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Seller: Vasyl Smyrnov

• Bug fixes.

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Ever wondered how much you spend on your girlfriend? What about gas and coffee? Bring your money under control. CashTrails will make this easy for you, featuring:

• Tracking both expenses and income.
• Support for multiple accounts and transfers between them.
• All entries, accounts, tags, parties and groups can be edited or deleted at any time.
• Photo and file attachments.
• Passcode protection to hide your financial data from unwanted eyes.
• Recurring entries, both expenses and earnings, with rich frequency options.
• History to view and adjust your previous entries.
• Tags to organize your entries the way you like.
• Ability to specify vendors/payees and clients/payers (parties).
• Groups to separate your regular expenses from business or holiday trips.
• Time of entries is recorded as well.

• Instant reports for any period of time and kind of expenses.
• Timeline bar graph reports for days, weeks and months, with whatever filter you set.
• Structure of expenses and income, split by tags, parties, accounts or groups, in percentages and absolute amounts, for any report filter.
• Daily, weekly and monthly averages.
• Reports for particular hours.
• Instant account balances.
• Report filter presets - switch between your favorite reports with just a tap.

• Full support for over 160 world currencies.
• Quick toggle between the currencies you're using most often.
• Currency conversion, with both automatically retrieved and user-defined exchange rates.
• Adjustable exchange rates update mode to reduce traffic fees (automatic, Wi-Fi only, manual).

• Ability to analyze your entries in a spreadsheet using CSV export.
• Backup and restore CashTrails data and settings over Wi-Fi or Email.
• Default email address to speed-up exporting via Email.

This Lite version has the same features as the full version of CashTrails, with a limit of 100 entries.

To transfer your data to the full version, install both apps on your iPhone or iPod touch. Then the steps are as follows:
1. Launch the Lite version.
2. Select More > Export > Export to Full Version.
3. Tap the Export button.
4. The full version will be launched asking for your confirmation to perform the transfer.

Customer Reviews

  • Most amazing tool for budgeting!

    by Logan_detty09

    Keeps track of everything I spend my money on and let's you back everything up! TRY AND BUY! You won't regret it

  • Option to change billing cycle

    by melodyj001

    Great if there's an option to choose start of billing cycle instead of only 1st of the month.

  • I love this app

    by Ckuser

    I love this app but please update to compliment iOS 7

  • Super

    by mkosta

    What I was looking for!

  • Small business owner

    by SpiceyKisses

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this app it makes my life sooooo much easier ;) thx.... So simple would highly recommend

  • Awesome App!!!!!

    by JakeDaAce

    Great app, really love the way that it has the different account totals tracked! 100000/10 :). Recommended

  • Great!

    by Black'nwhite

    I used this app to track my money earned for a trip and it worked great.

  • Extremely Helpful!

    by Bgriley

    I love it! It helps with a lot of personal finance tracking around the house!

  • Great app

    by clueful42782

    this is a really good app. its so easy to use and lets u know exactly how much money u have and where it is. it also shows you where your spending the most of your money and where your getting it from. its just perfect and so simple. get it and try will be hooked

  • Previous total

    by aRuu

    Why can't you show previous expenditure total grrrr

  • I live this app, just please leave the name "cashtrails"

    by Delta7503

    Please leave the name cashtrails with the green money sign. Excellent app use it all the time.

  • Choices

    by Sipuhha

    Ever wondered how much you are spending on your boyfriend? It's a nice app, but the description is biased towards men. Really a shame, the only reason I'm getting a competing one.

  • Very simple and effective

    by Cong000000

    Well made program

  • Simple and useful

    by jlo128

    I'm a recent high school graduate who wanted to keep track of my spending for the summer before college. I looked at a lot of apps like this one which were too involved and too complicated. However, this app is only as complicated as you make it- you can use it very simply like I do or you can add multiple account and currencies or whatever. The user interface is very simple and intuitive. I haven't been using it for long though, so I don't know if it crashes or anything like that. So far so good!

