Compound Interest Calculator + Finance App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Space Age Industries LLC

+ Resolved an issue where low memory could reset values.
+ Improved speed of computations and reduced lag.
+ Minor Bug fixes.

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=★= Rated a Top 10 Finance App in Over 20 Countries! =★=

=★= “A MUST for anyone interested in finance & saving!” — TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog =★=

Compound Interest Calculator + is an award-winning iPad & iPhone app designed to quickly and easily compute compound interest with variable duration, additions, interest, inflation, and frequency. Enjoy a professional, intuitive interface with quick access an amortization schedule via a single swipe. Results are updated automatically, and all values are saved and loaded at each launch, allowing you to quickly pick up where you left off. Tap any result to copy, or email the full amortization schedule with two taps!

==★★★== FEATURES ==★★★==

✓ Results are automatically updated as you work.

✓ Full support for iPad/iPod touch/iPhone.

✓ Complete Retina display support.

✓ Make Additions/Deductions Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually.

✓ Compound Interest Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually.

✓ Duration from 1 to 9999 Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, or Years.

✓ Inflation adjusted result provided.

✓ All values are saved and reloaded at launch.

✓ Save and load via Favorites.

✓ Visualized your results with an automatic graph.

✓ Email results including a graph.

✓ Supports very large sums. ( up to $9,999,999,999.00 )

✓ Intuitive & elegant interface.

✓ Uses a large numeric keypad for easy input.

✓ Tap to easily email the full amortization schedule.

✓ Support for international currencies.

✓ Fully translated to French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Russian.

✓ Tap any result to copy.

✓ Feedback, Support and Online Help built-in.

==★★★★★== TESTIMONIALS ==★★★★★==

“Very nice design! Just what I needed!, A+”

“Favorites makes this app complete! Great app!!”


If you have feedback, a suggestion, or need support, use the “Email” menu to easily contact the us directly. We are always interested to hear from you and your input helps us know which features to build into updates. If you find our app useful, please leave a review!

Best Regards,
The SAI Team.


Customer Reviews

  • Massoud

    by Massoud51

    It is good, but requires more flexibility in terms of monitory symbol such as USD, ect.

  • Great app

    by Daniel Winship

    I love this app. I've tried many compound calculator apps but this is by far the best.

  • Great ap, but I have another rec

    by jloftus

    Great ap. All previously mentioned bugs seem to have been fixed...yes, I had some issues too, but it was worth waiting for the bug fixes. My recommendation is to add another field for taxes: long term, short term , or just include a field for the user to enter a capital gains tax rate. Would be nice. Please consider. Thanks.

  • Very Nice!

    by MikeyZeller21

    Great app! Quick calculations, with multitasking. Does exactly what I needed. Worth the price, Thanks!

  • Compound

    by Luiz Gazzi

    Great app! Very useful. Neat design and prompt answers from the tech support. My app stopped working after last update. 5 minutes after i wrote, the tech support told me to delete it and install again. It worked.

  • Good but ...

    by northandsouth

    ... I wish I could enter notes and lock it down. All financial apps should have passcode protection.

  • Nice Calculator

    by Jason S19

    Works well, Best one I've found. If you need to compound interest quick, this app is great. Thanks!

  • Great Application

    by dch424

    This application works as advertised. It is simple to use and accurate to the penny (I check with other online calculators). You can do multiple calculations and save each one for future reference from your favorites list.

  • Great app.

    by Bbaroo

    Perfect in it's simplicity.

  • Calc App

    by jpvolks

    I use this app almost daily. Easy to use and understand.

  • Solid basic app

    by Mathguy20

    Good app especially since it's free. Does exactly what it says it will do, nothing more and nothing less. I like how it even separates interest earned from the total accrued amount.

  • A GREAT App! Thanks!

    by Jay Kautz

    This App is GREAT! Works just like it says. It has every feature I need including some extras like emailing results, and beats any of the online apps I've tried, the developers listen to feedback and respond really quick! Looks good and works good! Definitely worth the price! A+!

  • Solwinr

    by Solwinr

    I've been looking for a financial app as comprehensive as this one. Absolutely a phenomenal app for anyone trying to understand how their $$$$'s are working. If you are in the finance industry this is a must have.

  • App works like a charm

    by SeattleBanker

    Exactly The APP I have been searching for.

  • Does what it says

    by Artnpen

    Over priced but does exactly what it says it will do!

  • I like it

    by KungFuFish

    Great App! Thanks!

  • Used to be good. Not anymore.

    by ijrc

    Persistent problems with current version. May be the app. May be how it works with iOS7. Either way, I can't recommend app until an update is released.

  • Pure garbage

    by Stjmarsh

    Calculations are wrong. Does not work. Doesn't even order the annualization chart in the correct order. I want a refund. Whoever built this should be ashamed of themselves for producing such an awful product and Apple should fire whoever approved it.

  • Crap

    by TheRabidCat

    This is by far the most worthless app I've paid for. It's calculations are incorrect. Period. That's it. End of store. It doesn't work. I want my $1.99 back

  • Crashes and poor functionality

    by Weber Canova

    Every time I tried the app crashed. Very slow and poor in functionality.

  • Very bad

    by Wish we had multitasking

    The app is really bad. The entry of data function has a problem. After you enter the data, and press enter nothing happens. You have to tap somewhere on the screen, to make it accept your input, then 8 out of 10 times, it resets you input fields to the default values. It is completely unusable. Wish I could get my money back.

  • Latest update screwed up a good thing!

    by muskles34

    Previous version worked great ... Now app seems to be accessing web every time new parameters are entered. It crashes 3 out of every 4 times.

  • Very limited

    by Hiporthodoc

    Does not have any mortgage function. No way to choose different fields. Only use is for savings, not loan repayment.

  • Does not work on my iPhone4!

    by Mariner7169

    This app ran great when I first downloaded it on my old iPhone. After the updates it quit working!

  • Run!!!!!

    by Czeal001

    Screwed up app. Totally waste!!! Bugged and crashed after installing last update. Need a refund

  • J

    by paleo10s

    This is a good app when it works. The latest update does not render anymore. You get the please wait msg for a few seconds & then it goes back to the iPhone app menu.

  • Owner

    by Sloppy Hands

    App does not operate as the screenshots suggest. Save your money and use any one of the hundreds that you can Google for free.

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