Yahoo Finance Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Yahoo
  • Updated: Sep, 08 2009
  • Version: 2.0.5
  • Size: 16.71 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Yahoo! Inc.

• Stability fixes

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583 Ratings
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Beat the market with the new Yahoo Finance. Follow the stocks you care about most, receive push notifications on breaking news stories, and access real-time quotes and charts. Beautifully redesigned for iPhone and iPad.

Key features:
• Follow stocks to personalize your news
• Receive push notifications for breaking stories
• Pinch and pan full screen, real-time charts

• Stay connected with portfolios and quotes that sync across devices
• Go beyond stocks and track currencies, industries, commodities and more
• Yahoo Finance now available for iPhone and iPad

Customer Reviews

  • Use it every day

    by CHPDX

    Great app. I use it all the time on my iPad mini.

  • Great, love it

    by Mateamargo77

    Cant stop watching the ticker go up, it's addictive!

  • Useful for tracking intraday change in my portfolio.

    by Maine NPR fan

    Reliable and well integrated with Yahoo Finance.

  • As Samawah, Iraq

    by Alkhafaji

    The program is good and knowing it Nstvad instant prices for gold and other minerals, but that was not found in the program for iPhone

  • Great

    by GC 1975

    Wish this was the default'

  • Timely

    by Jimmynonno

    The app is timely and current and quick to retrieve data. I track all my investments and rely on the accuracy of the data

  • Limited

    by FranknPay

    Can't see message boards, limited detail

  • Great app

    by Mrs finance

    This app has evolved into a great tool for a quick look at your portfolios. It is so easy to use and to read. Kudos to developers.

  • Great app with one flaw

    by Ritter1234

    The old app had a way better RSS feed for the individual stocks. How come articles on the Yahoo Finance website do not show up on this app? In the old app I never missed news on my stocks. I have to now double check Yahoo Finance website on my computer to make sure I didn't miss any news. Fix that and the app would be flawless. Unfortunately, this is still the best app I have found for keeping up with news related to my stocks.

  • Satisfied User

    by 583177

    Nice app - let's me quickly see market status during the day.

  • Great easy to use app

    by Lamoook

    Use it all the time

  • Excellent app

    by Sujesh P

    Excellent app

  • Great app

    by rbmcnutt

    Fast access to news in the app. Nice interface.

  • Very good!

    by BSC4

    A concise way to show the relevant info. Also, easy and intuitive to navigate.

  • Love it

    by WargasmDGB

    Does what I want. No complaints.


    by SimonShelly

    This app is just what I need to get my stock quotes and business news. Easy to use, works really well.

  • Great

    by Anesp718

    Good way to keep track of investments

  • Most favorite financial app

    by Fortunatoo

    Useful, practical and easy to use. I use it daily ...several times!

  • Excellent app

    by Bar Boo

    Very nice application

  • Incredible finance app with minimal drawbacks

    by mr. anonymous sir

    This is an incredible, beautifully designed finance app. There is no limit to the amount of stocks you can save and track and there are push notifications to alert you of any news of the market or saved stocks. The charts clearly show what you want and there is an inline browser for news. I highly recommend this app. The minimal drawbacks are very minimal and really they are simply that it's hard to get to the homepage if you do a lot and sometimes there is a little freezing but overall the interface and programming is phenomenal.

  • All apps that ask for reviews get one star from me

    by Gypsydoctor

    App asked for a review

  • Nominally useful

    by Cheeseball60

    OK for getting a quote or looking at a short list of tickers with limited detail. I still go to the full site to adequately access a fuller portfolio of stocks and get graphs with decent technical analysis; e.g. MACD, slow stochastic etc.

  • Like this app

    by Travelerwest

    Much better than the original version. Works very well for the intended purpose.

  • Great way to track your portfolio on the go

    by Latetotheshoe

    This App is a great way to keep up with financial news and to track you personal portfolio while on the go. It is quick and provides details to keep you up to date.

  • Very good.

    by жопа с ушами

    Very good. I like UI, I like charts, but most if all I like how it shows relevant news article first about market in general and then related to a stock symbol you just tapped.

  • Nice

    by AFAFalcons06



    by ZarDodong

    Excellent app everyone should have for news & market information.

  • Finance review

    by Joker36663

    My first stop when needing market direction.

  • Love it!

    by WIZARD415

    Took a few days to get use to all the functions and pages available but I love this app! It's user friendly and has all the info I look for in a business app. Wish I knew about this app sooner.

