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Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette is now available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Use Oracle Cards to help you to overcome life's challenges.

This beautiful app includes 52 cards based on the traditional minor arcana of the Tarot. The deck is designed to not only guide you, the seeker, through present and upcoming life events and challenges, but will also connect you directly with specific spirit guides and Divine helpers who are there to help you navigate through these transitions and challenges successfully.

With this Oracle Cards app you can:
- Give readings anywhere, anytime on your iPhone or iPod Touch
- Choose between 1-card, 3-card, 5-card and 12-card readings
- Save and load your readings for review at any time
- E-mail readings to friends
- Flip cards over to read the full meaning of each card and message
- Review the entire deck of cards in Browse mode

About the Author

Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned intuitive and spiritual teacher who specializes in helping others recognize that we are all endowed with a sixth sense that we can count on. A masterful teacher committed to strengthening intuition in our daily lives, she is the best-selling author of ten books and numerous audio editions.

A highly trained intuitive, with extensive background in the mysticism of East and West, Sonia was educated at the University of Denver and at the Sorbonne in Paris, and holds a Ph.D. in metaphysics. Sonia says, “I am intuitive because I was encouraged at all times to be awake, aware, and guided by my sixth sense. I grew up in an environment that treated intuition not only as natural, but actually essential to successful navigation in life. Intuition is a gift that we all have, that we can all experience, that we can all trust and that we all need!"

Sonia's own path has encompassed numerous best-selling books published in more than 23 countries, speaking and conducting workshops around the globe, thousands of grateful clients and a home in Chicago that she shares with husband Patrick Tully, daughters Sonia and Sabrina, and a poodle named Miss T.


Official Hay House licensed iPhone/iPod touch App:

Customer Reviews

  • Fabulous!

    by VetTangoOrionMicha

    This app has always provided very accurate readings. Thank you Sonia for sharing your gifts with the world!

  • Very Intuitive

    by JoelleDriver408

    Great deck for personal questions, but I notice mixed messages when questions are too vague. Just be clear and concise and it works well.

  • Relevant

    by auntmeemaw

    Amazingly the readings speak to me everyday. Don't know how that works but happy that it does! ;)

  • Helpful

    by Ejc76

    Love these cards. They are quite honest, and bring up both positive and negative things, but always in a air of focussing your energies on moving forward and past the old and stale.

  • Great!

    by Chalbert

    Gives me answers when I need them!

  • On point

    by Swandancing

    Accurate readings

  • Fantastic App!

    by Intuit2

    This is a very useful and exciting app. I have been reading cards for 25 years and was skeptical about using a digital program. The app is beautiful and easy to use. It really supports Sonia's teachings and makes card reading and focusing on spirit available and private wherever you are. The app is fantastic for reading energies on the go and just as accurate as reading cards in your own home. I am sorry I waited so long to try it! Enjoy!

  • Enlightening

    by Nomad Girl

    I love Sonia Choquette's work and how she has taught me how to tap into the energy of the Angels, Guides and Runners all around us. This app makes communication with this energy even easier. Thank you, Sonia. Thank you, Angels.

  • Intuitive

    by The One and Only Horizon

    Really easy to use and effective

  • Very special app

    by SuziePinaColada

    I rarely write reviews, but this app has helped me through so many moments of confusion and uncertainty, that I had to give back to the creator of these oracle cards. I've really connected to the messages from these cards, and highly recommend that anyone who's looking for specific guidance give them a try. Sending much love and gratitude to Sonia Choquette and her Spirit Guides.

  • Love it!

    by TheOneAndOnlyOneOK

    I love this deck and had taken a chance on it simply because I like the name. The cards turned out to be gorgeous and detailed as well as accurate. Now I want the actual deck to hold on my hand.

  • Amazing

    by RockerCbick

    I purchased this app in error, wanting the regular ask and it is given app... Picked this one in error and love it. 2 days in a row and a perfect reading.

  • by 

    Awesome! I love it!

  • So accurate

    by Becaboo78

    Love the deck very spot on.

  • Love it!

    by Vypys

    Like all her products, this one delivers again and again and again.

  • They are great!

    by Matrixme22


  • Excellent

    by RadiantMind

    Accurate helpful and professional

  • Accurate, actually!

    by Cici_baby

    I don't know how, but this is surprisingly accurate.

  • Fun app

    by Alinaz5

    I like this app. Predictions seem to be accurate and they are calming. I love Sonia's work!

  • Great deck.

    by Delaney Foster

    Love Sonia Choquette and her teachings. Great apps

  • Book yes, cards NO

    by Wonderwoman123

    I actually read Choquette's book "ask your guides" and I loved it. However the cards seem to be coming from a very negative viewpoint. It seems as though they give you a lot of advice on telling you what not to do and what you are doing wrong instead of lovingly nudge you and encourage you to views that can help you. I also expected the cards to give more pointers on daily things to do to connect more strongly with your guides but these cards really don't achieve that.

  • Greed!

    by Fototico

    Pretty cool app, but it seems that Ocean House keep raising their prices. Now a lot of their tarot sets are 10 bucks each. It doesn't make sense when you consider that the real deck of most of these cards at the store usually go for about 15 bucks or even less in some stores. The app doesn't have the same cost associated with producing the cards. There's no other reason for charging so much for something that cost them so little, than because of greed. The original price I paid (5.99) a while back ago was more than justifiable.

