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With Regions Bank Mobile Banking, you can bank on your schedule, day or night.
Our app provides you a fast, secure, and convenient way to manage your Regions accounts directly from your iPhone.

Features include:
•View your account balances and transaction history
•Make a Deposit for Checking, Savings, Money Market, and Now Cards
•Transfer funds between Regions accounts
•Make a Payment or Pay e-Bills
•View and edit scheduled payments
•View and Activate Cashback Rewards directly from your device
•View your Relationship Rewards points balance
•Locate the nearest Regions Branch or ATM
•Receive text alerts*
• Save your User id with “Remember Me”

Like the enhancements or have suggestions/comments? Please leave a review - we appreciate the feedback and use it to develop the best mobile banking experience possible.

If you need assistance with Regions Mobile Banking, simply call 1-800-472-2265 and we'll be happy to help.

*Data service charges may apply through your wireless carrier.
Regions Bank, Member FDIC.
©2013 Regions Financial Corp. All rights reserved.

Customer Reviews

  • Am I missing the Ledger Balance?

    by james brent Lee

    Is there a way to see the ledger balance on this app? I can see my "available balance", but not my "ledger balance". So in order to reconcile my checkbook, I still have to login to the full website.

  • Great app for mobile Regions banking

    by goldmine42

    I had a $300 check that I needed to deposit but couldn't because the banks were closed. SNOW. Took a picture of both sides of check within the app, and within minutes I had funds immediately available to buy food, gas and dog food. I did have to uninstall and reinstall the app first (an Apple quirk) but it worked!

  • Remember me

    by dxjoel

    I fixed the remember me bug on my device.. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. It then asked me a security question and if I wanted it to remember this device. It works now.. Sometimes with apple products you just have to uninstall and reinstall fresh to get things to work...

  • Update

    by Scott Utter

    It needs to be updated for iOS 7. Now.

  • Great app!

    by Fishchic09

    I've been using this app for about a year and I've never had a problem with it. I use it almost everyday and it does exactly what it's supposed too.

  • Good but outdated

    by KurdWerner

    Please do an iOS7 update!

  • Remember Me?

    by Diva2dn

    Please fix the "Remember Me" feature!

  • Defect

    by mcintosht

    The remember me do not work still!

  • Love it!

    by Kandee Jacobs

    I love my mobile banking app. I can access my account when ever and where ever I am at. It remembers my user ID all I have to do is enter in my password.

  • Works but could be better

    by Mcc1983

    No complaints as it shows balances and I can do transfers. So the app works for what it offers. There are several options that are online via computer that I wish the app had. Example the insights tab. I have calendars set up with bills and things and they are not viewable in the app.

  • Thanks!!!

    by Ya Hurr Me

    This app does just what I need it to do. I never go inside the bank anymore!

  • "Remember Me" works after reinstall

    by EndangeredLove

    Yay! The "Remember Me" feature now works, but only if you uninstall and reinstall the app. You should let people know that they have to do this for it to work. I wish I could see all of my transaction history instead of just the past few days. If I need to find a transaction from further back, I have to use a computer. I also can't see or edit personal information on the app or view documents. It would be much more useful if it allowed you to do everything you could do from the website. My only use for it is to verify recent transactions or transfer money to/from savings.

  • Quick fix please

    by Highloo

    Would you please try to somehow fix the setting where it will not remember our usernames and passwords on the iphone 5? I can't seem to get it to work and neither can some of my friends, other than that it's a good app

  • Helpful but...

    by Allielovespink

    Overall a very useful app, especially the money transfer feature. However I would give it 5 stars if I were able to use the Insights feature available on the desktop version to view savings goals, budgets, etc, on my phone.

  • Remember me???

    by WindsongMoonChild

    If the app offers to remember a login name, surely it should do just that? Not asking for it to ask what I had for breakfast, for crying out loud!!

  • Reconcile function?

    by Just Livin' Girl

    It remembers my username, does transfers, shows all my transactions. Functions well on all accounts (pun intended). I just wish there was a check-box function to allow you to reconcile your transactions from the application. (And an option to hide reconciled transactions). And possibly a note function or flag function (for user use only) for transactions. Just a couple suggestions! Overall a decent, useful app.

