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***The Sallie Mae Mobile Banking app supports Sallie Mae deposit products only and does not offer account access for Sallie Mae Student Loans at this time.***

The Sallie Mae Banking app offers on the go account access with features that make managing your account easy. Remember, before accessing the Sallie Mae Mobile Banking app, you must first enroll in mobile banking online at Once enrolled(1), log in to the app with your existing username and password.

Get anytime, anywhere account access with features like:

•e-deposit: deposit paper checks directly from your mobile device(2)
•ATM Access: Locate a surcharge-free ATM near you
•Bill Pay: Pay all your bills on the go right from your iPhone®
•Account Access: Get account balances, transaction history and more
•Alerts: Monitor your account with customized text or email notifications
–Daily Balance
–Low Balance
–Check Cleared
–Withdrawal Threshold Exceeded
–Deposit Threshold Exceeded

We want you to know that your security is our priority. Just like with online banking, Sallie Mae uses advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized account access.

1 Message and data rates may apply. For additional information visit for program details as well as terms and conditions.

2 E-deposit is limited to a $1,000.00 maximum monthly limit and no more than 5 e-deposits in a month.

© 2012 Sallie Mae, Inc. All rights reserved. The Sallie Mae logo is a service mark of, and Sallie Mae and Sallie Mae Bank are registered service marks of, Sallie Mae, Inc. SLM Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Sallie Mae, Inc., are not sponsored by or agencies of the United States.

Customer Reviews

  • Verify on website

    by Justin Tice

    App works very well. The only draw back is that you have to go online and accept the mobile banking policy and set it up. I just wish it would have told me that ahead of time. Also to the people complaining about their loans, the bank and student loans are two completely separate departments. Hence not having student loans on the banking app. Maybe you should look for a student loans app from the company.

  • Need to Enable

    by TTGrip

    Sallie Mae does not make this easy to figure out but it's really not as bad an app as others have made it appear. 1) It's a banking app, not a student loan app, so there's that. 2) You have to enable it in the web interface, otherwise you cannot log in AND the error message leads you to believe it's a communication problem instead of an enabling thing. On the plus side, it's a nice little banking app with alerts, photo deposits, and the normal stuff you'd expect. -TTGrip

  • A little useful

    by Edd211

    Works great when checking balances, but does not allow transfers from a linked external account. The inability to transfer funds from another bank severely limits the usefulness of this app.

  • Not for student loans

    by Sdsunluvit

    Read the description! It's for banking only! I was looking for my student loan and they don't have one yet!

  • Needs Improvement

    by rrs888

    Can't pay loans, horrible. Can't imagine how all the other products they offer would work. Was considering opening a credit card with them but if they can't get their student loan payment function under control forget it.

  • Connection failed

    by Kairaa

    I wish they could get their mobile development act together. Frustrating!

  • Awful

    by Nephius

    I have two money market accounts and only one of them show up. It doesn't even have the account's current nickname. Even if this wasn't the case, it's obvious they didn't put a lot of effort into this app. It seems to basically just be a link to the mobile site. Why bother?

  • Student loan ??????

    by Garrett Rosenbaum

    When's is this app getting updated

  • Glitchy

    by ryan3113ozma

    This app is very buggy. I won't download it until it's updated. It has not been updated since 2012.

  • Meh

    by SubieSteve2011

    Doesn't show both of my savings accounts, it also doesn't allow me to transfer funds.

  • No student loan support

    by Tara_Ma_Sue

    I wish I would have read the reviews the only reason I looked for this app was to make it easier to make payments. Way to fail sallie Mae!

  • If no student loan support...

    by LR2081

    No use in downloading it!!

  • No student loan support

    by Kevin Earl federline


  • No Student Loan Support?!

    by JKH wants to pay her loans off

    Got an email from Sallie Mae over a month ago saying their mobile app would be supporting student loans soon... has yet to happen. Looking at the previous reviews on this app, this seems to be the number one complaint. Not sure what the difficulty is in providing this service or why it is taking so long to be established, but I'm pretty sure a deserved .5 to .75 discount on borrowers' rates would somewhat make up for the long awaited mobile app accessibility annoyance, if it ever happens.

  • No student loan support

    by Dynamo6969

    Worthless, no student loan support. Why make this app?!?!

  • Lacks functionality

    by Zen11222

    No student loan access. So for me it is worthless. May be good for those with other financial and investment accounts.

  • iPhone 5 Support and Student Loans Access Needed!

    by InfamousSTAR206

    Please update for iPhone 5 support (screen size) and please add student loan balance and repayment options as well. Thank you.

