Attract Wealth Hypnosis - Free Discover the Secret to Getting Rich Quick, Achieving Financial Abundance, and Having a Money Success Mindset with Meditation and Hypnotism Edition for iPhone/iPad Finance App Review (iOS, Free)


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***** Hypnosis is proven to be a very effective method to achieve a wealth mindset and change your destiny. *****

Are you tired of having money problems? Does success elude you? Are you ready to discover the secret to achieving financial freedom?

The thing that people with money have in common is an abundance mindset that makes wealth inevitable. Without that mindset, achieving success and abundance will always be a struggle. After listening for about half an hour a day for one to three weeks, you'll begin to notice powerful changes.

Studies show that hypnosis is the best way to change your mindset and your behavior so you can achieve the life you desire.


- Soothing, relaxing voice of a certified hypnotherapist.

- A choice of relaxing background music and nature sounds to help you relax deeply.

- Hypnotic Booster to induce your brainwave frequency into an optimal state for receiving hypnotic suggestions.

- Disable the Awaken at End feature to allow drifting off into a deep, restful sleep when listening at bedtime.

- Retina display support!

This app is functional in its free state with the default settings. To enable changing the default settings, there is a nominal, one-time in-app purchase.

IMPORTANT: Audio content is English only.


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