  • Nice app, missing features

    by Alejr

    Beautiful app. Useful for watching graphs and reading news but it has some lacking features to make it truly useful. For example, it's Etrade integration doesn't import paid price per shares so it's hard to see the overall gain of an investment. Second, it doesn't include SEC filing documents which means I still have to go their website to read a 10Q

  • Indispensable app!!

    by IvoryBoy777

    I use this literally every day. Great format. Gets the right stuff (News, vital statistics, graphs, data on fundamentals, etc.). It took a bit to get used to the new features recently (and had to have a few bugs worked out(which have been corrected now). Great app.

  • Good App

    by RR0001

    Goo App...have not explored all the features yet...

  • Best Finance App

    by D2&j3

    I have different finance apps over the years but Yahoo is the best of all in performance and design. Many Yahoo apps share the same characteristics.

  • Great app, very user friendly. Highly recommended.

    by dolphin3881

    Great app regardless if you are a Finance whiz or a Finance novice.

  • good but some indexes not update for a while

    by 偷吃蜡肉的蜗牛

    good but some indexes not update for a while

  • Great app

    by Ricoogd

    Love the app it's user friendly and very smooth. It's a must for all stock lovers

  • Good one

    by jojujj

    Goto app for Finance

  • News doesn't update

    by Slickjab

    Charts are pretty good, but news articles don't update. Please fix.

  • Nice app

    by hjinnah

    Pulling for YAHOOO !!!

  • Great app

    by Lutts1

    Yahoo has really done it right. I use this app every day. Very useful. Yahoo has really done a great job with its apps and they are getting better and better.

  • Great app

    by Loko4oko

    Great great app

  • Quick and simple

    by Tony,n,Seattle

    I like this app because it gives me a fast look at my portfolio and the markets first thing in the morning.

  • Good app

    by Jason's deli

    Use it everyday. Works well but should be improved.

  • Yahoo finance

    by Satisfied zzzzzz

    Great app. Very satisfied . Tickers and news are always up to date. Superb.

  • Awesome

    by Derpguy222

    Provides up to date information and consolidates articles from numerous sources.

  • Really good

    by PaleFire71

    I check this app every day for charts and news feeds; nice design and very easy to use. Notifications are cool too.

  • Finance

    by MBBoss & the Ca$h Money Crew

    I gave it 4 stars. Sometimes it fails to work properly.

  • Excellent

    by Nzeki

    This is an excellent tool for mobile users. The best there is without a doubt The only observation relates to the news section in which only some of the news items shown on the PC full version of Yahoo Finance are reflected There seems to be some selection protocol at work here and I think if true it should not be there

  • very handy!

    by Hmily guosong

    Use it everyday. Handy, however sometimes it crashes.

  • Good for quick looking on an iPad.

    by Balevre

    Pretty good, not for hard core trading but for checking stocks, it's alright.

  • Awesome

    by Had to choose a new nickname

    Great app- only minor annoyance is when an article is posted, but you can only read part of it unless you subscribe to the publisher. For example SeekingAlpha...Aside from that it's a great application.

  • Very good

    by OC 636

    I use it everyday, hope they keep improving it.

  • Works great

    by mail4asim

    Love using this app. It always provides the latest info.

  • Great app!

    by insert_new_callsign_here

    Would like to pin- protect portfolio viewing

  • Very good

    by King201312

    Very good

  • Yahoo Finance

    by Deeshady1

    Great app. Use it several times a day and never fails me.

  • Great app

    by Nike Man 99

    Great app and use often. A great app for keeping track of stocks. However would be nice to keep track of individual portfolios with stock% and amount paid for for a balance.

  • Love this app

    by Chaselon

    Such an improvement over the built in stock app. Shows me just what I want to see up front and I can delve deeper for more info if I want it.

  • Great app

    by packer73

    Customizable and gives me just what I want.

  • Good app

    by $k1nthesis

    Great layout and highly intuitive. Should be able to update portfolios in the app too.

  • Works for me

    by Shepptastic


  • Annoying popups

    by PureJadeKid

    Not a terrible app but it has a few annoying problems. The first is that when you tap on a story to read the news it brings up the summary and makes you tap again to load the news story. If I'm tapping the news to see more why would I tap twice to see more? In addition it randomly pops up dialogs that try to trick me into doing things to help Yahoo. One popup tried to trick me to change my search engine. Another popup tried to get me to rate the app, which makes me want to read it lower as I am doing.

  • Great Layout

    by RECDallas13

    I use this app regularly to check stock prices and catch up on news related to those stocks. Very easy to use.

  • Yahoo Finance

    by ARC0228

    I liked the format of the prior version much better than this version. Only mediocre now, but the news content is good.

  • Nice start

    by dvhinsfba

    I'd love it if I could have a centralized way to access multiple trading platforms and exchanges all from yahoo

  • Nice Design-layout , Fast, Stable

    by GSWFan30

    Has become my go-to stock tracker. Everything you want to see - fast. Attractive layout.

