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Why use a boring ringtone when you can have a Crazy Ringtone ?

Have you had problems receiving ringtones from other apps ?

Then get Crazy Ringtones , ALL Ringtones and Alarm Tones are inside the app , so no messing about waiting for an email from a server with your ringtone

Simply email the ringtone straight to your email account

We like to call these :

Instant Ringtones

As you simply send and sync

All Ringtones are on an easy to scroll soundboard , simply scroll and play , if you like the sound then hit send !

A huge variety of crazy sounds for your phone including :

Old Phone Ring Ring Sounds

Aerosol Spray
Alarm Chirping
Alarm Repeater
Alarm Sound Beeping
Baby Cry Cartoon
Bear Cubs
Bicycle Horn
Bomb Explosion
Bong Squawk
Bongo Drums
Bugle Cavalry
Bugle Charge
Bugle Fall In
Bugle First Call
Canadian Geese
Cannon Blast
Car Alarm
Car Horn Alarm
Comet Flyby
Cow Moo
Creepy Breathing
Cuckoo Clock
Cute Baby Sneeze
Dog Licking
Drums Comedy
Dying Robot
Elk Call
Evil Laughs
Feedback Noise
Fly Buzzing Round
Fog Horn
Geese Honking
Grenade Explosion
Horn Blast Truck
Humpback Whale Call
Jungle Sound
Keypad Dialling
Killer Whale
Lazer Shot
Light A Match
Long Fart
M3 Car Racing
Morse Code
Morse code Receiving
Musical News Theme
Musket Fire
Nutcracker Bird
Old Alarm Clock
Old Phone Ring 1
Old Phone Ring 2
Old Phone Ring 3
Old Phone Ring 4
Old Phone Ring 5
Poorwill Bird
Pouring Coffee
Rattling Around
Raven Sound
Robin Red Breast
Ship Alarm
Siren Old
Siren Repeater
Siren Whirl
Spotted Owl Call
Squeeky Toy
Table Tennis
Telephone Call Cant Be Connected
Telephone Electric Ring
Telephone Not in Service
Timpanin Fanfare
Toilet Flush
Train steam Whistle
Thrush Song
UFO Landing
UK Fire Siren
Up Chimes
Wailing Horn
Wailing Siren Horns
Wailing Sound
Wind Blowing
Woman Screaming
Xylophone Time Passing

And that's not all , simply let us know what sounds you want adding in the next update !


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