Angel Therapy Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Book App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Seller: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

-Now a universal app that runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
-Optimized for retina displays

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Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. is now available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Use Oracle Cards to initiate healing; help you release fears and emotional blocks; and give you messages about your life purpose, relationships, manifestations, and more.

This beautiful app includes 44 oracle cards — each with a gorgeous painting of angels and a message or answer for you. This easy-to-use deck is appropriate for beginners as well as those experienced with divination cards. Angel Therapy is a powerful healing and guidance process that involves working with your guardian angels and the archangels (particularly Michael and Raphael). The app walks you through the steps for giving an oracle reading for yourself or others, and outlines the extended meanings behind each card.

With this Oracle Cards app you can:
- Give “angel readings” anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
- Choose between 1-card, 3-card, 5-card and 12-card readings
- Save and load your "angel readings" for review at any time
- E-mail “angel readings” to friends
- Flip cards over to read the full meaning of each card and angel messages
- Review the entire deck of cards in Browse mode
- Optimized for retina displays

About the Author

Doreen Virtue holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, and is a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. She is the author of the Healing with the Angels book and oracle cards; Archangels & Ascended Masters; and Angel Therapy®, among other works. She recently released the Angel Blessings Candle Kit (with her son Grant) and her first children’s book Thank You, Angels. Her new works, Angel Numbers 101, Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards, Angel Therapy Meditations CD, and her first novel—Solomon’s Angels is available now. Her products are available in most languages worldwide.

Doreen has appeared on Oprah, CNN, The View, and other television and radio programs. She writes regular columns for Woman’s World, New Age Retailer, and Spirit & Destiny magazines. For more information on Doreen and the workshops she presents, please visit her at

You can listen to Doreen’s live weekly radio show, and call her for a reading, by visiting

Official Hay House licensed iPhone/iPod touch App:

Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful

    by LauraSunlight

    This is one of Doreen's decks I did not own yet and the app is so helpful to have anywhere, anytime. This deck has the chakra system as well as other very helpful cards to assist in guiding one's path. I'm very happy with both the deck and the ease of use with the app. Thank you!

  • Wonderful App!

    by MOM147

    I was initially worried about the cost of this App. However, after reading a ton of positive reviews I went for it. So glad I did!! So comforting, so soothing, so just what everyone needs when life gets a bit hectic. A great tool and the artwork is gorgeous as well.

  • Fantastic!!

    by Katrina34

    This app is beautiful, easy to use and very accurate.

  • Powerful Mesages

    by LovedByAngels9

    This app is Awesome. It is a wonderful way to receive messages from the Angels. Archangel Michael and other powerful Archangels are available to help if you ask. Archangel Raphael can assist in healing and Archangel Raziel will help with past life issues. I have found peace and assistance in many different areas of my life and you can too. Give it a try and see how all the other powerful Archangels will help you. Thank you Archangel Michael and all the Archangels. Bless you Doreen Virtue for these cards.

  • Angel Unbelievable Cards!!

    by Peaches379

    These cards are a spiritual, inspirational delight! I am always amazed at the accuracy! Thank you!!

  • Awesome App!

    by MomoG11

    Great!!! I love this app so much and use it everyday!

  • I believe in Angels!

    by Toosticky2fly

    Great app! Love it!

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!'

    by Brooke_1111

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you! Pure gratitude for this app!!! It provides not only a reading but clear guidance on how to ask for help to remedy the situation.

  • Great insight

    by Bella Indy

    I have the cards but travel so thought I'd try the app- I was hesitant at first but have to admit it is great & feel the same energy & spiritual connection.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Dproulx27

    This app is unbelievably accurate and simple to use!!! Best $9.99 I've ever spent!!! I love it!

  • I love it!

    by NikkiQ_08

    The accuracy. The graphics are wonderful. Very insightful. Easy to use.

  • Love this app!

    by Tabitha017

    It's great to have the app and to be able to use it any time - no card deck required'

  • Great App!!!

    by Tarot by CC

    The Angels never disappoint. This app works great as do all Doreen's card apps.

