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  • Publisher: iBear LLC
  • Updated: Aug, 07 2010
  • Version: 1.10.2
  • Size: 8.32 MB

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Seller: iBear LLC

Minor bug fixes

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Top 1 iPad app overall (USA) several consequent days. Plan and track your expenses every month. With all your devices synced, you'll never miss a bill again. Clear, simple and quick (a MUST HAVE) financial planning! Buy now ►► 

You always need a simple tool to control the amount you want to spend this month. Essentially you need a big calendar to track the amount of money you have spent compared to the amount you wanted to spend. You also need to generate lists of overdue payments, planned payments and check what has already been paid off. Bills for iPhone is made to help with those needs! Make your ongoing monthly financial planning an easy and pleasant task! 

The way you work with the application: 
Set a figure indicating how much you want to spend this month. Mark days on the big calendar when you need to pay for something or buy something. Then when you actually have a transaction, approve it quickly (you may also approve it partially and reschedule the rest of the payment). Easily filter your bills and payments via the calendar and special boxes to show your planned, overdue and paid expenses & bills. If you spend too much, the green bar above the calendar will let you know about it. For better payments planning you can add your income into the calendar as well. Extra features: export to HTML and CSV (Excel), and PIN code to protect your entries! 

Each element reminds of real office room objects, which are so familiar and help to concentrate when taking care of the bills and expenses. Flip board shows the list of your transactions. Big projector screen shows you a calendar view of the current month. Office folders are reserved for extra features. Drawers are meant to serve as filters. And when you add or edit entries, you will see a memo book page. 

- easy management of expenses and bills 
- recurring reminders until the due bill is paid
- income entries helping with planning your payments
- quickest work with entries 
- filters for paid, planned and overdue payments 
- easy sync: iPad, iPhone, Mac
- family sync: track your bills together with your loved ones (sync via Dropbox)
- easy export to HTML and CSV (Excel) 
- PIN code available (for privacy protection) 
- great special iPhone oriented interface design

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Bills for iPhone is here to give your financial experience with iPhone a new turn. 
Buy now! ►►

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by Barn banjo

    Good easy setup no learning curve and does what it's intended for with no unneeded bells or whistles

  • Thank you!

    by JBSC12

    I appreciate you quickly listening to my concern & suggestion to make this awesome app better!!!


    by Passionate One

    I would recommend it...

  • Great App.....

    by Amer Khalidi

    User friendly, a good app to depend on. Worth spending the initial time to input the respective act info.......

  • Muy bueno!!!!

    by Smgsz

    Muy buenoo!!!!

  • Excellent App!

    by Ghanyc

    Love it, just awesome. Am finally able to keep up with by bills, the way I need to.

  • Increasing my credit score

    by Mrspicasso

    This is the easiest app to use. I'm able to sync to my phone and computer so I never miss a bill. I can now see when I can pay more an on time so it's making my score better. Thank you

  • $

    by Celso A. Giannini


  • The Best!

    by Popcone

    This is all I use to track my bills. It's straight forward and reliable.

  • Best ever !

    by iGamerZero24

    I've been looking for a app to organize All my bills and this is it !!!!!! Must Buy !!!!!! LOVE IT

  • Excellent

    by lisamarie179

    Love the app very handy!!!

  • Useful

    by Persefone Loki

    Good and useful !

  • Love It.

    by LegPain

    Extremely user friendly. Would pick this app all over again

  • I like it

    by Copper16

    Like it

  • Love it!!

    by HotDrew87

    Does everything it's supposed to do when it needs to be done. This app keeps me in check when it comes to paying my bills -on time-.

  • Great app

    by Jerod Rains

    Love it.

  • Bills for iPhone!

    by Wormy001


  • Awesome

    by Maelo15


  • Love it

    by Nascardix

    Was looking for something simple, easy and less time consuming, I love this one.

