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  • Publisher: Trulia
  • Updated: Sep, 01 2012
  • Version: 1.4.1
  • Size: 13.96 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Trulia, Inc

In this release we’ve made enhancements for iOS 7!

Also be sure to check out these great features if you haven’t already:

• Get personalized loan quotes from our expanded lender base
• Calculate your monthly and total mortgage payments
• See a trend chart of how your payments change over time
• Calculate how much you’ll save by refinancing

Quick tip: Filter you quote results for a more personalized comparison.

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Customer Ratings

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29 Ratings
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259 Ratings


Take the work out of finding a mortgage! Trulia’s smart and easy-to-use new mortgage app helps you calculate the home price you can afford, determine your monthly payments, and compare personalized loan quotes – all from the palm of your hand.

Whether you’re in the market for a new home or looking to refinance, Trulia’s mortgage app is the best (and quickest!) way to find the home and mortgage combination that works for you.

- Personalized Loan Quotes: See comprehensive loan quotes from a number of trustworthy lenders
- Quote comparison: Easily sort your quotes by lowest fees, APR, rate, or payment to find ones just right for you
- Affordability Calculator: Easily determine the home price you can afford, and see a visual breakdown of your monthly payment and total cost of ownership
- Mortgage Calculator: See a breakdown of your monthly and total mortgage payment
- Refinancing Calculator: Visually see how much you'll save monthly and in total by refinancing
- Payment Trends: Understand how your payments change over the duration of your loan
- Connect with Lenders: Contact a lender directly from your mobile device to learn more about a specific quote

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Customer Reviews

  • Great house hunting

    by furiesego

    Easy to use search tools and maps! Only down side is you can't delete homes you are no longer watching everything else is excellent

  • Great for homebuyers

    by Msnavidad

    Easy to use and incredibly helpful in figuring out finances when preparing to buy a new home

  • Perfect tool for home buying!

    by paajichele

    Easy to use, great handy tool to help answer my questions and guide me to exactly what I needed to know. Trulia understands mobile.

  • Great mortgage calculator

    by WhatUpFool

    Helpful and easy to use.

  • Tushar mall

    by Tushar Mall

    Great app

  • Great

    by Day 727 boi

    Great app. Only flaw i can think of is using the sliders on an iPhone. A little too sensitive.

  • Great!!

    by Munguia2009

    Very helpful.

  • Awesome

    by Adam Corrigan

    Just wish the maintenance charges for co-ops were shown. Besides that, it's pretty awesome.

  • Trulia Mortgage Center

    by JRMyt

    Really amazing app! I have a calculator with compound interest so calculating a mortgage is no big deal. I was s to see what else "this" calculator could bring to the party. It is much more than a calculator! For example, It can give you also the amount you can afford considering your income and interest rates, which come on a slider. Brilliant!

  • Perfect app!

    by Pitorey

    Love the app! Their calculador is right on!

  • Good app, sliders are not the only way to enter amounts

    by Daakine

    Good functions in this app! The issue with sliders accuracy is addressed by the ability to tap on the numerical amount and manually enter the figure using a numeric keypad. Other mortgage calculators have this undocumented feature too.

  • Love it!

    by College22

    I absolutely adore this app. I use it all the time to learn ,ore about homes I am looking at. I love how you can adjust the amounts of interest, down payment, and so much more. Get this app if you are looking into buying a home. You won't regret it.

  • Great app!

    by Jeuxbeaux

    I love using this app. It is up to date and informative so you have an idea of what your looking at in specific areas without having to do a lot of legwork. You can focus on what areas you favor and contact the exact person representing the area for more information. I love this thing!!

  • Great use and up to date with listings

    by Rtf6947mra

    Would definitely recommend

  • Really Amazing and helpful

    by Wonderful tool for home-buyers

    This app is perfect to find homes and to know your monthly payments, including mortgage insurance and Principles,Taxes, and interests. Highly recommended.

  • Good

    by Shipsupt

    It's alright but not great

  • Great App

    by Wowawo

    What an amazing tool! So simple to use, slide the bars to where you need them, that's it. I will take this with me on all my showings! Thanks!

