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Seller: 704 Capital Partners, LLC

Addresses Database Issue which caused crashes at launch.

If the app is still crashing after the update, delete it from your device and redownload it from Apple. You will get a pop-up indicating you will NOT be charged again for the download.

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Find GREAT places to eat all across the US.

Includes locations profiled on hit shows:

- Man vs. Food
- Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
- 101 Tastiest Places to Chow Down.
- Restaurant's owned by Food Network Chefs
- The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Restaurant Locations)
- Travel Channel's Place and Trips Food

Click on the location for additional details including:

- Address
- Phone Number
- Turn-by-Turn Directions
- Take photos while you are at your fav joint!
- Save photos within app or to your photo album on the device
- Add notes about your visit
- Notes and Images are BLANK by default. Those areas are for YOU to enter notes and where your photos will be added.

Using the built in GPS, the app will automatically listed the closest places to chow down from your current location.

iPod Touch users can enter their location via zip code.

SHOW ALL - shows all locations for that particular database, NOT all locations from ALL of the included databases.

Additional databases are BUILT INTO the app and will all be free and included during each update. To get them, all you have to do is download the most recent version from Apple. If you are having problems with the app or databases are NOT showing, please email us at support@mylocationfox.com

*** Disclaimer: The Travel Channel, Man v. Food, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, 101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown, Food Network and Travel Channel's Place and Trips are registered trademarks of their respective owners. This app is not associated with, nor is this app endorsed or sponsored by these companies. **

Customer Reviews

  • Fun app

    by Memgoode

    I love these shows so when I found an app that had all in one I was thrilled. But now I'm begging you to please update.

  • Great, but needs more

    by music327

    I love that anywhere I go I have an instant link to Man vs. Food locations as well as the other databases. I just wish there was an option to check off where you have been. It would also be great if there was info about what is at the place or at least a link to their website. A picture that actually related to the place would be nice as well. Still a great app for traveling though.


    by Adam Richman Lover

    Everything in one app. Man V Food, Triple D (and you MUST eat at the Twisted Root Burger Company in Dallas!) and many other Food Network and Travel Channel places. This app is a MUST for any foodie, or those who travel and want to try something new.

  • App Rockz

    by Brennan OC

    What can I say, this app rockz... contains all of the good places I like to check out when I travel. 5/5 stars. Must have at only .99.


    by DerekICT

    While not perfect, this app contains everything I need to find all the great places that Man v. Food has been (GO ADAM!) and Diners, Drive-in's and Dives PLUS more... very cool how the GPS in the phone directs me to the restaurant! Updated images and new Man v Food and Triple D locations rock! Thanks!

  • Great app

    by Infected Erez

    Used to be some bugs , now they are all gone Great program which I use all the time I just hope that the database will be updated more often.

  • Not bad for a buck.

    by trazam1986

    Not a bad App, but definitely could use some polishing to become a 5 star App. 1. Let users submit pictures, reviews, & ratings to each restaurant (and add to database for all to see) 2. If I'm looking to go to a food network star's restaurant, I would like to see the name of the star associated with the spot. 3. Add Alex Guarnaschelli's "Butter" in NYC to the food network data base. It's a great spot! Alex Guarnaschelli

  • Great app but needs work

    by pajamapants

    It's a great idea and really cool but it has the same image and hardly any notes and no reviews on the restaurant or pictures of the restaurant but great idea

  • Awesome!!!

    by scaterbreh

    This app works perfectly. I am able to see the different locations Adam Richmond has eaten at, and it even gives directions to the place! The only problem with it is that when I click a restaurant to view it it will show the same picture for every single restaurant. And also it would be nice if they could update this app to show the new places man v food has gone to in his new season.

  • Love Man v Food!

    by PassionDude

    Great little app that allows me to see all the places Adam Richman from Man v Food has eaten at. On top of that, had Triple D locations (Diner's, Drive-in's and Dives) and several others that I am not familiar with. The thing I like best is the directions from where I am at to the restaurant... that is pretty cool. Works on my girlfriends iPod Touch too. Uses a zip code for your current location since it doesn't have built in GPS.

