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Casinos, beware. Discover how to beat the house with Jeff Ma, the (in)famous MIT card counter and inspiration for the movie “21,” and friends. Made for complete novices and advanced players alike, “Blackjack Domination” allows you to master blackjack through touch, sight, and sound—guided by three professional blackjack players.

Remember: Card counting isn’t illegal. The casinos just don’t like it. Read this book and become the casinos’ worst enemy.

“Blackjack Domination” is a book made exclusively for the iPad and iPhone, and includes:
• 25 HD videos
• Dozens of interactive slideshows and guided tours—strategy charts range from novice to highly advanced
• 1,000 blackjack strategy flashcards, right in the book
• Quick-reference glossary and pop-up tips with key terms and definitions accessible throughout

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• “Made by Open Air Publishing, the masterminds who created my favorite cocktail app book, Speakeasy Cocktails, Blackjack Domination is perfect for any beginner who dilly-dallies at the blackjack table or an experienced money handler who is looking for some new tricks to beat a winnable game.”—GIZMODO

• “Blackjack Domination is a genuinely fascinating book to read, even for those not planning to hit the Blackjack tables in Vegas any time soon. Like the rest of the Open Air Publishing series of apps, Blackjack Domination instills plenty of passion within a knowledgeable and useful book.”—148APPS

Learn Strategy and Card Counting from the Pros
• 25 HD videos featuring our two blackjack experts, Charlie Ruehr and Derek Sutta.
• Exclusive tips and stories, straight from Jeff Ma—from practicing strategy to getting your cover story straight, hear the top blackjack secrets straight from the lips of blackjack legend Jeff Ma.

Practice on Your Flight to Vegas
• Ditch those ratty index cards (so 20th century). We’ve built in more than 1,000 flashcards to practice strategy anytime and anywhere you have your iPad or iPhone. Even a little practice will go a long way.

Get Free Stuff from the Casinos
• Dinner, drinks, and hotel rooms. We’ll teach you how to rack up tons of free stuff from the casino, even as you’re winning all their money. Learn to dress the part, mask your expert-level play, and make the casino think you’re some regular ol’ gambler.

Jeff Ma was an MIT card counter in the 1990s and inspiration for the main character in the book Bringing Down the House and the film “21.” He has retired from professional blackjack and has since wrote the book “The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business”

Charlie Ruehr has been playing professional blackjack since he was a junior in college at Northwestern University. He has never lost money on a card counting expedition, winning more than $100,000 playing blackjack and getting banned from more than 15 casinos along the way.

Derek Sutta’s blackjack career started when he realized counting cards was far more lucrative than working as a management consultant. Derek and his teams have traveled all over the United States, playing blackjack with half million dollar bankrolls resulting in massive winnings. Between card counting trips he earned his M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is no longer welcome in twelve casinos.

Charlie and Derek have logged more than 1,000 hours playing blackjack and won hundreds of thousands of dollars from the casinos.

Customer Reviews

  • good

    by Abel0

    Good book very informative n helpful, lots of funny stories too.

  • Jijenkins

    by JiJJr

    Excellent. I'm not even into card counting yet...but have played $500 per hand blackjack (not real money yet) for four hours and am up $30,000. Never ever done that well before.

  • Awesome!

    by Mikeazbaker

    This apps very helpful and a lot of fun!!

  • Card Counting 201

    by cuddyshack67

    Solid app! Easy to understand and it gives more than basic insight into card counting. For a mobile device, it's quite handy. But it also shouldn't be confused with being a graduate-level course in blackjack and card counting either. Worth $10? Yes.

  • Love it!!!

    by !ROCK

    I absolutely love this app. I have most of the basic strategy chart memorized. The splits portion is the hardest part and they do tell you that it is the most complicated section of the chart. This app breaks down the chart to make learning easy. The videos and quizzes are a great addition to the chapters. I also enjoy reading the experiences these guys have gone through. Looking forward to learning how to count cards by using this app.

  • Informative

    by Dannylowoncash

    Been playing a while and enjoy some of the fresh ideas.

  • Awesome

    by People….

    A must have! Great videos and charts! I am 20 years old now. I am giving myself 1 year to master this and see how I do In the casinos!

  • Perfect

    by Yjako

    This app sums up everything you need to know for basic strategy. I haven't read past that, but so far I can't see any reason not to rate 5 stars. Even advanced players, like me, can pick up a tip or two from their basic strategy, or solidify what is already known.

