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Languages: English

Seller: Mobile Media Solutions, Inc.

- iOS7 compatibility (Flurry videos reward issue, UI errors)
- removed device permission screen

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Bamboo Wallet Fueled by JunoCredits is the #1 rewards currency with the largest selection of digital gift cards!

Complete simple tasks and earn JunoCredits to redeem popular gift cards.

Over 2,448,228 Brand Ambassadors use our apps. Over 26,609,179 tasks completed! Over $3,302,304.00 in JunoCredits issued that can be used to buy your favorite gift cards from the largest mobile Go Shop in the WORLD! Our top users have earned over $3,300.00 JunoCredits! Over $20,400.00 in Mystery Rewards issued to date with more issued daily to random fans who engage in offers daily!

Note: All invite codes are worth $.25 to the person who uses it. Anyone promoting an invite code as worth anything other than $.25 is subject to account ban.

Redeem gift cards for these top brands and more:
Playstation Network (PSN)
Nintendo 3DS Prepaid
Charity Choice
Red Robin

Get started today and earn junocredits for:
- Inviting your friends
- Watching videos
- Becoming a fan of businesses
- Completing surveys
- Joining mailing lists

Earn additional JunoCredits with our companion app JunoWallet HTML5 by visiting from your mobile browser today. 

Our other apps include:
JunoWallet HTML5
JunoWallet for Amazon Kindle
JunoWallet for Windows Phone
Blackberry, and Nook coming soon!

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Customer Reviews

  • Wow just great

    by Gmanchris154

    Well i just downloaded this app and it was great someone gave me there invite code and i got started with a lot of money for anyone who wants that code here it is CG2770012

  • good to try it)

    by Xander4ever

    Interesting idea)

  • Put this code in

    by AH2759727 enter that code

    Make a account on bamboo wallet and then enter code Ah2759727 Then you will receive 25 bucks so you can get a iTunes gift card! So easy!

  • Great

    by Fish farmerr

    Have used for years.

  • Best app

    by Ivova2515


  • It won't let me get my money when I'm done sending invites

    by Richyrich4444

    It won't give me my money when I'm done sending invites

  • kinda confusing

    by ashleynicole045

    when i first got it , it worked fine now whenever i try opening the app it closes. if that wouldnt have happened it would be great

  • Bamboo

    by Punchkin121

    I like Earning reward points but it takes forever to get enough for great gift card. Why only one point per video. Two would make it more worthwhile

  • It's a great app

    by Beast787pr

    But it take to long to get money and there's barely no tasks to do and why did you take of install and get paid it feels like they gave up on this app completely

  • Profit 100٪

    by HOby ENTy

    Enter code

  • ahd

    by nuto313

    hola todos hejehejeheje

  • 视频为何看不了?没有任务下

    by 你可拉倒吧好不好

  • Good app

    by Fd god12

    Can someone please follow me at aa275055.

  • Good app

    by Fd god12

    Can someone please follow me at aa275055.

  • This is slow, I found a better app

    by Use code: DC4D5C

    I found and app that's twice as fast I earned $30 PayPal in three days! All you do is go to safari type in (first one) Then click I want to earn now, it will install on your phone. Wants it does open it up and type in my code: DC4D5C Then you will get $1 to start off with!! Hope this helps:)

  • by xwt287000

  • Great

    by Sdggftfsxvv


  • Great app

    by Apperfapper


  • best app

    by kid1321994


  • Epic!

    by Djhero1326

    Easy money ;)

  • Eh

    by edgar ramos

    Doesnt let me sign up even with fb

  • Meh

    by Great homo

    It's not fake but not worth the time.

  • Not worth the time

    by Whiterapper#2

    You may make $5 in a YEAR!!!!!

  • pathetic...

    by thisismynonosquare

    It won't let me sign up because of my email!!!!!!! Stupid app keeps saying: invalid email... I even tried making fake emails to see if it lets me and it still won't.(I started making fake emails cuz I got frustrated of the app not accepting my real and only email)

  • Terrible

    by Cjhaiw

    This app will scam you big time!!!!!

  • Below standard

    by Parangeriqitirimicuaro

    Not much one can do to receive credits. Watching videos is too much time consuming at least make it 5 credits per video. This app has been a waste of time and not worth investing anytime on this unless they start increasing the output.

  • Good

    by Dr.3abodey

    البرنامج رهيب يبغاك تصبر عشان تجمع نقاط

  • Follow me for 35.00$

    by Cox41104

    I finally hacked my bamboo wallet to let people who follow me get 35.00$ so start following my code is:JC2695125

  • Joe

    by Wearfo

    Love it

  • good

    by nobody.kt

    very good

  • Great

    by Olads89

    It's really great but you need to give more coins out for each task.

  • Great

    by Olads89

    It's really great but you need to give more coins out for each task.

  • Sweet

    by wokelokz

    Easy. N fun. To make money

  • Good app! Should get!

    by TravisCraftFTW

    Good app you should get it really cool hope I get get some more money soon!

  • Terrible

    by Zhuhfuhc

    I have earned 60 cents in the past 3 weeks...

  • awsome

    by Hamoric

    will help each other out by getting $0.25 using the ref code- HS2690831

  • Great!

    by Kool kidd(:

    This app is pretty cool I like it alot :)

  • Erop

    by Vasa666


  • Can't sign up ...

    by Niecybrown

    Tells me my e -mail address is invalid. Makes no sense!!

  • by 君''


  • Bamboo wallet

    by Waynes54xx

    Great app for money but not enough offers

  • good

    by chae hyun


  • Use Code TP2664063

    by Tellpatel6

    Might be a little surprised about about much they give you :) TP2664063

  • OMG my code is been hacked

    by Joahdhhehe

    JN2580100 has been hack for $100 please enjoy it. My invite card

  • Ok

    by Sambizi77

    ممتاز وجميل جدا

  • Invite

    by Amanda Ojeda 24

    You should invite me my code is: ao2648342

  • Nice

    by Niggaphobic


  • Why bother



  • Good

    by 臭臭臭小媚

    Love app

  • My code

    by Linnk304


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