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Tax season can be filled with questions - we can help! Download our FREE app and tap into our more than 50 years of tax experience — no matter where you go!

With the new H&R Block Mobile app you can:

• Check the status of your Federal refund.
• Quickly estimate your tax refund with our Tax Estimator.
• Find an H&R Block office near you and schedule an appointment.
• View a checklist, and if you have filed with H&R Block in the past and have a My H&R Block account we will personalize the checklist for you.
• Upload your documents and send them to your tax pro.
• Access to your prior year tax returns.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Z1 amazing33

    Totally amazing. I can see when I get my $$$ Awesome app

  • So far so good.

    by MercyLady1

    We efiled and so far it has shown they have received and are processing my refund. We will see. So far, it's been awesome. Worked for me last year, but we snail mailed because of adoption tax credit.

  • This app works better then healthcare.gov

    by Crispy1985

    Seriously this app did everything it was supposed to do. When checking the status of refund its faster then going to IRS.gov

  • Good app

    by jffrybr

    Good app,does what I need it to do


    by OVO_214

    Love the way you can keep track of your return & refund status

  • Great website, lousy app

    by Ainsley's Mom

    I love their regular website. I have done my taxes online thru them for years. I can't, however, get properly logged in to the app so I'm uninstalling it. I will install it again next year and see if the issue is fixed by then.

  • Love it

    by ellen's 5

    Recommend to everyone nothing I didn't love about this APP!!!

  • H&R Block App

    by Sjiwana

    It's a okay app, a little slow at times...

  • Excellent App!

    by Dangdatsdanny

    Did my taxes for work and tuition and was straight forward as can be. Been using this app for many of years now and has not disappoint!

  • This app is cool with me...

    by i_ZiGGY

    I didn't use the app to file my taxes which doesn't make any sense to me...but I just used the app to track the processing of my return and it was useful for that purpose...

  • This app works I don't know what problems of people having?

    by MotoSage

    This app works I see the other reviews of the issues that other people I'll having and I don't experience that. This is not the best application in the world but it does function the only thing I wish is that it would allow me to upload PDFs not just pictures.

  • Peace of mind app

    by Lela43

    I really like this app. Everything I wanted to kind about my infor and return was right there didn't to call anyone.

  • Good

    by AbrielleX

    Serves its purpose, haven't had any issues

  • Great accessory

    by PSC3196

    Perfect for a quick reference, and easy to use.

  • It's ok

    by Getr dun

    It tells me my status the only thing I use it for rating is satisfactory because it doesn't do anything fancy

  • Internet required

    by F9 Pilot

    Internet connection required to input data. Would be great if you could input the data and then upload when a connection was available.

  • Thank you H&R Block

    by HuskerMo

    This app was great for estimating my taxes. Can't wait to get my refund.

  • Fixed

    by ddStroyer

    Connecting to server issue fixed for me

  • Nice

    by Donnadyar1

    Works great !

  • So Far So Good

    by Naeeyore

    I'm able to see all of my returns.

  • Was trying to rate with no stars

    by Sahara63

    Nonsense app. Will be deleting and never add again. Will also not be using HR Block for future tax preparations.

  • Good company bad app

    by Vt31008

    I always go to them for my taxes but this app is the bad. Someone needs to fix this now

  • Worst app ever

    by Beholdapalehrse

    Don't even download ! It's never worked, says H&R Block server is not responding please try again later.... How about never again ! Make an appointment ... Go see them quit being lazy !!!

  • What year is it?

    by Sydneydarcy

    I can review my 2012 refund but this is 2014 and I need to see last years return. 2012 does me no good. An update to view 2013 might be nice.

  • Useless

    by Chazzb29

    This app is useless, hence the title. Even though I received an email stating that the IRS had approved my taxes, this app says it can't find my info and that I don't have an account (which I also have an email that proves I do have an account and have had this account for 3 years) don't waste your time or the memory on your phone or iPad.

  • Pointless and doesn't work

    by Dreadpiraterichardson

    No matter how many times I try to log in, I keep getting told Unable to connect with HR Block server. Please try again I am deleting this stupid app

  • Hockey1212

    by Hockey1212

    I have never written a review before but this app is so awful I felt compelled to. This app is horrible. It asks me for my login information and password and then requires me to go through a whole series of security questions. After answering all of them it says cannot connect with the H&R Block servers. This has been ongoing for 4 days. The regular website is fine, but this app doesn't work at all.

  • App doesn't work

    by sbail2012

    App is horrible. Don't waste your time with it.

  • Don't waste your time

    by Jolly Luna

    Had it for two weeks and it never let me check my refund. "Unable to connect to servers." App is also flawed, it will not tell you if your password or username is incorrect.

  • Waste of time

    by Cjf70

    All around terrible app. Very clunky. Not even worth 1 star.

  • App doesn't work as advertised and no fixes

    by Real_nose

    Worst app I have ever seen. I would expect that an app from a company like hr block would be able to rapidly fix the issues others have been posing about. Nope, not one update or fix. Horrible customer service. You are better off doing your own taxes. I am pretty sure that the IRS have better service (it couldn't possibly be worse)

  • Broken

    by Golgi1

    It seems to be stuck in 2012. Nothing seems to work. Always fails to connect to anything. I uninstalled.

