Checkbook HD Free - Personal Finance Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: iBear LLC
  • Updated: Nov, 04 2010
  • Version: 4.2
  • Size: 36.11 MB

Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: iBear LLC

- Added Transactions Search feature
- Added a new option for recurring transactions (manual conducting)
- Added a new quick way to conduct a recurring transaction (with a swipe to the right)
- Provided compatibility with iOS7
- Performance improvements
- Minor bugs fixes

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30 Ratings
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9843 Ratings


Checkbook HD offers you a quick and simple way of managing your personal finances. Luxurious iPad-oriented design (check the screenshots). Easy sync and iPad/iPhone versions combined in one app! Get now ►►

"In a nutshell, I can’t really find what’s missing from it." AppAdvice
“Essential ledger and budgeting app for iOS.” AppCraver

Manage all your accounts with Checkbook HD and stay always aware of how much money is left on each of your accounts, and how it happened. Add entries that change balances on your accounts manually, or import your banking records either by using your bank's OFX file or through Direct Connect (direct downloading). You can also schedule recurring transactions, sync your data between several devices, schedule delayed transactions and clear them later on (reconcile). To visualize the activity of your accounts, use colorful charts.

Checkbook HD features:

- Unlimited number of accounts (checking, savings, credit card, etc.)
- Running balance column
- Accounts reconciliation (balance and cleared balance)
- Support of multiple currencies
- Restoration of previously deleted accounts (if needed)

TRANSACTIONS (green sticky note)
- Income, Expenses, Transfers between accounts
- Categories and subcategories
- Automatic categorization based on previous transactions
- Additional fields for organizing your records including description, payee, check #, etc.

- Automatic repeating transactions scheduled as “cleared” or “not cleared”
- Regulated custom frequency (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and any other frequency customization).

REPORTS (yellow and red sticky notes)
- Pie chart and bar chart reports showing the structure of your income and expenses
- Filter by categories and subcategories, accounts and payees

- Import of your banking records using your bank's OFX file
- Downloading data directly from your bank. Contact us to learn if your bank is supported - (Direct Connect feature is sold separately as in-app purchase)
- Quick manual entry
- PIN-protected data
- Backup
- Export of your data in CSV format
- iCloud storing of your data and providing it on all your devices - iPhone, iPad, Mac (This feature can be turned on after the installation. All the updates occur automatically.)
- Bluetooth sync

- Great special iPad/iPhone oriented interface design (luxurious library room)
- Retina display support
- Optimized for iPhone 5

Important! Free version is limited by the number of transactions. You can unlock it with the in-app purchase.

- User Guide - 
- Feedback & Support -

Checkbook HD is truly a high quality clean product for easy personal finance management. Get now! ►►

Customer Reviews

  • Good but slow

    by Nissa:D

    I've been using this app for over a year. The one thing I've noticed lately is that it's very slow. When I scroll down it takes a few seconds for the screen to move down. It takes me forever to balance my checkbook when my bank statement comes in and I need to check off items that have cleared. Other than it being slow it's a good app.

  • superb

    by quatro53

    superb programming pleased that downloaded it.

  • советую к применению понравилось

    by Zaharciuk

    Очень удобное приложение, и функционал и дизаин на высоте, кстати видел у друга другую версию, эта лучше респект!

  • Сашка

    by Allesandro88

    Отличное приложение, теперь не нужно с собой носить записную книжку, приложение полностью заменяет записную книжку!

  • Спасибо разработчикам. Отличное приложение!

    by Alekseyfrom

    Спасибо разработчикам. Отличное приложение!

  • Update issues

    by Lostinspace728

    Frustrated. The new version drops transactions I have put into the register Ugh

  • Used to be a great app

    by Mochalt

    Don't know what happened with the most recent update. Didn't delete all my data, but definitely not the app it used to be. Slow, crashes all the time, often unresponsive to commands. If they don't work out the bugs pretty soon I'm going to have try a different app

  • iCloud doesn't work right!

    by Cordel15

    New transactions do not show up on both iPad and iPhone. If this worked it would be an awesome app but I'm stuck just using my phone. Says downloading from iCloud when I open with my iPad but never gets any further.

