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Stock Trading Ideas delivers hand-picked trading ideas based on technical indicators, support & resistance levels, Fibonacci lines, divergences and chart patterns.

We scan the entire market for stock reversal and continuation patterns and share these trading ideas with you in a very easy to understand format. The app opens with an index page that shows all stock trading ideas sorted by date. Each box shows the ticker, real-time stock quotes and the signal at the time it was generated.

Other Features:
- Stock news from trusted sources
- Financial highlights and key ratios
- Market direction forecast
- Futures and market indices
- Market momentum indicators

We don’t claim to make you rich or promise you unrealistic returns, but we promise that you will find great investment opportunities with real analysis behind it.

Customer Reviews

  • Solid with a little confusion

    by George_USA

    The results of the bull stocks are impressive but I just wish they had more results for stocks expected to rise. Great app and worth the money. I'm not an experienced trader and I'm not sure how to make the most of the few stocks they list as "short" or "bear" if I haven't already invested in them and it doesn't say if they will continue to fall or if they will increase after a short lived bear trend. If you believe you have solid experience I believe this app is well worth it.

  • Solid with a little confusion

    by George_USA

    The results of the bull stocks are impressive but I just wish they had more results for stocks expected to rise. Great app and worth the money. I'm not an experienced trader and I'm not sure how to make the most of the few stocks they list as "short" or "bear" if I haven't already invested in them and it doesn't say if they will continue to fall or if they will increase after a short lived bear trend. If you believe you have solid experience I believe this app is well worth it.

  • Great app for technical traders

    by kelebek74

    App pays for itself in virtually no time; gives you great trading ideas. I highly recommend the app if you are a technical trader or new to the discipline.

  • Awesome app for traders

    by zagor31

    This is a great tool for those looking for quick way to find trading ideas.

  • Great app

    by Fumky fresh food

    Great job with ideas and technicals. I find it to be extremely useful trading options near expiration dates. Due to the way the app provides this analysis greatly increases the probability of profit and reduces the amount of time to find options ideas near the money and expiration dates. My only suggestion is to provide option chain prices on the date of your ideas.

  • Very good technical app

    by Fineleg70

    Really reliable technical trading companion , thanks.

  • Great app!


    This gives possible future trends as can be highly profitable if they "happen" to play out. This is a possible forecast only that alerts the trader as to highly possible outcomes. If, for example, there is a possible "short" indicator, and the Dow is up 200 points, it will not work. However, conversely, if the technicals were indicating a "short," and the overall market was also in a downtrend, the rewards could be substantial. This is an inexpensive app. that can save a lot of excessive research. Five stars!

  • Joe

    by Mr joep

    This is a good app, very helpful

  • Very useful information

    by Zukele

    This is a great resource to identify potential setups ! I find myself checking it every day and going through its ideas. Very recommended !


    by ozzylives

    This is a very nice app.I will give it 5 stars if they add a simple buy sell or hold explanation.Just tell us what you would do and add options.We need a strike price.Still a great app just make it simple thanks.

  • Good!!

    by Wwwwwwwwwq

    Very nice and helpfull , worth it.

  • Well done!

    by Collabtech

    This is a very good app for identifying potential investment opportunities, but additional research should still be done on the companies financials as well. Overall I have been happy with the results.

  • Good app

    by Gate Of Destiny

    Very helpful for newbie

  • Great app

    by Angzhao

    Made money on the first trade recommendation from the app. The analysis tells you what to look for and it's pattern. Very useful.

  • 24k TRUST APP

    by Loaiza24kpure

    TX 4 ALL.

  • Money maker

    by Lsbeller

    Combined with my short term trading rules, I have made a lot of money with the "watch" stocks that this app identifies just before they breakout without having to spend the time searching for these setups. Thank you!

  • Great APP!

    by Kowalski77

    Great app. Does exactly what it says. Good ideas to start with. Scans a huge variety of stocks to choose from and tells u why it gave the recommendation.

  • Great simple app

    by Christian Escareno

    The app does it exactly what it says it does - it gives you basic ideas on what stocks to choose. Worth the money.

  • Great, not awesome

    by eggo214

    Great tool for short term trade ideas, wish the charts updated more frequently, and that the long/shorts were separated for us long only folks, but definitely worth the money if you're in the biz and take your trading seriously. It would be better if broad market movement analysis were incorporated in the buy/sell calls, but a great tool to have access to.

  • Nice app!

    by Fsubell

    Works great if you already have a trading strategy. Use the info for confirmation to make the trade. Need an app for specifically ETFs.

  • Requires attention.

    by nobr3galium

    Update: After my 5* review, I am sad to decrease it now, as there are a few things which are important for us users, that should quickly be fixed: - We need the Volume on the charts. Most of your analysis are based on Volume, amongst other indicators, but Volume is not presented in any way and is essential to confirm your analysis. - Why can we not access the app offline? Last information open should be visible to the user, even offline. I have come across a few days ago staying without internet access, and was amazed to find out that I could not open the app unless I had internet access. - After several emails exchanged reporting the above, got told it would take months to get this things solved, 6 months at least. How come? 6 months, at least?? Expected more from your support, after such a great review/rating from a previous 3* rating increase. Disapointed. _____________________ Previous 5* review: You did it! You made an exceptional and functional app. After my 3 stars review back months ago and my request for better and continuos improvements, you have achieved and overcome my expectations. I just love to open you app now. Brilliant layout, functional, continuously improvements, and I could go on... Thank you for listening your customers. Best app ever! Just love it!

