Currency Converter HD: converter + money calculator with exchange rates for 150+ foreign currencies (convert Dollars, Euros and many more!) Finance App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Lifelike Apps, Inc

New user interface designed to match iOS7
New app icon
Minor bug fixes

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The no.1 currency app! APPADVICE writes: "simply dazzling on the iPhone Retina display… Currency looks like an app Apple created". 
The only currency app you’ll ever need.

Currency HD by Lifelike Apps is the most powerful currency converter in the App Store: Easy to use, beautiful and reliable: The screenshots speak for themselves and you can view a hands-on demo video here:

Its accuracy and reliability will make it the best dollar you've ever spent: a real travel companion you can trust everywhere and every time.

• 3 gorgeous views designed for retina display: calculator, chart and list view
• Real-time currency conversion with up-to-the-minute exchange rates
• Every major currency with over 150 currencies available
• Auto-refresh based on user-defined intervals
• Offline mode with saved rates: perfect when roaming abroad

Download it now and find out why Currency HD is the best currency conversion app in the App Store.

Customer Reviews

  • Yay

    by Yocks

    Very useful!

  • I lov "chart"

    by allisonallison

    very useful!

  • I lov "chart"

    by allisonallison

    very useful!

  • Instant Info

    by OnySony

    Wonderful. Exactly what I need.

  • Excellent Utility

    by birder22

    This app is one of the best -- perhaps the best -- currency converter available today. It goes beyond the simple conversion of one currency to another by providing charts of recent change and other useful helps. Highly recommended.

  • M

    by Fijw

    Best currency app

  • Very good, but one big annoyance.

    by Dejikame

    Pretty easy to use, except it won't automatically erase the previously entered value, whenever you enter a new one.

  • Best currency converter app

    by Bemefa

    Go for it. Best do far

  • Great

    by Hectfrn

    Best currency app

  • Great

    by Hanane Najmeddine

    Easy and fast , good

  • Good app

    by Marcelo 15987

    Nice to know updated currency

  • Really very good app

    by N.Zaman

    No doubt u can purchase it. Thanks

  • Popeye

    by Dave Green sr

    Very useful ap for traveling!!!

  • Very very good

    by Abdul Rahman Hazeem

    I like it its help me alot

  • Money maker

    by Masadimusa

    Very useful.

  • Wish it had bitcoin

    by ASR88

    Great app for doing simple conversions - just wish it had Bitcoin exchange rate

  • Accurate


    Love it and super easy to use Ty :)

  • Missing Sales Tax Input

    by MichelD1950

    Great App but useless for travellers from Europe (where sales taxes are included in the prices) when they go to America. For example, in Quebec (Canada) all products and services do not have the federal and provincial taxes included in the price (which amounts to almost 15%). So we need to add this tax and then convert to Euros after. All the taxes of the United States and Canada (to mention only these countries) should be implemented in the App. I understand that this feature should be toggled on or off since some goods do have the taxes included (most grocery food, gaz, liquor in the state liquor stores).

  • Simple and useful

    by Slavenko Miljic

    Beautifully made app that gets the job done fast and simple

  • Currency

    by Big D4U

    Great apps great help.

  • Buena pero!!!

    by Oalf

    Es buena pero el modo sin conexión a internet no sirve. Así qué no es completa! Borrada lástima porq me pereció muy buena.

  • Love it

    by Nathan Blum

    Covers all my currency needs. Plus all the conversion are very the whole look and feel of the app although a little work here and there is still necesary

  • Works great!!!

    by BrianJ334

    This is the best currency converter I've used.

  • Good app

    by AnyTraveler

    Good app

  • awesome

    by kayla.v.night

    one of the greatest converting tools i know

  • A

    by sat62010

    Great App

  • Fast and accurate

    by Juparkin

    Great for really quick conversions that are frequently updated. The charts are a helpful plus, as is the ability to add favorites to speed up the process.

  • Great

    by Golferlu

    This is the best currency converter app I have used. Very useful and easy to use.

  • Great app

    by calvinjsn81

    This app is very useful. I really need the app like this one for my work. Now I can use it anytime and anywhere. That's great!

  • Useful!

    by casasvmw

    It's useful! But I don't like the graphic!

  • but...does it do bitcoin?

    by rosscoer

    eh, works for me!

  • Great

    by Nicodiac

    This is a very good application. This is one of the best currency converter I have ever used. The design looks great and the amount of currencies supported is huge. It's worth every cent in my opinion.

