Debt Control - Get out of Debt with Debt Snowball Plan Finance App Review (iOS, $0.99)

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  • Publisher: iBear LLC
  • Updated: Oct, 25 2011
  • Version: 2.3.4
  • Size: 15.5 MB

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese

Seller: iBear LLC

- Chinese translation added
- Built-in calculator

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Getting out of debt made easy. Pay off your debts with Debt Snowball method and save! Easy sync and iPad/iPhone versions combined in one app!


Debt Control helps you organize, manage and pay off your debts. Primarily, it includes tools to help you plan a strategy and analyze the results of using the Debt Snowball method, which is the debt-clearing model recommended by leading debt advisors.

The principle of the Debt Snowball method is to focus on one debt at a time and to pay as much as you can earn or save toward that one creditor to get the debt gone, while making only minimum payments to all your other creditors. Every time one of the debts is attacked you'll feel even more motivated to reach the long-desired goal - to become debt free!

The thankful users give comments:
"Great app for keeping on target with paying down debt."
"Keeps track of my debt and gives me an idea of how long before being debt free!"

- One clear screen to manage all your debts (credit cards, loans and mortgages).
- Debt Free Date is calculated automatically.
- Individual Pay Off Date is displayed under each of your debts.
- Debts order can be rearranged.

- Amortization schedule
- Payment Due Date Notifications
- One Tap to enter a payment
- Payments with custom amounts
- Track expenses which affect your credit card balance.
- Built-in calculator

Advisers recommend to start paying off your debts from the one with the lowest balance to the one with the highest balance, regardless of interest rate. Choose different strategies before start to see how your Debt Free Date and Total Interest Amount will be affected.
- Highest interest rate
- Lowest balance
- Highest balance
- Custom order

- Fixed and ARM Interest rate
- Monthly and Daily Interest Accrual
- Term in Years and Months
- Minimum Payment in “$” and “%”

- Amortization schedule (Scheduled payments, Paid, All)
- Interactive 3D Pie Chart diagram shows the structure of your remaining debt from various angles (Principle, Interest, Monthly Payment, Savings).
- Remaining Balance report lets you model Snowball Pay Off scenario and view exactly how it would affect your situation.
- Summary overview widget with Debt Free Date calculated automatically.

- iCloud sync for your iPhone and iPad
- Your data is stored safely in the Cloud
- PIN-protected data
- Export to email

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Feedback & Support -


Debt Control is a well thought out app that will help you plan a good strategy, see progress and keep going to your financial freedom. Start now! ►►

Customer Reviews

  • No graph of snowball size

    by Luke66061

    No month to month burndown.

  • Great

    by E Jurison

    Helps with getting a handle on paying off Debt!

  • Good, not perfect

    by Duplic8tor

    Overall, the app is good. Four stars for now, five if the following can be added: 1) ability to add select payees to snowball, not all or none. 2) additional reporting capabilities in PDF. For example, summary by payee, summary by total debt, overall amortization schedule. 3) KEY - ability to print out the current month's payments that need to be made. For example, if the total of the payments is $2,368.65, it would be helpful to see all the payments that make up this amount so they can easily be paid all at one time. This may consist of multiple payments, but all adding up to the total. I.e.: Payment 1 - $50.00 Payment 2 - $12.50 Etc. ----------------------------- Total. $62.50

  • Excellent

    by Rottimom 01

    I hope to be out of debt a lot quicker with this app. It helped me to get the really picture.

  • Great app

    by AM93023

    Very useful

  • Really helpful

    by Sshazz96

    This app has really helped us with planning and on our way to debt freedom!

  • Debt

    by Mixmarsh

    Great app!! This has helped me reduce my debt.

  • Awesome

    by kennyvu1


  • Great App!!

    by Chamuet

    This app is wonderful, I'm using it to reduce my debt, Easy to use. This is a must have if you have debts.

