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Seller: HRB Tax Group, Inc.

• Minor Bug Fixes
• Network Improvements

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Introducing a real-time and convenient way to manage your money right from the palm of your hand. You can:

• Check your card balance
• Check to Card (Load check funds to your card)
• See your transaction history
• Find ATM, Reload and Tax Office locations
• Get your direct deposit account information
• View weekly cash rewards offers
• Make a payment to your Emerald Advance® Line of Credit
• Deposit money to and make withdrawals from your Emerald Savings® account
• Available for the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid® MasterCard

Customer Reviews

  • Great app and services but...

    by nickE10mm

    ...small annoyance. There is no way to clear the alert flag and no setting to turn it off. Annoying.

  • Awesome app!

    by Faith Ellis

    I love this app! It's really useful, especially for my allowance! H&R Block did an awesome job here :D

  • New Update

    by Michonne88

    Check to card does not work after the new update.

  • Check to card crashes app

    by Hotrodhayley

    The app is great other than that with this most recent update, when I do check to card, after taking a photo of the front of my check, the app will close itself out. Its also telling me I have a notification on my home screen but when I open the app it doesn't go away or show me any notifications. Other than that, it's a great app and very convenient!

  • Such a great app!

    by Yarilix

    If you are using the H&R Bank & The Emerald card, this is the right app for you. It works for me everywhere and all the time.

  • Nice job H&R Block!

    by Sparkyq7

    Terrific banking app. Easy to use, great features such as cash back rewards offers, bill pay etc.

  • Emerald card

    by Flash101370

    Very good app. I like it very much.

  • Best card in my wallet

    by GJMacfar

    Rewards, cool app, low fees .... Love it

  • Great!

    by TaxAttny

    Great Emerald card and app!

  • Thank you

    by MollysMom6

    Best card I carry!!

  • Back to good

    by Cander Son

    Love, love, love this app!

  • Love It

    by Melk-a-cow

    Check to Card let's me snap a pic of my check and my money is loaded instantly. No more trips to the Bank.

  • I'll give ya a review

    by Dopey420!

    I like it. Keep up the good work.

  • Love the app

    by NiktaSF

    I love my Emerald Card, and the app is a great tool. I really like being able to see my balance, deposit checks with a pic, etc.

  • Love the app but.....

    by antoine6910

    This is a great app I love using it but for some reason it's not letting me load my check to my card when I use ( check to card ) it keeps saying the amount I typed in the app dose not match the amount on the check is there a way y'all can make that better to use

  • Good app.

    by Pixiemusiclover

    Transaction list needs to be fixed. It mixes up transactions.

  • Check to Card

    by Nessaisnutz

    Over all great app but when I try to use the new Check to Card feature it keeps telling me the amount of the check doesn't match. I have tried multiple times to no avail.

  • Issues

    by Jessy5589

    Having issues viewing charges. When I click on a charge it shows a completely different charge.

  • Good Luck..

    by a_2_b_2

    ..loading a personal check, tried countless times. Used to work, good app for masochists. Negative 5 stars.

  • Cannot make a purchase!

    by Leximus89

    I just tried to get gas and it was denied! When I called to ask what happened they told me to "just go to an ATM"- umm, no I really can't because I have no gas to get there!

  • Does not work since update.

    by LanceGould

    Something went wrong.

  • Unhappy

    by Aldariss76

    I have an iPad first gen used this app last year and the year before loved it then but now I can't use it because it's no compatible, wish I could use an older version or something


    by Crafty goddess

    I have to update to the older version due to my iPad being older, however, when I update to the older version it will not work. The app keeps telling me to update, I update, tells me to update to the older version AGAIN AND AGAIN......IM STUCK IN A LOOP OF THIS, OVER AND OVER, help. 1WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS??

  • POS

    by Firefighter2114

    Check to card crashes app after taking pic. I am very unhappy with the latest update this used to be a good app for getting my money fast but now its crap.

  • Check to Card

    by 2008Dee

    Why won't you fix it?!! I can't pay my bills!!!!!

