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Seller: Steve Tran

- Fix issue in which the clear all (x) button is not present in amount fields.
- Fix bug in which Trend graph will exit app if no entries were made for 6 months.
- Minor bug fixes.

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* Now with iCloud Sync *

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Ace Budget 2 is an easy to use personal finance application to help you track your spending and keep to a budget. You can create daily, weekly, monthly, semimonthly, quarterly, and yearly budgets for an unlimited number of categories. You can also schedule recurring transactions, set reminders, view graphs, compare historical data, and much more. Every feature of Ace Budget 2 is designed to be quick, clean, intuitive, and easy to use.

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* Sync Data via iCloud
- Sync your data across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices (requires iOS 5.0 or above).

* Optimized for Multitasking and Retina Display
- Supports fast app switching and higher resolution Retina display.

* Universal Binary
- Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. No need to buy separate apps for each device.

* Charts and Reports
- See your monthly income and expenses through charts and reports.

* Photo Receipts
- Capture and store photo receipt as part of a transaction.

* AirPrint Support
- Print reports directly from your iPhone or iPad (that have multitasking capability) to any AirPrint-enabled printer.

* Multiple Budget Cycles
- Create daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget cycles.

* Transaction Reminder
- Set reminders for scheduled transactions to warn you when expenses are due.

* Transactions Scheduling
- Schedule recurring transactions based on the start date and frequency you choose.

* Quick Entry List
- Create a repeating transaction list for quick selection instead of retyping details.

* Smart Autocomplete
- As you type, a list will show the previously entered descriptions for you to select from to save re-typing.

* Search
- Quickly search for transactions and edit from the same screen.

* Budget History
- At the end each cycle, all information for a budget category is archived and can be easily viewed for comparative purposes.

* Transfer
- Move funds from one budget category to another in a single operation.

* Passcode Security
- Passcode protection to keep budget information private.

* Export Capability
- Export of budget data in CSV format for backups.

* Customization Settings & Themes
- Configurable settings and themes to customize the application based on your preferences.

* Budget Delete Lock
- Prevents accidental deletion of all the transactions under a budget category.

* Customizable Sorting
- Sort transactions based on your preference either ASC or DESC order by date.

* Backup / Restore
- Backup your data to your computer for safekeeping. Then restore it to your iOS device when you need to via the iTunes file sharing interface.

* Clean, Intuitive User Interface

* FREE Ace Budget 2 Lite Version
- Not convinced if Ace Budget 2 is right for you? Please download the Ace Budget 2 Lite version and see for yourself.

* If you like this app, then please support us with a positive rating. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

  • Softwareimprovitis strikes again

    by mary k's iphone

    Wow--loved this app when it first came out. But, as always, the designers have kept "improving" it so as to render it almost unusable. Can't these guys in the industry ever learn that simpler is better? Steve Jobs would throw this thing against a wall.... Seriously, first thing: make creating a budget intuitive again. I can't even figure out how to start--and I used this app for years!

  • Crashing a lot latelyyyy

    by Doomdawg

    Does everything you need in a simple interface. Some syncing and crashing issues however

  • Awesome App

    by Needed A Budget

    I love this app! I wanted to start the new year off with a budget and this app made it so easy. But the best part is how easy it is to keep track of the money you spend!! It really keeps you accountable for your money

  • Best one on the market

    by Xsinx

    This is the best app ever to track your money! I love it. Best app ever!

  • The best budget program I've used

    by Charjohm

    Easy to use. Not a lot of bells and whistles to learn. Keeps track of different categories. Let's me know if I go over allotment.

  • Use it religiously, needs tweaks

    by KingLucent

    Four features I need: 1. iCloud sync is entirely unreliable. 2. Rollover monthly savings to avoid being instantly in the red before the new month's paycheck. 3. The ability to see how much money was spent at a certain place. If I frequent Starbucks, I'd like to see how much I've spent there over time. 4. Allow me to set up a savings budget and allocate an amount every month out of my savings without it looking like an expense. Otherwise I adore this app. Keep up the good work!

  • Newly retired

    by Architect & builder

    It would be great if I could only look at the whole last month's budget results like you view the current month. You can go back on individual items but I have not found a way to see it all at once.

  • Great app but this would make it steller

    by SJY32

    I like this app a lot and how it allows you to create your own budget sections. I didn't give it 5 stars because I wish it did the following: - able to input budget info for future months - ability to create custom reports - if you make budget adjustments to start on a certain date, not have it affect current month's info All in all, a very good app and I'd recommend it to others.