  • Doesn't work

    by Racer_girl92

    Don't waste your time on this app. It can never connect to h&r servers. Thought it may be just busy times, but after two weeks of trying I'm giving up. This is a scam

  • This is CRAP! " Unable to connect to servers"

    by Captain Gadget

    This is CRAP! " Unable to connect to servers" message keeps appearing AFTER I enter all my private information.

  • Garbage!!!

    by KateW85

    I used this app last year and loved it. I don't know what happened but holy AWFUL!!! Completely useless garbage.

  • Phishing App?

    by Cody_rose

    Asks for social security number and birthday but doesn't allow you to connect blaming H&R Block Servers. Seems sketchy to me. Good luck!

  • Hasn't worked since day 1

    by My2kids330

    I downloaded this app thinking I would be able to check on my refund. I was sadly mistaken as it never connects to their servers. Worst app ever from a major company.

  • No stars.

    by DASH (dashaun)

    This app does not work! It takes you through the steps to log in but at the end always tells you that it is unable to connect to the server. About to delete this.

  • Unable to login...

    by Lunakat

    ... Now worried about phishing, great! Thanks. :(


    by Hoodstar_ray

    Better off going online to check out the H&R site because this bullsh-t don't work!!!

  • Horrible

    by Annwangers

    Completely useless. App is repeatedly unable to access the H&R servers.

  • Use the website....

    by Jaymibh

    The website works so much better. Did my state and fed in 5 mins.

  • Doesn't work.

    by Great app, needs update.

    Doesn't work. Don't bother.

  • Doesn't work

    by SangriaGurl

    Who are these people writing glowing reviews?! Horrible app. Will not connect. Comes up with error code every time I go to track my refund. Even attempted to reinstall app.

  • Horrible app

    by Disappointed in mass

    This app doesn't work at all!! Won't verify my personal information, useless!!!

  • Total POS

    by Chikara Otaku

    Always says unable to connect to server. Can not use to check status at all. Not worth the time it took to download.

  • Tax payer

    by Jacquelindaley

    This app is useless. Asked me a thousand questions then would only show me 2012s return. I am trying to track 2013s return! Useless.

  • Horrible horrible app

    by Dwt976

    Absolutely worthless. Even the IRS where's my refund site is just as bad. Can't find my info four years in a row yet I always get my return. But, they can never give me an eta for my return. So I download this app to be told the same thing. Why make an app that only works 2% of the time.

  • Dissapointed.

    by A!plus

    This app worked last yr but obviously won't work this yr b/c they are stuck on 2012... We are now filling for 2013.. Wth... Either fix the problem or take this app off the web.

  • What's the point

    by Aaron Guzman

    What's the point of having the app to check your refund status or return information if the app can't even connect to the server at any given time.

  • A year behind

    by USMCgrl1904

    How am I suppose to check things if the App is a year behind with returns?

  • App doesn't do all it says

    by Biggin0424

    It will not let me check the status of my return. Keeps saying something about the servers. Ive been checking it at different times of day for weeks...

  • Horrible app!

    by jonnyboyyates

    All it does when you try to log in and get to the status part is say unable to connect to server! Really!!

  • I couldn't even say if it's good

    by Snoisworthy

    I just can't say because I tried to download it Friday and it would never try to download. I tried again today and it just won't load onto my iPhone. The world isn't going to end because of this but it kinda sucked some.

  • Terrible App

    by crys02066

    This app does not work, sit waste your time

  • Better off using desktop site

    by Dziner004

    After requiring several proofs of ID, I got a servers unavailable message and was then instructed to go to the full website. Defeats the point of having an app don't ya think?

  • Broken again...

    by Bandidobrent

    Updated the app, still the same problem with not connecting to the servers

  • Server errors?!?!

    by joshstevens76

    Since the day I first filed till today, I keep getting a server error when I log in!! Why?! The website lets me log in!! This app worked perfectly last year

  • Can't connect to hnr block server

    by willwrk4vodka

    Disappointing. And the asking to verify info like social on top of me puttin in my already established Id and password was a little scary.

  • What's going on!?

    by Coralll22

    Update please. Signed in, put answer to security question answer, then asked me to verify other information to make sure it's me especially my SSN number. Fix this. Thanks.

  • Unable to connect to server

    by Wghutfhv

    Yes...why would I need to verify my social and birthdate when I already logged in. And after that it can't even connect to the server.

  • Deleting this app. Pointless

    by Me1212121216357886432

    Unable to connect to server so you can't do anything. Waste of time.

  • Unusable

    by CNYGamer

    I logged in using my H&R Block account. It asked for the answer to my security question, which I gave. It then went on to say that it needed to verify the identity of the primary tax payer. Why it needed to do that after the correct password and security question answer was given, I have no idea. So I put in the requested information and the app told me it couldn't connect to the H&R Block servers. It's faster and easier to just go to their (very excellent) website. This app is definitely not ready for prime time.

