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Seller: SMS Services O.o.o.

In this update:
* Problem with budget editing under iOS7 fixed
* Automatic currency exchange rate update based on Yahoo Finance info added
* Other minor changes.

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P.S: We know that you are waiting for an iOS7-style version, and we are doing our best to create it as soon as possible.

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What do I spend money on? How could I spend less? If you often ask yourself these questions, just install CoinKeeper! It's the easiest way to track and plan your expenses, to have a complete overview of your finances on a single screen and to avoid wasting money!

Do you have an iPad? You are welcome to use CoinKeeper HD featuring extended statistics and forecasting!

"Innovative interface and very well elaborated money controls allowed the newcomer, CoinKeeper, to outshine more eminent competitors" –


CoinKeeper lets you to:
* See your income sources, accounts, expenses and financial goals on one screen
* Save time when adding expenses
* Be sure that your data are safe if you set up the cloud synchronization

Key benefits:
• Quick start due to automatic budget calculation function
• Flexible and fully customizable interface
• Expenses sub-categories for those who want to know exactly what was money spent on
• Icon background color will warn you about overspending and help avoid unnecessary expenses
• Financial goals help you to accumulate money for achieving your dreams and to make forecasts
• Reminders about regular expenditures
• Arbitrary budgeting periods.
• Multiple currencies
• Password data protection
• Synchronization and backup
• Data export to .csv.

Reports and statistics:
• Income and expense history on a monthly basis. Using filters, one can view the changes for separate income sources, expense categories, net profit, and accumulated capital, or choose any time period.
• Expenses by categories and subcategories on a monthly basis.
• Expense distribution for any time period.
• Expense statistics for various accounts.
• Your daily income and expense history is displayed as a cheque

If you experience difficulties with the app, please contact us.
@CoinKeeperApp on Twitter.

Customer Reviews

  • Useful and cute

    by Tammy-Tams

    I enjoy using this little app ... It is exactly what I was looking for to keep a daily 'monies' journal. Thank you

  • Excellent & Unique

    by Anonymous--3--

    This app is great. I can very simply keep track of multiple accounts, income sources, and budget categories. Quick expense entry. I love the Goals feature, which lets me put money on hold for an expected big expense or a saving goal. Thank you!

  • So far so good!!

    by Marky D 151

    As the previous rating suggests - a few additional features would make this even better. I like how easy it is to drag and drop transactions. My wish is that there was one more category of Store/Company names that you could drag to/from the account that is tied to a specific expense category.

  • Fantastic!!!

    by h20ferd

    I’ve used the same desktop and iOS financial app for years but due to some syncing issues I needed a change. After trying numerous personal finance apps CoinKeeper was by far the best and the most fun! With it’s ease of inputing transactions you can get your budgeting and financial goals set up and met quickly and on a daily basis.

  • Really good app

    by Gabriel Castilho

    Really good, an almost complete app, just some features messing.

  • Bueno para cosas básicas

    by Gmancipe07

    Pero cuando tienes que hacer que una transacción aplique para varias cuentas o categoría tienes que crear una transacción para cada una

  • Great app, but...

    by ibaida

    Why should we pay for iPad app once more? The same with the icons... And this are not in ordinary one-dollar app, but in quite expensive one.

  • Great App!!!

    by JbuilderUSA

    Easy to use

  • The best expense app

    by Ehsan Ghabchi

    I have used many expense apps but none of them are even close to this one. It is simple to use but it is completely functional and you can use it in actual life... :D The only problem I think is the In-App purchase icons.

  • Ложка дёгтя

    by SergiVen

    Программа хорошая... Но платить еще и за иконки-Это ПЕРЕБОР. А сейчас еще и глюки появились при расчете расходов...

  • Great app!

    by SaraW6912

    I have only been using this app for a day but I love it already! It is very easy and kind of fun to use! My only complaint so far is that I have paid for the app and yet I still have to pay extra to get more icons.

  • Amazing...

    by Jasmine Bollin

    This is a great app.

  • Amazing

    by Maynemer Brizuela

    Is the most useful, easy to use, and productive app to keep track of your expenses! Simply amazing!

  • Please fix for iOS 7

    by cerisman

    This app is awesome, I used it all the time on my iPhone 4 on iOS 6. But now that I have a 5s and iOS 7, it keeps crashing as soon as I open the app. Please make a fix for this.

  • Very useful!

    by Adul Parisutthipongse

    A good app must have in ios mobility divce.

  • Great! Very intuitive.

    by ericferreira

    Title says it all!! App is simple and straightforward. Fewer steps than other apps to add credits or debits. My favorite budget/balance app yet! I love the cloud sync between devices!!!

  • This good app needs improvements

    by N9teOwl

    The app is great in terms of functionalities. So far, I'm pleased with it. However, I hope to see the redesigned skin/UI of this app in the future update. It's not iOS7-friendly at all! Perhaps the dev team should take a look at the Evernote designs. I also hope to see the ability to add pictures to this app. I use Springpad a lot and they allows me to spring pics of items of my favorite (iPad, Shoes, etc.). This feature, I think, is gonna be useful in the "Financial Goals" section.