  • Basic goodness

    by DRDJ555

    This app has helped me keep track of my bills... Very basic app. Easy to use. For those looking to input the money coming in... Like your paycheck, use ($) for the event... This will show the positive cash flow. If you do this, the bills paid and money received will show u the net balance at the end of a given period.

  • Poor update

    by Peter Walden

    The dates for my bills got messed up with the last update. I'm not sure what the cause was but I would like it to be fixed ASAP. This app was perfect for me, but if I can't count on it during updates then I will have to find a new app.

  • Bluetooth

    by slush23

    Bluetooth syncing no longer works in the new update ! Please fix.

  • Where's iCloud syncing?

    by Pravdax

    Dropbox or Bluetooth syncing only between iDevices. Fail

  • So so....

    by Julilicious12

    Love the interface, used mainly on the iPad. But HATE how it doesn't sync with my iPhone. I want my $ back, if is not going to sync it's useless..... FIX IT PLEASE!

  • Used to be good

    by TheStreetGeek

    Now it's very slow! Don't waste ur money!

  • Thankful for the iPhone 5 support

    by cubegeek

    Thanks for the update!

  • Disappointed.

    by designgirl661

    I was hoping this would help me to balance out my monthly bills plus weekly bills, based on the receipt of biweekly paychecks, but there is no way (that I can tell) to list income on the calendar. You write it in as a monthly income, which means I have to manually compute how much we get for each month, versus list it in two week intervals. I need to be able to tell how much $ (if any) we have at the end of each paycheck, not based on the month as a whole. If I have missed something in the instructions that allows for this, please let me know!! Or perhaps this could be added in a future version?

  • Disappointing App

    by Joshua Kirckof

    Had high hopes for this app and unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations. I don't like the user interface. The worst part about the app is that it doesn't auto sync across devices.

  • Simple & A Life Saver!

    by Morsetechnician

    I was just thinking about how this app is probably my most indispensable one because I remember to pay ALL my bills by it. I love the month view where I can see by color what I paid, what is coming up, & what is overdue. Very simple to use, as well.

  • Great app

    by Ben5339

    I like this app. The bill tracker in the app store.

  • Couldn't figure it out

    by ewallac6

    I've stared at this app a number of times and I don't know how to get started. I looked at the help and still... I sure wish it came with some instructions or, at least, was intuitive.

  • So so app

    by xxandrea05xx

    Not a great app. Many functions that can be fixed. I don't even use this app anymore

  • good app

    by Mutuwah

    very direct does what I need it to do!!!!

  • The month carrying over is not goods

    by Barry Cross

    I think this is a great appl. However, can you please make the calendar month to month and carry over The month carrying over is not good It aides in confusion of Piaf vs not payed for the month When that change is made, then I will give a five star. Please Please Please! Thanking you in advance...


    by Irrelevant9

    I love this app. I could not iCloud it from my iPad to my iPhone but it is okay. I really would like a place for the income.

  • Good functionality

    by TMR522

    Overall a good app for bill payments. Syncs easily between iPhone and iPad. Would like to have feature to add days I get paid. This would help with overall visual of what a should be paid with what paycheck. And if bill is already paid notification should be disabled for that bill.

  • Need more improvment

    by DACHI XU

    Few Functions

  • Overall a nice app - helps to have for all devices

    by poohbear55

    I found this to be a nice app. Simple to use. User manuals not the best, but after using and investigating different options finds that it does exactly what I need. Would be nice to have a detailed pdf manual to cover features of different versions but info on website gives good starting point for using. I highly recommend for bill tracking and as a way to get an overall view of what you're spending on bills each month. Nice that it has a MAC version, that you can use as the main source of entry and then sync with your other devices. Ability to add custom icons is a nice feature.Look forward to future enhancements as it can only get better. Dropbox feature is a plus!! Well worth it for the price.

