DataMan - Real Time Data Usage Manager Finance App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Johnny Ixe
  • Updated: Nov, 24 2010
  • Version: 3.5
  • Size: 530.85 KB

Languages: English

Seller: Johnny Ixe

・ Support iPhone 5 and iOS 6

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"Yields extremely valuable information and alerts" NYTimes

DataMan Classic. Your weapon against data overage charges. Real-time tracking of your data usage helps you stay within your data plan. And with custom usage alerts, you're warned before you hit your data cap.

Precise and Current. DataMan Classic gets your latest usage statistics directly from iOS. You'll always know exactly how much you use. So no more waiting for your carrier to update.

Additional features include:
・ Track cellular (LTE/4G/3G) and Wi-Fi
・ Auto usage counter reset at end of bill cycle
・ Four levels of usage threshold alerts
・ Reliable, installed by millions of users
・ Work with all carriers, no login needed
・ View past usage by bill cycle
・ Easy quick setup
・ iOS 6 compatible

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Customer Reviews

  • Works well.

    by BobC1

    Does what it claims. Simple tracking of cellular and Wifi usage.

  • I like it.

    by TandD4753

    Good info if your on a limited data plan.

  • Absolutely love this app

    by Bribrizi

    Gives you the exact data you've used

  • exl

    by mezo14

    exl dataman

  • Inacurate

    by Carstennetsrac

    Version says I've used 75% of my data and Dataman says 33%? Something's up.

  • $10 overage / $31.27 credit

    by Senatorgleason

    I just received a text from my carrier that I had exceeded my data threshold and would be billed $10 for the overage. Armed with my dataman records, I called customer service and ended up with a $31.27 credit on my account. This app has more than paid for itself on multiple occasions.

  • Simple and elegant

    by madiosonsj

    Does what it suppose to do loving it

  • Nice!

    by Keeeebz

    Works great so far! No complaints after 2 weeks!

  • Definitely worth having

    by Chris in Jax

    Really good to know how much cell data is used. I have an iPad and share data with my wife's iPad. I can monitor how much data we are using and decide how to proceed. It would be nice if the app gave an alert at the set percentage points, but it is easy enough to check periodically. Useful without being glitzy.

  • Super helpful app

    by Cap pop

    This app is very accurate in keeping up with data used. Super helpful!!

  • Para 5 iPhone

    by robertocolima85

    Me gusta y funciona bien no me ha dado problemas

  • Great, helpful app

    by Ascendants

    This app does exactly what it says, and does it well. The ability to choose the notifications and what % they send at is great. It's a very nice app to help you keep track of your data.

  • Great App

    by Stevie_P

    Does just what it says it will do.

  • Great app to control your data usage

    by Rgmc

    Very useful app

  • Pretty good

    by TampaNative74

    Allows to track data usage.

  • Great!

    by jose bigmack garcia

    It does what it's supposed to do! And it does it well! I like how it tells you how much data you have used over wifi too! But is it worth 2 bucks? No. Maybe a dollar but for 2 dollars it should do more.

  • So far so good

    by yadang25

    It seems to work well. It would be nice not to have to turn it on every time the phone is restarted.

  • Working As Advertised

    by Robb Sky

    This app has been updated and appears to work as advertised. Nice job.

  • برنامج رائع

    by Abu Hazem

    برنامج مفيد اتمنى ان اراه باللغه العربية

  • Great App

    by Pedro Swartz

    It's nice to be able to keep up with usage in real-time.

  • Avoid at all cost

    by cyclist223

    Always release new apps instead of updating the version. I got the paid dataman app. Then got the pro when it came out. Immediately it was removed. Then Next came out and I paid for that. Then new pro versions came out and I paid for that again. Then now they release a newer pro version. I paid 4.99 each time for the pro version. Never even use the app. Just keep it around, but what a money pit. Ended up spending over $20. No support for old version. Constantly replaced with new app that 4.99 again.

  • Dont work

    by Joetag0216

    I read alot of good things about this app, but for me the data usage is way off, i dont know if theres something im doing wrong but so far, not worth it

  • Not working

    by Dookie Face

    I used to love this app, but it doesn't track my data usage at all anymore. I went over my data limit, and the app hasn't recorded any data use.

  • Not Accurate!!!

    by Mac Muscle Nerd

    Does not give accurate reading when I compare to your other DataMan Tracker and also way off compared to Verizon.

