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Languages: English, German, SE, Spanish

Seller: Internal Revenue Service

Redesigned look and feel with added tools and some new functionality.

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IRS2Go is an IRS-developed app designed to help taxpayers in several ways. The app lets taxpayers check on the status of their refund, sign up for helpful tax tips or get the most recent IRS Twitter feeds. Download IRS2Go, then connect with the IRS whenever you want, wherever you are.

Customer Reviews

  • Works

    by Yellow12901

    I read the reviews and downloaded anyways. It gave me my info very quickly.

  • irs2go

    by reviewer #5a

    This app works great, worked immediately no issues, loaded up and ready to go. Easy to check on your refund, find tax preparers or order transcripts of your tax and account records.

  • very accurate

    by Catmexmom

    Worked like a charm date was dead on highly reccomend

  • very accurate

    by Catmexmom

    Worked like a charm date was dead on highly reccomend

  • Awesome App

    by Kimmy372012

    This app works wonderful and so very quick. Much better than logging onto the IRS website or calling them for status updates on your refund. Hope it works this great next year !

  • Better then turbo tax app

    by Crisscriss2014

    Gave me better updates the turbo tax think it worked awesome keep up good work

  • Actually useful

    by Triroc1

    I've had this app for a while and it's actually useful during tax time. Especially if your waiting on your return schedule.

  • Great

    by Pbrad94

    Gotta love the IRS . Great app saved me a lot of money on tax returns. They didn't have to make this app but they chose to do so anyway and that's why America is amazing! #soproud

  • Date of return payment is off

    by CMedinajr

    This program is the bomb, but the date of return payment is off by @ 10 days by IRS check date! I hope you fix soon or you will get some angry customer..........;-))

  • Great App & Info!

    by Layah's mom

    This app is way better than having to log into the internet to check the status in my opinion. I think the whole website went down a week ago and I had a few problems but other than that the info is there updated daily as it says. I appreciate the efforts taken by the IRS to satisfy us with developing this app and a way to track our refunds amongst other things!

  • It does it's job.

    by Jbernal90

    App updates once a day and info is always available.

  • Perfecto

    by Jaja Elohim Maada

    Updates daily and keeps you abreast with tax info!

  • Perfecto

    by Jaja Elohim Maada

    Updates daily and keeps you abreast with tax info!

  • by Busta1718

    Cool app

  • Worked great this year!

    by JimmieTheSmith

    Awesome app

  • Jonesy whatever

    by RoxaneS

    Jonesy- the reason they do that is because it tells you on the IRS website that it is update ONCE daily. So if your checking like 5-10 times then they think it's someone else checking it that's not you. Don't be dumb. Read the "where's my refund" Excellent app. People just don't understand simple things.

  • Website Updates Once A Day

    by Jiubreyn

    The app draws directly from their website. The IRS will update refund statuses ONCE a day, usually overnight. You do not need to check it several times a day.

  • Needs an update!!!

    by softbrn

    Needs to be updated for 2013, but other than that I like it. Very convenient.

  • Pretty Accurate

    by Zonafyde

    I used this app last year and it was pretty accurate on my refund date.

  • Great!

    by EmilyIsabella

    I love this app! I like that I can track my refund. I am a full time student so I also like the convenience of being able to order tax information for financial straight from the app. I've tried using the IRS website and I sometimes feel I get lost or am not sure exactly how to put my info in. This app makes it easy to do and order the info that I need! Love it!

  • Does not give you your status

    by orrinsjuice

    I use Wifi and correct information and even with the update, no information is given to me. In fact it says my information is in correct. I have verified the information is correct many times. The app is NOT working properly, even with this update. Many other users seem to be having the same issues.

  • Terrible

    by RN 2

    This app is useless. Not informative at all. Got my state refund so it was processed but this app states still in process.

  • Doesn't work

    by Steeles77

    I can't check return status, it doesn't give you an option to pick "filing status"

  • Useless

    by charles addeo

    When entering your personals to track your refund,all goes well until you attempt to enter the exact amount of your matter how I enter it it is never correct.So it won't give me any information.FIX THIS CRAP

  • Crappy app

    by Heather7801

    We got our taxes back before the app even said they were approved. Don't waste your time.

  • Factcheck!

    by Opticosblue

    Fact: The IRS is a Non-governmental organization. They are essentially mafia. The are the enforcement branch of The Federal Reserve, which is a private bank. Recently they have purchased a large surplus of live ammunition and assault weapons, as well as training for their agents, for the sake of taking YOUR money by FORCE. The FED prints money, which LOANS it to the US government, then sends the IRS after YOU to COLLECT the debt with INTEREST. By supporting this, you are supporting the very destruction of America. This is the greatest Ponzi scheme known to man. Will you be complicit and a part of the problem, or will you be a part of the solution and support an audit of the Federal Reserve?

  • Confused

    by Magwe25

    The app opened my web browser and looked at my history. When it saw I had visited FoxNews, my phone immediately shut off and now a black van is parked outside my house. Is this normal?