  • Great Idea, but not there yet

    by dkmcgrath

    I was so excited about this app. I had already been to a few of the restaurants listed and thought this would be a great place to keep track of them. But, I can not figure out how to get photos from my phone into this app for a particular place. I have the photos on my phone already, but there is no way to get into my photos to copy them into the app. I'm frustrated.

  • Great Idea!

    by dhuber

    Love a list of the great food spots from the shows we love to watch all in one app! We love to try these spots when we travel! There are some glitches and I Wish there was a screen with a pin point map of all the location. Over all it is an OK app.


    by Super K in LA

    I am a foodie and LOOOVE good food. Watch Adam on Man v Food every week and Guy on Triple D too. As I travel the US, this app allows me to see if there are any of their fav spots in the town I am in, along with many other AWESOME places to eat. Address, phone number and directions there using the GPS are just, well, AWESOME! Not sure what all the hate is with this app. Does EXACTLY what it says it will do. If you wanted something else, they why did you buy it?!

  • This app is making progress

    by ColtraneWasGod

    My threshold complaints about this app were that it failed to update the databases as promised and that there was no way to get developer support. The developer finally has provided a support email address (see the product description page) and responds to emails quite promptly. Through email with the developer, I figured out that, to retrieve the new databases even after updating the app itself, I had to delete the app from my phone while synching it; eject and then reconnect the phone; and then reinstall the app from the computer. It took a few minutes to do this, but it's less complicated to do it than to explain it and I am glad there was an easy fix. Now, with a new interface and a much broader selection of restaurants, the app finally is starting to get interesting. This isn't the place to go for your Triple D fix because there's nothing said about why you'd want to go to any of these restaurants and best of the competing app actually links you to relevant content that makes clear why you'd want to eat at these places. However, there is no other app that provides you even with a list of the places where to find meals featured on Man vs. Food or The Best Thing. (If the developer isn't in a position to provide content or links to content about these places, I wonder if the app structure allows for community content updating through forums or other processes. On the other hand, knowing Apple, I suspect the apps are locked down tight as drums.) At 99 cents, this won't break the bank and the additional databases finally provide a reason to have a look at it. Let's hope the databases are updated often and that the developer adds even more functionality.

  • While not perfect, does exactly what I want.

    by DerekICT

    While this app is not perfect, it does exactly what is says. Lists all the great places to eat that Adam and Guy have frequented. The map support is super for finding out where you need to go. Make sure you check out everything that is installed. Didn't realize at first, but pushing the database button at the bottom of the screen shows you MANY included databases. bon appetit!


    by Jeff Reisman

    Great app! Simple, straight forward and does exactly what it says it will. Love Man v Food and this helps me find all the places Adam has been too! THANKS!

  • This is a fantastic App for finding great food!

    by Hemo The Magnificent

    I love this App. It lets me immediately find really good places to eat. I watch the Food Channel and I am always grabbing for a piece of paper to scribble down the name of some cool dive or restaurant. Unfortunately I always lose the piece of paper. Now I don't have to scramble. I just launch the App and I can find awesome food wherever I am at.

  • Good job

    by Hadd13

    Good app has everything from the shows will help me out when i travel now can check out for myself these great places

  • Need an update

    by mjp0028

    Update please

  • Garbaaaage!

    by BabyGurl's IPhone (3Gs)

    Lame!!!!!! Tv Food Maps is better with more options and more restauranteees! Ps AND IT's FREE

  • Aaaaaahhhhhhh

    by Bs on this

    Disappointing app!!!!! In need of MAJOR updates!!!!! Do not buy!

  • Does not work for iPad

    by TheBigCat048

    Don't waste your money. This is a rip off

  • Useless App

    by Psalmchild63

    There is nothing to this App. No pictures, no summary of the best thing to eat at the restaurant, limited restaurant spots. Really poor. If I could give this 0 stars I would. Don't waste your money.

  • Needs update

    by noogsie

    The Best Thing I ever ate part def. needs to be updated.

  • No changes

    by Funtodd

    No update on new restaurants in months and months

  • Does not work

    by Airpol85

    Mine only shows one spot in new Mexico / can't get it to show any other locations!

