Quicken 2014 Money Management Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Intuit Inc.
  • Updated: Oct, 01 2013
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Size: 13.09 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Intuit Inc.

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**Quicken 2014 is the free companion app to Quicken 2014 for your Windows desktop software.**

New for 2014! Snap and store receipts.

The Quicken 2014 app syncs your Quicken 2014 desktop information to your iPhone or iPad, so you can make smart decisions about your money no matter where you are. With over 30 years of helping people reach their financial goals, Quicken is the best cash flow and budgeting tool to help you reach yours too.

• NEW! Snap and store receipts from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
• Automatically syncs your desktop and mobile data, so you’ll always have a clear financial picture.
• View balances and transactions—know what’s going on with your checking, saving, credit card, and manual accounts.
• Automatically pulls in your budgets—track expenses and see what you have left to spend.
• Easy-understand graphs show a clear picture of where your money is going. (iPad-only)
• Manually add transactions at the time of purchase to keep your balances up-to-date.
• Split transactions for an accurate view of spending.
• Get alerts sent to your mobile device—stay on top of changes to your accounts.
• View your information from your latest sync, even when you’re not online.

To begin using the Quicken 2014 app, first create an Intuit ID from your Quicken 2014 for Windows product. You will need this ID to log-in to the app and begin syncing your data. Note: for Quicken 2013 app users, your log-in will not be the same. The Quicken 2013 app only works with the Quicken 2013 for Windows product.

• Proven encryption technology.
• Partners with TRUSTe and VeriSign for layered security.
• Passcode protected. Only you can view your information.
• Deactivate the app at any time through Quicken on your desktop.

To use the Quicken 2014 app, you must have Quicken 2014 software: Starter Edition, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, or Rental Property Manager.

To learn how Intuit protects your privacy, please visit http://security.intuit.com/privacy

Customer Reviews

  • Inconsistent

    by Pappytdcs

    Specs state for iOS 5.0 or newer. Not true. I have the first iPad with 5.0. After last q2014 update, it will not function. Have deleted app and reinstalled 4 times. Works ok on my iPhone 5 S. Another issue is on my PC, I use scheduled daily update. Since the mobile app in use, I continually get an unknown sync error. When that occurs, PC for q2014 is locked. I have searched for a fix but even with Intuit on the phone with me, it is necessary to reboot the PC. The summary displays all successfully update but I find that the mobile sync may not have occurred. Intuit has walked me through several steps to delete and install the mobile portion on the PC. Once to clear all on all devices.

  • I am unable to get past the sign in page.

    by Mr. Papa Georgio

    I am unable to get past the sign in page on the iphone app.

  • Works great 2014

    by Able773

    This app works just fine! Don't believe all the reviews. Proper set up is the key. I've set it up three times and it works flawlessly. Sync to the cloud every time you finish making an entries and it is instantly uploaded to your iPhone, and iPad. The price is right what do you have to lose!

  • So Vanilla is this APP

    by DaveyFlyBoy

    It is better than nothing, but doesn't have many smart features. The balances don't sync right, I'd prefer to know how much $$ I truly have in my checking, both real-time (current) and future dated deposits which are entered. The desktop version does this, the app doesn't. The GUI is very blah with many feature that are meaningless, needs some intelligent design with smart features, which are customary with Intuit products. Until they wake up in the APP design department, I guess this is better than nothing.

  • Seriously why release this?!?

    by Mons00n

    App USED to actually work. Not any more! Can't log into my account. Just sits and SPINS after attempting to log in. I even reset my password. Rebooted my iPhone. Photos of receipts still locks up the app & I have to kill the app & reopen. So frustrating! Come on! Oh and I'm still able to update the cloud from my PC.

  • Log in problems

    by Hitech-rdnk

    Consistently has log in problems. Great way to input expenses on the go... when it works.

  • Quicken 2014

    by F1516tho

    Does not sync between desktop and iPad application. Desktop reports a sync but iPad says "no sync."