  • Debt HD

    by C.N. Summerville

    Help me reduce my 9,000 dollar debt down to 5,000 in no time!!! Love this application. It's worth the money!

  • Greg Wilson

    by TurboProsperityDotCom

    This has been a GREAT app, is very easy to use, and is well deserving of a 5 star rating. One of the things I like best, is the software offers you up to 5 different debt reduction methods to choose from, and each option displays in one glance what your "Debt Free" date will be for that particular method. The app allows you to quickly change between various debt reduction methods, so in an instant you can determine which method will be best for your particular situation. The app has stunning graphics that are pleasant to the eye, and I highly recommend it to my members at TurboProsperityDotCom. Thank You, Greg Wilson

  • Love this app!!!

    by Kaba&alex231

    It's so helpful to see your progress when paying off your debt and it keeps me aware of how much I really owe !!

  • Love this application

    by Mamahold

    Helps me see all my debt summarized in one place.

  • Great app.

    by Great heart player

    This app works really nice compared to similar apps.

  • Nice

    by HiwizzLe


  • excellent!!!!!

    by Bouzi76

    great tool

  • Student loans

    by dodiesm

    I have some student loans but they are deferred. I wish the app had that as a choice. Because it has a interest rate but it not accruing.

  • Love it

    by Ernst Fanfan

    Good work

  • Great app

    by Pattimc1

    This app is really great! It even alerts me when a pmt. is due!!

  • Debt HD

    by Kkrp810

    I LOVE this app. It is so easy use, and such a motivator when you see the progress being made towards paying off debt!

  • Paid for Upgrade- data not transferable

    by Obgyn MD.

    This app is crap. Installed the light version. Entered all accounts, car loans, student loans. Lite version did nothing. Downloaded the paid version. No data is transferable. Waste of time and money. I wish I could bill the app makers for my hour + of data entry for nothing.

  • Useless

    by LadyHoneyBabe

    This app does nothing. The snowball feature doesn't work. I entered the required information, including my monthly payments, and it did not calculate anything. I tried removing my monthly payments to see if it would calculate, and I got an error message telling me to enter my monthly payment. Good thing I downloaded Debt Manager.


    by Xyraximus

    I got suckered into this app based on all the 5 star reviews. This app does absolutely nothing except convert your list of debts into a fancy pie graph. The app will tell you that your $2000 credit card bill will be paid off by February 2014, but doesn't show you how much you will be paying for interest and principal for each month during that time span. Do you have a new credit card with no interest for X months? Well you will have to manually change the interest rate after X months because the app doesn't have an option for you to set the current interest rate vs future interest rate increases. You can't set a daily accruing interest rate for loans, can't export spreadsheets. Get Debt Manager. It has many more options and a much better user interface.

  • So baaaaaaaaaaaad

    by Godfather 2004

    Never buy it, I would get my money back if I can.

  • It's okay

    by MattL5755

    To be honest, I was expecting a little more insight into my debt management than what this app delivers. Yes, it does calculate what to do with the extra money you get from paying off one debt... But that's about it. What's missing from this app: - Can't provide payment history. You can enter an originating amount per debt, but that's it... No historical insight at all. Changing the "first payment date" alters the monthly minimum amount and term, for some reason. - Can't add one-time or periodic pay-down amounts. I know when I get bonuses and can commit extra money to debt, but the only option in the app is a recurring monthly extra payment. - Doesn't provide amortization details. How much of my money is going to principal vs debt, historically, now, and in the future? - Doesn't provide a way to manage additional debt accrual, or give insight into which credit line to use. If I want to spend $500 next month, should it come from A, B, or Cash? Not as helpful as I'd hoped.

  • All info was lost!

    by W4T3RM4N

    I wasted a lot of my time gathering and imputing all my financial information on this app! I went to view it the very next time and it was all gone!!! I followed all instructions to a tee, and it did not save it in "iCloud" or anywhere! Nice concept if it only had worked! Now I have to try and gather info again and hope it saves it! Will update on this review if it works this next time!