  • looks good, but does not do anything

    by Tersiocity

    This looks great, but there are major problems 1. The sync between iphone and Mac is through drop box. It is a multi-step multi-level process that is anything but seamless 2. Overdue bills disappear into the past. There is no way to see all past overdue bills as of today. I want to see a snapshot of where I am right now. That is not possible. 3. This is ficused on categories, not bills, yet the name of the app is bills. There is no place to put in bills, just categories with subcategories 4. All in all this is a very poor app for actually tracking the expeneses that I really have, It is grrat for a vague budget that I may not use or not, but this does not work for a real life situation. Very poor app…looks great though

  • Buggy

    by A OM

    I have this App for both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2. I initially had it set on both to send notifications of bills coming due. This was a bit annoying when a notification would flash for each bill several times each time I unlocked my phone or iPad. Even if the bill was marked paid I continued to get notifications. I tried turning off the notifications under settings on both devices - but this didn't stop the notifications. I turned off syncing (which makes the App less functional and convenient) and still the notifications continued. I've deleted both Apps now for good. And yes, the notifications have now stopped. There were many things I liked about Bills and the design is lovely to look at, but perhaps too much attention was paid to form and not enough to function.

  • Needs more

    by Jeff Blink

    If this app synced with the Mac version then it would be great.

  • Ok

    by Trashapp1969

    Would be 5 stars if you could sync it with Bills on the Mac!!!!

  • Not my cup of tea

    by so_crispy

    Good interface, but lacking some details that I want...

  • Almost, needs badge alert!

    by iHappy iPhone User

    Love the calendar and list view options. Easy-to-use interface and cute graphics. Nice icon. A couple things for me would make it perfect: - I need a "badge alert" not just local. Once I dismiss the local alert, I need something in my face until I can get it done. - if I pay a bill early, I want it to still show on the due date rather than move it to the date paid, otherwise it looks like it's missing unless I search for it and I will not remember the date I paid it. - More category icons needed i.e. Dance classes, kids expenses, magazine subscriptions, various utilities, school bills, etc. - Also, a place for notes in the account you set up. You may need to put a password or URL reference or other info pertinent to paying that bill. Thank you!

  • Pretty good

    by Fpp025

    So far I like it but it needs a balance options as well so you know how much you have left after bills compared to your budget.

  • That's OK

    by Jala Cox

    I think this app is ok, but if it add more functions ,it will really be best !

  • Disappointed

    by amore.bianca

    I really wanted to find a replacement for my Pageonce Bills app, since I think that a $.99/month subscription fee is absurd. My primary desire is to see bills due in a calendar display. I got the free version to look at the design of the app and quickly decided that the aesthetics warranted purchase of the full version. Unfortunately, I should have done some test entries to see if the functionality lived up to the design. Once I bought the full version and started inputting my info, I discovered that the app isn't very intuitive and you can't change the names of the bills you're adding (i.e., if you want your cell phone bill to say AT&T, you have to add AT&T under categories). These are extra steps that require lots of flipping between screens. Once I got my info entered, I realized that I had entered some of my bills under "Plan" and some under "Autopay." The app doesn't tell you what the difference is, and you can't switch from one to the other after you've entered information; you have to delete and start over. After all this, I was frustrated and kind of starting to regret the purchase. Then I suddenly realized the worst part: since you're just entering information, not logging into your accounts, you have to manually adjust bills that are different each month. Usage-based utilities are the prime example, as they vary month-to-month. Pageonce allows you to login to these accounts and it auto-updates, so you have current data without a bunch of extra steps. Long story short, I deleted this app, but if these additional features are added at some point, I'll put it back on my phone. Aesthetically, it's really attractive, it's just lacking some key functionality that would make it really excellent.

  • Needs badges.

    by robfuzz

    Needs now.

  • Needs badges

    by LesStandrd

    Needs a few basic features like badges and better month to month rollover Bills due at the end of the month not paid until the first of the next mo. do not show overdue.

  • Love it

    by DreKozar

    Love everything about it; the only thing I'd suggest adding is up on top where you can see the budget and the amount paid so far would be to add another line to show how much is left. I add everything that goes through my bank account on here, including debit card use, so it'd be nice to be able to tell what's available for spur-of-the-moment purchases.

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