  • App is broke

    by DJ.mi

    It's simple. App will not start. Fix it please.

  • Very Very Unhappy

    by hoffer3226

    How can the writes of the best desktop application, write a very very bad moblie application, I was happy with quicken, 2013 had this problem and I lived with it, I would have though 2014 would have fixed it, not. Maybe they do not care, But effect today I no longer use the moblie app and will not longer buy quicken updates.

  • Rubbish

    by Africanbluesman

    Really disgraceful that a company would put put something so inept. Despite numerous attempts the app won't sync to my main bank accounts. It keeps telling me the login info is incorrect, even though it isn't. Can't wait for a real competitor to Inuit.

  • Absolutely

    by Corey Watkins


  • Crappy app

    by Bmedeiros678

    Keeps logging me out and the only way to login again is to delete the app and reinstall. I expected better.

  • app has no visible way to sync to desktop

    by KitDoor

    this app seems to have no way to sync to desktop, what's the point? :(

  • Old versions worked new is worthless

    by LuckyLexi26

    On the ipad I've lost the ability to change from portrait to landscape. Not a big deal except you loose half the screen in portrait so you cNt see/get to all the features. Updating the app always shows it did it 3 hours ago and yet nothing is updated nor can I manually force the update. I've used the 2013 version regularly and haven't run into this many problems (so many more to list) this app is now worthless to me until an update.

  • Idiots!

    by cactusairman

    What stupid moron changed this app! Does not work now does not connect to cloud to get data. Fire the SOB!

  • Quicken monopoly needs to be broken!

    by roborg

    Quicken monopoly needs to be broken! How they can continue to dominate the industry and produce this kind of garbage is a mystery!? Where are our brokerage accounts?

  • Useless

    by Rabbstar

    Totally unable to log-in on my iPhone. The iPad still works, but I'm sure that will stop at some point too.

  • Can not initiate app

    by handyman67

    Today 2/9 the app will not initialize, deleted and downloaded again. The app initialized although when I try to sign in it defaults back to the iPad home screen. I have attempted deleting and re-downloading app several times with no success. I cannot sign in. 2/27 Still unable to log in with ipad1, worked with quicken support, no success. Quicken sign in selection reverts back to home screen. Quicken mobile 2013 gets further along and allows me to visit additional pages, never jumps back to home screen. 2/28 Visited apple store, they did a complete reset of my Ipad1, downloaded mobile2014 AGAIN with no success, app reverts back to home screen when "sign in" selected. Tried a mini while I was there and it operates normal. I would have tried a ipad1, although none was available. Patiently waiting!!!!!!!! ps, iphone4, and ipad4 works as well.

  • Frustrating, can't log on.

    by Teresa Harner

    It started off ok, but now I can't get logged on.

  • From serviceable to worthless

    by Idahodawg

    With the latest update has gone from being a serviceable way to track spending on the go, to being completely worthless because I can't log-in.

  • Worked fine - until it didn't

    by ByronAgain

    Had no problems for three weeks - then, today, I cannot log in (same as others have reported). Don't know what is worse --- having it NEVER work, or work fine and then suddenly STOP. As usual, with Intuit, there is no tech support.

  • Great.....when it works. Which in not often

    by Spencer500

    BUGGY! When it works, it works great, but about every 3rd day it forgets my login information, and even after putting the correct user name and password in, it still will not let me back in. I have to go to the desktop and reset everything again.

  • Quicken-014

    by lucked

    Also downloaded latest version onto my IPad(5.0). Cannot load app it just flashes and konks out. Glad to know I am not the only one. Why can't teck revert back to old version? Is the new app(quicken) version NOT comparable with IPad 5.0???

  • Quicken 2014 app

    by Pmegoroni

    HORRIBLE!!! Never would sign on and /or sync accounts. Can I give ZERO Stars????