  • Love it!

    by Masons Nene

    I couldn't live without this app! It's a staple on my phone and ipad! I wish that the Ready Advance would be available on all devices. That would make it even better.

  • Super Convenient

    by Estro1030

    The customized alerts are great! Viewing transactions and transferring money is really easy.

  • Regions continues to improve app

    by Toddchat2

    Love the convenience!

  • Great

    by Nikkyy77

    Love it

  • Fix your app!

    by Austin69a

    Every time for as long as I've had the app it crashes when I go to deposit a check by picture. Sooooooooo frustrating!

  • Deposit Shutdown

    by JW No Deposits

    App shuts down when taking picture of check to deposit. Unable to mobile deposit. This has been going on for about a week. Uninstalled and reinstalled, didn't help. Please fix

  • Direct deposit

    by Yungdtp

    Please fix the direct deposit! I will not read the checks.


    by Itstrump0189

    Would be a good app if they would fix the bugs!!! Like the remember me feature or the card alerts.

  • Deposit defect

    by Depository difficulty

    Would be a very nice and convenient app if the make a deposit function worked! I don't have a regions near me so everytime I need to deposit a check I have to mess with the make a deposit function for 20 minutes before it will deposit. Once you set the whole deposit up and start taking a picture of the check it just exits out of the app for no reason! Most frustrating and annoying thing ever!

  • Remember Me doesn't work

    by Nigallas Cage

    Ok the only reason I'm giving this one star is so maybe the developer will see it. I use your website not the app because EVERY time I use the app it asks me for ALL my credentials again. Even if I click remember me, log out, then go to sign in again it still doesn't remember. FIX IT

  • App review

    by So of regions employee

    Logged in first time, worked fine and has not worked since. Have tried several times past few days and won't take my password. App finally locked my account and gave me a number to call. Called number, held for 27 minutes listening to a recording saying "someone will be with you shortly", and no one answered, so gave up.

  • Awful.

    by ijeffwilliams

    Now the app doesn't even work. Won't load. No iOS 7 changes.

  • Have seen many more simple banking apps

    by Hollee Ann Marie

    I have seen so many more simple banking apps. We use to be able to log in with just a 4 digit pin. But now they have to make it complicated and can't even fix the simple "remember me" bug! Regions does not care about easy access. I wonder if they even care about their customers...?

  • "Remember Me" Does Not Work

    by TexasTribute

    The "remember me" log in function has been broken for several versions now, and needs to be fixed.

  • "Remember Me" Does Not Work

    by TexasTribute

    The "remember me" log in function has been broken for several versions now, and needs to be fixed.

  • Remember Me Not Working on Update

    by Sarxws

    Another update, another fail. Fix the "Remember Me" button. It is an insult that so many ask for it to be fixed, yet Regions completely ignores it. Everyone who uses this app - start sending messages to Regions employees on the website asking for it to be fixed. We will get more help that way than with Apple reviews that Regions apparently does not read.


    by Nate the Great2020

    I mean the app keep saying it's updating and fixing bugs but the thing can't remember my info? That's a basic function of most applications where an ID and password is required. What is Regions doing?

  • Broke "Save Username" Switch

    by You will forget it anyway

    It hasn't worked since like 5 updates ago. Please fix it Regions. Or even better, can you do a quick 4 digit sign in like paypal or some credit cards use?

  • Remember me

    by scubaguyron

    The remember me button doesn't ever work and it's driving me insane! Youd think that this would be one of the simplest things to fix but no updates have been seen.

  • Sigh...

    by treyelliott22

    How many "bug fixes" updates are we going to get before the basic Remember Me function will work? It's sad. The app is one of the worst as it is. I'd love to know what bugs are getting fixed if it's not this one!

