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1. Fixed issues with popovers on iPad in portrait orientation .
2. Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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※ Note: You can enter up-to 20 transactions in free version. Upgrade to full version is available from within the app.

Budget Envelopes is a simple and effective tool for your family to stay on budget !

Envelope Budgeting is most popular method for visualizing and maintaining a budget.This app makes your envelope budgeting process easy and effective.The concept is simple,you allocate what you earn and spend what you allocate.The goal of Budget Envelopes App is to give you control of your finances and thus prevent you from overspending and help you stay out of debt.


- Create virtual envelopes for unlimited number of budget categories.
- Allocate funds to the envelopes.
- View what is left and the how much is spent from the envelope.
- View the monthly budget and the money spent for that month.
- Withdraw/Depsit/Transfer money from envelopes
- Export all transactions in envelope into CSV format .
- Color coded Progress bars on each envelope to keep track of spent/remaining money in each envelope.

※ Sync※
- Share expense and income information within a family using multiple devices.
- Share envelopes between the members of the whole family and stay in sync.

※Charts and Reports ※
- 2D pie chart view of expense by envelope and income by
- 2D bar chart view of expense vs income
- Bar chart view of income and expense for last six months.
- Detailed 2D Pie chart view of income and expense reports for any day/week/month/year.

※Print Charts andReports ※
- Print reports from the device directly with any Air print supported printer.
- Export reports into PDF and email the PDF report.

- Create different income categories with customized built in icons.
- View projected income and actual income.

※Recurring Transactions※
- Add/edit/delete recurring transactions.
- Schedule recurring transactions to repeat weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly on
a start date that you choose.
- Schedule recurring income transactions.

- Pass code protection to keep envelope information private.
- One click Backup /restore.
- Create/edit/delete income categories and payee list.

※Other Features※
- Optimized for retina display.
- Simple, clean, intuitive user interface .
- Customizable backgrounds.
- Print /Email PDF reports.
- Sync data across multiple devices.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love this app!

    by Ilovebnamom

    Awesome app! Love creating envelopes that work for my family. Love that you can set them to roll over and set reoccurring items. Has been amazing in helping us stay on track!!!

  • Amazing!

    by JoHila

    I am in love with this app! Super great if you work for tips or get paid weekly to keep up with your monthly income. Also super to keep track of all bills and budgets for gas, groceries, shopping, eating out. Anything. You will no regret getting it!

  • Simple and Easy

    by Nirrad85

    Took a second to understand that my transactions wouldn't register if entered before the date they were supposed to be paid, but after that it was cake! I know how much I can spend at any given time in any of my budget categories! The only thing I can think of is to add a feature to do a "quick add" transaction for when you are on the go...that way you don't have to scroll through all your categories to find the right one...press "quick add" select category from a sub-menu and go.

  • Superb Update

    by Sigepsmallz

    App has all bugs fixed and is very beneficial to keeping a monthly budget on track!!!

  • Thanks for the sync fix

    by Com'on google

    Just updated the app on my devices and the sync issues I was having have been solved. Thanks.

  • Syncing Issues

    by Benchie1

    My husband and I have used this app for quite a while now and we love it. Unfortunately, syncing has become a problem. Could it be something to do with the iOS 7 update??

  • Mrs.

    by Chunce!


  • Overall a good app

    by Stolibay

    Been using this app for over a year and overall pretty pleased. Been able to fix issues with syncing between devices by pushing data from updated device to cloud and downloading on others. Then they seem to sync fine. Only major issue is still waiting for an update from developer for a semi monthly bling option to coincide with my pay schedule. Been asking for some time first few requests were met with replies and promises. Subsequent updates did not include. Now there is only silence from the developer. Just wondering if this app is even being supported anymore.

  • Love it! Plus question/suggestion

    by Jsa11

    Been using for months & I LOVE this app!! Esp that I can sync - worked perfectly when I upgraded my phone and didn't lose any budget data. Have also synced across devices w/out a problem. Have had no problems w the app. QUESTION 1: is there a way to do repeat transactions simply? My income repeats identical amounts for every paycheck, into every "budget". I've been manually adding these amounts to the budgets every paycheck. Is there a simpler way to do this, or can you create one? QUESTION 2: Is there a way to change the "budget" from a "One Time" to a "Roll Over"? I don't want to have to recreate all my budgets. I wait expectantly for your answer. :-)

  • Amazing

    by Platano212407

    Best app in the AppStore hands down. How does this even have bad reviews?