  • Horrible check to cash

    by Terrance Gassette

    Horrible check to cash don't work after update

  • Blows bad!!!!!!

    by Lori31581

    This is terrible!!!!! Needed my check right then and the stupid update wouldn't let me! Hate it! If I didn't have to put even one star on this I wouldn't!

  • Fail Check to Card

    by Lala V.


  • Why fix what isn't broken

    by bobomatic1877

    Check to Card used to work, now constant error of amounts not matching. Please fix asap

  • Check to cash broken

    by Sweetlew39

    Self-explanatory problem. It needs fixed.

  • Irritating

    by JBoogie4419

    Getting really old having to update almost every time I use this app.

  • Deposit

    by Chytealah

    This update is just awful! I cant even do "check to card" any longer. Please go back to what you guys had before, I atleast could get my money before this.

  • Log in issues

    by Cj83@yahoo

    Keeps telling me "ERROR" failure to log in due to communication problem. Fix app please.

  • Dissapointed

    by PocahontasJoy

    This app used to work really well until they updated it. Now every time you click on the check to card button, the thinking wheel keeps spinning and it doesn't load. If you eventually get in, it will not read the check properly no matter how much lighting you use. This app has turned into junk. They've lost my trust and I'm very dissapointed.

  • Check to card not working

    by Arisfgtcs

    Check to card not working.

  • Disappointed

    by Ken60cc

    App freezes when I use to check to card. Been a HRBB customer for three years. They've lost my confidence right before tax season.

  • New update not working at all

    by Rebelmama86

    Won't let me log in. Keeps telling me syntax error... Please fix this

  • Check to card

    by LambV

    What that hell is going on?! The check to card feature worked perfectly the first two times I did it and now it gives me this annoying message about not being able to read my check. Yea under perfect lighting, sure. If it wasn't for that glitch this app would be perfect. Can this be fixed? Very inconvenient.

  • New update not working at all

    by Ironsloth_

    Won't login. Error pops up, says "SYNTAX ERROR-Unable to parse JSON string". Just gonna have to use the clumsy website from Safari.

  • Check to card

    by Believe Sunshine

    Check to card button doesn't work. The thinking wheel just keeps spinning and the proper screens to photograph the check never opens. I hope it's fixed today, would be a shame to not be able to load card with your paycheck.

  • Check to card does not work!

    by Goodbella

    Only reason I downloaded the ap, and the check to card will not even open! What a joke.

  • Bad app

    by Kittycat20021965

    Check to card does not work still not working after 4days

  • Check to card not working !

    by Hiejbds

  • Check to card broken

    by Ben 9551111111

    Seriously, this is the only reason I have this app. And it doesn't work. It works for a while then the app is updated and it stops working. Getting sick of it.

  • Check to card.

    by Thedude9294729

    Can not send check to card. Saying amount on app is different than on check.

  • Mandatory Update Ridiculous!

    by Devil/Saint

    Still demanding I update after I've updated. This does this every time you have a mandatory update. At this point this app is useless!

  • Can't do Check to card

    by Jeremymcateer

    I used the check to card feature for the first few months with no trouble and no complaints but for the last month and a half I have not been able to use it at all. So annoyed!!! I've tried to contact customer service and they only told me to uninstall it and reinstall it. Still no fix for it yet.

  • Frustrated

    by NW4724

    I've had this card for years, excited when check to card came out. After the recent update I'm now having Tons of problems. Do not use this app or get the card if you want it for check to card loads!

  • Inconsistent with no customer support

    by Hollywafa

    Like a few other reviewers, I have had the same problem with the check to card function saying the amount on the check does not match the amount entered in the app. I called customer service and they created a case to deal with the problem, in 3-5 business days, first off that time frame is unacceptable and they claim to have sent an email detailing the problem, which they did not, there is no submitting the check for further review or confirmation. in order for this problem to be resolved they need some form of secondary review by human eyes. This has only happened to one check out of dozens of successful check to card transactions. Inconsistency is a pain in the...wasting hours of my time on the phone to no avail. Fix it blockheads

  • Awful

    by ForevaHisLadi

    App doesn't work! Well the check deposit doesn't.... Yuck awful

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