  • Just okay..

    by ellaaa444

    These cards are okay, sometimes they're accurate and other times they're more confusing than anything else. I don't like how there are alot of negative cards in the deck too. I think it can be dangerous when one is asking a specific question then gets a negative outlook, of course there's going to be a negative outcome. I like her book much better, but skip the cards.

  • Great app

    by Dragon dancing a Penguin

    I have 3 of Sonia Choquette's apps and I really like them and use them daily. The advice they give is insightful.

  • Surprising

    by Wierdie

    I'm more skeptical than gullible, and figured the app would be more idle entertainment than insightful. However, I have found these first few readings strikingly accurate and specific. While only time will tell if this contines to hold true, so far I am a bit in awe.

  • Didn't resonate with me

    by Pleiades77

    As much as I love Sonia's books and listening to her on Hay House Radio, these cards just didn't do it for me. I personally find the artwork relatively drab, and the messages rather simplistic. Also there are too many cards with lower vibe themes, such as Restriction, Death, Deceit, Judgment, Despair, Cpmpetition, Shame, etc and I have yet to feel guided let alone uplifted by them (and the messages NEVER match what I'm going through) I recommend Doreen Virtue's cards for the beautiful artwork and inspiring messages much more than these oracle cards.

  • Love It!

    by Fourwands

    I have been really happy with this app. I am a psychic and I will use this app for my own questions. I always feel like the cards have the message I need right then. The images are beautiful too.

  • Very accurate!

    by Jennifer Fleury

    The app is amazingly accurate. I highly recommend it.

  • Good variety of cards

    by Love&Justice

    Good Deck if cards that isn't too fluffy and offers a good variety of cards to read any situation. Be aware this deck includes some "negative" cards, including a Death card, Suffering, and a Deceit card, which might be unsettling to some people, but of course the interpretations vary depending on the situation. The backs of the cards further explain how to interpret each card, so that can help.

  • Beautiful truth

    by NonlinearReality

    Sonia has such a gift of delivering truth straight to your heart and spirit. If you don't like these cards it is because your ego is resisting the joy and freedom of knowing the truth. Even if my mind says the card doesn't fit, I stop and let my spirit show me the message. Thank You Sonia!

  • Glib, superficial, inaccurate

    by Jengaworld

    "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." "This too shall pass." Yes, that's the kind of "guidance" you'll receive from these cards. They're also not very accurate. I accessed in grief and received a card that said I was in a joyous time of life. The App Store should show previews of the actual cards and offer an easier way to return for a refund. Worst Hay House purchase ever.

  • Positive and healing guidance

    by Jakey54

    I have tried many reading cards, but I like this one the best because it is completely positive and nonjudgmental, as well as powerful and healing. It definitely gives me the tools to feel like I have been listened to and guided towards where I should be headed.

  • Awesome!

    by zandergraphics

    Lovely cards and easy to use. Very happy!

  • Ask your guides Oracle cards

    by Omoobatala

    Great deck! I ordered the actual cards but thought this would be more travel friendly. I love that you can save readings and email them. I've been able to do several readings for friends and email the results and they LOVE it! Also to my surprise the app is just as accurate as the actual cards! Great app!

  • good way to start my day

    by slloyd4

    good guidance. scary accurate at times

  • Angel oracles cards

    by Carol Ellinger-Porter

    I love this app, it helps to keep your soul centered

  • A Must Have!

    by Bugilina449806

    Unbelievably accurate!! I was hesitant to use an electronic version of any oracle card, but they work!!! Another great plus is being able to easily save the readings. I love it.

  • Helpful Tool!

    by Divine Love

    I love this app!

  • Great app.

    by Zendafa

    Reads closely matched readings from a card reader I used.

  • Love the guidance I get from this.

    by Mr. Sensitivity

    Helps a great deal.

  • excellent app!!!!!

    by Mel0984

    I've own the physical cards and was ELATED when I found the app! Now it is so "practical" and "easier" to speak with my guides. Thank you for making this app!!

  • Great App!!!

    by Capt Jim 215

    I love these cards...Sonia Choquette is right on again!

  • Nice

    by Patricia33


  • Such a GREAT app

    by Caropops

    An alternative, yet very powerful and effective way to connect with your guides and receive wisdom any time it is needed. I use it daily for me and to help loved ones. Thanks so much!!

  • Wonderful!

    by PocketfullofJoy

    This is a delightful tool for folks who travel a great deal or need a moment of clarity or zen during your busy day. Wonderful for coffee breaks & great fun to share with friends! Very versatile. Thank you for making this bundle of joy mobile!

  • Downloaded on a whim, but serious is available here.

    by Kookyuss


  • Amazingly Accurate!!!!

    by DreLeft55

    Can't live without these cards!!!! When a friend told me about the app, I was concerned it wouldn't be as good as the cards.... I was wrong, it's even better!!!! Thank you Sonia

  • Love it!

    by katie93eb

    Easy to use and a beautiful way to communicate with your beloved guides! :)

  • Love this app!!!!!! Thank You Sonia

    by Ann Babiarz

    This is a great, fun app!

  • Love this app!

    by JenSalstrom

    This is a fantastic app. Great graphics, wonderful descriptions to go with each card. The cards are spot on, and a great tool!

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