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You can now transfer your data between devices using iTunes File Sharing

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Budget 101 is the simplest and easiest way to keep track of your finances. Simply enter in your transactions either a deposit or expense designate a category for it (by either selecting an existing category or creating a new one) and Budget 101 will take care of the rest.

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- To use iTunes File Sharing to transfer your data on to another device follow these instructions:
1. Make sure both devices are updated with the latest update of Budget 101 and connect the device you are transferring your data from.
2. In File Sharing select all files and click on "Save To" - save these files to a folder on your computer.
3. Connect the device you would like to transfer your data to and in File Sharing select "Add".
4. Select the files you saved earlier and add them to your new device.


"Add Transaction" Screen
- Fully customizable category list - add, delete and even rearrange the list so that your most frequently entered categories are listed first.

"Modify" Screen
- Edit or Delete any transaction.

"Reports" Screen
- Keep track of your finances by generating reports from any date to any date.
- Single category report - will allow you to see how much money you spent on a specific category over a certain amount of time.
- Multiple category report - will allow you to select multiple categories to include in the report.
- All categories report - in which you will see a summary report across all categories.
- Quick Links - View your year to date or current months activity with just one click.
- Quickly view your total expenses and deposits together with your net balance all displayed at the bottom of each report.

"Settings" Screen
- Set and create your passcode protection options

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Customer Reviews

  • Some suggestions

    by 所思

    I like this app. But would like to see some improvement in the updated version: The expense categories should be sorted alphabetically and grouped by the first letter. Recently, I upgraded my phone. How I hope that I can export my old records and import them into Budget 101 on my new phone. Could you please add the features? Thanks a lot.

  • iOS7 support

    by Breanna G.

    I love this app but it needs to be updated to support iOS7 so the keyboard pops up.

  • Pleased

    by Lord gargantuan foulspleen.

    I like how simple and easy to use it is. Saw it in appsgonefree, you should get that, too. I am a dog walker and it helps to be able to track the last payments of my clients.

  • Nice App

    by Cattywumpus

    I looked at your support site to see if this app will sync with my other devices (which is what I need), but couldn't find any help.

  • Great app!

    by Luigiiii112


  • Changes

    by Daniellemachado

    Love the idea of this app and how simple yet useful it is!!! A few changes though: Password protection options iPad version

  • Great!!!

    by DitoK1990

    Just downloaded. Awesome app. Simple and plain. Hopefully will help me with expense tracking. No crashes noticeable so far. Only issue is that if i add expense for future time (coming in few days) i wont see it in report. Please fix it and its a 5 star app!!!

  • Just what I want!

    by bootz4me

    Love it! One change... Password protect!

  • Love this app

    by Dr Sravaniya Dasi

    Anyone with an iPhone should hav it coz its really great

  • New Year????

    by Dwite E

    Today is Dec. 31, I entered my Jan. 2013 budget amounts but I can't see them. Where is 2013?

  • Change the icon. Looks horrible!

    by csr6679yh

    The icon looks terrible. Please change it trust me it won't take long to make a good looking icon. Thanks

  • Really good app

    by Geyermj

    Not sure about the other reviews, but this app works fine on my 3GS w/iOS6. You can edit past entries, make your own categories, leave notes with each transaction...and it has a small file size (for those people with 8 GB phones). I'd recommend it! Only complaint I have is report lists transactions in alphabetical order by category. Would be nice to choose a listing by date.

  • Thanks!!!

    by LoveMusicLifeFaith

    Thank you for the update!! It's great :D

  • Texan

    by michael yerington

    Limited value pretty basic program

  • Wonderful App!

    by cgdhc

    Works well! Simple and Easy to use

  • Great Update!!

    by "perhaps"

    Really simple and useful app!

  • Customer Service

    by SimpleSimonApps

    @Nataloonancy - You use the swipe-to-delete feature on whichever cell you want to delete. We apologize for not writing this into the description earlier. The SimpleSimonApps Support Team

  • Great app!

    by Simple SimonH

    Nice and simple app!

  • n/a

    by Budgetseeker

    Nice app, but it would be great to be able to input repeating expenses without having to re-enter them each month. Also, is there an update which goes beyond 2012?

  • Simple and effective!

    by Lifrenc1

    I love this for keeping myself accountable day to day. Maybe your next upgrade could be the ability to choose multiple categories for a report without having to choose 'all categories?' This feature would be greatly appreciated!

  • Need iOS 7 support!!

    by Logan Pflibsen

    I use this app all the time because it's so simple. But I just updated to iOS 7 and the numbers for the password unlock as soon as you open it, don't show up.

  • Simple

    by Staufr

    Very basic and to the point. If your simply just looking to track expenses, it's a good app. I was looking for something more feature rich so it is a toss up between the apps EasyCost and Cost. Budget 101 simply lacks too many useful features to be truly useful.

  • No 2013

    by Planning on next year

    App covers 2010 to 2012.... No column for 2013. I hope that's not a sign.

  • Problems

    by saucy13

    App will not open and cannot get to support page.

  • Crashes

    by Fuller1

    Won't open on iPhone. Turned phone off and back on and still won't open. Until this is fixed don't bother with this app.

  • Won't even open...

    by abc-xyz-123

    Beta test your apps. Giving them away free for us to beta test is a WASTE OF OUR TIME. Deleted.

  • iPhone user

    by John from Pennsy

    It looked good and simple. Entered 3 cash purchases in 3 days. Simple to use. Day 4, this app will not open on my iPhone. Shut it off twice and restarted. Nothing happens when I tap the icon. One day later, still will not open.

  • Useless app

    by Namgray

    No better than using a piece of paper. A waste of money. No way to edit entries, can only delete them and then start over. No way to enter repeat deposits or expenses. Absolutely useless!

  • Enter amount

    by GPLeite

    I've try this but when I wanted to right the amount didnt answer, I choose the value but didn't write

  • Much to be desired...

    by Nataloonancy

    I accidentally entered something twice and there's no way to delete it. After buying this app, I'm kinda bummed at the limited features. There's no way to erase a deposit? Really? I don't think I will use this app. All you can do is add transactions and add deposits. I can do this on a piece of paper, or even use my "notes" app with out paying $1.99 for it. Dang it.

  • Easy to use

    by Guy number 8

    Great app, but it would be nice if you could email yourself the reports? Thanks for adding the email function, stoked!

  • Very neat

    by Shmearxoxoxo

    Works well. does whats expected. very simple.

  • Izzi

    by Appraterdude

    Great app. simple and reliable.

  • Nice app!

    by Bratinsky

    Simple Simple Simple!!

  • Great App!

    by speakerific

    Works well

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