  • Best of all Currency

    by Q80inUSA

    Comparing all currency apps its the best

  • Very good app

    by Sqwalff8

    Nice app and more useful

  • Orange icon?

    by victorlgarcia

    -2 stars for the icon

  • Thumbs up!!!!!

    by Kay Caz

    I love this app.

  • Good design

    by Rhdkejsjsk2637

    Easy to use, attractive design. Logical placement of functions / features. Charts and calculator are very helpful while traveling.

  • Very good!!

    by mmsbinho

    This is a very goog app!!

  • Nice app

    by robert.rowe2

    It look really good on my ipad's big screen. Clean lines, polished graphics and a beautful graph make this app a joy to use. Has accurate values as well. Superb

  • Cool

    by kate.bratz

    I was looking for something like this for a while since I have to convert currency at work on a daily basis. Only thing I can say it that it's a must have. This became my go to app for converting money.

  • excellent

    by mbmyallsto

    An excellent converting currency and calculation program. Works very well and not had any issues. It is very fast with its converting and calculating. All apps should have this much design thought put into them!

  • the best

    by uvwwchoorot

    Easily the best app ever for any currency conversion. It is well worth having when dealing with conversion of some really uncommon currency. I use it far more often than I expected.

  • useful

    by djkounickw

    One of the most useful tools around. It is straightforward and simple to use. And it is always updated and accurate. I love having it so handy! This app has never let me down!

  • Great job!!

    by bxcvbodenh

    There is more information on the app than I ever knew existed and that usually confuses things, however, that isn't the case with the ease of use that this app is made with! Great job!

  • it's good

    by fngfeinste

    Simple interface, very intuitive. It has been so convenient to use, in converting currencies and in calculating. The only improvement is to be compatible to the new iOS 7! Would recommend to anyone.

  • easy to use

    by fvjlatneystof

    A very useful app, works easily, quickly and the layout is simply great! Couldn't imagine a more easy-to-use layout. This app is likely all you will need to convert all the currencies in this world.

  • Fantastic

    by ormartinasu

    Works as described. It has more options than other converters that I have used on the iTunes Store. The only drawback is that sometimes, it freezes, fortunately it's not common. Overall, it’s fantastic.

  • Real handy

    by dumelochi

    This comes in real handy since I’m working on a school project about finance right now and I need to convert major world currencies. It is easy to navigate and user friendly, I like it a lot.

  • Best currency converter

    by Sudh

    Simple and very innovative currency converter app..

  • Love it, rely on it daily.

    by Sillygurlzzz

    I use this every single day for clients all over the world. Love the option to switch the countries back and forth for quick entry. It's also a total life saver when I'm in a taxi.

  • Quick and easy to use

    by SLSP909

    Very handy & useful. Like the calculator feature.

  • Good

    by Mohad11uae

    Good app

  • Nice app

    by Zez0o

    Every time I want to know about currencies update I use google but a takes too long to find what you want this app is the best it helps me a lot thank you

  • Great app

    by Fevasgdh

    Very easy to use

  • Very good app

    by Wharfas

    Really helpful. Currency always up to date, it's update every time you use it. Very easy to use and great design.

  • Great

    by Lars Fergo


  • Work well

    by hood fri

    This app help me convert exchange everywhere and every time.It's easy to use and work well. .

  • Conversions.

    by cupati

    It's actually pretty simple. I now find myself using this app as my go to for conversions.

  • Cool tool! Amazing app!

    by sweetanhua

    This app is very useful for travelers. It can support over 150 currencies conversion. It has efficient UI. And controls feel great. It supports real-time currency conversion. It is very easy to use. I love this app. I recommend this app for my friends. I look forward developers make more apps like it.

  • Works great

    by baewar

    Runs good, works fast and accurate enough for most anyone.

  • Nice

    by canido000

    I just got this app and it seems real easy to use and very comprehensive on the kinds of currency that it has.

  • Useful

    by till0900

    Finally a grown-up converter that is intuitive and fast to use, and pretty darn complete.

  • Wonderful

    by memetoone

    Wonderfully useful and effective. Very convenient tool well designed, excellent job.

  • Simple

    by rackrack1134

    It's actually pretty simple. I now find myself using this app as my go to for conversions.

  • Great app

    by habmqcqm

    Nice app,it support over 150 currency conversion,beautiful ui and simple to use,its accuracy and reliability will make it the best dollar you've ever spent,very useful for travellers.

  • Great

    by lgulhd

    It's a powerful currency converter,beautiful ui and easy to use,supports real-time currency conversion is very useful for me,thanks again.

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