  • Just what i needed

    by MxGena

    It took be about 10mins to play around with the app and figure out exactly how it works. It is a great app and helps me with my finances, dragging coins feature is very cool and useful. Worth the price!

  • Funciona bien

    by AynarcBankof

    Aún falta pulir ciertos detalles

  • Best of the 7 finance apps I downloaded via AppsGoneFree

    by fraser.aruba

    I love this APP...the only thing they need to add is my currency (Aruban Florin). Off all the finance/personal accounting apps I've downloaded via AppsGoneFree, this is the only one that has the features I need. Multiple bank accounts to add my cc's, savings, wallet, current account, etc. MOST IMPORTANT, each account can be set in its own currency!!!! Yet another plus, you can EASILY transfer from 1 account to another (that has a different currency) by just dragging the icon from one account and dropping it on another. So very well thought out. The interface is easy enough, even though there are other wonderful interfaces from other apps like Cost, they just don't have the all important currency feature. Switching from account is easiest with this app. Adding an expense or cost is a breeze. I just love it. Now please add my Aruban currency so that I can add my dollar currency credit cards. Thanks again for the best finance app...I'd been hunting for this for months

  • Was a good app, trash now

    by meteozond

    Spectacular example how to make from a good app part of usable trash. Latest version is crashing twice a minute, lagging during text enter.

  • it will be better if using iCloud to backup

    by dance dance dance

    the only thing I worry about is when I backup and restore ,the data will be lost(I didn't try ). using iCloud to backup will be safe ,at least feeling safety.

  • Great for our kids

    by Sodoku people

    Wanted a way to help them visualize wallet and bank account together--great!

  • Супер!

    by никнеймвдыла

    Супер, полезная, простая и удобная!

  • Good personal financing tool

    by super0zero

    Easy to use,A suggestion to add the'Debt' item

  • Everything I need

    by South Chi

    Allows me to have multiple accounts and very easy to use. Can even adjust suggested budget! Great app. Glad I came by it!

  • Rev. T. Sartor

    by TTCSS

    I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE!!!!This is a terrible app! What the world, it is so complicated!

  • KIM

    by KIMVISA


  • Great app

    by KDuggam1

    This has helped so much with giving my dollars a name.

  • Good but still learning

    by Gleeson girl

    It started a bit confusing but is getting better all the time. I'm going to like this app a lot and think I'll use it

  • It's boss

    by Mattydelsol

    Title says it all

  • So far so good

    by Rhenish

    I really want to like this app, but it's a bit too unpolished. For example, there's no way to reset everything to start from scratch.

  • Best Budgeting App!

    by <3 Korinna

    I have been looking all over for an app that I can budget with that doesn't want to connect to my bank account. I was VERY hesitant about spending this much money on it, but it was worth it!

  • Super!!!

    by Pelya1986

    Great app

  • Leg En Wait for it......... Dary

    by John Pickett

    I love it

  • Great Finance App So Far

    by Wyrlo

    Great app for managing finance. I like the fact that you can add multiple income as well as the goal section wherein you save for something you wanted to buy. It would've been 5 stars if I can also track loans or debts.

  • Nice

    by svihak


  • Perfect

    by Britt Marie

    Love love love this app! Does exactly what I needed to do which was keep track of all income and expenses so I can save for a new car. Really realize how much I've been spending on clothes from work after using this. I can keep track of every cent towards my goal and see if I'm exceeding my budget. Perfect for me and worth the money I spent. Would love to see even more features with an update!

  • Love it

    by Dirty sex games

    Great app

  • Great Interface, Easy to use

    by MpVang

    Request for expense categories a second viewing option to see remaining budget amount below the amount spent, rather than the budgeted amount.

  • Good minor chart issues

    by TheofficialReMARKable

    I liked the way it's setup overall, but I noticed the bar on the botton doesn't properly measure the corresponding percentages for what it represents (ie: divided into a quarters but the color may cover a full quarter where the money is not equal to a quarter).

  • Simple and Awesome

    by Nmmcknelly

    Love this app, syncs between my iPhone and iPad without issue, make tracking expense so much easier!

  • Love this app.

    by Cmsiii3

    It is intuitive and simple to set up to use. I like the reminders so you don't forget a payment.

  • Melhor App para controlar seu saldo

    by Guilhermefreitas

    Continuem o bom trabalho que fazem já testei muito App como este e nenhum se saiu tão bem

  • Just what I was looking for!

    by Schrick.J

    Will make it much easier to save.

  • Super app to track expenses and budget

    by DenP25

    Searched long to easily and quickly enter and manage my daily expences. And this app is just amazing! Finally found that I was expecting to have.

  • Brilliant!

    by Jewel.Miles

    Brilliant, simple & effective.... Kudos!!!

  • Take control of your money

    by Guilherme Rodrigues

    Expenses, budgeting and planning

  • Great app

    by Jejsnsjwb

    This is a very simple app. I like it a lot.

  • Fun and Useful

    by MrAwlan

    I'm liking it so far!

  • Nice App

    by PhilR up

    Easy to use. Had to learn to tap and hold icon to edit. Good layout of info to give quick view of position.

  • Great app

    by OLIVOS84

    Easy to use, I like it.

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