  • Update

    by Knaler

    Since the new update today it crashes every time I open it on my phone but was great up until that

  • Love but not with recent update

    by Sarah camp

    I normally love this app and paid for the pay version to help me track my spending. However the app is closing every few selections after this update! Very unhappy

  • Love but not with recent update

    by Sarah camp

    I normally love this app and paid for the pay version to help me track my spending. However the app is closing every few selections after this update! Very unhappy

  • iCloud sync

    by MyRedeemed

    I have run into the problem of recurring transactions not being posted if iCloud sync is on. Turn it off, they automatically go back to working. I did not use the iCloud sync the first time I downloaded the app, but when my phone crashed and I lost all the data, I thought it might be something to look into. Then realized the recurring transactions didn't work. It doesn't affect me too much, as I guess I can turn it off and on as I need, but…seriously? It would be best if it just worked don't you think?

  • Unhappy with update

    by MegRN1014

    After the most recent update, this app has not been working properly. It is generating past reoccurring bills from over a year ago that are not currently on my reoccurring bills. Transactions are also being deleted. Please fix!!!

  • Very good

    by CatScrach

    This app is great. It helps keep my checkbook organized. And the people in charge of the app are great to fixing any probs with the app. Just gotta let them know something's wrong.

  • 5star

    by Steve Japps

    Like it!

  • Crashes!!

    by RoCkLeDgE_RoB

    Crash alert, updated on 8/02/13 and now it won't open!!!!!

  • To the person who wrote "Gay, gay, gay"

    by 2DCC's

    Perhaps you can find an app that helps with social awareness and sensitivity.

  • Review

    by Abby's Mom 423

    Used this app for over a year and loved it until the latest update. Since then none of my recurring transactions work! Sure hope they get this fixed or I may need to find another app to use.


    by Carnival Veteran

    This app is no good, do not purchase it. We always have trouble with the sync function!!!

  • Used to be great

    by Kricket129

    When I first downloaded this app, it worked great. But since the updates, this app crashes all the time, doesn't save when I "check" something off, and doesn't save transactions if I update the amount. There are just too many bugs in it now. I've emailed the people and they said they would work on it for the next update. That was a month ago. I need something that works now so I don't screw up my finances.

  • Неплохо

    by Lol.ka

    Полезное приложение для тех, кто ведет домашнюю бухгалтерию. Есть импорт/экспорт, передача базы на другое устройство по блутуфу.


    by Marut38

    Been using this app for over a year now & have been very satisfied with it but lately with the latest update it's been annoying. Slow updates, freezing, and entries don't save. It's almost useless and a time waster at this point. Please fix.

  • MAD

    by Jgjgd

    Lost everything. Don't get this app or update


    by 5lb_Bass

    Do not UPGRADE as you will lose your existing data other users have indicated. Do bad I didn't review the site and/or user comments before upgrading as I too lost over a year's worth of data. This is really, really bad customer support. If the developer doesn't give a rip about your data I can promise you he doesn't care about you as a customer. I should know, I write software for a living and would get fired if I pulled a stunt like this. Fire these guys, don't upgrade, and change to another app as soon as possible.

  • Watch Out!!!!!!!!

    by Cutlercc80

    This app will hold your data hostage if you don't pay for the upgrade! Your data disappears and they suggest you pay to get it back! Shady!!!!!

  • Awful update

    by Krisabb

    FIX THIS !!!!

  • Used to be great, terrible update!

    by Caradina

    I used to love this app... But the most recent update crashes constantly so that it just isn't usable. Please fix it!!!

  • Frustating

    by Dissapo!nted

    I have been using this app since November 2011 and until now it worked wonderfully. Since the last update it USELESS. I lost all my data for the past two years. Please fix it ASAP!!

  • New update awful

    by stingrae02

    App crashes after latest update. Haven't been able to input new information in weeks. Frustrating!!!

  • Garbage!

    by Twarren1982

    I paid $2.99 to be able to "use" unlimited transactions on all my devices, BUT it wants me to pay $2.99 on every device. Very misleading.

  • Mad!!!

    by Patricep1987

    I did love it until I just lost ALL of my data!! Thanks a lot

  • Deletes info during updates

    by tressiBug

    Completely wiped out all info the past 2 updates. Very disappointed. Money wasted.