  • I got robbed!!!

    by SentiBlue

    A so called professional grade stock app that doesn't let me add my own picks to the list for my own purpose? Everything in this app is decided by the app. And why do I want pay "pro" price to see a dedicated page of your other apps advertising?

  • Not enough functions!

    by Shir Jay

    I purchased this app thinking it may helps to analyze whichever stock I choose with their special tools, turned out it showed only few of stocks each day, so ...? Would be worth the full price ( which I've paid) if we can just enter any stock ourselves!

  • Not Useful

    by GEP09

    All the app provides is whether a stock has increased or decreased recently. They always recommend to buy long for the former and short for the later. Unfortunately, the trade recommendation is given after the stock has already drastically increased/decreased in value and it is too late to benefit.

  • Great app

    by Ariesoxy

    One of my favorite app. I have been using it for a few months now. I would say 70 to 80% of the recommendation are good recommendation. Highly recommended.

  • Review

    by Giraffx

    Paid for itself within 24 hours.

  • Don't pass this up!

    by Easiz

    This app looks expensive but it is well worth it. It will pay for itself within a day or two. Of course this is only a starting point. I use this to start my research and then I narrow it down further to something I'm comfortable with. Well worth the money.

  • I dig it!!

    by tim depascale

    Hot picks and good ideas

  • Trading

    by Winged Win

    This app provides quick info on moving stocks. It's a great way to stay on top of the crowd.

  • Good idea generator

    by Spotf15

    Works well. Provides useful guidance.

  • Great ideas

    by Lakah

    I love all their apps. This one is simply a great source of solid investment ideas. It will pay for itself.

  • Ok app...but not very useful

    by Pawan agarwal

    Not great ideas.

  • Fantastic

    by DK169

    Great idea generator.

  • good

    by HOWIEEEE1978

    Very ez to use ...

  • Needs an improvement

    by Commish1965

    I like this app for idea generation. Would like to see watchlist functionality. I really only concentration on certain stocks so just blindly trading on their picks doesn't work for me.

  • Great Apps

    by Bmartin1979

    The apps made by these developers are great and I use them all daily.

  • Stock Trading Ideas

    by Baybo70

    I can't imagine any other app having more value. A great starting point for your research on which stock to invest in...

  • Good application

    by Cmunio

    This app is a must for anyone seeking potential investment opportunities. It should never be used as the only source of information and should never replace your research. Put it in perspective, the cost of this app is trivial compared to what a bad investment will set you back.

  • Product Review

    by Christopher Schwarz

    Does exactly what it says it will only problem is the updates are rather sporadic and oftentimes come long after the information would be of any real value for the everyday investor. Definitely overpriced for what you are getting although as you read the product description you will probably realize this yourself although I decided to give it a shot. I have RARELY traded on the advice given as it has been of no personal use to me and furthermore would have probably cost me much more that this app. All the same, the technicals are evaluated correctly yet I would really enjoy if the recommendations given were depicted in a table or graph to show the recommendations true performance over the life of the application. Not to mention it gives very little forewarning on prices to get out at or potential for growth, features definitely need to be added if I were to ever recommend this to anyone. Yet as we all know there's no easy way to "cheat" the stock market so simply use this as a guide to compare your own trading strategies against.

  • I feel like I got robbed

    by armitrom64

    I can't believe that you can't look up any stock you want, you can only see the stocks they give you.... Wasted my money completely what a shame.

  • Didn't Live Up To My Expectationa

    by ergeusa

    I have other apps from this vendor & one of the things I liked best was that they all tied into my Watchlist seamlessly. This one does not. Doesn't show my Watchlist at all directly from my iPad app - instead, there is a cumbersome route to go online and view my Watchlist. Very disappointed.

  • It's a waste

    by chussed

    Don't waste your time and money buying this app it's just a waste

  • limited applicability

    by Wingmanjon

    Ok but limited

  • Money maker

    by mikcol1698

    Started making money the first day. Thank you.

  • So far, so good...

    by GeoAnz

    Admittedly, I haven't made any trades based on info from the app - yet. I like the strategic, impartial info provided. Great job, guys!!

  • It works!!!

    by bienvinguts

    Excellent app.

  • A Must Have !

    by Don Ray P2P

    The interface couldn't be more clear or easier to use, and the signals are, quite simply, accurate. 6 weeks and 7 trades since purchase, I have banked 6 wins and one loss.

  • Love it

    by Zgudtj

    This app does not disappoint. If you know what your looking at this app can give you a bunch of great picks.

  • Use it to learn analysis better

    by Plasticguy

    I mainly use it to learn not to trade, but I like it for educational purposes.

  • Very Good

    by acunuttall

    Good analysis. Provides solid ideas for those of us who are lazy scanners! Would be better if the charts were updated daily, instead of just being screen shots, so you could retrospectively see how the analysis shaped up.

  • Can us some help.

    by MLK2170

    These charts and suggestions are useful. But you can't trade against the broader markets. That's what's missing....Analysis of the broader markets. They need to add a row at the top of the markets.

  • Nice Tool

    by Susan and Mike

    This is a very helpful tool for incorporating technical features in your overall assessment of trading opportunities. I use it several times a week in researching trades.

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