  • Another useless attempt by the gov at anything computerized

    by rrrrbbb

    Never works. Best summarized as: "The wheel on the app goes 'round and 'round all through the day" EDIT: updated app to 4.01 released today and it's still the same: nothing but the spinning wheel thingy. And yes I checked while on WiFi, and yes this was the first time I checked today. This is truly pathetic.

  • Uploading... Uploading...

    by Sweet potatos!

    And no results. Just uploading my info. Same as other writer said, it just does the swirly thing non stop. I'll definitely keep this app in case this issue gets fixed, and I'll gladly re-rate it too if it gets fixed :)

  • Woo woot

    by MrWoodcock


  • Does not get information.

    by V. Marcil

    This is a great update. The only problem is the only thing that happens is the swirly thing is all I see. No no improvement. Still I am not updating my iPhone IRS application until this application is working. I even uninstalled this application and reinstalled. No difference. Gave the application one minute to get refund Infirmation. Wasted that minute.

  • Bad

    by niat daniel

    Just bad!

  • Would give 0 stars if I could!!

    by mrsbran

    I have tried to use this app several times and it has yet to work!

  • Was Working Great Before The Update.

    by Brittany Perdue

    The app was working fine before the update that I downloaded now it won't tell me half of the time and it's giving weird and different dates. It changes my filing date which was right before now and it's not.

  • Crash

    by Cyberbean

    I downloaded the app and it crashed the first two times I tried to use it. Must have been written by same company that programmed the obamacare website.

  • Horrible

    by Rabidcop118

    Shuts down everytime I try to look at refund status! iPhone 4

  • Constantly force closes. No good

    by Dantrue

    Always closing when trying to check refund status.

  • Doesn't work!

    by Amariel1208

    Just downloaded the app and all it does is crash. Have not been able to use it.. Tried 5 times already. :/

  • Unstable and crashes

    by frogplop

    I can't look up any information as it crashes whenever I input my refund information. Unfortunately useless.

  • New app just crashes!

    by Corry B

    Old version worked fine. Got the 4.0 update today and now the app crashes when I try to check refund status!

  • Hmmm?

    by Greasedupguy

    Worked fine. Now it crashes after I enter my info.

  • Crashes

    by Moltomateo

    Doesn't work

  • Garbage

    by Star135789

    Useless app I had my refund before the app even said they sent it to my bank!

  • IRS Corruption

    by jpmacphiv

    Bunch of thugs. Targeting American citizens to silence political opposition. "Not a smidgen of corruption." -Pres O. Wake up America

  • BOOOOOO!!!

    by Lsanchez73

    I made 5 attempts to check my status bcuz it kept booting me out after I entered all my info and hit "check status." Boooooo!!!

  • Useless

    by Benhelite

    Crashes every single time I try to check my status.

  • Crap app

    by IKillZombiez4ALiving

    As soon as I hit submit, it crashes. Garbage not worth even one star

  • Doesn't work for me

    by Bubby1025

    Every time I put in my info I get the swirly thing then the app closes on its own. I rebooted my phone a couple times with no luck.

  • Crashes on iOS

    by dustin gengler

    Garbage app

  • Disappearing app

    by Momof4sweetgirls

    I put in my info... The swirly comes up... Then BAM the app closes!!!

  • Horrible!

    by DarrenHayesFan

    All this app is good for is to watch it crash, over and over, and over again!

  • Doesn't work

    by Jhop90

    It just keeps spinning spinning spinning for about 10 min an still nothing

  • Horrible

    by Trble4free is up to date and has no problems. This app is horrible. Does not process anything and has no information about even receiving my return which was efiled and accepted. They need a major fix on this app.

  • Update or delete

    by Kimsmith92


  • Ehh

    by airbear37 

    Not a lot of info when checking statis

  • Doesn't work!!!

    by Wherethesidewalkends 

    Does not work!!! I have checked every day and it continues to tell me the information I entered was wrong and I go to check my bank account and I have already received my refund but, it continues to tell me that my refund is (null). This app is crap.

  • Not updated

    by Very_Disappointed_8926

    The app has not been updated for the 2011 tax season.

  • Does what i want

    by  FLGoober

    Gave me correct info on my tax return. Thanks

  • Wow!

    by Slaaapchop 

    One day it tells me my tax info and the next day my info does not work! Come on now!

  • Not accurate

    by Nank78

    It says the same ole thing, being processed and will put it in my account. I never gave my tax guy my checking account! So, it just makes up stuff, same as last year!

  • Horrible app

    by Phophys

    It doesn't work AT ALL!!! Needless to download ...

  • Doesn't work

    by Hinton#34

    Before and after I got my refund, it told me It couldn't get the Info on it. Terrible.


    by Robbdiver

    The idea behind this is to be able to view what's up with your refund. Checked it daily(minus weekends) for 3wks until my check "ARRIVED" & it never failed to tell me that there was nothing it could tell me about my refund and to make sure I allow 4 weeks from filing date to get info. (Checked it again today just to see if it had changed since I already deposited my refund and its still the same. So, the point to this app? I assume its to get a slew of folks to use the app to throw them off temporarily so they can get some work done...if that's the case then, Brilliant! Otherwise, go back to the drawing table.

