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Calculate. Comment. Correct.

CalcTape is a revolutionary new kind of pocket calculator. With CalcTape, also extensive calculations remain clearly structured. CalcTape makes the arithmetic process visible - you can generate intermediate results and subsequently correct or change all numbers and operations.

- Input a long list of values to be calculated and never lose the overview - just like with an adding machine / calculator with paper tape.
- You can use intermediate results to structure and to check your results.
- Use it for money, TAX and other percentage calculations easily.
- Start a new calculation on the sheet by simply tapping the "=" key twice.
- If you should later change digits or whole mathematical expressions, then the complete calculation is being refreshed automatically.
- Insert new lines or delete lines inside of your calculations and see the updated results immediately.
- Insert comments and notes to your calculation.
- Send the complete calculation to a business partner by e-mail.
- CalcTape masters the four basic arithmetical operations, exponentials, and percentage calculations.

CalcTape, the next generation of pocket calculator.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome - totally

    by Rebos33

    This calculator w tape is awesomely incredible! Absolutely love it!!

  • Awesome - totally

    by Rebos33

    This calculator w tape is awesomely incredible! Absolutely love it!!

  • Excellent !!!

    by AlmostSnow

    This is one great app. Use it all the time!!

  • Love it

    by Julie Spielman

    I am old school and needs a tape calculator With this app by by bulky calculator !

  • Fantastic "history view" calculator plus more

    by trueplayer44

    I use Microsoft's PowerCalc (aka PowerToy Calc) on Windows 7 and was looking for something with a similar History view (so you can check your input numbers after calculation) but also simpler. This application is just what I needed plus more. It shows me what numbers went into a calculation, but you can also go back and alter those numbers and recalculate or add more or remove specific parts of your "equation". You can also put labels next to each number to help organize them. There is probably more but this is what I'll be using it for and I'm going to love it!

  • Good job for simple calc

    by dijitul

    Simple and effective. Didn't play with it long to see how accurate it is, but works smoothly. Suggestion to developers: Add a few more useful functions in landscape mode. Put more help into the settings by adding visual cues (like font sizes and paper colors) so we can see before going back to the app.

  • Best Calculator

    by mystockid

    This is an awesome calculator. Especially for accountants and store owners and folks who need to add numbers quickly and store the result in some way. Thank you creators of this app

  • Almost 5 stars...

    by Kofi S.

    Needs: Cloud backup, 'feeds' lower than the current 8, and iPad version (universal app). Almost awesome replacement of stock calculator.

  • Love this app!

    by Imtilly

    I have been looking for something like this. Thank you.

  • by BJ The Truth

  • Just great.

    by Francisco Tenorio

    Great. Make one for OSX too.

  • Best App

    by Pras2k

    It's a great with nice feature and it's very handy for tax calculations...

  • Love the app

    by Jaimie888

    Love the ability to see and scroll through my calculations. I wish it would let me save my history so when I need to so another calculation I can refer back to my previous one if needed.

  • Best calc out there

    by William H Wille

    This is the best calculator app out there for the iPhone

  • Just what I been looking for

    by Comeft

    I've downloaded a few calculators. I'm a bookkeeper so am picky about my calculator – this is just perfect. Easy to use, easy to learn and very flexible. Love that you can add text and notes and that you can touch anywhere on the tape to make corrections and it will automatically recalculate.

  • Great app ! The best basic calculator

    by Oswaldo Aguilar

    Just what I needed for my business. It was necessary to an application like this. 100% Recommended

  • Had to leave a review

    by hlevolve2

    Awesome app and amazing idea! I have always wanted to be able to do this for bills it makes it SUPER easy to calculate everything one month then the next month just go back and change the values and get updated totals instantly! It's great!

  • Brill

    by Coke Zer0

  • best

    by Kkd_root

    simply d best... u can have..!

