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  • Publisher: Zillow.com
  • Updated: Sep, 06 2012
  • Version: 1.4.43
  • Size: 11.59 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Zillow, Inc.

We have optimized your favorite rentals app for iOS 7 with a cleaner interface and features you have requested:
•Enjoy larger photos while browsing your results. Favorite them (use the heart icon) right from the list or the map.
•Quickly go through the entire result set on the map by swiping through the home preview at the bottom of the map.
•Limit your search to a specific city, neighborhood, or ZIP code to find the rental that is right for you.
•We consolidated all units in a building into one icon on the map. You can tap through to a building page and explore all available units within that building.
•Worried about scams? In addition to the ability to report them from each home details page, we have also labeled buildings that we have verified.
•Access bird’s-eye view and nearby amenities from the photo viewer on the home details page.
•Fixed a crash that was affecting some users while browsing photos
Happy house hunting! Please continue to send your feedback to iphonefeedback@zillow.com, we really appreciate it.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
273 Ratings
All Versions:
4561 Ratings


Need a rental? Find your next apartment, condo or house rental with Zillow’s Rentals app, developed by mobile real estate leader Zillow. This app also includes the popular Rent Zestimate® tool, which will help you determine fair rent value.

Key features:
○ Search for apartments near you or draw custom search boundaries on the map.
○ Automatically receive notifications when new rental homes matching your criteria hit the market.
○ Let Rent Zestimates give you a starting point for understanding fair market value.
○ Contact landlords by phone or email. Those you contact are automatically added to your Favorites with a note, so you can keep track of who’s who.
○ Compare your Favorites side-by-side to easily decide which apartment, condo or house has the best balance of price and size.

Zillow Rentals app is the only apartment finder you’ll need!

Customer Reviews

  • Great easy app

    by JPQuiceno

    Easy to use. Great navigation

  • Great information

    by Susan Cunningham

    This app is very easy to use and has great information.

  • Writing a review so app will stop harassing me!

    by RandaPanda101

    Great app!

  • Awesome

    by Tg145h

    Best rental app ever

  • Great app!

    by Hswab

    Very easy! Quick! And giving me so much to choose from!

  • Great

    by jcrainier

    Love it

  • Great App

    by E99S

    Great App

  • Zillow is my go to!!

    by Le app queen

    Zillow is amazing!! My boyfriend and I use this app to find apartments and he was able to find the apartment he is now staying in with this app! It is awesome.

  • Great help

    by Cuellom

    Have moved twice and use this app evetytime

  • Good app!

    by Pook500

    It would be 5 stars if it gave the school info like the website does.

  • Nice App

    by 2Timothy

    Zillo Rentals is a neat application which does display the photos but also allows you the cross reference INFOR the county's web sit. Love it

  • Great!

    by Lagers

    It really has made help looking for an apartment easier!

  • & I Love It

    by SmokingGunz

    I love this app I just started my own small business and I used this app to find my own APT. It's quick & easy thanks :)

  • Pretty good

    by Nikkikkikki77777

    We're looking for a single family home to rent and this has been quite helpful. My only complaint is that there is no school rating feature on this like there is on the regular version.

  • Love it

    by Khamarismommow

    I love it!!!! A great way to see what's available right at the palm of your hand

  • Mama

    by CKJD

    Fantastic App! If you just want to get an idea of what properties are available to talking to an agent & actually inquiring about a purchase. This App is So quick & easy, it's TechnoTarded Friendly! Honestly I'm always looking to see what's out there & Available... The possibilities are endless! I Love All the Zillow Apps!!

  • A good reference app.

    by holly and cristian liliac


  • App

    by Xivr

    Awesome and easy to use

  • Awesome App!

    by Leftrightright

    Great Job! My pep pep loves his chippy.

  • Super great

    by Binders O

    This is a great app to browse for an apartment. I wish there was a way to see new listings. But it gives all the good info.

  • Too many scams

    by Appraisal district Bev Elam

    I wanted to "love" this site but due to the tremendous amount of scams being posted, I have been greatly disappointed. If you're looking for a house, skip this and go straight to a realtor. Using zillow is nothing but a big waste of time and effort. Shame on zillow for allowing scammers to continually post houses that they have no connection to. I expected more but got much less.

  • Great info

    by Twandletatty

    My wife and I are looking for a place to live so we can move out of her parents house with our two kids. This app gives us a ton of information on available properties and I have no doubt that we will be able to find something within our price range in a location we want with out having to manually sift through all the places we don't want.

  • Great app

    by Naylafey

    Love it

  • Great app

    by Santa Barbara Roach

    Very useful

  • Really practical

    by Amma731984

    Like it

  • Great

    by RevRand

    Best realtor app.

  • Better than the website

    by Vdb gghghfg

    I really like this app

  • Love it

    by Salem@Afandi

  • Awesome

    by App dill

    Great app

  • Great app

    by TONYB0ND

    Very functional and easy to use.

  • Great app

    by Jsales7

    It's even better if school nearby is posted with it.

  • Works great!

    by Idcantu

    I love how I can save homes for later to look at and compare

  • Zillow

    by Werda Bonano

    Love this app rentals at my fingertips now if the property managers respond I'll love it even more..

  • Love zillow!

    by butterfly7610

    Great app for looking for houses to rent

  • Extremely helpful app

    by Sammyz28

    This app has been absolutely perfect. Just moved to the northern Colorado area, was able to find a lot of places and quick too.

  • Love this app

    by Lone lane

    This app is great needs a little more info on some things

  • Great app

    by Finisher101

    Good app for looking for appts to rent. No real complaints.