  • Awesome!

    by Alfredo Garcia

    Great app. Very useful.

  • Great app

    by Nywal

    Just love the look

  • Ok, but used to be better

    by G--Pa

    I actually liked the old version better. It was simpler and better organized. It's now prettier visually, but crippled functionally especially when compared to the full PC browser version.

  • My opinion

    by Notnowqwerty

    This app is awesome. The one to have.

  • Excellent

    by benjamin whitla

    Love it.

  • Good Basic App

    by MD80Dad

    iphone standard stock app is better than this app as it has more current financial news on the stock or industry that you are following. I d like the fact that this app follows the price of oil where the basic iphone app does not

  • Looks great

    by EricS4281

    Still would like pre market and before and after quotes. Much improved tho

  • Love it!

    by Adan Vega

    Great design

  • So what!?!?

    by horses887

    So me something I can't see by simply reading the news. I would like a brief snapshot showing the pulse of the market when I wake up. Show me what the Dow/s&p/nas futures are when I wake up in the morning. Then show me what the markets are at as the day proceeds.

  • Yahoo Finance

    by Charlie the Pup

    A huge step down from the prior version. The more I go here, the more I wish I hadn't. As a result I use other programs/Apps to get market data. The articles/commentary are stale and oh so repetitive. How many takes can there be on Pfizer for God's sake!!!

  • Just ok

    by SkiBob 10

    Nothing fancy here

  • Great Charts and Quotes. Excellent!

    by J.Aranoff

    However, the problem like the Finance website still lacks ongoing minute by minute charting. Therefore you have to wait until late hours. Quotes are timely. But if Yahoo could figure out how to make a portfolio streamer that would be great.

  • Five star for keeping an eye on long term investments.

    by ffmmusic

    Tried other apps first. Once I found yahoo finance deleted others. Just keeping an eye on retirement accounts and potential long term buys.

  • Awesome.

    by Josh new

    Great place to check my banana

  • iPhone 4S user.

    by DaveEWJr

    Quick summary of market indicators and important national and international finance-related issues and news.

  • Use

    by Mikeyp232323

    I use this daily to track stock related to my interests and to track the market in general.

  • I love the new Yahoo

    by Arsenal Goonners

    Awesome performance updates and gives me what I want on the go!

  • Best finance app out there

    by Leroy Jenkins

    Simply the most elegant yet simple to use app concerning finance, market news, the stock market, and commodities. Best app to follow futures markets

  • Excellent

    by Sree Rph


  • Spam

    by Dan.Rossiter

    As if "rate this app" pop-ups weren't enough, Yahoo is now generating "set your search to yahoo" pop-ups with two options, "ok" and "cancel." Let's see how many 1-star ratings it takes for them to change their spamming ways...

  • Pretty good stock app

    by ISeeWhatGoesOn

    Easy to add ticker symbols for stocks I am monitoring Give fairly complete information Loads pretty quick No complaints thus far

  • Great app

    by Handsome Money Williams

    Fast, reliable. A must have.

  • Not as good as MarketWatch

    by JTBClemmons

    Charts and numbers not as good

  • go to stock tracker app

    by Jumper Zly

    This app has quickly become my go to mobile stock tracker app. I specifically appreciate the app being very stable and fast, the real time after hours quotes and the gorgeous design. Of course there's room for improvement: I'd love to see option quotes included and be able to sort the stocks I am following from within the app.

  • Great App

    by gcohenmd

    Best portfolio tracker.

  • So far so good

    by Xavier Ramirez

    Keeps me up to date on my stocks. Thanks yahoo

  • Pretty good !!!

    by roman horban

    Like it

  • Simple and Fast

    by Ypsi Sweet Will

    This ap is the quickest way to check the market and your portfolio. I use it 10 times a day.

  • Currency not shown right

    by Hermaans

    Look at the currency it states Euro/Dollar = 1.37 that is actually Dollar/Euro. Please fix this.

  • Good app

    by Scott Henderson

    Needs more info on stocks

  • Would have given 5 stars but..


    The only thing missing is the detailed charting that is available on the website. I use that often and wish that was a part of this.

  • App Works Well

    by Jim B-Zack

    Like the app and very easy to use. Potential improvement request would be after hour quotes. Other request would be if I could add the cost of what I bought a stock at that I might follow and each day I can see either my profit or gain over time. Thanks and appreciate the hard work.

  • User friendly

    by kathymalley

    This application gives a quick view throughout the day and then a summary of our portfolio at the end of the day. It is easy to use and there is a good selection of articles when I have time to read them.

  • Real time updates

    by AFauce

    Love it. Use Yahoo Finance for real time updates since my FactSet isn't live.

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