H&R Block 1040EZ 2013 Finance App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: HRB Tax Group, Inc.

Enhancements to taking a picture of your W2
Other various enhancements and defect fixes.

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Federal and state tax prep with e-file for Free.

H&R Block 1040EZ app helps you quickly complete your U.S. federal and state returns with easy, step-by-step Q&A. Free to download and Free to prepare your federal and state tax returns, and free to e-file.


• Take a picture of your W-2 with your phone and import it into your return.
• Rest easy with automatic reviews for errors and omissions.
• Built-in expertise from most trusted name in taxes
• Get FREE audit support and representation from an enrolled agent**.
• Manage your account and access your PDF return online.
• Keep track of your filed return with status alerts.
• Ahora en español

H&R Block 040EZ supports the following types of taxpayers:

• Single or married filing a joint return
• Have income of $100,000 or less
• Rent or lease
• No dependents


• 100% Accurate Calculation Guarantee
• Maximum Refund Guarantee – Get the maximum refund you're entitled to or we’ll
refund any tax-prep fees.

* Supported federal forms - income from wages from employment (W-2), income from interest (1099 INT), income from unemployment (1099 G), income from Dividends (1099 DIV), adjustment for student loan interest (1098 E), Education credits (1098-t)

** Worry-free Audit Support is available for clients who use H&R Block tax software, online or mobile tax preparation solutions to prepare and successfully file (via e-file or print and mail) their 2012 individual income tax returns (federal or state). It does not provide for reimbursement of any taxes, penalties or interest imposed by taxing authorities. Additional terms and restrictions apply; see www.hrblock.com to learn more.

Customer Reviews

  • It worked well

    by smdb69

    I didn't have any problems filing on this app.. Wasn't too bad beats paying the fee that a h&r block branch want..

  • Great app

    by KittKatt:)

    I had no issues with this app it was great... Unless you don't know how to use it it can be difficult but if you fallow the instructions you'll be fine ;)

  • Good

    by Bangsmith

    I had no problem filing my taxes through this app. If the camera doesn't work right, you can enter the info manually.

  • Simple and easy to use

    by HuskerMo

    This app was great for filing my taxes. The camera didn't work the first time but when it did it was fast and easy.

  • Whoo!

    by LameFactor

    R-Diddy said this joint is fly! Download it!

  • Good App

    by Little one2013

    It was very easy to use. But as far as support go, with your tax questions, customer service rep were unable to help with questions like where should I mail my tax, because I was unable to Efile? The app is great, but the customer service isn't good in case you have questions. The questions were not complex at all. I was able to figure it out on my own. Great App!!! Bad customer service!!!

  • Great

    by DJ Bejay


  • Great!

    by Thug defect

    Works perfectly. I wasn't even on wifi either!

  • Thanks

    by ngongcuong

    Good job

  • Me Gusta

    by JhonPa1312

    Que buena Aplicación

  • Very easy and nice soft

    by Blrbrest

    Easy to use and cheap

  • Good

    by Qwertyuiop143

    They are doing good

  • Love

    by Huuthuan1733


  • Great app!!!

    by Harvick100


  • good

    by stingtn2004


  • Great app!

    by HallofGame2011


  • Good

    by Djdidjeh


  • Worked excellent

    by Aanders Johnson

    First time user too.

  • yep

    by Carrie Joy


  • Good

    by Stefffffffffffffooo


  • Not good

    by mwhawk

    The app does not actually allow you to file your taxes. The thing it shows when you log in is the "status" of your return.

  • Horrible

    by LadyPhoenixstl

    This may be the worst app I've ever used. The first time I downloaded it, it refused to open. After downloading it again, it opened. Once I finished uploading all of my info......it decided that it wasn't going to work anymore and crashed. I tried to login again and it said my user ID was no longer working and wanted me to create a new account. I did so and halfway through the app said it couldn't handle my return and instructed me to go to their website. When I tried to go to the HR Block website to finish it(since the app won't work) they wanted me to make an entirely new account. I'm done with HR Block. What a crappy app.

  • Horrible

    by Bubbley Chatty

    Fix the white screen.

  • White screen

    by xXMrockduXx

    Opens to a white screen. Can't use.

  • Junk update

    by drunkinbassist

    Opens to a white screen and that's it.

  • Useless Update

    by Ian191919

    Fix the white screen please, app doesn't load.

  • Keyboard fix needed

    by Ethand6

    The keyboard blocks the screen. Please fix so that the keyboard is at the bottom, not the side.

  • Terrible app

    by Cherryringpop

    Keeps force closing before I even get to the camera part. Worthless app.

  • Doesn't run.

    by M645287

    Just opens to a white screen.

  • Don't waste the time

    by Wingsdude

    It won't go past the loading screen.

  • H&R CRAP

    by Irish55j

    This app doesn't even open up on my iPhone 4. Worthless to me

  • F**k this app

    by $$$$&&&&&&&

    It don't even open on my iphone

  • Not Impressed!

    by None42501

    This App does NOTHING!

  • Crap app

    by Mad!!! As hell

    Won't even open on my iPhone 5.

  • Not working

    by Marjahskd

    I keep getting this locality box 20 error and theres nothing there so idk why it keeps giving me that error to remove the non-alpha characters when there's nothing inputted or to even input in the first place. The app must have a bug bc i called for support n they weren't able to help me. Said to delete the w-2's n re enter them. That did not help. So frustrated as it crunch time i don't need this difficulty right now!!! Please fix the app asap!!

  • Unable to file from iPhone

    by Foleychick

    In this day and age, it should be possible to file via smartphones. It's 2013!!

  • Good

    by Xiaoxue Zhong


  • Great app

    by Lifemoveson

    Great app for first time user to submit the tax information.

  • Simple and self explanatory

    by lilPEANUT408

    Only thing I didn't like was you aren't aloud to use characters such as . , # etc. in your employers address fields. Other than that for a first time user in filing online it was real easy.

  • Don't get this it's a waste of your time

    by Protonathan

    There is a major bug issue with this app that won't let you input your state wage info.

  • Good

    by XMISTxking300x


  • Easy, easy, easy!

    by Adanage2

    I loved using this app! The step by step instructions were extremely helpful! I filed with Turbotax last year and did not have any problems with them until I tried to file again for the 2012 tax season. I literally deleted the Turbotax Snaptax app and ran to the H&R block app as soon as my sister told me how easy it was! Whew, I am so glad to have that mass lifted off of my shoulders! Thank you H&R BLOCK FOR MAKING MY LIFE DOABLE!

  • Easy


    Easy as pie

  • Return

    by MyStrangeAddiction

    Pretty easy!

  • E Z!! And FREE

    by lacrossefever

    Did my taxes in under 10 minutes and getting a great refund! Great app!

  • Good

    by xMISTxNIGHThawk


  • App doesn't do anything

    by Do not distrub

    Says I don't qualify sends me to web page. Web page says to install app.

  • Candy

    by The Brat74

    It closed when I was almost done & did not save my info ! Grrrrrrrr WTH ?

  • Cool

    by M Sq.

    Real cool

  • Good

    by Rttyyuuuu


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