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Budget Saved is an intuitive and easy to use personal finance app that is designed to help you save money!

Budget Saved helps you save money by grouping expenses based on need or want. You input an expense, save it as a want or need and then you can look back to see which items were really necessary. With this information you can see exactly how much you can save.

Budget Saved will show you that you can save quite a bit of money if you cut back on your "wants".

Budget Saved can be used any time you want to save money and/or keep a budget. Also, it can simply be used to keep a record of expenses.

Some sample uses for Budget Saved:
- Track all of your monthly expenses (groceries, eating out, etc.)
- Grocery shopping (input each item as your grab it from the shelf. This will help you stay within your grocery budget.)
- Keep track of holiday spending (Create a budget for each person or group on your list and then you can keep track of how much you are spending per person or group).
- Vacation budget (Create a budget for your entire vacation or create a few smaller budgets for individual expenses such as food and lodging).
- Balance your checking account
- Manage your Bills.
- Save Money!

- Helps you save money by tracking "wants" vs "needs"
- Intuitive and easy to use interface
- Professional high quality graphics
- Create budgets by week, month or enter your own custom start and end dates
- Support for recurring budgets
- Support for recurring expenses
- Export via csv or html
- Quick and easy expense input
- Support for all currencies
- Create an unlimited number of categories
- Custom category icons
- Passcode lock
- Detailed expense report
- Detailed “wants” report
- All past budgets are stored in history

If you have any questions or comments please send me an email: support@tardentapps.com

Also, you can check out the Tardent website for more info.

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Customer Reviews

  • Gwayne

    by Gg22567

    This app has saved me tons of time!

  • Great Simple App

    by taz9123

    This app is awesome! I love it because of its slick look, easy to use, and actually helps with everyday registry and budgeting! Highly recommend!

  • Very Cool

    by TheMixer10023

    Great looking app with some nice features! I’m enjoying the spending tracker.

  • Very useful

    by Nomdefon

    Functions efficiently. Great way to see how you waste money so can gain control. Very pleased with app.

  • Developer and user

    by rattlebone23

    I am the developer of this app and I use it everyday. It helps me track my finances and stay within my monthly budget. I am always looking to find ways to improve it, so please email me with any suggestions.

  • Works great

    by JasonX8

    Nice and easy to use app for creating your own budget. Really handy for keeping an eye on your daily expenses.

  • Personal Finance

    by slick-123

    Great app ... nicely designed!

  • Very handy

    by Toufree

    Easy to use. I like that I can export my expense easily, but I wonder if I can import it back when I change devices.

  • Unique Feature

    by snam23

    This is a simple and clean money tracking app. I love the WANT or NEED option when adding expenses! Great app.

  • Budgeting app is just what I needed

    by One12111

    This app has a great interface and really does a great job of helping me keep my head above water. Thanks for that.

  • Gwayne

    by Gg22567

    Great app to budget my spending! Still using this every day!

  • Easy and clean!

    by Shredder2794

    This app is easy to use and looks very clean!

  • Simple and easy

    by Raynaroo

    I was looking for something like a checkbook app and I found this. This is perfect for someone who is trying to keep track of spending and on what. I love it.

  • One of my faves

    by Slotsguy0983

    A good utility app!

  • Nice, and well working

    by grgoole1111

    Nice, and well working money management app !

  • Great budget app

    by Karuzo

    Useful for spending management. Great tool.

  • Great organizer!

    by Ronby2

    Awesome app

  • Handy and cute app

    by duckling5

    I'll give it a try for a month.

  • Nice little tool

    by Kalos. P

    This offers a nice little tool to keep track with budgets and savings.

  • Brilliant!

    by Dirtyjerzz

    So glad I stumbled upon this app. Makes tracking expenses effortless!

  • Great app!!!

    by kunal.upal

    Great thought. helps me a lot in budgeting.

  • Life saver

    by mymomdoesn'tknow

    Amazing app, helps a lot in organizing personal finance.

  • Does what's meant to do

    by Sly2013today

    I found this little app helps me keep track of my finances through one checking account, haven't tried to add a second account in yet, hope it does. But out of so many similar apps this one is by far very helpful!