  • So easy to use and read!

    by Overgauge

    I've tried other expense and money management apps and they are often just too confusing and frustrating. This app, however, just simplifies everything down to be very readable and user friendly. I love this app!

  • Fantastic App!!

    by Jreyno66

    This app does everything I need it to do for keeping track of where all my money goes. As it travels around different accounts. It's the only finance app that has been able to keep track of transfers like that...the only thing is that I have some accounts that take in it possible to put In an option for an account to gather interest over certain time periods?

  • Fantastic money tracker.

    by Mindofclay

    A very straightforward, simple to use app without a bunch of unnecessary fluff. I got it because I was starting a project and wanted to create a running total. Worked great.

  • Good for tracking expenses

    by Makena26

    I like this app for tracking expenses in different accounts (i.e. bank accounts, credit cards, savings, etc.) but the reports aren't very useful. It would be nice if the reports were available in different formats and customizable.

  • Great application

    by Roman Shv

    At least I know where do I waste my money :)) Cash trails is very kind

  • Job Well done

    by HolyGameeerrrrr

    Very thorough and well composed app

  • lite version is pointless

    by libu1868

    This app is great, right up until you exceed 30 entries, at which point they charge you a bloated $4.99 for the full version. Not worth it!

  • Fab dual currency!

    by Mumof2gals

    I have been looking for an app that can take multiple currency since we are a military family living overseas. It's complicated when buying gas is in $ and paying utilities or buying coffee on the economy is in £. I also like the reports. Seeing how much we spend in a day and week besides the usual month and year is nice. Being able to see just the £ and $ expenses is wonderful. My only wish is that there's a bigger iPad version with more of a ledger view with starting income. Something like Pocket Expense or Home Budget. Keep up the great work. What you have for your intended purpose is wonderful. What I want is just a wish :)

  • Great

    by Tzecreto

    Great app has everything You need to take control of your expenses and incomes

  • Excellent!

    by Dr.Heckles

    Unique application for freelancer.

  • Well done.

    by insaineyesay

    I've been looking for an app that allows me to enter expenses and income quickly and produce good reports. This does exactly that. No complex configurations just straight to the point. The only opportunity for improvement I see is to allow the user to pick multiple tabs in the tags section before auto scrolling back to the main entry screen. So I can get the most put of the reporting I break down each transaction many ways with many tags. However the screens shifts back every single time I choose one. It can become a slight nuisance if you're tagging an entry with 10 different tags. Just a thought. Otherwise, sweet!

  • It's a good app

    by The Omega

    But only allows you 30 entries then you have to pay $5 for upgrade. Not worth it.

  • Love it

    by Clueless24/7

    This is what I have been waiting for it is great!!!!!!

  • Exactly the app I needed

    by Traceguy

    This is exactly what I have been looking for in a app for the past 30 minutes. I'm trying to save money as I progress through collee, and I wanted a app to show what and how I been saving and how much. I can instantly see that over 2 days I have saved $3.75 on NOT buyin Pepsi from the machine. For those cryin that I cost $5 for the full version to continue tracking money, I HIGHLY recommend you guys get the app "" it's 100% free and is the best way to mange and finance you lives/banks/cards

  • Great app

    by o2bav8

    Best app I've found to keep track of my expenses.

  • Great

    by Ftchvjchv

    If Ur a college student like me and ur simply wanting to have an app to keep track of how much u have in checking or savings this is great...after u make a purchase u just open up the app and subtract from thAt account

  • not so good

    by ray chen

    after test cash trail light version, I 100% won't pay $4.99 for full version. I just feel it is not worthy to pay that much money. Overrall, it is good but for photo description, it may need to improve.

  • Это лучшее.

    by fx.practic

    Это одна из немногих (увы) программ, авторы которой знают, что такое "эргономика" и "usability". Быстрый старт приложения, очень быстрая реакция на любые действия пользователя, фантастическое удобство набора информации. А экспорт - это просто чудо. Я очень привередлив к интерфейсу, и это одна из немногих (увы) программ, авторам которой хочу сказать: ВЫ СДЕЛАЛИ ВЕЩЬ, МОДОДЦЫ, СПАСИБО!