  • Pretty good

    by 19283jd

    Hard to use the selection bars so it takes several tries to enter each amount. Good tool overall

  • Solid but UI a bit clunky

    by andytraub

    Good app but the sliding scales used to move amounts and percentages up and down are very touchy. I'd rather be able to type in #'s

  • Trulia

    by Rcsunde


  • User

    by Joegaber

    Deleted app in 60 seconds. Worthless if you are a vet qualified for a zero down VA loan. Get Zillow app.

  • VA Loans

    by bill bixby 313

    Doesnt show VA Loans anymore

  • Fix slide bars!

    by M41787

    This app seems great in theory but the slide bars are almost impossible to get on the exact numbers you are trying to select. I used twice and am now deleting.

  • Crashes

    by Dritta

    Crashes every time I open it. Then it asks me to review the app. You asked for it...

  • Keeps crashing!!!

    by Griff83

    Every time i try to use this app it crashes it's very annoying

  • Doesn't work.

    by Sweet n lo 89

    No matter what info I entered, it never yields a quote...and when it seems like it's about to, the app closes on me. This update is buggy. Needs a fix.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Thomas Vermeer

    Filled out form several times, app crashes when I click see rates

  • Crashes all the time

    by Mishieme

    This app crashes constantly. It also requires my location even though I entered a zip code. And it keeps telling me there are no results, which I know is incorrect.

  • Nothing but a sales tool to get you to use their services

    by Kevmark58

    A sales tool for getting you to use their services

  • Super glitchy on iOS7

    by Andrew 2004

    Can't see the amounts when entering on iOS7. You just have to guess and when I try to delete an amount the app crashes.

  • Completely unusable!

    by BTarver

    The sliders in this app are required to input data, but they are so sensitive, lifting your finger from the screen produces s change in values that ruins the calculation. It's utterly worthless!

  • Sliders make it totally useless

    by sleazytiki

    The idea of using sliders to enter figures seems like a great idea but in reality it's almost impossible to enter an exact figure and if you are lucky enough to hit exactly the slider will jump when you remove your finger. If I could key in my own prices this would be a 5 star app. Trulias other real estate app is still the best home searching app on iTunes.

  • Ok

    by Myrtgyver

    Interface looks nice, but the sliders to adjust the interest and price are incredibly hard to use. The interface needs a better way to dial in the interest rate and prices.

  • Horrible app

    by Devon1890000

    Zillow's mortgage app is 100 times better

  • Can not set expense ratio manually

    by Rajiv2011

    Can't set a housing expense ratio over 28% (or disable the limit) making the computation useless in some markets.

  • Needs some work

    by BJMiller22

    Looks nice and pretty in some parts, but usability could use some work. Only returned two results in a rate search, without any obvious choice (if any) to get more results. Refi view has some very non-intuitive controls.

  • Poor

    by Carolyn Foster

    Rarely provides me any results. While in the real world I recently easily received a $250,000. 30 yr fixed mortgage at 3.33%.

  • Doesn't work

    by ASmitty408

    Tried to get rates and it failed every single time. Waste of effort when other options work consistently.

  • Useless

    by Byd2807

    Useless . No more words for this piece of trash

  • Very poor

    by dalejf

    Very poor no options

  • Buggy

    by Taxman009

    Hard to use the sliders on the rates. Main content disappears at times. UI is good. It would be great app if it worked.

  • Home buyer

    by Okiedokie3

    Great app, but I wish that I can input amount, those sliders are horrible, when I slide it to the right amount and take my finger off it it always changes it...very frustrating

  • Mortgage calculator

    by harleyguy63

    Very hard to use with the sliding scales. Would be easier if you could just enter in the amounts. Jim

  • Best Mortgage App

    by HighFlyer714

    Easy to use providing useful and timely information.

  • Excellent

    by Naimish Kathiari


  • @vinnyeid on instagram

    by VinnyEid

    I love it

  • Great app!

    by Jenn2013jac

    Love it! Great info and easy to use! I like all of the options and ways to modify your analysis.

  • Neat app

    by Maglet1977

    I like all the calculating options, very intuitive.

  • Flexibility

    by Sellis89

    This app would be awesome, but it falls short in several areas. First for DTI it should let you input a value versus choosing from an incomplete list. Second it should let you lock parameters, so only unlocked parameters would adjust.

  • Crashes constantly

    by Meeshakar

    Would be great if it didn't shut down every 2 seconds.

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