  • Angelinaapps

    by Jackoo123

    This is a perfect app for people who likes to live with budget and save money. It is very easy to use and easy to navigate.

  • I use it

    by Disftw

    I use this app to handle my business budget. It works great.

  • Nice

    by ellianeliu

    Helpful app.UI is beautiful and help me save my money...

  • Great app

    by TAKT1

    Love that I have an app to keep my spending in check

  • Useful and easy

    by Jazztpt

    great way to track your expenses for personal or business!

  • Saves me money!

    by Bunny305

    Everyone should use this.

  • Solid budget software!

    by FusedNova

    Good way to track expenses

  • i need this!

    by Frrar

    this is what i needed for my savings tracking! great app

  • Great app

    by Benny-H

    Been looking for a way to track what I've been spending and this is the best app I've found yet. Give it a try and you'll see why it's great.

  • Very useful

    by Theroxtar

    Very useful app! Easy to keep track of expenses.

  • What a useful app!

    by Funlovingplayer1

    This app is perfect to do my monthly budget in. Great interface. Top budgeting tool I will use.

  • Useful

    by SusanHayden

    Very useful app. thanks Tardent.

  • Perfect!

    by G_Mass

    Works great!

  • Useful

    by AlexandriaKnight

    I find this app very useful but I think the budget should stay in the current list and not history because I use it to write my savings, checking, an how much I have in my wallet. Expenses work great though!

  • This will keep me under budget!

    by cc192000

    This app will give me a great way to track my expenses and save some money. Very handy and easy to use!

  • Great app

    by en.ana

    It's great app for everyone, great!

  • it works for me!

    by infinity911

    I like the app very much! I used to have an app where I put all my expenses to keep track of them, but this one with its question "do you relly need this or want this" make you think twice before purchasing something!

  • Nice

    by Nicht neue

    It would be great if you pay more attention to the graphics.. Keep it up guys

  • great for pre-teen/teenager

    by Dancewithme123

    I downloaded this app because my teenage daughter's favorite gadget is her iPhone and usually she just texts and instagrams on it. Her other favorite hobby is shopping and not always so wisely. So this app seems to be working for us. She thinks it's fun to keep track of her spending. That's all I can ask for. She hasn't complained that it's too hard to use. She even shows it to me from time to time, so now I have more knowledge of her spending habits. Now that she's keeping track of her spending, hopefully she will become a wiser spender. I recommend it for your teenager, or maybe even a younger child (11 or 12) if they have an allowance.

  • Interesting finance app

    by Gordon5489

    This app help me to do some basic finances. It help me to get in control of the money flow.

  • awesome

    by JonStock

    This is what i need!!

  • Very nice!

    by Royt321

    Nice layout, very easy to use and keeps a great running list of daily and monthly expenses. Very useful app

  • Does the job

    by CourtSport43

    I like this app mainly to track expenses. Problem is with the history. I think it should just save your month to month but sometimes your old budgets go away. So don't count on looking back at what u spent. They should fix that. But again good tracking and to see which area you could cut back on.

  • Simple

    by Kmiller011

    Very basic, no dates or reminders just basically a place to keep list

  • Loses data

    by ArcaniteCartel

    Lost all my data when i restarted my phone. Also recurring budgets don't roll over with month change.

  • Useful

    by محب ٢٢

    Excellent program can make your life more organize

  • Very useful!!

    by Eekalli

    Wow! What a reality check ! I always wanted to know how much I really spend A month, I collected receipts for years but never sat down to add it all. With the app i add my expenses before i leave the check Out. NOTE: the free version tricks you and allows u only ten transactions hahaha. But the two buck definitely worth it. I would have spent hrs calculating otherwise, or even trying to find another Free app. It's mostly easy to use, sometimes I think I lost a budget ( when u make a new one the old disappears and is not in the history, but I found it, it takes a little searching When you are in the current budget there is a menu at the top right corner forgot what they call it but its def not intuitive .....) Love it that you can email it as an excel.

  • Budget Saver

    by Nickun poop

    I Love It

  • Balanced money formula

    by kimapps9

    I recognize the concepts of the balanced money formula being used here. Well done!

  • Great app!!!

    by EmilyLynnB

    This has really turned around my finances in a big way! It has changed my life for the better! :)

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