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Languages: English, French, German, HE, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: James Spencer

- Fixed a problem with an incorrect flag.
- Other bug fixes.

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Whether you're a business or leisure traveler, hopping from country to country is a breeze when you have Currency+ in your hands!  This Universal currency conversion application for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch shows you what you're paying instantly and is easy to use even when you have jet lag.

- Currency Calculator
- Support For Over 150 World Currencies & Precious Metals
+ Historical Charts
- Background Rate Updates & Currency Alerts
+ Editable Calculator Tape
+ Inverse Currency Calculations
- Transaction Fees or Taxes
- Integrated Help

+ Requires In-App Upgrade

What Makes Currency+ stand out from other Currency Apps?

Currency Calculator
When you are traveling in a different country, most of the time your focus will be on converting the local currency back to your home currency. The built in calculator lets you focus on two selected currencies on one screen. The built in calculator remains on the screen at all times making data entry quick and easy.

Support For Over 150 World Currencies & Precious Metals
For times where you want to keep track of many currencies at one time, the favorites list is where you need to go. You pick from over150 world currencies and precious metals (powered by Selecting any currency in your list, enter a value and the rest of the currencies in your list will show you that amount in their own currency in real time.

Historical Charts
Currency+ has historical charts. You can view historical currency conversion charts for any two currencies. Touch the chart with a single finger to see data from any period in the past. Touch the chart with two fingers to compare currency exchange rates from any two past periods. Rotate the chart to landscape view to see the chart in even greater detail. Show charts for 1 day (real time intraday), 5day, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years.

Background Rate Updates & Currency Alerts
Currency+ will go out and update your currency rates without taking your device out of your pocket. Whenever you open Currency+, your data will always be up to date. Do you want to be notified when a currency goes above or below a certain value? If so, Currency+ can notify you of these changes without the need to open the app. You will receive a push notification on your device whenever the currency you are watching goes beyond the limit you set.

Editable Calculator Tape
Currency+ has an integrated calculator tape that keeps track of everything that you do. You can send any value from the tap to any of your favorite currencies. You can edit/delete/insert tape values and your calculations will automatically update. Finally, you can put comments on any of your tape values to help you keep track of what your numbers stand for.

Inverse Currency Calculations
Need to do inverse or reverse currency calculations? Currency+ can switch between standard and inverse currency conversion modes on the fly.

Transaction Fees or Taxes
Currency+ can factor in transaction fees (or tax) automatically. Individuals rarely convert money at published exchange rates - most banks and exchange offices charge a fee. Enter the transaction fee percentage to give you a better estimate of your 'real' conversion rates.

Integrated Online Help
Currency+ has a built in help. You don't need to memorize everything at the time you buy Currency+. Use the help to get quick access to everything about Currency+.

Make the leap with Jump Gap Software's Currency+, the currency converter that takes you around the world and back.

Customer Reviews

  • Useful tool

    by Bcarv

    Handy tool-up to date values

  • Nice app

    by Arm_72

    Good app

  • Easy to use

    by RogerD168

    I like this one

  • Good App

    by Hubo phx

    I like it

  • Fast program

    by Eisenfuss

    Having used this app for the last 6 weeks daily it is very fast and reliable. I seemed to have difficulties using its calculator, it never worked for me so I simy don't use it. Exchange rates- very good program with quick info on rates

  • Great App!!!!

    by Gt20

    Great App!!! Very useful!!!

  • Accuracy

    by Van510

    Very accurate

  • by Yocks

    It's very helpful!

  • It works

    by joe expat

    I am an expat living in South America. I travel to many countries and this app is very helpful. My income is in U.S. dollars and with this app I know how much I am spending in each place.

  • Great App

    by Cuoe Arrigotti

    Easy to use. Love when traveling!!!

  • Travel friendly

    by Mad cherries

    Perfect app for those that travel frequently

  • Great app

    by Micketymouse

    Great app so easy to use and always right on. Use almost every day.

  • Hobbyist tool for forge world

    by Khorne Lord Bloodhound

    Great if u are a GW (games workshop) hobbyist like me who needs to know the price from Forge world which uses British £s.

  • Love this app

    by Angelina1813

    I depend in this app like crazy. I travel a lot and am constantly checking this site for accurate exchange rates. Love love love

  • Use it everyday

    by Wkayb

    Very easy to use.

  • Great app

    by Julie Meachen

    Great app, never had a problem been running it for 18 months. Simple and accurate highly recommend

  • My favorite

    by She'sUpToSomething

    I've downloaded & tried at least six currency conversion apps, & Currency+ remains my favorite. The current format is easy & clearcut. Recommended!