  • issues with synching between devices

    by 123456mrsnic

    I have been using this app for over a year and for the most part, I love it. It's easy to use and does exactly what I need as far as recording transactions and monitoring budgets. Unfortunately I have recently encountered a problem when synching between devises (I have iPhone 5 and IPad mini). Two of my budget items show different remaining balances but when I check transactions, all the transactions are on both devises. I have e-mail twice in the past few weeks regarding this issue and have had no reply.

  • Budgeting made easy!!

    by Jlsw06

    Not big on reviews but this app has put my husband and I on track to financial management and freedom! Wow, who would have thought we were spending so much so foolishly! With this app we control the spending and can see and feel the extra money! Its perfect for fast and advanced budgeting if necessary! It has had syncing problems but nothing serious, 99% of time it syncs find and fast!

  • ok

    by JBLcooldude

    this was a very good app, or at least I thought. However, it does not seem to be doing the math right nor is it rolling over the proper amounts from unused budgets. I just really hope they make it right again cause I really liked this app.

  • It has some bugs, but I love this app

    by Kitcatcam12358

    I love this app so much. What other people say about the bugs has been true for me. It synchs very poorly, random buggy problems pop up here and there. If I seriously relied on the numbers, I would make records of them on an excel spreadsheet once a month or something. But knock on wood, it's been really accurate and reliable for me. Tech support has been very eager to help the only time I contacted them. A+ But bottom line for me. This app is easy and fast and straightforward. It has made my budgeting soooo easy. I never worry about money anymore. I feel like I have control of my money without having to work much or think about it. I use it daily and have for almost a year. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Great job!

  • Don't wasted your time or money!

    by Truck Robinson 37

    I purchased for 2.99 and spent a lot of time entering the info. Some of the expenses entered as one time only didn't subtract from the budget category and when I tried to change to recurring it kicked me out. There are no instructions which would be helpful. I emailed support but never heard back.

  • Buggy buggy

    by James Sunnock

    For first month loved it. In month 2 discovered the roll over feature has bugs and entries weren't being subtracted. Very frustrating, have to start all over again with a new app!

  • Syncs but doesn't recognize upgrade on all devices

    by Mom6252

    I initially downloaded the lite version of this app on my iphone. I liked it so I decided to upgrade for $2.99. I did the upgrade on my ipad, and got the transactions to sync from my iphone. I am over the 20 transactions limit (from the lite version) and have no trouble entering new transactions on my ipad and syncing them to my iphone, but the app won't let me enter any new transactions from my iphone. it asks if I want to upgrade, which I already did! I emailed customer support last week, but have heard nothing. I would have given it 5 stars if it didn't have this bug!

  • This app does not work

    by polexian2

    Tried to create daily budget envelopes for me and my wife on two iPhones and synced account. This app seems to have a mind of its own. It won't maintain a consistent balance from day to day, changes the balance when I review transactions. Different transaction history lists show different balances and transactions. And even if I manually Sync on both phones the balances are different for the same account. Ridiculous.

  • Love it and hate it

    by Kbirchtree

    I am so frustrated with this app. I love the concept and simplicity. But he bugs haven't been fixed. It rolls over to a new paycheck and screws everything up. My money tracking is worthless if every two weeks I have to re type everything. I would give it five stars if it worked right. I am considering going to paper and pen or an actual envelope with Monopoly money in it because this is irritating.

  • Kinks!! Would be perfect otherwise!

    by Bing55

    I liked this app pretty well for the first month, then as soon as the next month rolled around everything I had entered the previous month got completely jacked up! Nothing made sense. All budgets were there, but the transactions were incorrect. It appeared as though some random transactions rolled over into the next month. Some disappeared completely. Settings were identical on each budget; this was not an operator error. Had to erase every transaction from the previous month MANUALLY in order to start with a clean slate for the next month. So everything from last month is gone and I have nothing to compare to. Emailed the developers about this issue...never heard back. Couldn't get sync to work to connect my spouses iPhone. Emailed developers. Never heard back. Also, if there's a way to view all projected budget expenses for the month, I have not found it. All I need is a little "Total Budget Expenses= $9999.99" at the top or bottom of the budget sections, in addition to the "Remaining/Spent" totals. Would be super helpful. I am frustrated to have upgraded to the full version and get no response from the developers about these issues. I know it's only $2.99, but we're on a BUDGET. Every $2.99 counts to us. Would appreciate some updates!

