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Throughout your day, the 7-Eleven app keeps up with you, customizing and personalizing your experience from the minute you open it.

Swipe around to navigate through all of the greatness 7-Eleven has to offer.

Not only can you see 7-Eleven store locations near you, but you can star your favorites, filter locations by services like hot food, gas, propane and more.

There’s always something happening at your neighborhood 7-Eleven, like , Special Edition Slurpee Flavors™, and more. Find out what’s going on now in the Events section.

Whether it’s sweltering at midnight, raining at six a.m., and anything in between, sneak a peek at The Goods for some enticing selections customized just for you.

Did we mention there are coupons? See what products you can save on and tap to redeem at any 7-Eleven. Share when you’re done to brag about your savings. You can also link your account to Foursquare and check-in and start to earn your rightful Mayorship.

Got a great idea for the app? We’ve created an Idea Hub so you can tell us all about it.

To get exclusive coupons for your local 7-Eleven stores and customized product recommendations download our app today, it’s like there's a 7-Eleven in your pocket.

Map: Find a 7-Eleven convenience store near you or on your way. Narrow down or filter your search by products and store services.

Coupons: Explore exclusive coupons right on your phone and redeem in-store.

Store Events: See what’s going on at your 7-Eleven.

Products: Get delicious suggestions personalized for you.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Atfcvn

    Awsome app

  • Helpfull

    by Omo9876

    Nice app

  • Great

    by zdog014

    Love this app

  • good!

    by ____Z


  • Clingoschwqrt

    by Galago dhakbsv62910263810

    Quebw kalq bdjsoq boahßkanpöįn!!!! Qubêan! Qubêan!

  • Where do I enter Rewards Codes?

    by Sharkman92

    Cool app but I wanted to be able to enter / redeem rewards codes.. Don't see any place to do that on the 4 tabs on the app.. nothing also in FAQ about this. Oh well.

  • Fff

    by hani baabdallah

    الي جاي من freemyapps يصقعني لايك ههههههه شعب مطفر يدور بطايق ستور

  • Works now but worthless

    by Dissappintedgirlyyyyy

    First time I tried making an account it said email error, tried again next week it worked but app is pretty useless. It just shows the deals and the locations, nothing special.

  • Really good app

    by ferb1victor

    I got 7 eleven a lot so this app is good for me. I get coupons and discounts. I recommend it

  • Cool

    by Mgmhmhmgm


  • Yeeah buddy!

    by Bawiina27

    Here's the jist of it. If you love 7-Eleven, you're gonna love this app.

  • Cool

    by Tunalaql

    Pretty neat

  • Meh

    by Lovechanel05


  • Cool

    by Pie and mommy

    Seems like a nice app

  • Points

    by Shawtazn

    For points

  • Great app!

    by Senior2k14xo

    Awesome app! Download now!

  • Nice.....

    by MissJones1982


  • Hi

    by 1234567890939292

    Good app. Get it

  • Great!

    by Annie Khowaja

    Great app!

  • Good

    by Lizzyfrizzle123

    I love it!:)

  • A comment regarding the use of this app.

    by Neiio

    Who ever uses this application has a low intelligence quotient.

  • Idk

    by Poppcdahgxz09$

    Came here from TAMAGO HD

  • Disappointing. Do not install.

    by BartW

    Doesn't work good and crashes. do not install.

  • Pie

    by Bad fiter


  • Loving it

    by Acornixopia

    I love it this app like a fat kid loves cake

  • Great

    by shannon_eck

    Functional and practical

  • 7-11

    by LeoDimare

    Awsome app

  • Not so bad!

    by Centail

    I love 7-eleven they have everything I need and now they even have an app #inlove

  • Good

    by Joeyyy❤


  • Good

    by Taco :p

    Very helpful!

  • :)

    by xAPRIL,,

    Hulk coins! :)

  • Doing this for coins

    by Rage hard538


  • J man

    by Big mat24

    Awesome app I like it

  • 711

    by Jessiecruz

    Great app, you get great deals and coupons that u can use in any of their locations , tells u where all the. 711s are and the deals of the wk , check it out

  • Oh thank heaven

    by MattFea

    For de 711

  • Cool

    by Owlcityhootowl Stirling


  • Wow,This app got me women

    by Datetyggf

    Thank you Shout out to lil b BASED GOD

  • Oh thank heaven

    by chiedugator

    Easy to use

  • Awesome

    by melodymichelle07

    Love being able to find a 7 eleven anywhere I am!

  • :)

    by mellxw

    ;) good really though

  • Good

    by Rachel xxxfg vhgc

    Love it

  • Cool

    by SgtQuencher100

    It's pretty cool to have this..

  • Excludes Hawaii

    by Codf1r355

    All the coupons etc are on the mainland! Ain't no love for Hawaii on here!

  • Woo getting Microsoft points

    by Jrsuperman44


  • Love the deals

    by Cabears

    The instant notification of deals for the day is great

  • Awesome

    by Bex252737

    I know where to go now easy and assessible

  • Love the colors

    by YoungDouche

    Love the colors

  • Yes

    by Sleepy68

    I like

  • Great app

    by AZdrew87

    This is a fantastic app. I always check it when I walk in to see what kind of deals I can score. More locations are accepting the digital coupons and more offers and partners are added every week. Very convenient.

  • Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh

    by D_Bucketz

    Great app

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