  • Whaaaaa?

    by Drawpartner Graphics

    I have never written a review before Tried the free version and liked it. They pushed me to upgrade but won't tell how to transfer info from free version to paid version. I don't think you can without retyping. I don't know that though because customer service is non existent. Just blew a few bucks. Buy a lottery ticket instead.

  • Nice App

    by Stefi777

    Nice App

  • Helpful

    by Jogavi

    Help to identify what pay first and faster

  • Like it

    by warrens68

    I have to two debt consolidation applications. Love the pie charts and graphs, being able to put 0% interest on this app. Needs better way of seeing your debt payoff plan. The other app is one click away. This one takes awhile to get to. The plan doesn't seem to do its math right. Payments seem off. This app needs weekly, bi weekly and certain pay date payment options. Overall I love this app, Absolutely love the pie charts. Great job!!!!!

  • Nice!

    by dodeedoe

    Easy to set up and understand.

  • Great app

    by TA005

    Works as advertised.

  • Great app

    by kay423

    I use this app to manage my debt. It's great to see what's outstanding and to be able to plan accordingly.

  • Good App

    by Phytobearz

    App does a nice job. It could always be better.

  • not perfect but working

    by Newopen1964

    i have been using this for a couple of months. i have some bills that have zero interest and smaller balances but the app pays them off first instead of paying off interest accounts. has helped me payoff 7% of my debit so far though.

  • Would get a 5 if

    by Mereditht72

    It offered biweekly payment as an option. Most people pay their bills split up from each paycheck and not one large chunk.

  • Total monthly payments

    by Michael Jones

    Total monthly payments sum doesn't work. I've set it up correctly too.


    by Fjkpvfuo


  • Good App

    by Debt Help

    This app has been helpful in figuring out what debts to pay first and how much in order to pay them off sooner. However, the math doesn't quite add up at times. I don't think I'm going to save over $ 36 million in interest, wasn't planning on taking that long to pay & don't owe THAT much.

  • This is a pretty good app

    by Tchmaster

    So far it has helped me to manage my debt and has been helpful so far.

  • Updated and will only show background picture

    by Asdf77

    All I get is the background picture and then after about 10-15 secs the app just closes. They have been told about this online and on iTunes. Keeping fingers crossed that all my data is not gone. I hope it does not take 3-4 months or more to fix it like the minimum payment issue took. This was truly a GREAT app that deserved 4+ stars until around December 2011. Also trying to figure how reviews keep disappearing. Has anyone else noticed that or had a problem?

  • Link

    by T-$*^Money$^*

    Good for tracking debt - wish iBearSoft would link their apps together for less data entry if you have more than one of their apps...

  • Not impressed

    by Barbie Jan

    Customer service is non-existent. I am not impressed. I have contacted that department 5 times and still no response.

  • Great app!

    by AmericanUK

    It's helping me organize my debt so I can motivate myself to pay it off faster. It's going to take a while, but knowing the payoff date really motivates me.

  • Review

    by Pitchmen

    Nice app for the money; just very poor customer support. Guess you get what you paid for. Probably won't buy another app from this company because of the poor customer support, which is a shame.

  • Works, no bi-weekly support

    by Into grace

    This does not support bi-weekly loans. The company provides support from their forums, but are slow to respond. Bottom line, useful program, but needs improvement.

  • Simply what I wanted

    by Crs2fst

    Gives me a great snapshot of when debt can be paid off and easy to make edits for different scenarios.

  • Debt end

    by Mikera2

    I tried several debt reduction apps this is by far the best u can try several different options with a single click. Adding transactions, payment amount changes r really simple it automatically updates your plan great app

  • Debt end

    by Steve Japps

    This app does all I need. Easy to use interface and comprehensive loan calculator. Highly recommend

  • Great app

    by Tcol3

    Great app! No bugs or glitches. Does just what it promises.

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