  • Cannot open app

    by Cjr950

    The app starts but closes immediately before I can do anything. Uninstalled and installed more than once without any luck. This app is worthless.

  • Decent app, but update killed it

    by Satya Kommini

    I have come to generally like the app. However the latest update seems to have killed it. Can't login in anymore, just like others have noted as well.

  • What a disappointment...

    by Roberttjay

    First of all, what a disappointment. It's hard to know where to begin. I want to be able to enter purchases on my IPhone and then transfer them to the Quicken on my desktop. First, I cannot even include accounts which don't allow themselves to be synched to Quicken. Chase bank, for example, will not sync to quicken without additional payments. I used to just download a .qfx file on the desktop and have quicken read it, and no problem. On the mobile app, I cannot even access the bank account records to later transfer to my desktop because a link to the bank is required. Why? I'm not synching to the bank, I'm synching to the desktop. Categories. On the desktop, if I record a payment, it can be classified as movies, dinner, home expenses, business expenses, books, automobile, etc etc etc. On the mobile, all I can chose is "expense." What happened to all the subcategories available on the desktop? Why aren't they available on the mobile? There used to be a program called Pocket Quicken, for the Palm, which did all these things. Quicken withdrew its license, so the pocket folks had to discontinue the produce. Was this costing Quicken too much?? NO, it cost them nothing. In fact, the pocket software folks had to pay Quicken (intuit) a licensing fee, so quicken actually lost money by cancelling this program. Why did they do it? Were they afraid that this would make Quicken too useful?? The pocket quicken folks knew how to write an app that took advantage of all the categories, memorized transactions, etc of the quicken program, and allowed you to access all the accounts, even if an internet connection not available. Why can't I record a check I write on the mobile to later transfer the record to the desktop quicken? Why do I have to sync to the bank (or not be allowed to) to accomplish this recording? Hey Intuit, is anybody reading this and thinking about this, and listening to your customers who have been telling you this for over a decade...???

  • Quicken

    by Miiccchhhhaaaaaeeeeeelllllll

    A rather unimpressive effort by Quicken.

  • Sweet!

    by Mpow3red

    All the bugs of Quicken with none if the features of Mint! Download now for the inability to do things like "log in" and "check your finances"! Intuit does it again...somehow.

  • A mix of Quicken and Mint, only worse and breaks

    by HomebrewJim

    Revised 2/24/2014 - Dear Quicken. It is now broken for the past 5 days. The keyboard will not disappear without manual intervention and no accounts have synced for 5 days. ******************************************************* It's not Quicken and it's not Mint. It looks like Mint but only shows spending categories. It shows categories you can customize like Quicken. No investment support whatsoever. Questionable whether Quicken will ever "get it" again like it did when it was destroying Microsoft Money. No competition now...

  • Constant issues. Unable to login

    by Daniel Laguna

    Had some issues when I first started using app but was working ok the last couple of months. Now out of the blue cannot log in. Just clocks. I already deleted my cloud acct and reinstalled app to fix a previous problem. Won't go thru that again. Will just remove if not resolved soon.

  • Issues with iPhone 5s Camera

    by Nate80's

    After upgrading my iPhone 5 to 5s. The receipt capture (using the Camera) does not work. Please fix this Intuit!!!

  • I am DONE!

    by Sir Slots-alot

    Deleting today! Don't waste your time. I am also getting rid of the software on my PC. Very disappointing.

  • Quicken App Horrible

    by NL3- id drive

    I've used Quicken Desk for years and mostly pleased. Mobile App constantly forgets password (or User ID) and when reset it continues to say "wrong User/Password - even when I open the bank accounts IN THE QUICKEN APP SUCCESSFULLY ! Horrible service.

  • Poor Vision

    by Greenninja423

    I just can't understand why a company this size will not invest in a mobile platform that works. Finance and accounting needs to quit running the company and put a true leader in charge. Hey, have you ever heard of Blackberry, Timex, AOL, Kodak etc etc.. These were all great companies that wouldn't change and give consumers what they wanted. I promise this you are in line, all you need is one competitor with vision and you will barely be remembered.