  • Wonderful App

    by Sweetpea'sMom

    I have the cards too, but I just love this app cause I can save my readings and send them to my bestie.

  • Great app!

    by Jess020212

    I love this app! It is so much easier than carrying around a deck of cards and it is way more discrete!!! I love it!

  • Excellent!

    by Junebug249

    I live this deck. Gives great healthy and positive advice.

  • Angel therapy cards

    by kelleylisa

    Another great tool. A beautiful app.

  • Absolutely love this App

    by CountryFairy

    Amazing, easy to use, totally meets my expectations.

  • Just use them!

    by Mama Kaaya

    Then you'll know what everyone is raving about!

  • Wonderful app

    by riversanctuary

    All if the Angel apps from Doreen Virtue and Hay House are great but this is one of my favorites. Also love Archangels and Raphael app and Angel Numbers.

  • Love this ap!

    by rachelmc24

    Always just right.

  • Great app love it!!

    by Lisa Lane

    I love this apps its one of my favorites!!

  • As always Great

    by Soul intervention

    I love these apps. They are so helpful

  • Love it!

    by SeeJaneShoot


  • Great app!

    by GBnUS

    I have had this app for 2 years and love it! Highly recommend!

  • Great app

    by Angel therapy card user

    I really like this APP. I never have problems with it. It is fun to use when on the go. I recommend it.

  • by 


  • Love it.

    by Elona1225

    Use it everyday!


    by Birdiekins


  • Angel Therapy

    by NKJV MSG

    Happily recommend ! Easy to use, on target, beautiful drawings.

  • Blessings

    by Chela3

    Excellent guidance. Sweet, soothing app. Highly recommended.

  • Wonderful app

    by Ggeetjo819

    Love it! Great graphics and great readings!!!

  • Awesome App

    by 123457111121

    Love love love this online card deck. Complements Doreen's angel meditation app nicely!

  • Amazing! Love this app!

    by Mzskara

    Completely amazes me each time I use this! Highly recommend the Divinely inspired guidance!

  • Angel therapy cards

    by Angel Cards

    Easy and accurate readings. Love this app!

  • Great app!

    by Hydrolaural

    Great app with great ideas

  • Great app!

    by Jdub-UT

    All of Doreen's apps are fantastic and right on! I have several of them and use them for daily guidance or specific situations. You will be happy you purchased this app and/or any of her apps! I feel more grounded, in balance and in touch with my intuition and divine guidance.

  • Great ap

    by Paulita21

    Love the supportive guidance

  • Really Therapeutic

    by blacbyrd

    Simply amazing! The cards I pull really speak to all aspects of my life.

  • I love it

    by Patricia33


  • Always the best!

    by deniseLTA

    Go ahead- treat yourself. You deserve it!

  • Amazing

    by Zellietwin

    Amazing and accurate tool for help with all decisions and guidance

  • Angel Therapy Cards

    by Deborah M Phillips

    I don't quite know how to say this, but, this is one of the best apps I have ever used. I don't know how it works soooo accurately but it does!!! Every time I've done a reading for myself or someone else, the cards are spot on! I LOVE this app!!

  • by PrmUsr4ya

    Absolutely beautiful

  • My Favourite App

    by Ellieswhim

    I wouldn't have thought id say such a thing about a card deck but this app is BETTER than using the cards. I love it! It's beautiful and meaningful and I love that it's always right here in my phone to use whenever and wherever I am.

  • Fantastic!!

    by Gwynethrose

    Love this app!

  • Beautiful Ap

    by Aptos10

    The cards are so beautiful and inspiring. The readings are accurate and forth telling. Overall great Ap.

  • My fav Doreen Virtue App

    by amym.

    Love this app -- each card has a specific and powerful prayer associated with an angel, which i find to be really informative and effective. I find that i learn a lot from this deck. I have several other doreen decks, and this one really resonates with me.

  • Beautiful Deck

    by MelisaaHansen

    These cards are perfect for traveling and for every day use! What a great app!

  • Blessing my health

    by Dannyloverammy

    Thank you thank you thank you wonderful guidance Angels <3

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