  • Excellent

    by AndyPandyPuddin'n'Pie

    I bought the first version eons ago, but it sat on my phone unused. To simply my life, I started using it & wondered why I didn't get busy eons ago. I bought #2 for the additional features, which are proving helpful. This is my go to budget app.

  • Great way to keep up with budget expenses

    by SlimBigM

    I have been using this app for about 2 weeks now. I love the fact that it syncs to the cloud. The only thing I have found that I don't love is the fact that I cannot move an entry from one budget to another without add and delete. It would also be nice if you could enter and amount from a receipt and split it to budgets rather than having to do 2 entries. Other than that, I would recommend this app as a great way to manage a virtual envelope budget system.

  • Ease of use

    by LIPeel

    Faithfully using this app. It's simple enough yet does exactly what I need it to do. Will definitely upgrade in the future. Thanks for writing such a great app.

  • Great App

    by Kreatibe

    Love this app...Keeps me on track

  • Great Helper

    by Roseann152

    I retired 3 mos ago and as a budget keeper I needed something to help me keep track of daily expenses so I could keep myself in check. After downloading several (make that many) other apps, I found this one to be the easiest, and the only one I actually kept up with on a daily basis. It is very user friendly, the monthly reports are clear and the PDF system works really well. In short, I love it!

  • Helps save money!

    by Jesse Lansford

    Seeing where our money actually goes allows us to save an additional $700 a month!

  • Pretty good-still has bugs relating to dates

    by Theocritus125

    My wife and I have been using this app for years and it has been pretty good; we have not found an app that offers the same feature set. My main problem is that occasionally dates on your categories is off. For example, if I create a category and tell it to rollover weekly, it will often rollover on the wrong day. When I tell it to rollover a category on a monthly setting, often it will rollover days before the month starts.

  • Great App

    by Ryanlo94

    As a college student, this app works perfectly for me. Easily learned, all common sense.

  • Love it!!!

    by Haylejo

    This app has kept me on a budget for all transactions I do. I have tried other apps but this is the best. Thank you

  • Used to be better...

    by SandiGirl1103

    The "month" period now begins on the 29th? It makes it really difficult to budget when the month doesn't begin on the 1st anymore. It's too bad because I love this app otherwise.

  • Very helpful

    by HalfDomer

    This app makes it easy to know how much $ is left in any of your custom categories at any time, as well as see spending patterns from one period to the next so you can make adjustments to your budget as necessary.

  • Ace Budget 2

    by Chai559

    I use the program to keep track of spending on a daily basis. It is easy to use and is very simple. I wish the Note box was a lot bigger and there was more room to write. There is only one line of note. I would recommend the app to anyone.

  • Buggy

    by da Drizzler

    Transactions carryover into the next month when they shouldn't. Transactions disappear. Duplicate transactions. If these were fixed the app would be great.

  • Ace budget User for 4 years

    by Dansventure

    I really loved this app, and I really want to continue but the app glitches by starting the next month cycle while still in the current month, kind of defeats the whole point of a monthly budget. This started with the iOS 7 update. Support has been unresponsive in this matter. I've had to switch apps to something more reliable.

  • No issues, other than some sync problems and need for more customization

    by kristenkim03

    Didn't have any trouble until the last couple months when suddenly all if my data would disappear! What's the point of a budget when I take the time to input a bunch of purchases and then lose them? Also, follow their directions carefully for using iCloud (go to settings tab to see this). I still can't seem to get it it to sync between my iPad and iPhone, though. One thing I would like is more choice for icons...for instance, there is no icon for trash (like a trash can or dumpster, nor one for clothing, beauty items, gardening, etc.). Those would be nice. Also, it would be nice to have one button that changes the budget cycle to match the calendar month. Right now, in order to get my entire budget started on September 1 (right after I get paid), instead of August 29, I have to click on each item individually and change it.

  • Monthly adjustments

    by Sea2Hnl

    Can't developers use the current monthly calendar? I'm always adjusting the dates at the end of the month.

  • Waste of money

    by Sclye

    Very first entry, income gives no option for net v gross, so whatever you entry you put in shows your net income as your gross and your net as zero. There is no help or FAQ tab in the app. No help. Pencil, paper, and a calculator are better. Don't waste your money on this.

  • Broken

    by Ipswich927

    I just went in to enter my expenses and the app thinks its already December. Now I can't enter my expenses for nov! Also very frustrating when I forget to add expenses in a month that it won't allow me to go back and enter for previous months.

  • Very Descent

    by OliasOfSunhillow

    Very useful budgeting tool. I think the interface and over all usability is excellent. Simple, well organized and not confusing in the least. Good job to the developers.