  • No good ap

    by So-useless-App

    Since phone update data man is useless it gives incorrect information

  • Not WORKING Anymore!!

    by BRDiverBR

    What's happened to this app? I want my money back. It doesn't track each days usage anymore. Doesn't tell me what apps are using data anymore. Used to be SO valuable; now worthless!! PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!

  • App accurate?

    by marzelaw

    When I cross-check the app data traffic against my carrier's, it doesn't fit at all. After 20 days there s a 100 mb difference! Settings are correct. Whats wrong then?

  • Waste.

    by Coolman9z

    This app doesn't work. it reads the cellular usage wrong I used all 250mb of my data and the app says I only used 83mb I would like a refund of my money thanks & I would not recommend this your money

  • Don't buy it!!

    by Angry Custom3r!!!!

    If you have iOS7 do not buy this or you're going to have to buy another app by the same developer that does the same thing but the other version actually works for iOS7. The developer will not update this app and just recommended that I buy the other app for iOS7!!!! It is ridiculous!!

  • No longer works

    by Monkey's Gal

    This used to be somewhat accurate. Now it's not. :(

  • Shows lower data usage than ATT

    by Ebt01

    There is a mismatch between the data usage count of this app and ATT. ATT reports much higher. Is it because iphone 5? Be aware!

  • Useless

    by Mikey boy Norwalk

    This app doesn't do anything that isn't built in to IOS All it does is breakout wifi from data. Doesn't tell you on an app by app basis where your data is being drawn from. Regret buying it.

  • Spend the extra money

    by sgordon69

    Do not buy if you are expecting to receive a notification when you hit threshold limits. Will not send notifications. You must open the app to see data use. Spend the extra money & purchase DataMan Pro if you want notifications. No option to upgrade from here. Very frustrating I wasted money on this & could not upgrade to get what is really needed.

  • Trust me, dont get it!

    by Shanebolina123

    It works fine for about six to seven months, but then it completely messes up how much you've actually used! Dont get it!!!

  • Waist

    by Meeee girl

    It does not match AT&T

  • Poor app

    by Nhoj Trebor A Steede

    Its not a good data app! It doesnt tell you the right amount!

  • Was great! Not anymore

    by albaloopolo

    This app used to be very exact in its measurements, it was always within a mb or so from what AT&T reported. However for the past couple months its data has been VERY wrong. For example this month I've used 288 mb of data but this app reported 73 mb. If I was relying on the information from this app I would be screwed! I'm not sure what happened down the road but this app is just not working for me anymore. Instead I rely on *DATA# to get accurate information from AT&T, which is less convenient than checking this app was, but at least it is correct. Unfortunately this app has to be deleted.

  • Great

    by Dangfoot

    Awesome works good !!!!!!!!

  • Useless app

    by Keving2634

    This app rarely tracks my data usage correctly. I just received a text notification that I'd reached 65% of my data plan. Data man shows 5%. I was streaming movies so I KNOW it wasn't 5%. Useless app.

  • Good App

    by Rica's

    The best data App

  • Great

    by Chukie96

    I would give this a thousand stars if i could keeps track of how much data even wifi i use good investment if you need to keep track of your data

  • Very helpful

    by br0ken1

    I absolutely love how simple and straightforward it is. It shows exactly and only the information I need. Have already recommended to friends!

  • Muy bueno

    by luiszapeta

    Minimalista y cumple muy bien

  • Helpful app

    by Dataguzzler

    Very helpful

  • $ saver

    by BirdieB

    It works great, it helps me not to go over my data limit

  • Solid

    by Brandon Van Pernis

    Works pretty darn well. Could have a better looking interface, but it works well and that's what counts.

  • No longer useful app as it used to be

    by Aj633

    It used to give lot of granular details until an year ago, now it is not giving any information and data is ver inconsistent..

  • Horrible

    by Bao Dang

    It does not measure correctly. Dataman said that i was only using 23 percent of my data when i had just gotten a text from AT&T saying that i have used over 90% of my data. Dont buy, waste of money, not even accurate

  • Ok

    by Ttttime04785348

    Ok app

  • Not accurate

    by Customer0521

    Worked good last year but I went over on my data usage the past 2 months without warning. It was no where close to the amount I was using.

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