  • Great app

    by Sixdemonbag

    I used this to convert Dollars to Pesos during a trip to Mexico. I was pleased with how easy I could switch back and forth between the two currencies. It works as advertised and made me a little less lost during my trip.

  • Great app

    by Sixdemonbag

    I used this to convert Dollars to Pesos during a trip to Mexico. I was pleased with how easy I could switch back and forth between the two currencies. It works as advertised and made me a little less lost during my trip.

  • Best Currency App

    by BooYah_2001

    This app is the nicest and quickest app to use for currency conversions. I highly recommend this app if you travel internationally or need to convert currencies.

  • Its a trap

    by Big Nalep

    This app is solely a link to other paid apps. Couldn't actually use to any degree of usefulness. Don't download.

  • Hate the update

    by AyameofAzuma

    Ugly new design. Deleting and getting a different converter.

  • Good app but too pricey

    by Suddha

    This is a good app and the interface and navigation are really intuitive. But the app is too pricey for a currency converter app.

  • Mike Purvis

    by Mpurvistx

    Very clear and concise information. Updates quickly.

  • Great app

    by Dwkuhl

    Very good and easy to use app. Would recommend it if you travel overseas. Love this app. I use it all of the time to check the dollar against the pound. Check the rates at least 8 times a day to compare when I withdraw pounds to try to get best rates.

  • Great app!!!

    by Alfredpayet

    This is quite a nifty app for anyone who wants to find the rate of conversion for any currency under the sun.

  • Chang is NOT ALWAYS GOOD

    by Jonny0077

    I loved this app before the update now it's worthless. Why would you change it so much when it was fine before? Change it back.I paid for this app now I hate it!!!!!! Thanks for ripping me off!

  • Don't download

    by Nicholasdaigle

    The app doesn't convert correctly. I input $1 USD to see how many MXN pesos were equal to that and it gave me $1 peso. It should be 13. Not 1. Don't waste your time or data on this until it's fixed / simplified.

  • Does what it says

    by Faderhihat

    Best currency converter. Simple and elegant. What more can I ask? I bit more real time data. I noticed that it could take a day sometimes to catchup with the market changes.

  • Bda

    by Jdfoiuytf

    Perfect app for the currency

  • Good app

    by Buster0613

    Very good app

  • Cool

    by suitenita

    This is a great app. Very cool and useful.

  • Bad upgrade

    by EMYbo

    Now this not usable any more and it was a great app before. What a shame!

  • Great app

    by Hdjshe

    Very useful for currency exchange rates

  • Lucie

    by Atam Lucie

    This app is a lifesaver I love it

  • Currency converter

    by Stltraveling

    This app was great! Recently traveled the Baltics through Swedish and Danish krona, Russian rubles and euros and was able to set up all at once for easy reference to USD at a moments notice; no more guessing how much I was really spending! Would not travel without this!

  • Don't update!

    by Kevin in NJ

    Although similar to iOS seven in design, you're limited to only comparing two currencies at a time. Those of us who work internationally with different countries-in my case UK, Europe, India, and the Dominican Republic, this app is less useful than before. Additionally, the animated ads at the bottom of the page make it look like any other app. Too bad, I hope these limitations are fixed. And no, I'm really not interested in paying $1.99 for the full version, $.99 yes, so regretfully, I will start looking for another converter. Wish I didn't need to write this bad review.

  • Custom rates missing

    by tatundria

    Please add the option to edit custom currency rates

  • Good

    by Sharafdevala


  • Nice one

    by Fakupa

    I like it ,keeps you upto date about exchange rates

  • Perfect!

    by Dashapples

    It does its job right.

  • Great App

    by The top answer is...

    Currency+ is a must have app for international travelers or people that do business on the international market.

  • Good!!!

    by Ignischan

    The best!!!

  • Best

    by Miltongon

    Awesome app

  • Perfect!

    by Stadev

    Awesome app very easy to use. Helped me a lot when I was overseas. There are complicated ones out there but this is by far the best.

  • Great app!

    by Ifeanyi N.

    Very easy to use!

  • Currency converter

    by Bbrobbey

    Excellent app and would recommend it to all financial analysts. Good job.

  • Simple but helpful

    by Mr.Brigo

    It's my essential app when I travel and buy stuff, very helpful and easy to use.

  • Quick and simple. Works fine

    by captronnnyg


  • Functional & Intuitive

    by Ahote

    Does what it's supposed to, and does so in a predictable and intuitive way. I love it. I use it. Daily.

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