  • Updates

    by Patrick Joy

    Love the updates for the saved search! Zillow is the best!

  • Freezes all the time!

    by jmad74

    The app freezes all the time. I have to close and re-open numerous time just to look at one listing. Extremely frustrating.

  • Great App

    by TMG09


  • Awesome

    by Embella3

    Great app, easy to use. Valid info

  • Great app

    by sumr2012

    Provides useful information regarding rental property

  • Great App

    by Shanna Davenport

    I like this app so far. Only problems, some of the listings don't include the floor plans or enough pictures from different angles of the selling aspects.

  • Great

    by Yada804

    Wonderful app

  • Great

    by Rexomanon

    Best app to find rental place to live

  • Beyond exceptional app!

    by Biggmike1230

    Has answered every question I needed to know, and I haven't even met the realtor/owner yet!

  • Invaluable tool!

    by No Stupiding

    This app has been great while I'm exploring new neighborhoods to live in. I take the bus/bicycle everywhere and it's great to ride through a neighborhood I like, pop open this app and see what's for rent in the area.

  • Great

    by Smpleasants

    Love this app!

  • Great app

    by Hayleyjk33

    Love this app.. Very easy to use!

  • rating popup gets old..

    by OffTheHeezy


  • It's Great!

    by iMac Daddy

    More than I expected in ease of use and functionality!

  • by Tafuna Bahai Youth

    Really good app! Some of the houses that says are for rent is actually fake! If you guys could try to make sure everything is legit I'll give it a 5 star! But right now it's a 3!

  • Awesome

    by Lsmith464

    Great ap

  • Great app!!!

    by TOYA510

    I am currently taking care of my granny and had to move her in with my family. We decided to get a bigger place and I have to say I love how the app notify u when it has updates. Makes my search so much easier. Two thumbs up...!!!

  • Nice

    by Dmaster774


  • Love it!!

    by Fadedninja22

    I spend hours in this app!

  • Great app

    by Ista91


  • So easy

    by jeff logsdon

    Little choppy but it's an app trying to do a lot, surprisingly smooth compared to others. Great job

  • Great app

    by Dghrssjjytkjgggfd

    I love all details and pictures, I just wished it showed all the houses that are rents

  • Great

    by Greenboygrove

    Great app! Enough said

  • So great

    by Pretti_Girl_Qua

    So many choices

  • love it

    by Herschel boller

    wish everyone used it

  • So many options!

    by Naticakes

    I really enjoy the option of zooming in and out on the map and watching all of the houses for rent in the area I want. Rentals are hard to come by, yet Zillow has found all of the listings in the Denver Metro area!

  • Great app.

    by syhn

    Easy to find good house..

  • Great !!!!

    by Mike portnoy fan

    I love it , we are living in salt lake city and we have a month to look for a home to move To Texas so this is a great site for me to look houses online and schedule appointments As well since we have only 4 days to find a place.

  • Ok

    by Leelee8881

    Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't,

  • great app

    by crazy r us

    great app

  • Works great

    by Dragonfly80

    Love the app

  • Great App!!!

    by Rockstar CEO

    Ever since I've downloaded the app, I can't stop looking at potential new homes. Wonderful

  • Lots of potential

    by missladee

    My only wish is that ALL landlords & leasing agents would use this app. The market in my area is certainly broader than pictured but I love the possible leads given.

  • Great app!

    by Djcombz


  • Awesome!

    by Jlk_8

    Easy to use, love it

  • its a must have .

    by seshomaro

    great app !!!! superrrr.

  • by Ds-16

    Best rental app out there.

  • Great easy to use to get information

    by Fbiyuuyhg

    Great easy to use to get information

  • Good app

    by Bibiza135

    I like it.

  • Pretty good

    by Candy blu

    The only thing about the recent update is that you can't tell which house in your favorites have already rented out.

  • A++

    by Jobooo332


  • Great app just wish it would sync

    by Simplynia

    I love the app, but I wish I could sync my favorites from here with those online. Once I can do that, I'll give it 5 stars.

  • Very Helpful

    by Benee85

    Lots do nice homes

  • Great App!

    by dmiddleton

    Love the new changes! I've not had any troubles with this version at all. I've been looking for a new apartment and this is a great way to do it!

  • Zillow

    by mmalone60

    Great app!

  • Great

    by Lilefanatic

    I use it all the time

  • Good stuff

    by etienne426


  • Key in House Hunting

    by CutterMitchell

    This app is great. My wife and I are moving to CA from SC, and without Zillow I don't know how'd we'd even start. It has everything from refined searches to the most important; school ratings and realtor contact information! There are really only two things I think it needs. A standard rental app you can fill out that will be sent to landlords when you contact them (they have one but it needs work). Lastly, neighborhood information. It has school ratings but what about rating the neighborhood. That was the question we were left with sometimes; is this a good neighborhood? I would suggest they tap into the APIs of someone like SpotCrime.com or something and develop their own rating system. If they had that I'd subscribe to the service until we were moved. Bottom line if you're moving download it and use it.

  • Great app

    by MovieGirl21

    I used this app to help my father in law find a rental out of town. Super easy to use and the pics are great!

  • Great app.

    by P. Max

    Better than century21 and Remax for sure.

  • Wonderful App

    by Chicorowland

    This app is better than expected. It's intuitive and very easy to use. I find it very helpful.

  • ****

    by Edithbelle

    Love this APP. Super easy to use!!

  • They will spam you

    by SirMike89

    If you email someone a property, they will send you spam

  • Awesome!

    by Rie143

    I've been searching other sites for a place in NJ and haven't had any luck. In just 10 minutes I've found some great potential homes with zillow!

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