful. Please update.

  • Worst update

    by Advance 20

    My mom and I used to use this app all the time and loved it. But after the latest update I've used it once and now hate it. I am looking for a new one and will be deleting this. Worst update ever!!

  • Can't sort results

    by kroq714

    No longer can sort results of search. Please change back

  • Do not not NOT like the "update"

    by vaklug203

    This used to be my go-to recipe ap. It was easy to navigate and had great recipes. I never did understand why a spinner was useful. If you don't undo and go back, I'm on my way to Spark - my formerly 2nd fave, moving up to #1!

  • Not recommended

    by Lalalalllalaall

    You can't create your own recipes to add to your recipe box.

  • Hate update

    by Sahelja

    Please put back last version.

  • Awful - Deserves 0 stars !!

    by Monday_16

    Stick with bookmarking the website in Safari if you want to use Allrecipes. This app only works in landscape, there is no obvious help section, navigation is impossible and it is very unresponsive, nothing at all like the website. Oh yeah, and any recipe you had saved is GONE. The old app worked fine, why would they replace with a half finished useless one is crazy. And it's been a few weeks and no updates or corrections.

  • I Give Up

    by Clawboot

    Loved the app until the latest version. Lost all my favorites and am having problems with signing in--have to do it every time. Bye-bye app!

  • Awful Update

    by Vgsgrl

    Why fix something that wasn't broken? Very sad to find out that all my favorites are gone! Don't offer a save feature if it isn't going to be supported in the future. We SAVE things because we want to bring them up again. Deleting this app now.

  • Disappointed

    by Chameleonharv

    Guess they want there app to be bad cause there is a pro version haha so lame give us a messed up new version then release a pro version which looks like the old version and charge 3 dollars for it..... Back to google searching recipes

  • Bad update!

    by Sallyann112233

    Cannot sort by rating, and when there are 100 results I really don't want to sort through a bunch of low rated recipes that I would never make. Plus it makes it harder for me to find recipes I have made before and liked.

  • Yikes!

    by Jlstern

    Pretty lousy update. Here's a great example, if you accidentally add a recipe to your recipe box you can't remove it. Seems like basic functionality that one would expect in a basic app. I'd look elsewhere before considering this app at least until a better update comes out. :-(

  • Not good after the update

    by blgsc5t

    I can not search anything and nothing comes up in the spinner after the update. It's not a good app anymore.

  • Horrible update

    by raechillls

    Layout is not as user-friendly phone wise, which defeats the purpose of app. Still go on the site regularly but will probably delete the app till they can come up with something better. Update.. more like DOWNdate.

  • Do not like the update

    by Mj employee

    I used to love this app. My favorite thing was to search by popularity of the recipe. I can no longer do that and all my favorites are gone. And the dinner spinner is gone?! Why is the app even called dinner spinner? I do not review apps. This is the first time I have ever done so, I am so disappointed.

  • Poor update!

    by ssbook

    Liked better before update. Hard to search for a recipe, can't sort by rating, can't delete item from recipe box. Liked the app prior to update. Wish I could roll back.

  • Disappointing.

    by Wingo1224

    I am so disappointed by the "upgrade" for iOS 7. My favorites didn't carry over from the old Dinner Spinner and when I tried to add them one by one, I wasn't happy. Some recipes aren't even in the app anymore, plus if you save the wrong recipe to your recipe box, you can't remove it. Unable to sort the search results, search is not available from anywhere on the app, and can't add an ingredient to the spinner. AllRecipes app developers--take note from someone who beta tests for a living: DON'T remove functionality for the sake of aesthetics. Your users will not be happy.

  • Horrible lost all my Fav's

    by 337diva

    Horrible update. I lost everything & am so frustrated that i dont want to use it anymore. I went ro my favorites and it said to get your old favs back before update to restart app, well i did that & there was still nothing! HORRRIBLEEEEE

  • Not happy

    by GRR!55

    New update is awful. Can't add custom ingredient to spinner anymore, or even delete recipes from my box. Horrible update! Going to delete if it's not fixed!

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