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Login bug fixes
Improved icons
Bug fixes and tweaks to optimize the app user experience

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An app made with one thing in mind. You.

The NetSpend Mobile App gives you the power to manage your account on the move. Managing your money wherever, whenever. With ease and speed you can:

- Check your account balance and transaction history
- Send money to friends and family
- Find fee-free reload locations

It’s secure, fast, and free.

Optimized for iOS.

Customer Reviews

  • Having problem loading

    by Yvonne L. Pickett

    As of today January 27, 2014, I'm having difficultly logging into my account. I love the new update that is so much better than the earlier versions.

  • Love Love Love the new UI!!!

    by Finali85

    Much improvement and able to actually log in thanks!!!! Especially like the detail for the transactions like time stamps, noticed they are for Eastern time, wonder could their be an option to select your own time zones, would be ideal!

  • Love it!

    by Mimimishi

    This app looks awesome and it's so easy to use!

  • At Last! Thanks

    by DekeJediVader

    I've been bugging customer support for the past 2 months about an inability to sign into my account thru the app on my iPhone or iPad. I have a mobile life even though I'm retired and I need to be able to access on the go. I called a couple of days ago and was told to check back in 48 hours. What greeted me was this beautifully redesigned and highly functional app. I'm not just satisfied, I'm thrilled. It's everything I could have hoped for and more. I now have the flexibility to manage my affairs whenever and wherever. Who could ask for anything more?

  • Wow! Awesome update

    by LockboxDD

    This update is a huge improvement. Very intuitive and rock solid UX. Congrats to the development team at Netspend!

  • Love it

    by Thick and cute

    Love the new app!!! Never had an issue!!! Love it love it

  • Nice update!

    by Khr1s0

    The update is much better than before. Now I can see more information without having to log in at the website. Thanks NetSpend!

  • Awesome update

    by utjess

    Beautiful. Fast. Works great.

  • NetSpend 2.0

    by adambrunson

    Love the new updates! Awesome new look and very functional. Hope I can load a check in the app soon!

  • Love the update so far

    by Ez908

    Good stuff

  • Wow big improvement

    by PregnantNow

    New version is really sweet!

  • Love it

    by Reesey_Dillinger

    App works great iOS 7.0.4 and I'm still using my iPhone 4. It would be nice to see the budgeting option on here along with the option to snap a pic of the check you want to deposit.

  • Just ok

    by Wade_100

    The app functions fine. Not the prettiest but i like the history detail and atm/reload finder. Would be nice if there was a separate app for Skylight users. Would also be helpful to add some more of the features from the website (ex. budgeting).

  • The Convience

    by Kidlange

    So much easier than going through safari and stuff. Shows your balance once you log in. Pretty simple!

  • Excellent

    by brownskinmixedgirl

    Perfect. Works great with the 3GS. Much better than before. Can see transactions clearly. Transfer to and from savings etc. Better than actual website.

  • Still needs work

    by Bham Candi

    Easy to use, but Y isn't there an option to add money via a money pack??? I already had to spend money to ADD my money to your card( & I could've chosen another card) & can't add it w/ out going to a different bueno!!

  • At Long Last

    by Kristen Buchanan

    It's about time!! Now this version of this app is a much better improvement than the last version. The options within the app is outstanding!! Still require alot more work but for now it get ✨✨✨✨✨

  • It's better

    by Dbobo30

    App is working but unlike other banking apps it doesn't auto log you out if you go to another screen or lock your phone. I've pulled the app up hours after checking my balance and when I open the app all my info is viewable. That's not secure and I have to actually hit the log out button. Yeah I'm lazy

  • Finally !!!

    by ChanelBanz

    I'm so glad it was updated I hated it before had to delete the app than sign in again in order to login and view my information !! Definitely works great . Thanks !

  • Hooray!!!

    by Emz760

    Yes finally the app was updated

  • Netspend app

    by Phone Expert5

    The new update look good but does not work I try to sign in it just says loading. please fix...