  • Don't buy for iPad

    by Different D

    Can't get it to work on iPad since updates. Just get a blank screen. Developer was initially responsive to email, but not in the past month after multiple attempts. Don't waste your money.

  • Needs updates!!!!!

    by Digitalballparks

    Infrequent updates and the databases never seem to get any bigger when they do. None of the most recent seasons' locations. Very outdated and disappointing considering they just updated the app and I thought for sure the new seasons would be on here.

  • Used to love it

    by RMH70

    Now it crashes immediately after the update. Please fix now!!!!!

  • CRASHES!!!

    by bigrand1

    What the heck happened?! Now instead of getting better, it doesn't work at all! Crashes on startup and sends you back to your home page immediately! FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Update crash

    by Labdawg

    Worked great till the update today now it crashes on the load screen

  • Wasted money

    by Frustrated diner

    App doesn't even work. Don't buy

  • Bad app, waste of time and money

    by Marcom73

    Lists the restaurants but you don't know which show recommended it, and doesn't tell you anything about the restaurant, or what type of food they make--you would have to search for the website on google because app doesn't list the restaurant website either. Kind of useless. Certainly a waste of 99 cents.

  • Mr Krabs

    by DKC57

    Geeze got my 0.99 cents; image the same for food anywhere; Can't believe Man vs Food has it's Name Associated ....DON'T Buy !!! ... Just saying the Truth !

  • Lousy app

    by Martyatthebeach

    Same image used for everything. Notes and images links always bring u to a blank page. Can't believe I paid .99 for this.

  • Worthless

    by Costa12962

    I could easily get this information through the Internet. This app gives no information about the featured locations other then their address. Junk !!! Not worth the .99 cents. These Apps need to be monitored for what they claim vs what they deliver. Avoid this App.

  • Needs Improvement

    by Scuba girl 580

    It's handy to have to locator for each database but none of the restaurants have any info about what they were featured for. I find myself looking up place using Yelp or Urban spoon to find out what they serve there. There are also a lot of places missing from episodes. I'm in Boston and I just saw a Best Thing I Ever Ate episode featuring 2 local spots that aren't in the App's listings. This App needs some serious work to turn it into what I was hoping for. Would also like to see a user based review component so we can talk about spots too.

  • Doesn

    by Naoko123

    I KNOW there are restaurants within 25 miles of me in Hawaii. The closest it shows is over 2500 miles away. Changing databases has absolutely no affect. In fact nothing has an affect. It always has the same listings regardless of what you do. Piece of crap. Give me my money back, with interest. I charge 300% interest per hour.

  • This app does not work!!

    by Arams321

    Like an idiot, I bought it before reading the reviews because the concept was so great. 2 seconds into using it, nothing works. Useless!! They should not allow people to put up apps that don't work on here! I mean, come on!! Don't people regulate this stuff?!

  • Doesn't work and no support

    by Botpol

    I downloaded this app on my IPad and it crashes everytime. I went to their support page and there is no way to contact them, most of the links on their page are broke and the ones that do work basically lead you to the same page. I'm beginning to think the previous reviewer is actually the developer or someone that works for them. There is absolutely no way to get in touch with them. I like the concept of this app but it seems like a scam, glad it only cost .99.

  • Great concept. Poor execution.

    by TX Pirate

    Some resturants that appear in individual DBs don't appear in 'All'. Same picture for all resturants. Very little information about what food was features on the show. Finally, the app is buggy. Doesn't seem like much thought was put into the mechanics and layout. If you plan to charge for additional DBs, you won't get my money even at .99. Get serious about some revisions. UPDATE: Why do all resturants still show the same picture? Why doesn't #7 on 'Top 101 Places' show up as near me when it's in my town?

  • Awful

    by VGNYC

    Are they serious charging money for this app? All they give are names, addresses and phone numbers for the restaurants. Try adding some content on what the particular restaurant specializes in. This needs an update real quick.

  • Ads?

    by Mallouf

    I paid for this? First off it doesn't have all of the restaurants from the shows. Second, there are no descriptions on the restaurants and what was featured on that restaurant. Finally, there are ads on a paid application. Update theae issues and you would have a 5 star application.

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