  • Does not work with Quicken for Mac

    by Luv2save

    Why would the iPad app not work with the Mac version? I do not understand, but it doesn't. So, if you're are a Mac user don't download this app. It's a waste of time.

  • What the F

    by Noextreme04

    Can't use app since update. Test your app before pushing an update you idiots.

  • Crap

    by Knightwalt

    Deleted my mobile app because it was not providing accurate data in terms of checking balance now all info was deleted from my desktop needed to restore other version very disappointed with quicken

  • awful

    by I want chat

    Won't work, won't log into bank, won't sync with desktop. Waste.

  • Awful

    by DHanlan

    I've been using Quicken for over a decade, but 2013 & 2014 versions and the horrible apps have completely lost me. Extremely unstable desktop, and the app is utterly useless.

  • Why did I upgrade?!?

    by Cyskokd

    If you like to watch a load icon rotating clockwise forever then this is the app for you!!! Upgraded from 2013 version (yearly fee!) and haven't been able to log into the mobile app for days!!!! After sign in loading icon just keeps spinning and spinning and nothing else happens!!!! Thanks Quicken for such an inferior product!!!!

  • Keep trying

    by hooyman5

    Cannot edit a transaction. Cannot add notes - scrolling and app frame just doesn't quite let you press the link to leave a note. App often quits or mysteriously modifies transaction when taking receipt photo. Cmon guys! Not a very professional effort - keep trying.

  • Useless!!!

    by moneypit99

    Crashes when taking picture of receipt. App obviously wasn’t tested.

  • Buggy piece of crap and a massive privacy issue

    by HackMaster1024

    I used quicken since v1 and recently It has really gone downhill. The iOS app, the reason I upgraded to 2014, is riddled with errors. More disturbing is that if you sync between iOS and the desktop Quicken sees all your financial data and takes it upon itself to send you emails detailing your financial transactions. If you thought your data was encrypted so no one at Intuit could read it your are mistaken. What an intrusion into my financial privacy. Even though I just bought 2014 I am through using this nasty piece of junk.

  • Update Fails Completely

    by BPBear

    I use this app solely to track cash expenditures as I don't trust sending other account info. For that purpose the 2013 version worked ok in spite of being rather slow. But the upgrade to 2014 really stinks. The update didn't preserve login info, and it is proving impossible to sign in with the credentials that the app requests. Have followed web site instructions to enable login - they don't work. Would not recommend this joke of an app to anyone at this point.

  • Horrible

    by Buckeyes76

    I have had a quicken and intuit account for four years and now that they market their new app...you cannot even login...worthless!

  • Pathetic, borderline worthless

    by RetiredDontBotherMe

    Same month history only. Constant update and sync issues. Can't even view brokerage/investment accounts. Can't view budget sub-categories. Can't view previous or any other month's entries. Categories changed in Mobile are overwritten on next sync (so what's the point of changing?) Virtually every other user has same complaints, obviously Intuit doesn't read these reviews and could care less. I could go on and on but why bother; too much wrong with it to list. A pathetic effort from a huge company. One star only because zero stars not an option. The moment there's an alternative I'm dumping Quicken.

  • Does Not Work with IOS 5.1.1

    by Richard Mesagna

    After installing this app on my 3rd generation iPod Touch, it crashes immediately after tapping Sign In the first time and each time I attempt to launch it thereafter. Version 1.1 did work on this device previously.

  • Buggy App

    by Alohamaria

    I am so disappointed in Intuit to release such a piece of garbage. It locks up, is unstable and useless. I wish I was back in Quicken 2011. Most of the links to download did not transfer over. I have turned off all of the syncing.

  • Junk

    by Apollolem

    The mobile app won't work and support wont either. Sorry I spent the money for the "supposed" upgrade.

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