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  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: SnapTap
  • Updated: Apr, 01 2009
  • Version: 1.7.8
  • Size: 2.97 MB

Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: Kelly Beck

• Fixes calendar not displaying correctly on iOS 7

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From the water bill to the car payment to the cell phone subscription, BillTracker Lite can help you stay on top of your bills.

Get BillTracker Lite today, so you'll never miss a payment again!

Features of BillTracker Lite:
• Track information about each bill including due date, amount due, whether or not the bill is automatically paid, confirmation numbers for payments and more.
• BillTracker Lite gathers all of your upcoming bills into one list so it's easy to figure out which bills you need to pay next
• Have a bill that's due every 2 weeks, or one that's due twice a year? BillTracker Lite has you covered: just add a new repeating bill with the desired frequency
• Get reminders from BillTracker Lite when a bill is due soon (or past due)
• View account websites directly from within BillTracker Lite
• See complete history for each account: every bill and payment
• Keep your data protected with a built-in passcode
• Use the currency of your choice

If you find BillTracker Lite useful, please consider buying BillTracker for iPhone and BillTracker for iPad. The paid versions of BillTracker also include the following features:
• Full support for iCloud. Keep your bills in sync across all of your iOS devices.
• Export your data to CSV for importing into Numbers or Excel.

Customer Reviews

  • Bill Tracker Lite

    by 7pdiaz

    This has got to be by far the easiest way ANYONE can keep their debt in check! So quick, accurate, and user friendly, you'll want to pay your bills on time.

  • Only one feature missing!

    by Long Slayer

    This app is fantastic! I solely rely on this app to keep me organized and on time for my laundry list of bills. The only feature this app is missing is a "balance" amount. I would love to have this feature for credit card balances I owe verses the amount that is due. Currently, the app shows the total amount owed like a payment. So if it's not made 'in full' for the month, I will keep receiving notifications that this bill is past due. Adding this one feature would make this app 100% perfect for the busy mom such as myself :) Thanks for the awesome app!

  • by Nunsense

  • Very helpful

    by Mr.KA$HTR0

    My sis showed me this app and its been so helpful to me I use to do my bills in a journal but is easier and less messy with my phone plus the optional lock for the app is really usefully especially when my kids get into my phone

  • No more late payments!

    by Escape70

    I am a very forgetful guy. This app helps me remember the things I would rather forget!

  • Very Convenient App

    by Wannabe41

    So far easiest app to keep track of bills, current and upcoming bills are way to monitor.

  • Great for recurring payment reminders

    by gfire48

    BillTracker is great for recurring payment reminders. Would like to see a simpler way to add payment specifics, but it has an easy option to just mark a bill as paid.

  • Great app!

    by DragonflyBabybug

    Very useful and handy. It helps me track my bills and pay them on time. However I should be able to setup a due date with a repeated reminder instead of creating a repeated bill with a fixed amount.

  • The best

    by Isiah Mitchell

    I've downloaded and erased a lot of bill tracking apps and this is the best one I've seen. I hope they keep it like this and don't try to make it complicated and useless like the others.

  • Bill tracker

    by Pita supreme

    Fantastic, very helpful tool!! Thank you!

  • Chabda

    by Elice nick

    Love love

  • Great app. A must HAVE

    by Gopumpkin4

    Easy to use and great app. I love this. It organized all my bills and gives you reminders. Thank you

  • Me

    by Nouha23

    I love this app!

  • Does the job well

    by Zlostar

    Everything i need.

  • London

    by Ashwolf99

    Great app

  • Good

    by Wanda Rivera


  • Sean

    by S. Stackhouse

    Great app

  • Very good

    by LegoRanger

    Use it daily. Took me a minute to figure out how to delete and change payments and amounts, but still a great app.

  • Bill app

    by BabyGirl_29

    I love this and would be lost without it. As soon as i get my bills i update the amount due that way i know my total for each month i spend on bills and balance.

  • No More Using Paper and Calculator

    by N2773

    I really like this App. Love the fact that I know the Weekly or Monthly total of my bills without having to write them down and using a calculator.