  • very useful when travel abroad

    by thannavant

    very simply using . hav many currency to convert to homeland currency. very useful to note your expense when u hav trip abroad. disadventage is no preset tags or categories of your expense. u must set up and categorize your expense by yourself. but overall is OK

  • Simplistic Perfection

    by Optimus K31M

    Second money tracking app i have tried. This is simple. You add money. You subtract money. It keeps track of the total, dates, and type of expense/income. Simple. Easy. Done.

  • Just what i was looking for

    by ((SO))

  • Great App

    by Jmichaelb

    It's a must if you want to keep track of your finances!! This app is really useful, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do. No more having a notebook to write down expenses at night. I can now put the data quickly and discreetly on my phone as soon as the transaction takes place!!

  • Great but limited

    by Rockmedted

    This is a good app with one caveat- just when you appreciate it, at entry 30 you have to upgrade for $5! Just keep that in mind when choosing an app, you aren't paying to upgrade, you pay to keep using. Since I don't ever pay for apps I have to transfer my data and try another app that probably won't be as nice.

  • U killed it!

    by Dw0901

    I had given it a 5 star before but then I got the update and yoh limit 5 entry a month so I deleted it! Makes no sence!

  • Handy

    by Owls19

    I enjoy using this app. It helps me keep up with all my expenses and earnings for various accounts. East to use. Nice interface. Verg neat.

  • Simple, flexible and functional

    by K*man

    Easy to use and gets the job done. Developers thought through in the Report piece. Good job! My suggestion would be to add category targets so upon exceeding or coming close to one can be alerted. I know that may not be the intent for this app but if offered it would but still I am enjoying the generously free app. Thanks

  • Good Program, but needs "Swipe to Delete" feature.

    by Tinu Tapori

    To the maker! You have a great program. I like the UI and the ability to customize how I want the "New Entry" screen. I would however like to see "Swipe to delete" feature implemented before I consider buying. Deleting an entry requires the user to first open the entry and then delete from there. "Swipe to Delete" would greatly speed things up!

  • Very good

    by Raghav Vemula

    Really cool app and easy to use Good job

  • Perfect for vacation

    by ItsOnlyTV

    Used it to track vacation expenses and liked it so much I bought the paid version. Worth it!

  • 30 entry limit. Don't dl.

    by David3432

    Pure useless. Purely scam.

  • Really usefull

    by basungy240

    This is great for keeping track of my money! I really wish though the presets could has the option for tags: all tags except... Also, better default presets with more complex programming would be nice. For example a default preset for "total net change." Lastly, perhaps a feature where you can log in transfers, deposits and withdrawals without having to put in two separate logs would really help. Otherwise, amazing free app. Totally worth every penny!

  • changed my opinion

    by Bossa Groove

    well after a week of using this i found it okay. adding tags and accounts is still unintuitive but once u add them u dont have to deal with them any more, which sweeps the issue under the rug. but come on 5 bucks? even awesome note is just 4 bucks... beautify, make some modifications, and most importantly knock off some bucks and id definitely buy it. 5 bucks for an app with simple features is too much

  • Great interface

    by Hnhowell

    Simple, easy to use, tags make tracking easy. You don't have to click around a lot to get right to it. Perfect for tracking expenses on my road trip.

  • I love it!

    by lcoandrade

    There are several apps about budget and trail the cash.. but this is THE ONE! If you want a app to register your expenses without lost time, it is the right app. I don't do my budget in it, but it is awesome to register where your money is going to.

  • Would be great if it took photos of receipts

    by threadhead

    Needs photo capability, useless to me otherwise :(

  • Great App

    by ArmyCBTEngr

    I tried all the personal budgeting apps I could find and this one is one of best all around.

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