  • Bug fixes??? ... FAIL

    by Marmoset Killer

    Once again they did not fix the "remember me" bug! This is the BIGGEST bug in the app and Regions still cannot understand that this is the most requested fix so far! FIX this please, I just want the app to remember my username!

  • Worst app ever

    by Generalkadesh

    With all the money Regions Bank is making can't afford a better mobile banking app??? Get an idea from capital one .

  • Still Dumb

    by zebrent

    New bug fixes don't include a fix to the "remember me" function.

  • Bill pay

    by Slrivers

    Can't pay my bills through the app anymore. Always comes back "unable to process your request". Was so convenient when it did work. This app now suuuuucccccckkkkkksssss. If I could give it a minus 5 stars I would.

  • Deposit

    by GrooveDaddyJr

    It seems to remember my username but it will not let me deposit a check anymore. Tried several different checks all in perfect condition and on a dark background. It says it can not read it and every time I try to re-submit the app crashes. It used to work good for me but no more. Not good!! I don't seem to have any trouble with my other banking apps.

  • Same as their mobile site

    by enterthedreaming

    This is nothing more than their mobile website. Why have an app? You get only limited information such as only the 20 or so transactions. Found it worthless and deleted it. I would not have left negative feedback except for the fact the only contact information is for phone numbers. Worthless Phonegap app.

  • Terrible app from a terrible bank

    by Atahri

    Wake functionality and user interface. Can not do most basic banking functions. They charge for deposits. Wellsfargo and most other banks do not for next day deposits. Terrible bank terrible app.

  • Terrible

    by Shannawede

    Terrible update. Can't create a deposit without app shutting down. DO NOT update.

  • Need to view written checks

    by lukesneed

    Need to add the capability to view checks that have been written not just the check numbers. Thanks

  • Needs a major update

    by JustanItalian

    The check deposit camera is always blurry no matter how many times you try. They should also integrate the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner into it. Needs an iOS 7 cosmetic update. It should open directly to your account balances.

  • Remember me button

    by Carlal1259

    It's working now-delete and reinstall the app!!

  • Update????

    by Floorman85

    Loved this app till the latest update??? Now when I go to my alerts it tells me my device isn't registered? Go to website and it say it is??? Try again please

  • Upgrade ruined app

    by Dolores Meyer

    The 2 things I need to do with the mobile app is deposits & transfers. Can do NEITHER after update! Using an iPhone 4S 6.0. Do I need to upgrade to 7.0??

  • No star

    by Lencast

    Awful, terrible, downgrade better describes it. Where are the notifications??? Can't be that hard, YOU HAD IT BEFORE.... Charging to deposit a check - downright STEALING. HOW LOW CAN YOU GET????? How do you rate yourselves 4 stars??? You should be NO STAR Shame on you

  • Not iOS 7 updated

    by tweeker255

    They claimed they updated it but app is worst then before update. Please fix! Get remember me to work. Get new keyboard and have the basics work please!

  • :(

    by Brownj616

    This app doesn't work good at all...what goods a update if it fixes nothing...the remember me still doesn't work!

  • Awful update huge fail!!!

    by Fzwduck

    I can't even log in. It keeps telling me my user name it password are incorrect. Now my account is locked. Not sure what this update broke but ya need ta fix it!

  • Nothing Works

    by kirbymnpd

    Checking balance yeah. Transferring $$$ can't be done. Why have the feature if you can't use it.

  • Awful

    by Resurgence13

    Been using the Regions app since 2011 it's been updates dozens of times. Regions just take the "alerts" out it has NEVER EVER sent a SINGLE alert to me via app or a notification!!! Bank of Americas mobile app alerts DO WORK!

  • UPDATE ruined the app.

    by k_roo

    Just tried to log into my account and iTunes popped up and forced me to update the app. Now I can't even log into regions to see my account. One more reason to love regions banking.

  • Remember Me does not work.

    by tjones_

    As the other reviewer said, please fix the remember me button for the username. Such an inconvenience. It works on the iPad but not the iPhone.

  • No problems

    by Courtndoggy

    This app is so much easier to use than the mobile website, so I like it and haven't had any problems so far!

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