  • Nothing Works

    by Having Fun In SWFL

    Everything you do displays an error code. Nothing works.

  • Don't Bother

    by QwijiboSFD

    Simply doesn't work. Why would a company distribute an app that is clearly broken?


    by Richalftron

    Horrible app what's the point to this app if it makes me go on my computer before I go on the app. Every time it try to look at anything it says to go on the comp and ID PROOF every time and if I go on my comp and do it after I log out it makes me do it all over again. Don't get this app it's a waist of time and space on your phone that you could use for something actually useful!!!

  • Terrible.

    by LINC78

    "Can't connect to H&R Block servers" well then FIX IT!!!!

  • Doesn't work

    by mollys24

    Will not work at all, won't connect to server or login.

  • Tax estimator

    by Willgil69

    Every time I open the tax estimator the app crashes. That is even after the update today.

  • BAD

    by 4ndr3w10n9

    This app will not open let me look at any information. Every time I try to app either says it can't connect to H+R Block servers or I must be ID proofed. Can't figure out how to get ID proofed on website. Don't waste your time.

  • Server

    by TransmanJD

    I try to navigate the app it says Unable to connect to HR Block's servers. Please try again. This is even after today's update.

  • This app is ridiculous

    by Dj2lio

    No app support, you can never login to the H&R server. It says unable to connect or something similar. Frustrating and annoying. I'm going back to taxAct

  • Won't connect.

    by Lou stout

    I did my taxes and then found this app to keep track and won't load. Hope this ain't a fake phishing app to steal info from everyone. Either way irs ain't starting to process any taxs til jan 31st according to email from them. Fix this app please

  • Doesn't work!

    by Jessica Russell

    It worked great last year to track my taxes, but this year it keeps saying it cannot connect to H&R Block server...

  • Please fix!!

    by Lynngoo4

    Trying to track the status of my tax return and it keeps saying unable to connect to h&r block's server. Makes the app completely useless to me if I can't even sign in so please fix!!

  • Waste

    by Vernsgirl1

    Everytime I try to connect it says can't connect to h and r block server..

  • Crash!

    by raziel_77 

    As soon as I open the app, it asks me for a pin. I enter my pin and it crashes. Wow! Great app....

  • Cool

    by Zippie 11 

    Only used for tracking but that worked very well

  • Does the trick! Works great

    by  Ninjakiller8889

    Good app for tax season. Gives a pretty accurate estimate as long as you provide the correct I formation.

  • Upload photos needs fixed!!!

    by Kleanneb

    Have been kicked out of the app 5 times trying to upload a picture of my tax doc. PLEASE FIX SOON!!!

  • Not Functional Per Standard

    by Hicksj12

    Unfortunately the application does not seem to connect to the main frame; every time I attempt to take a review of my prior tax returns or set an appointment at a local branch, it simply cannot connect. This result in a useless app and I am very unhappy with this.

  • Not helpful

    by  xXx I ROCK-ON Dude I xXx

    This app is useless. Locks you out. Doesn't give updated information or any I formation for that matter.

  • cool helpful simplified estimator

    by a m o

    however many of the"?" buttons show duplicate text/content with the proper help topic but not the right answer. for example the unemployment "?" shows an explanation of self-employment.

  • Not Too Bad

    by Aly Crumpet 

    It gives you the necessary information you're searching for.

  • Very helpful!

    by usajh11977

    Good app!!

  • Awesome!!

    by Oliviaaaa:) 

    Great app and very useful!!

  • Crash

    by Matt4523

    App crashes anytime I try to do anything.

  • Helpful

    by jliang14999

    Good tool for taxes

  • crash

    by SEXY.MAMA.25

    app crashes everytime i try to get estimate........

  • Great app

    by TinaSLangston

    I love this app!

  • 5 stars to offset idiot reviews...

    by e + n5207

    I rate these reviews a 5 out of 5 for being hilarious. The logic people will use to rate an App 1 out of 5 or "totally useless!!!", really has no limits anymore. Half of you are freaking out that the App was locked to update the software for Congress' idiotic last second fiscal nonsense. And the other half could alleviate your problems by either reading the full description, going to the IRS website for 8 seconds, OR simply opening a web browser instead of the App? God help us all

  • It cuts out

    by bryannaaden

    I just updated this app. It was working very well before the update. Now everytime i try to get in the estimate your tax refund. It exits out of the app. Please fix this coz this is a really usefull app

  • H&R block app

    by Greenbeans21 


  • Awesome but here is a suggestion

    by JoAnn C 

    Everything is perfect but can you add a sync feature so if you make an appointment over the phone, you can have that appointment displayed on the app as a scheduled appointment?

  • H&R Block

    by Marvink69

    Not a bad app

  • Good app

    by lost7spirit 


  • App

    by themandam1550

    App rarely works

  • H&R block app

    by Angelanprn

    I have never got it to work and I try everyday. It says the server is down but it can't be down 24/7. Terrible app

  • awesome

    by rabidyoshi88

    This is a wonderful app to help with tax planning and estimating refunds!

  • Great

    by Atvw


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