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Car Finance Tools can help you easily simulate auto loans and leases. Its results include detailed estimates, loan/lease breakdowns and full amortization schedules to help you gain a thorough understanding of any car loan or lease scenario.

Once entered you can compare your loans and leases side by side to help answer questions like "which loan is right for me?" "Is buying or leasing a better option?" or "Should I refinance my current car loan?".


* Car Loan Calculator - estimate the costs associated with a proposed car loan or switch to "Affordability Mode" and estimate how much you can afford to borrow for your next car purchase.

* Car Lease Calculator - Simulate any leasing scenario and view a detailed breakdown of the lease payments and costs.

* Loan Comparison - Compare your loans and leases side by side on a variety of areas such as monthly payment, loan interest and total cost of ownership.

Customer Reviews

  • App need for car loan!!!

    by Dai Ma Vuong

    Very good app need bring it every time you need buy car

  • Easy and practical

    by The sleepy dog

    Easy to use App for quick analysis.

  • Wonderful

    by Wwmmam

    This is a wonderful tool that enables you too see the estimated payment. It takes into consideration the taxes on the purchase which most loan apps overlook. It also will calculate how much car you can buy based on the payment you can afford. Overall a very useful tool when shopping for a new auto.

  • Car deals

    by Morelock2

    This is the greatest app. Really helps when you can show the salesman his numbers don't add up!!!!!!

  • Best of its kind

    by Austin26666

    I have tried several apps like this and it is the easiest and most accurate one I have found. Lease items seem a bit off- no place for money factor.

  • VERY helpful app

    by DataJunkie1969

    This app is way cool. Lets you input two different loan terms and amounts and lets you compare them side by side. Very helpful.

  • Best Loan Calculator!

    by sheepahL

    Simple, easy to input figures, and shows loan costs over term. Most importantly it has a loan comparison feature. This is truly essential! Cons: ICON, ICON, ICON! Sorry, but it's simply ugly. I don't need a hybrid picture of a car and calculator to know what the app does. Please change it so I feel some aesthetic sense of joy when I click on it. :)

  • Perfect

    by InUsa123

    Just what I was looking for. Very easy to use. And has all the info broken down nicely.

  • Great app

    by Shefko1

    Very was to use and very convenient as we shop for our new car. Didn't see the factor rate for the lease but this works nicely, thanks.

  • MR

    by Ebitz69

    App works simple and accurately. Easy to use.

  • Great App!

    by Fit1AZ

    This is a very handy tool when purchasing a vehicle. Know the final numbers and avoid dealer surprises! This should help you with negotiations as well.

  • Best App Of Its Kind

    by Southen Flavor

    I have tried quite a few of apps like this one and thought I had found the best one recently; then by accident I deleted that other one and now have the best one of its kind. Simple and very quick to use as well.

  • Great app

    by Daniel Whitby

    Easy to use and compare loans while shopping. Graphic makes side by side comparison easy and useful. Has all common loan input fields and for full adjustment.

  • Bad glitch

    by Daniel Melhorn

    Doesn't calculate tax based off of net price after trade in. Uses full price of vehicle to calculate sales tax. Example 40k car trading in a 20k car should only charge tax on 20k not 40k

  • Horrible

    by AmnonPahima

    full of non-stop ads running all over. it doesn't show on the sample snapshot.

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