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Seller: IBA Tax Group, Inc.

- OIC processing fee changed from $150 to $186
- IRS increased exclusion amount from business assets equity
- IRS increased Low Income Standards



Pay Less to IRS

Do you have IRS debt? Use the OIC Calculator to quickly determine your eligibility for the IRS-sponsored Offer in Compromise program and save your hard-earned money! Qualified taxpayers who owe unpaid tax liabilities to the United States Treasury can use the Offer in Compromise program to negotiate and settle their tax debt for much less than what they owe.

In May 2012 the Internal Revenue Service announced more flexible Offer-in-Compromise terms to give taxpayers a fresh start. Many more taxpayers are now eligible to settle their tax debt for less with the introduction of these new regulations. Find out how much you can $ave with the OIC Calculator!

Answer some simple questions about you and your family, such as: the state and county in which you live, the assets you have, the Fair Market Value of each asset, and a summary of your monthly income and expenses. You'll get immediate results as to whether or not you qualify, including a calculation of the minimum amount to offer to the IRS and even recommended payment terms.

•Step-by-step guidance to make the interview process simple and easy
•Help notes for every single question
•Complex IRS OIC guidelines already in place, no need to know them
•National, local and regional IRS standards for every single county of the United States
•Low Income Certification guidelines are pre-programmed
•Results include Minimum Offer Amount and how much you can save
•Complete payment terms are provided for eligible taxpayers
•Unlimited use of the calculator, revise your data as often as you need
•Instantly view summary and send results to your personal email address
•One app, compatible on both iPad and iPhone
•No personal information is required... we don’t ask you name, address or SSN
•Automatic updates when new IRS regulations are released

It’s that easy! Find out today if you are eligible and don’t get ripped-off by “pennies on the dollar” scams.

Customer Reviews

  • Oic Calculator for IPad & IPhone

    by Romulusndg

    This program is indispensable for all tax professionals. Support via email from Irina is prompt. Used the program in a couple of clients and will present results of offer to IRS.

  • Wonderful app

    by Taxov

    I have 30+ years of experience and never found such a useful tool. Congratulations and thanks

  • Incredible result in 10 minutes

    by Bbbchka

    Wow! I got my results so fast and it was absolutely easy. I don't know much about taxes, app doesn't have all those specific terms you can't understand when browsing IRS site. Thank you! I can do my settlement!!!

  • Really Great App

    by Vann34

    I was concerned about simplicity of the app, but when i tried it was very easy to follow. And i was relieved to find out that i can save and pay less in taxes. Highly recommend...!

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