  • Great app but it won't sync

    by Bmh4434

    I love this app. I've been using it for a few weeks and it worked flawlessly. I just updated my phone to iOS 7 and the sync feature no longer works. Please fix this! It's a great app otherwise...

  • Still broken

    by Jainaellis

    Guess what? It still doesn't sync! The latest update claims that these issues were fixed for iOS 7, it isn't true. I used to love this app, but the time has come for Apple to pull it from the App Store. I can't imagine that the developers honestly think they have fixed this. My wife and I both have iPhone 5's. If they don't work on either of our devices, I know they don't work on anyone else's either.

  • No longer works for iPad!

    by Dede25y

    I was in love with this app until every function within 'settings' tab quit working, including the ability to sync! I am so disappointed because i have been so dependent on this app and now its not functioning to the capabilities it used to :-( And i even paid for the full version :-( PLEASE FIX THIS!

  • Sync stopped working

    by d_yang

    Used to work great to sync data across multiple devices, but sync stopped working and still isn't fixed.

  • Doesn't work with Ipad

    by Melody T 3321

    I was able to add budget items but then couldn't create an account, couldn't sync, couldn't do anything. Now I'm going to get a different App.

  • Won't sync

    by albumonlysux

    I've emailed the developer multiple times because app will not sync. Have used the app or about a year- before this problem it was a 5 star app. - sync is so important

  • Loved, but won't sync anymore

    by T0PGun25

    Sync used to work like a charm, will not sync now. That's why I bought this app. My wife and I use this all the time to keep track of our finances, without the sync, it's worthless. Please figure this out, then it will get 5 stars.

  • Zero customer service

    by Plasticcarz

    Terrible customer service, they do not answer or even acknowledge email inquiries.

  • Won't sync!!!

    by LinusF16

    My wife and I have used this app for about 6 months and it has been wonderful. In the last month, it will no longer sync. I have sent emails requesting help. Silence. Not even an acknowledgement!! Without the sync, it is useless for our needs. Please fix this and please talk to us!!!

  • Will not Sync

    by JDDMusicman

    This app is only good if you can Sync correctly. iPhone 5 and 4s and doesn't sync.

  • sync stopped working

    by Mark Miller

    Was a great app...when it synced. Please fix!

  • No Good

    by N&MV

    The app does not sync across devices and cannot do simple math to roll over into the next budget cycle. Wasted the $10 to get on 3 devices and there is no customer support. Difficult to understand how to get started, no tutorial. VERY disappointed.

  • Choose another app

    by dcSergeant

    Worked good for a month, now app will not subtract transactions from the budget...defeating its own purpose. Developer un-responsive to concerns.

  • Great idea poor execution

    by snowdums

    Love that it goes hand in hand with the Total Money Makeover but the app won't sync between devices!! It would also be really awesome if the app linked to the other Dave Ramsey apps so when doing your Total Money Makeover you don't have to enter the same info 3 different places. Synergy!!

  • Help

    by Disappointed!!!!!7456

    Erased all my budgets

  • Used to be great...now horrible

    by Whatever_You_Say

    This app WAS wonderful. My husband and I had started using it because it was an envelope system that synced. It made a huge difference for us! I upgraded both of the apps on our phones because it was so good. Then it stopped syncing. I tried to get tech support--no reply when there had always been a quick response before. So we just tried limping along using one device rather than using the sync feature. That went south too. Other glitches started happening...again no reply from tech support. It appears that the app creators abandon the project. I haven't found another app that is as good as this used to be, but this one is worthless now.

  • Syncing does not function at all

    by Sheila.23

    I purchased full version, but it fails when it syncs. The app gives a notification that says I am not logged in on any other devices, but I am logged in on both an iPhone 5 and new iPad. Tried quitting programs on both devices and a hard reset of each, but the same error still occurs.