  • Nice Start

    by Chadtheman

    I like the simplicity of this app, but it's only good for a single user. Please update this to be couples friendly and I'll update this to a 5 star.

  • Too buggy, and completely unsupported

    by Akinasia

    I originally gave this five stars, but over time began too see way too many bugs. If you enter an expense in a past month it will show up, but the amounts will not adjust on a synced device. Some syncs fail completely. They only tell you in the small print that if you change a previously synced item you have manually adjust it on every device. End result: every device ends up with different totals and it is impossible to know how much money you actually have. Unfortunately, f you want to submit a problem your only avenue is a Facebook page no one ever responds to. It's too bad. The overall design of he he app is just as it should be, and search feature is fabulous. If you are a single user and are good about entering every expense on time this app may be perfect for you. Multiple users should not even try it.

  • Easy to Use

    by Maren Friedman

    For basic budget management, this is a great app.

  • This one is the best

    by AJ electron

    Works good for our monthly family budget. I have about 15 envelopes to budget all my categories. I can select to carry over the balances from previous month or start fresh at the first of each month.

  • Love this app!

    by Amandamariehh

    I love this app! It's great if you are on a budget! I am a server so it's hard to always know what I'm making every week so I keep track of my weekly income and I have a budget for Monthly income and a budget for how much we spend each month. It's been great at helping us stay on track!

  • Good but I would change a few things

    by QTPY507

    Very useful app. I use it all the time. Things that I would like to see changed: -The month periods are getting all messed up (I.e. September 29-October 29 is now my month, so October 30-31 is showing up on the budget for the next good) -I wish that I could just input any amount on any date and it would put it in the appropriate month instead of me having to go back into the history to input it

  • The Best

    by Alan Gainer

    This application is the best I have ever used for keeping track of expenses by who, when, where and what. You have done a terrific job.

  • Loved it at first

    by Rescueiscoming

    My wife and I downloaded this app to keep track of our bi-monthly budget. Loved it at first but the sync feature kept failing on us and prevented us from knowing how much the other person spent. Not practical for multi users. Great for one person. Would be fantastic if sync feature worked. Failed too many times.

  • Great app

    by Aquaman2107

    My only complaint is that it doesn't sync directly with the Accounts app

  • Review

    by T-Bone123Ydhkk

    Good app. Keeps my budget. No way to input when you pay something off though

  • iCloud improvement

    by Micaegis

    Improved iCloud sync. Overall the app is great!! We use it at home to control expenses. Really helps to save. :)

  • Latest version buggy in iOS7

    by Miller007

    It adds back deleted expenses and the total isn't always updated. Please fix as keeping a tight budget is very important.

  • Decent app

    by Eyedoc_DO

    Needs to be able to turn off cycles or add a one time only function that allows me to deposit and withdraw amounts without it resetting after a certain period...also keeps deleted transactions appearing then disappearing

  • Exit required!

    by Emily Grove

    Every time I open the app I get a notice that it needs to shut down. I can't get any work done. I'll change my rating once you fix this glitch.

  • Best Budget App Out There!

    by Jazz_Junky

    I have always loved Ace Budget more than any other budget app but the new feature that allows you to sync your devices via iCloud is the only thing this app was missing! It's perfect now!

  • Love it!

    by Sunflower1014

    Exactly what I was looking for! Easy to set up-easy to use.


    by MAGNUStm

    Needs update for iOS 7. Take the time to update as this is an app meant to be used daily. Unusable with the latest iOS.

  • Glitchy

    by J2974

    I've used this app for 2 years now and no problems until recently. Please fix the glitches because I can't find an app for budgeting good as yours.

  • Need IOS 7 support

    by Pologuy000

    I love this app. I have been tracking every penny coming in and out for a couple of years now. Unfortunately with the new iOS 7 update the app freezes, counts recurring budgets 3-4 times in a row. Does not add up anything that is put into one specific budget category while all the other categories work great. Disappointed bc I know how great it has worked for me.

  • Great help but wish I could store multiple budgets

    by nytoaz

    Loved this application used a recent group trip I was leading overseas to track all the expenses against budget. Would love to be able to store multiple budgets though for my different trips which would then be a definite 5 stars.

  • Please update for iOS 7

    by Masteroftheship

    Please update the interface for iOS 7. I have used this app for 2 years and it works great. It is difficult to contact developer. The only option is Facebook and I don't want an account on Facebook.

  • Nice

    by Acacia_bieber

    Really nice helps with budget and keep track of spending like it

  • Very helpful!

    by HippyAtHeart626

    Love this app!

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