  • Just remove this from the App Store

    by xander_134

    It does support student loans and is otherwise barely functional. Just delete it and move on.

  • Typical Sallie Mae

    by ThaKidE

    It honestly doesn't even surprise me that I can't sign in with the Sallie Mae login that I use everyday and then when I look for help they are nowhere to be found. These people are unbelievable... GOD FORBID I fall a day behind on one of my $1,000 monthly payments... they send a swat team to my front door, but the day I need assistance from them, their 10 thousand person team of customer service reps (that was calling in threats the day before) all of the sudden decided to take a sick day... TYPICAL Sallie Mae - Par for the course. Doin great here boys, keep up the good work!


    by bbqdamont

    This app needs access to my student loans so I can pay them.

  • Awful

    by alphahydroxy

    It's pointless since you can't access student loans through the app. It's the least you guys could do for all the money we give you jerks.

  • Take the hint.. Student Loans now

    by lordmorgul

    How much effort does it seriously take to support mobile student loan payments... Pathetic. Sallie Mae has a responsibility support payment methods that work for their clientele, student loans are owed by a whole generation of mobile users by now, it is sad that it still has no support for payments even if you have a Sallie Mae bank account!!

  • Student Loan

    by Ode27

    When will the app allow access to student loans?

  • No Student Loans?

    by Mike03094

    Needs support for student loans and larger screen size.

  • Useless

    by BeetRocks

    This is useless. You can't view student loan balances or make student loan payments. Get a clue, Sallie Mae.

  • No student loan help!

    by Dremdvm

    I rely on the app Mint to keep me up to date on my student loans since sallie mae can not provide that service for their own customers!

  • Terrible

    by Max Monty

    I entered the wrong password and now I can't go back so I have to restart it. Who thought of this? Plus, no student loan? Seriously?

  • Listen to your customers

    by Lauren Wineinger

    Hire someone who actually knows how to build an app, not someone who will plug your information into an app template like this and not do any usability testing.

  • Add student loan feature

    by bee381

    Please add a feature that allows me to pay my student loan!

  • Don't waste your time

    by Ucsoccer3

    If you make a mistake logging in, you can't try to log back in. You have to completely close the app yo try again

  • No student loan support

    by JayIAM1st

    I would like to see student loan support.

  • Does NOT work for student loan accounts

    by Next email??

    No student loan account access.

  • Needs a ton of work

    by Zrmojo

    I have 4 bank apps, this one loads very slow compared to the others. I typo'd my pw and got the bad user name or pw which does not have a back out or try again or forgot your pw prompt. These options are a given with any login screen. Also, no student loan support. One of the biggest banks in the US with one of the worst apps. Do yourself a favor and look at USAA's app because this one stinks.

  • App needs major work

    by Dancin98

    It's 2013 guys with iOS 7. Update!

  • Waste of time do not download

    by Crip6

    This is BS I can't use this app for my student loan waste of a app

  • Student Loan

    by Eak0412

    This app should only focus on student loans.. It would make it a lot easier to pay you guys back all the interest...

  • No Student Loan Support

    by Jgye2002

    No Student Loan Support!!!!

  • Can't pay student loans

    by moisesJ

    App is useless for me


    by Anonymouse225

    Please add this!!!

  • Can't log in!

    by Newbanker

    I've logged in online successfully before but on the app it just says "Connection Failed" and to try again later. I don't have any Internet connection issues and my username/password is correct. I've tried dozens of times but it has never worked for me. Extremely frustrating!

  • Student loans

    by Italyeater

    We demand access to our stoodent loans!!!!

  • What BS - I just want to pay my loan

    by Lilsallitachic

    Way to make it easy to pay my student loan bill -________-

  • Millions of student loans

    by AppDev11

    And no student loan support. Delightfully indicative of their priorities. Thanks for nothing.

  • Useless

    by 24vr

    If I could rate it no stars I would, completely useless without student loans.

  • Like everyone said.

    by Yippie! 1983

    No student loan support. Delete you sallie mae.

  • Fails to connect or login

    by Schuckstape

    This one looks like a rookie dev team threw it together on a Friday night. Has never worked for me.

  • ***DUMB***

    by Have to play!

    Why wouldn't you put the feature that allows a client to look at their student loan balances and make a payment?

  • Can't even sign in?

    by Stephanie:)

    I know I'm typing my info correctly, but login isn't working!!!!

  • Where are the student loans?

    by crmhue

    Is this even on your radar?

  • No loan payment options?

    by Britthelawson

    You would think with how many student loans students have with sallie Mae, there would be an mobile app for loan payments. Oh wait, that was a silly thought.

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