  • Sync is broken

    by Eyedoc_DO

    Has recently stopped syncing from my phone to my wife's...used to work fine but now I have to manually send data to the cloud and receive it on my wife's phone to sync correctly..

  • Good budgeting app

    by Cplife

    Overall really good app. Needs budget vs income report, not just expense vs income, and swipe to access previous budget months like it does on the income page. Update 6/5/13: app has become very buggy. Does not calculate budget or income correctly, off by 1000's of dollars and then will suddenly change. Switching to another budget envelope app.

  • Won't sync

    by Brad L B

    This is a great app but when it don't sync it is useless. The syncing need to be accurate

  • Budgets don't rollover correctly

    by jacs__

    I would love this app if the budgets rolled over correctly, but each week for the last 2 months, it never rolls over correctly. So, each week I have to re-calculate everything, which is VERY frustrating. I keep waiting for an update to fix the problem, but with no such luck. Rather disappointing because the app has the potential to be quite awesome. I hope an update (to fix these problems) is coming soon. Otherwise, I'll be going elsewhere shortly.

  • Confusing

    by Nothankyou3454467

    This app had potential. However, there is no direction on how to use the app. Setting up the budgets is easy but actually inputting a transaction is terribly confusing. I managed to complete a transaction once, by accident and have not been able to figure out how to do it again. Am uninstalling this app right away. A pencil and sheet of paper will do what I need without causing confusion, unlike this app.

  • problems with sync'ing between phones

    by jenny193019

    I would have given this app 4 stars, except for it suddenly stopped sync'ing between phones. This was the major reason we purchased it. The developer seems to have stopped all support for this app and it's now worthless to me. Switched to AceBudget. It works like it's supposed to.

  • App doesn't sync

    by Bsmorty

    Potential for a good app but not tested well enough for bugs

  • Has potential, but needs more support.

    by MadoneCO

    I wanted an app that could serve as a "virtual" cash envelope system. This app does the job ok, but it's a little buggy, and that's a big problem when I need my money to be accurately accounted for. I believe all amounts are still correct as far as "remaining/spent" but the graph that shows a visual depiction is incorrect after using the "rollover" feature. I emailed them about this two and a half weeks ago and still haven't received a response. It doesn't seem like they are very interested in making this app work correctly, so I'll be searching for a different app starting today. It's sad because in theory, this app is exactly what I'm looking for. Just wish it had the bugs worked out.

  • Good idea. Failed implementation!

    by Outgolfin074673

    I have used the ap for about a month and a half. Everything went fine in March and I set up many envelopes and it was adding and budgeting correctly until the end of the month. It seemed like the last 15 transactions I added didn't "add in to the ap." the budgets didn't reflect those transactions. It was almost like I hit a transaction limit in the ap and it stopped. Yes, I have the paid version for unlimited transactions. Also, some rollovers didn't work correctly, but some did. The colored line of some rollovers is way off and shows I am over budget for the month, but I still have $$ to spend. I have written feedback I them a week ago with no response. I am at this point using this ap to keep track of my transactions until I can transfer them into a new budget ap. this one is useless until fixed.

  • Needs work

    by Jaxx-1

    This app looks good and has potential. I like the tracker that shows how much of the budget has been used which goes red when you're over. That being said, you can't trust the numbers since the rollover function from month to month doesn't add properly. It also has issues if you change the amounts of a budget for different months. I have sent feedback and it has yet to be fixed. Disappointing.

  • This App doesn't Sync Now

    by Lexmidd

    This app worked very well for my wife and me for over a year. Then it updated and now it doesn't sync. I would not recommend this app to anybody who will need to sync with another person, because it won't work as advertised right now. Please fix this problem. I have heard You Need a Budget is more reliable. It might be worth the expense to change.

  • Does not sync accurately between devices.

    by Jambastic

    Using this app since January not one month has gone by where both phones have had the same balances on them even though we are using the same account and sharing the same syncing. The app is great in theory but it is yet to work for us.

  • Sync function is crap!

    by Dganiol

    They claim this app can sync across any device but the pure bs. I've had this app for several months and its worked up until a month ago. The app does not communicate across devices. The only way to have the most up to date tallies is to send the initial data to the cloud then receive said data. This inability to sync destroys the functionality of the app in the first place.

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