  • Thorough and easy to follow

    by Babyfarxmcgeezax

    Thorough and easy to follow

  • This is how an ebook should behave!

    by tabuckton

    Excellent UI and UX. Chock full of goodies, videos, helpful links and more. Buy it and start winning today (if you can find a casino that still pays 3:2 on single deck blackjack)!

  • Outstanding book!

    by parkdan

    Love this book and even after having it for only a few days, I'm already comfortable with the strategies. User interface is very slick and the interactive capability makes learning easier. Looking forward to applying this on my next trip to Vegas and hopefully coming out way on top.

  • Nice job

    by Chucky Slayer

    Really love the blackjack quizzes where I can practice hands. And the amusing stories. Cool book for sure.

  • Very Helpful

    by EMLovett

    I was always intimidated and confused with what is proper blackjack strategy. This definitely made the game more approachable.

  • Amazing!

    by Jenna Tanenbaum

    Love the book! Awesome videos and tips!! Can't wait to head to Vegas.

  • Easy to understand

    by $$MoW$$

    This book is seriously awesome. It breaks down all the steps and makes counting easy to understand for anyone . I learned a few of the basics rules and was able to win more money than I had before playing blackjack

  • Awesome

    by Pls doc

    Fantastic book. Really worth every penny!!! So much better than other blackjack books

  • Excellent and incredible...

    by Wellsb7103

    Nothin out there like it! Endless amounts of info. Videos to go with the reading too. The new way of books.

  • Ka-ching!

    by DustySunrise

    I'm terrible at cards and end up always playing roulette at the casino. This book lays out a pretty easy to read strategy for getting smart with Blackjack. I'm excited to test out the strategy and this book should all but pay for itself! Awesome layout and very easy to read. Get it, enough said.

  • This is genius!

    by DDKR

    I haven't finish the book yet, but this is genius! Extremely useful and super entertaining... The stories and tips are awesome, and the hands-on experience of reading this book is great. Nicely Done!!!!

  • very helpful and easy to use

    by jade58734

    this is an easy to use, interactive tool that is much more engaging than those other "regular" books. the flash cards and other interactive features have been very helpful and i dont have to carry and around and shuffle any cards! highly recommended!

  • Too flashy not worth 5 bux

    by Moodini-the one boi

    NOT worth 5 maybe 2. Nothing new. BS quizzes are ok and funny stories of getting the boot. Besides that its a pompous couple guys talking about how they never lost...


    by Slikrik777

    Won't even open... AT ALL!!! Crashes on my iphone 5 and ipad 3. Tried deleting, rebooting, luck. Tried to contact the devs thru the appstore link and I get a blank screen...seems like legit devs/company—maybe not

  • Won't work anymore

    by Chil7

    Since the new update, it crashes on opening on both iPad and iPhone. Unusable. Please fix!

  • Teaches a difficult and unusual counting strategy

    by Andy Bloch

    The book/app has some useful information but you'd be better off with almost any blackjack book that covers Hi Lo. The card counting system used is Omega II with a side count of aces, an unnecessarily complicated system compared to Hi Lo. The bankroll and bet sizing information is incomplete and suboptimal. There are several other problems with this book. I don't recommend getting this app. There really is no reason for the average card counter to learn any other counting system besides Hi Lo (Tens and Aces -1, 2s through 6s +1). Hi Lo was good enough for the MIT team to win millions, and it's good enough for you. The system taught in this app is much more difficult and really no more powerful, especially when you consider that you're more likely to make mistakes with it, and you'll get tired earlier.

  • Amazing book experience

    by bookworm926

    I always wanted ebooks to have more features and now they do. BlackJack Domination is seamless, fun and easy to read, and a great learning experience!

  • Well this is great.

    by ellenj782

    Going to Vegas in a few months and i found this book I can actually bring with me to the table. Nice!

  • Insane

    by Jason Masoni

    This "book" is literally a perfect compilation of what you want to read before going to Vegas. If you read this review and don't buy the app I'll personally revoke your man card.

  • fun book, awesome flashcards

    by skunkgal12

    this book is a fun read, and the flashcards at the bottom are the bomb. more clear than any other blackjack book i've looked at, plus it has all the videos and other cool stuff.

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