  • Useful

    by streamanic2012

    I've updated my previous rating from 3 to 4 stars. I've found that I use the app more often than not, especially when grocery shopping at multiple stores; it helps to keep an accurate running tab, and the ability to add notes is very useful. I'm still hoping for an in-app save feature update, so I can name and save multiple 'tapes' to my device, and re-open them and continue them later. The app only saves the current, active 'tape' and new 'tapes' erase the previous one. The email feature is 'okay' for record keeping, but I'd rather have the option to print directly from the app. I'm still satisfied I bought it.

  • Really?

    by Ohyeahhhhhh

    I purchased this app years ago and really loved it. And when it says update version is avail, I tought i could just update from previous one. Change design fit to ios 7 and selling as an another app? Kidding? Never going to buy this one.

  • Good app

    by RBslc

    I use this, nice tape, can adjust the size of keys. Best I have found

  • Key pad design

    by MN…...

    Please add a setting so we can bring back the old style keypad that was so beautifully designed. The new keypad design is not as easy to see. Otherwise it is a great app.


    by Flipm8

    Thanks for the fix. I've been using this app a lot and Its very useful especially for those who keeps tracks of their expenses.

  • Disappointed with this build

    by ivtreo

    I like the older version better. Where did that beautifully designed keypad go? current keypad layout takes up almost all screen and if I change it to small buttons, to make more room, they become really small. The only I like is an ability to enter the text.

  • Can't Save Tapes

    by Palm222

    I own the iPhone and the iPad versions of this app I was very dissatisfied to learn that tapes can't be saved on the iPhone version. Please fix Thanks

  • Awesome

    by tomperkins

    I really liked this calculator from the start. As some have already stated, it has continued to get better still. The developers deserve the praise your reading.

  • The perfect calculator

    by Reaganomics@TA

    I've had this app for a couple of years now and it just gets better and better. With the latest update you can now copy and paste or add text to your calculations. I easily gave this app 5 stars.

  • Unique and exquisitely useful

    by Jotermoter

    This is my go-to calculator. I do a lot of project management so being able to clear calculate in lists is key to how I sketch out programs on the fly. I've found no other app that does this at all, and this program does it REALLY well. Fast, intuitive and flexible. The recent iPad update was worth the purchase as it adds multiple tapes and a lot more screen real-estate so you can calculate multiple things at once and switch back and forth, perfect for scenario building. Three features I would love to see added are 1) Ability to add a name to each line item 2) Ability to edit items in the tape and have them cascade down 3) Ability to copy a tape (so I can use feature #2 above to run alternate scenarios) These would make it perfect, its still great and I use it daily!

  • Great tool -- my favorite calculator, by far

    by bill.j

    CalcTape is the updated and renamed version of CalcPad. CalcTape/CalcPad is exactly the kind of editable "paper tape" calculator I wanted for my iPhone when third-party apps became available. Since purchasing it in 2009, CalcTape/CalcPad has been one of my favorite and most useful apps. (I've seen nothing that compares with it, either.) I'm very happy the app is actively supported (it hadn't been updated for a while, though it still worked flawlessly under successive versions of iOS). I'm also pleased the developer has released an iPad-specific version. I highly recommend CalcTape. (For those who need to copy CalcTape calculations/results to another app, try tapping CalcTape's Share button, tap Mail, highlight what you want in the mail message, copy it, paste it where you want, and finally, cancel the mail message. A bit of back-and-forth, but nothing I can't live with.)

  • La mejor calculadora para aquellos que trabajan en restauran

    by Knosforo

    Provada y comprovada que sirve

  • Backgrounds

    by Coughee luver

    The yellow background is barely discernable as yellow. Had to check and recheck to see if it actually changes from white. The "Tech" background seems to be non-existent. Thought it would be the old quadrille background. When first started new application after update the background was black and couldn't see much of anything even as I tried to do a simple calculation. Had to go to the settings app and find CalcTape and then change the background to white. OK after that. Found thru experimenting that to start a new calculation I could simply tap the = sign twice which leaves the tape intact or do an all clear which erase the tape. Wish I could do a cut and paste operation. Like the ability to edit previous inputs!