  • Works but has some issues

    by App yes and no

    Ive been using the app for about 3 months. I like the colors and the reminders. A very BIG problem for me is that if i want to delete a bill there is no way to do that. I have to go in and change the bal due to $0 and mark as paid to get it out of the overdue bills. I did send tech support 3 emails with the questions of how with no reply. I will continue to use the app but am not willing to purchase the full version until i have a reply and a solution. The quick instructions do not list the solution either. I would suggest this app

  • Great app!

    by Billy Bobby b baby

    This is great to keep my finances in order! I do wish that the app had a way to add your paydays in so that way you can see them

  • Good app

    by gimari

    I really like this app. Love the reminders. I only find one flaw... Not good for loan payments with an end date. You can delete the account but you don't get more reminders and you lose the historical data of confirmation numbers for those payments. App would be better if it had an "end date" for those kinds of accounts or an option to "close" an account without deleting the data of previous payments. Otherwise... LOVE THE APP!

  • Love this app

    by Madam Hopeful

    I use it all the time and depend on it every month. I highly recommend it. Helps me keep track of my bills. Easy to use.

  • Simply good

    by AngryBirdzJunkie

    I didn't upgrade my IPhone to OS7, still using old version. This app is simple and gives me what I need: reminders when I requested.


    by Mom of an early riser

    I love this app!!!!!

  • Great App!

    by Mcshellyr

    This app is very useful for anyone who wants to keep track of their monthly bills. Excellent for reminders to pay bills on time. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to stay current with their bills.

  • Efficient

    by Tried/true

    This is a great app for ease of use if all you want or need is to keep on top of your bills-- perfect for me. I don't need to analyze my expenditures, etc.

  • Organized!

    by MRad6

    I use this app to make sure I don't miss any bills. You can set reminders 1/3/5 days before so you have time to pay it. Very helpful!

  • Works wonderfully!

    by incumama

    Works wonderfully!

  • Very helpful

    by akosiac

    Helps me to track my bills and reminds me everytime what to pay. Very easy to use.

  • Love this app!

    by LisaMarie417

    Really helps me keep my bills organized! Only wish the caps would come on automatically!

  • Great app

    by Robertrivera87

    It helps me keep track of my bills

  • Excellent app!

    by Cmar16

    This is such a helpful app! I'm not late with my bills anymore. I think the alerts are great. If u have trouble keeping track of your bills and payments this is the app for you!!

  • Fantastic!

    by Jacalynn W

    Makes budgeting for bills much easier. Very user friendly.

  • Great!

    by Lilly2000eng

    It's great. Very handy.

  • Love it!

    by Woobie McClellan

    Been using this app for years and love the features (auto pay, some optional repeats, even more notes, etc). :)

  • Works on iOS6.x

    by DudeSagebrushLizard

    I have not yet upgraded to iOS7. This is a good app for me as a lite version, and works fine on v6.

  • Bills

    by Vitorino100

    Great app, no more checking paper bills or individual ones online, all in one place with reminders, great app!!!!

  • Great!

    by Vmfan31

    Does everything I need!

  • Great!

    by Bnca1


  • The best!!!!

    by I am sexy and I know it 2

    The best. Thanks to it I make all my payments on time!!!!!!

  • Handy

    by Josh97532

    Works well to remind you of bills due and amounts

  • App

    by Tammy471


  • Love this App!!!

    by Harringty

    This app helps me keep track of my bills, sends me alerts so I don't miss payment date. Love the new calendar feature.

  • Fix the calendar!

    by JStruck

    I've used this app for years and it's been great in helping me keep track of my bills. However, since the iOS 7 update the calendar is blacked out on every day except for today's date. Please fix!

  • Love it

    by Myjujubee

    Great app! Simple way to keep track of my many bills! Thanks for the quick fix to the calendar bug in iOS 7! Fully functional, glad to have it working great again.

  • love this app!!

    by Lookitsara

    probably one of the longest apps I've kept after downloading. It's great!

  • Review

    by SH Ninja

    Great app for managing bills and paying off debt.

  • Love it!

    by Be on busy mom

    I can't remember to pay a bill without it!

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