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A fresh approach to an expense tracking app, with lightning-fast navigation and Evernote sync.

Funds was designed to be a personal sidekick - fast and out of your way.
Adding expenses and incomes is a matter of seconds and regardless of where you are in the app, you're always just one swipe away from anywhere else.

* Ninja navigation interface
* Track expenses and incomes in seconds
* Cash overview and financial status
* Transaction history
* Sync with Evernote
* Export as CSV
* Dark and bright themes
* Built in sounds to enhance navigation

The navigation follows a completely new approach. Depending on the distance you drag the screen you will get to different places in the app. Instead of searching for the button position, your fingers will instinctively memorise the drag distance needed to move from one screen to the next.
You can also do two things at once, for example, save an expense and jump to adding the next one in a single drag. This makes using the app super-fast.

Hope you like it and let us know what you think. :)

Customer Reviews

  • Ok

    by Mihir13

    Just update the icon for iOS 7

  • Great app, not the best interface

    by Phycho killer!

    I love this app, don't get me wrong, but it can be kind of tricky navigating. There are also no features to make monthly payments without entering them each. Otherwise, great app!

  • Potentially Awsome

    by Yellowbowl

    Hi, just started checking out Funds to see if it is worth the app and WOW! You guys did a great job with this app incorporating scroll and sound effects. This is something different! I just have one suggestion that you guys could add a security lock of some sort. I just think that if people use an app to keep track of their earnings, it should be protected somehow. It would be so cool if somehow you use the scroll effect as a lock somehow, that would be even better by like 200%! Thanks!

  • Great app easy to use!

    by Kee&Babe

    Wish it would be more functional!!

  • Tracking your expenses made easy

    by DRoss526

    While the UI takes a couple times to get used to, this app is wonderful. You can quickly add expenses and revenues, categorize them, and add a short description. Evernote integration is huge, too, as it produces a pie chart and breakdown in a note as soon as you enter your data. My only wish is that you could backdate expenses/revenues in case you forget to enter them right away, but that's certainly not a big enough deal to take away from such a quality app.

  • Horrible app

    by Cmccreath

    Read about this on Lifehacker. Worst UX. Not intuitive to use at all. Want a refund.

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