  • Please allow TEXT

    by Nautico11

    Nice app the only thing missing is text.

  • O.K.!

    by wasupU2

    Need to be able to enter TEXT!!!

  • Great

    by Esakiaol

    This is the best calculator app on the market

  • Good, but no Memory functions.

    by shocklin

    Almost the best calculator app, having the running "tab" display. However, it lacks the useful Memory key functions. Hopefully the developer will add these keys soon...

  • Great app but.........

    by Air Shayner

    Great app but it can get better. For example, it'd be cool if it could save multiple calculations kinda like the iBlueprint app except this one could have the feature too.

  • Needs

    by Haloe

    Fast app switching needs to b active

  • Happy

    by Tomdunn

    Praise worthy calculator! Wish I hadn't put off buying. As a service tech. it's cool to show my math to customers.

  • Great

    by TBobo

    This is a great calculator with a paper tape. And you can even go back and edit the numbers in the tape. I have had this for a long time, and only realized today that I had never given it a rating. I never liked calculators where I could not go back and check past entrees. This one solves that problem beautifully, with the bonus of letting me fix anything I see that is wrong. It also saves the tape between sessions. It would be nice if there was built in copy and paste, but you can click a button to create an email from the calculation, and from that window you can copy the tape, so it is an ok work around for what I need the copy function for. I don't mind the preferences being in the main system area. With the new multiple-tasking, it does not really matter. From what I can see the changes take immediate effect without relaunching the application. Plus, I never even realized there were preferences to change until recently, not much really needs to be adjusted from the defaults, but I do like using lined paper background instead of the default grid grafting paper.

  • Love this calcu

    by Bazana

    Apple should reward this app as an iPhone essencial.

  • Polished

    by dieburnbot

    Tip: Double tap the AC button to clear the tape without a prompt. For those of you that are complaining. This is a really polished basic calculator app. The editable tape is the best feature. It could use some more functions, but it has the basics for everyday use like calculating percentages. This is what the iPhone calc should have been! Just two small things. Make this a universal app so it looks good on iPad and please change the icon. This app has one of the ugliest icons I have seen.

  • Excellent!

    by iAficionado

    Just what I was looking for. An easy way to show clients new purchase price + tax + previous balance = new total. No need to mess with memory keys; as you can just go back to the tape to edit numbers. Great app!

  • Almost there

    by BLW642

    Great app, but would love to see memory + and memory- . Will give 5 stars.

  • Best One Yet, But...

    by Contractor Guy

    I've been looking for an iPhone version of my desktop paper tape calculator and this one is the best so far. The good: Ability to tap anywhere on the paper tape and make corrections with immediate re-calculation. Love this! If you set the keyboard preferences to large, the keyboard is relatively useable and easy to read. Also, if you hit the Done button you get the paper tape in full screen where you can see quite a few entries at a glance. Not so good: You have to use the iPhone Settings menu to change preferences. There is no Help, Preferences, or Info button in the CalcPad app window itself. Supposedly you can modify the keypad, but I could not figure out how. No Copy and Paste. Perhaps there is a manual available for download somewhere, but if you go to the company website there is no real help or manual for this product, only a comment board with 3 or 4 comments from users. I've also purchased Calculatrix and Paper Calc Office V3. For my simple needs, CalcPad is much more useful and was less expensive.


    by Missthepast


  • outstanding!!!

    by MacCalc

    THIS IS THE ONLY CALCULATOR I NEED FOR DAILY USE! Tried a lot but none comes near. Thanks a lot! Please add copy/paste soon!

  • Good

    by hwengel

    Does what it says and useful for me. I can't find settings page either. App opens to calculator tape and no application page exists. Should be addressed...then 5 stars!

  • Ok app

    by Jujukeck

    This app does what I needed but even though I researched I can't find how to change the settings. It's not as user friendly as it should be.

  • Cool Concept

    by Sir iPhone

    Very neat idea. Would like to see saving a calculation (ala notes) and in-app e-mail.

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