  • Crash!!!!

    by Skist7

    Love this app however, the new update is useless. Keeps crashing at start up. Please fix this!!!

  • Deleted all my info!!!

    by Haystuff

    All my transactions are gone since the update. Keeps saying downloading from iCloud but keeps showing $0 balance. Fix it!!!!

  • Terrible with Updates

    by BradinIL

    Every time they update something, your old transactions get messed up and now the app is crashing. Do more trying before you launch updates. Knowing what I know now, I would not buy this app.


    by caymanredman

    Do not download this new version as it crashes and I have now lost all my data for the last 2 years… why they do not test this out before releasing I do not know, I now have a huge headache on my hands…IDIOTS !!

  • Crashes immediately

    by Bcflick

    Love the app. New version crashes every time. Unusable.

  • This app blows

    by JDev2008

    Don't waste your money! It hardly ever works!

  • No good!

    by Fabonynge

    I downloaded this app and on first open it crashed. It would not stay open for more then 15 seconds. Needless to say I deleted it and would not recommend it to anyone!

  • Helpful app

    by CB Kingwood

    Sometimes Works well. Helps me keep track of spending and current cash balance. Does not always post scheduled items to the register. Have lost all my data two times and had to start over from scratch. I am a bookkeeper and have used several check book software programs...this one needs work.

  • Syncing still a problem

    by DLD4749

    I have tried very hard to get this app working. Before I paid full price for Mac and mobile app, I got good support from the software maker and updates which for awhile fixed the syncing. Everything worked for a brief period, then an additional update resulted in the sync again not working. By this time I had bought the app, which may have been the reason that I never heard back from the app makers despite two emails to them asking for help. So I have given up on using Checkbook HD. And the lack of response from them has left a bad feeling - I feel that I have been cheated out of my money. I recommend that you avoid this app.

  • Fixes!? HA!!!

    by Jhawk88

    Ever since you updated this app, it's turned to crap. It puts in recurring transactions on its own. Also, it changed my account balance completely which almost screwed me up completely! Thanks for nothing!

  • The Greatest

    by Ddebacell

    I no longer have to carry my checkbook or write in all the transactions when I get home from shopping. I can record everything in real time. The latest update 4.1.5 on Aug. 7, 2013 has completely caused a major problem in my check book. When I went on my account yesterday morning it showed a NEGATIVE balance of $ 240,956.00 . After spending hours fixing it, again this morning it posted 2 new transactions of 943.56 and 106.76 to my account.


    by La Vasca

    STILL WAITING FOR THE UPDATE THAT FIXES THE CRASHING MESS YOU GUYS MADE WITH THIS APP..... UPDATE: 8/8 update let me finally open the app but now all the years of transactions gone!! It tells me I can enter 15 transactions or I can upgrade?! Hey, I tell you what....TAKE THIS APP AND SHOVE IT!!! Why would I upgrade when all my info is deleted?!?!?! YEARS OF BANK TRANSACTIONS GONE!!! People go with other checkbooks. They are just as good if not better.

  • Not happy

    by Gtrgirl0823

    Every time the app updates, it erases all of my transactions!! Guess you get what you pay for :-(

  • Not helpful

    by Monique1985

    Only allows 15 checkbook transactions. Not helpful.

  • Unreliable

    by Daddyfatsac11

    Every time an update is installed data is lost. You will need to go back and re-enter old entries every time you update. I'm tired of this BS. Looking for another checkbook app!!

  • Gay gay gay

    by Fantasticical

    Just wants you to buy the paid version

  • Needs work

    by JimS5

    Looks like it has potential but I was put off after 2 minutes by the constant pop ups telling mr it was connecting to iCloud....give it a rest.

  • Recurring entries

    by trifling98

    I have had this app on my iPad for over a year and loved it...never had any problems until the most recent update. None of the recurring entries I have set up will post...please fix the problem

  • Update?

    by pkluber

    I contacted support over a week ago because my balance from June did not carry over to July. I was told that it would be taken care of in the next update. I was thinking the update would be available right away, but it's now July 8th, and no update. All of my accounting has been done on this app, and now I am using paper and pencil. I guess it's time to look for a new checkbook app. It's too bad because I ready liked it while it was functional.

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