  • Incompatible with VoiceOver

    by bubba4lyfe

    I would not advise any voice over users to download this app, it has serious issues in the freezer locations tab in which it does not show you any locations at all. They have also messed up the functions tabs at the bottom of the screen and they are now disjointed

  • Horrible

    by Six8type1

    Customer service is horrible. I have been dealing with netspend since Aug to get my refund check since closing my account and they keep delaying. Every operator I speak with gives me a diff excuse as to the delay.

  • What happened?

    by N1mom23

    This app was great... But now it never let's me log in... When it actually lets me log in it kicks me out EVERYTIME I check my history... PLEEEEASE fix


    by crsxbox

    I tried logging in to this app over CELL DATA and it sends me right back to login screen. The same with their website through safari. If i login over my home WIFI everything works. I need it to work while I'm away from home. Come on guys!

  • Avoid

    by Scauma

    This app never works, and interesting there are no new comments

  • NO ONE CAN LOG IN - when r u going to fix?

    by TiggerRocks30

    Almost sounds like they did it on purpose???

  • Needs an update for iOS 6.1.3!

    by RonLeeMorris

    I just installed the latest iPhone update today (6.1.3) and the app no longer works properly. I can't even log in!

  • Watch the news!

    by GamerChik789

    They're evil.

  • Needs a new update

    by whorfie

    App keeps crashing and logging me out within seconds of logging in. Very disappointed!

  • Check Deposit

    by Ian DeHorney

    This app DEFINITELY needs to add check deposit by pic!!!!

  • Works great now

    by Babyblu03

    Thank you for updating!!☺

  • So much better

    by Brittney22008

    So glad this app is fixed! Works perfect!! ☀

  • Works now!!!

    by Andrewesp84

    This app finally works great! Savings account feature was added also which is awesome. Hopefully it stays this way!!

  • Good

    by Chaosblade2008

    Good app and all, but needs mobile deposit for our paychecks so we don't need to purchase reload packs or do bank transfers.

  • Can't log in!

    by Can't log in!

    Can't log in!


    by Bballqt

    So glad it's not just me! What happened?!? The "update" killed the app!! FIX IT because it's totally worthless now & it was really great!

  • Does not work

    by Jp1a42

    Just downloaded the upgrade and the app does not work at all and I can't login :-(

  • What a shame

    by Therater2

    After the update no longer works, Netspend really needs to hire developers that do good app testing before releasing an update, how can you allow such a crappy app to be released under your name Netspend? I gave it a star, should have been none.

  • Crap crap and more crap

    by Kellzooo

    After latest update I'm just like most am unable to log In. Please fix!! I use this app daily! Once fixed will change review!!

  • Same here cannot login....start emailing today....desktop site still works

    by GRobertRhinesmith

    Worthless as is

  • Can't log on now!!

    by Damnprecious23

    Yeah, the update made this app WORSE. Can't login for nothing.

  • Not working

    by 74dred

    Last update made the app unusable. You. Cannot log on.

  • Doesn't work.

    by Goocifer801

    Pure garbage won't let me log in don't download.

  • Horrible upgrade

    by Milyl

    Updated yesterday afternoon haven't been able to log in since! Please fix :(

  • Why fix it?

    by Newme2013

    Upgrade does not work please fix I can't log in after I downloaded "upgrade".

  • Won't let me login me in ?

    by Bonesisstone83

    This app work great before the update , now it won't even let me login ? Please fix ASAP!!!!

  • Finally upgraded!!!!

    by DarkPassyon

    I am so happy they upgraded this application. Back to a 5-star status!!!!

  • Crap app

    by Cooltec

    This is a crap app - it still won't let me log in and still doesn't work. Waste if time - downloading the app.

  • Thank you!

    by D Mack 31 3rd

    I'm so glad you fixed this app. I was so tired of going to the mobile website that loads so slow.

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