  • Great

    by Dimitri McKay 

    To the idiots who keep saying its for 2012 , it does say that but if you put in your info it works great!!!!!

  • Perfect

    by ARLawrence

    It worked perfectly. Found out in less than 15 seconds when my refund would be deposited (and that's on a iPhone 3GS). It's nice to see that my tax dollars are being used to build effective tools.

  • Useless.

    by Drwillbaker

    After I out in all the info it says can't complete request .

  • Two thumbs down

    by Oneika Sewell

    I'm still waiting for this to give me a response. Wish i could give negative stars.

  • No estimated date

    by Tjlmn

    It tells me it's processing, which I already know. I'd like to see the date I should receive the refund.

  • Awesome

    by looney iphone

    ALWAYS worked GREAT for me!

  • Lackluster

    by HelmholtzW

    Not much to it, and often buggy

  • Very cut rate app...

    by Ken Barlo

    The Information is there, but this app should at least look somewhat decent. This is a very cut rate app...

  • It works!

    by Jtomas23

    Works fine. But would love the update for the iPhone 5 full screen.

  • Works, Needs better security

    by AEA222

    1 after logout, not all fields were cleared; the refund amount should also be cleared, 2 the app should not stay logged in indefinitely

  • Works great!

    by davidn88

    This app gave me the information I needed in less than 5 seconds. Very satisfied.

  • Was useless but now...

    by SachafromLA

    Worked just fine until the update. Displayed message that it is unable to provide info about refund and to try again later. But now it seems to work properly.

  • Doesn't work. Just use the web page

    by ~Kinzo~

    After imputing the information, you get nothing. I've tried every day for 6 days. Not once has it worked. What a big disappointment.

  • STILL Doesn't Work

    by Voviva

    Still gives the same useless message! This app is horrible!

  • Broken

    by Jessica Gray

    The app doesn't work. You're better off going to the website itself.

  • Its fixed

    by Eawalks

    Nice job on app!!!

  • Fixed

    by Benny Blanco From The Bx

    They just fixed it with the latest update. It showed the status of my refund in 2 seconds. Good job guys!

  • Pretty colors and worthless

    by Oztin79

    This wasn't meant to solve String Theory, so why's it so hard to make an app that works?

  • Awful!!

    by bsrcg

    Since the last update this app continues not to work. I think the irs needs to take some of our money thy are keeping and put it into fixing their technology!!!

  • Doesn't work.

    by Josh.P.98

    Error received when trying to check status. Website works fine.

  • Useless

    by Pinterest addict86

    Crappy app just go to actual website and get your status from there!

  • Broke after latest update

    by Jesus is my Lord and Saviour!

    Fix please!

  • Nice GUI - Poor Connectivity

    by Blerm

    App looks great and is real easy to navigate and interact with. It seems folks are right about connectivity though, which makes it pretty much unusable. It just never connects. If this one issue could be addressed, I think this app would be great, even worth paying for!

  • Doesn't work

    by Kris Roe

    Hasn't worked since last update.

  • Worthless update

    by mindle27

    Now this app is as effective as our government!

  • Don't update!

    by hdweber

    It was working great until the update. Now it says it can't find my info. ...

  • Waste of time

    by Buuuuusssss

    The worst app ever. Don't waste your time.

  • Pointless

    by KitKatGurl17

    This app was absolutely useless. It never worked properly to tell me when to expect me refund, even after the IRS had posted my refund. Do not waste your time on this app, check your refund status at because the app will tell you to check there anyway. I would give this app 0 stars if possible.

  • Stupid

    by The Shads

    You put out an update that renders the whole app useless?? Sounds about right... If only I could give you a fraction of a star...

  • Delete it

    by Great use of tax $

    Like everyone else...stopped working last week after the update for Spanish installed...waste of time

  • Doesn't work

    by Kahbuki

    The first couple of times I used the app, it worked. But then it just said that it was unable to process my request, even though the actual website had no trouble showing my status. Not only does the IRS not process your return within the time frame they themselves specified they would complete it within, their app is complete garbage. I guess it is to be expected from our lovely government.

  • Gov... Business as usual!

    by Planque

    Don't waist your time! It probably works best for the April 16th and beyond crowd.

  • Simply does not work

    by Jimholcomb

    A week after installing this it still tells me that is unable to retrieve my status.

  • Worthless App

    by Sxyboy

    Absolutely useless...enough said.

  • This App is Crapp

    by Disappointment here.

    For more than a week the app has been telling me it cannot find the status of my refund, try again later. The website says I can expect it in the next day or two. My son already has his refund and it still cannot provide the status. What is the point of this app? One star because it will not let me comment with none.

  • Doesn't work

    by pitb0ss84

    After the update it won't show status -__- Do not update!

  • If it ain't broke, break it.

    by midimacman

    There's only one reason we get this app, and after the latest update, it no longer does it.

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