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Seller: Mobile Interactive LLC

・Enables direct access to charts and research in Watch-list.
・Improves user interface.

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Dividend Calendar is a powerful tool letting you easily check the Dividend events and history of stocks traded in the US market with Real-Time Stock Quotes (include pre and after market quotes). A filter tool is provided so you can select to focus on important stocks that listed in S&P 500/ Nasdaq 100 / your own Watch-lists that have dividend activities on the chosen date range.

The calendar presents you symbol tickers, company names, dividend payout, pay date, ex-dividend date, etc in a neatly organized layout. Selecting / changing date is just so easy with one tap. Plus, Real-Time stock quotes are loaded, with pre and after market quotes as well. Moreover, sort your calendar as you like by symbol, payout, yield, and pay date.

Find some symbols interesting and want to see the dividend history? No problem. Simply tap "History" or enter the desired symbol, and the whole picture is in front of your eyes.

The app provides more research not only on stocks in the calendar but also on any stock you adds to your customized watch-list. A nice stock chart with 30+ Technical Indicators, various Chart Types, and Date Ranges is specially presented. Change the indicators, study the details, you will understand your stocks better. Also, view Insider Transactions and read stock News on any stocks you are interested. So simple, just with one tap and you are there.

What's more, this app lets you create and manage your own watch-lists. You can create / modify / sort multiple watch-lists so easily that you will love tracking stocks you are interested in. With one glance, not only can you get the whole picture (like last price, increase, decrease, quote time) of what you group into a watch-list, but also filter the dividend activities of any selected date by your watch-lists. Any symbols not on your watch-lists will be excluded, thus it's convenient to only pay attention to the dividend events of your "favorite" and "interested" stocks.

■ Calendar
▫ Symbol
▫ Company
▫ Real Time Quotes
▫ Payout Amount
▫ Pay Date
▫ Ex-Dividend Date

■ History
▫ Ex. Date
▫ Type
▫ Payout Amount
▫ Declaration Date
▫ Record Date
▫ Payment Date

■ Pre and After market Quotes
■ View only S&P500 or Nasdaq 100 stocks for the dividend calendar
■ View only the stocks on your Watch-lists for the dividend calendar

■ Stock Chart
▫ Real-Time Quotes, Volume, Change, Change in %
▫ 30+ Technical Indicators.
▫ Various Chart Types.
▫ Various Date Range, pre-set and customized.
■ Insider Transactions
■ News

■ Candle Stick
■ Based on close price
■ OHLC (open, high, low, close)
■ Based on typical price
■ Based on weighted close price
■ Based on median price

■ Accumulation/Distribution
■ Aroon Oscillator
■ Aroon Up/Down
■ Avergage Directional Index
■ Average True Range
■ Bollinger Band Width
■ Chaikin Money Flow / Oscillator / Volatility
■ CloseLocationValue
■ Commodity Channel Index
■ Detrended Price Osc
■ Donchian Channel Width
■ Ease of Movement
■ Fast Stochastic
■ Mass Index
■ Momentum
■ Money Flow Index
■ Neg Volume Index
■ On Balance Volume
■ Performance
■ % Price / Volume Oscillator
■ Pos Volume Index
■ Price Volume Trend
■ Rate of Change
■ RSI / StochRSI
■ Slow Stochastic
■ Ultimate Oscillator
■ Volume
■ Williams’s %R

■ Past 5,4,3,2 day & current day.
■ Daily chart supports 1m, 2m, 6m, YTD, 1-5 years & MAX available date range.
■ Daily chart also supports customized date range: choose any date range from the calendar.

You can communicate with us through the In-App messaging system or to appsupport@mobileinteractive.com

Customer Reviews

  • working!

    by 4wordsloveletter

    This dividend cal version works but having some restrictions, you can sort the current list the way you want, but you can't adjust the date range which is a big constraint. However, it's quite reasonable as a trial app. Luckily, it shows all the symbols at once (not limited to a certain index). that's enough.

  • nice

    by johαn

    a very nice dividend calendar to show the current period. It's also well featured with a working watchlist in which you can browse dividend history of a certain symbol or assess to a detailed chart of that symbol for research purpose. And these are exactly what you can get from this lite app. It's very nice for a basic use, and I would suggest to get the full one, get more power for your moves!

  • Decent tool with great functions

    by Syvol

    This is a very handy tool for long-term investor. It is so easy to add and list my favorite stocks with real-time data! I can also check stock performance instantly. It also help me calculate the return rate of every dollar I invest. Highly recommend this app to value investors to manage their portfolio.

  • So great.

    by lovely kayla

    merely a calendar? no - it's a money teller. It tells you when your investment turns to real returns. But is that all? no - this app comes as a decent tool for indexing analysis, the S&P500 is there, Nasdaq 100 also there, well chosen & such a great focus I can say. And most importantly, this app endows me with the ex-dividend date OR the KEY DATE to me, I can't survive without this reinvestment date. about the app itself, it's been updated with well functional, well designed, and well supported. this is the best f.ree app for me.

  • it is

    by sukhoi_263

    surely a good tracer & a source for analysis for investors, I'm seeing a lots of ease and convenience from this freeee app, it has charts, graph, inside news, track date, many indicators, wow it has every pierce of the puzzle I will need expect that I would prefer to see more companies, in order words, the number of symbols are fairly limited. wish that the app creator could find a way for users to add a custom firm profile, just a wish

  • got what i need

    by *xuka baby*

    so coincident! i didnt know that there is a stock app to fully list the S&P500 until my friend tell me ab this app. so, this is the only one that serves my tatste. hura$$$ in fact this dividend calendar is more beyond a dividend calendar. you would find it extremely helpful for your analysis purpose. an A+

  • Very useful tool.

    by JoyAdamson

    I used this one together with Earnings Calendar. Both are great apps. BTW, if you get this one, go get the other Earnings Calendar from this publisher. The two pairs greatly. Much to view in this calendar. Dividend amount, pay date, quotes, charts, news, and insider trades is definitely a plus. Nice and clean interface. Loading is fast.... Lots more. You won't be bored, for sure.

  • very poor its not opening

    by Galilio 65

    i download it today,,its not opening only you will read (loading ) all the time,,white screen only shows,,very poor program it needs to be updated

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