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Seller: Halcyon MD SRL

• Optimized for iOS7.
• Break-down of expense categories.
• Added FAQ to Settings.
• A bunch of UI improvements throughout the app.
• Various other fixes.

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Updated for iOS7!

“It’s a delight to use.” - The Next Web

“It's incredibly easy to use because it works just like a calendar.” - Lifehacker

One of the "8 Apps You Don't Want To Miss" - Mashable

“It's earned a permanent spot on my iPhone” - TUAW

“I've become a fan of the way Dollarbird analyzes finances.” - iMore

Selected among the 20 best iPhone and iPad apps of the week - The Guardian

Track and forecast your money as easily as adding events to a calendar!

Dollarbird is your complete and flexible money handling tool that helps you put your money where it matters!

It helps you:
• find out what your spend your money on
• make a plan and project how much money you’ll have in the future
• get reminders for monthly bills

and all this with a sleekly designed and familiar calendar interface.

What’s the catch?
Well, there isn’t any. Dollarbird has really all the features you need to discover your spending habits, adjust them according to your future plans and see how your balance evolves over time. Did we mention the easy-to-understand charts by now?

Dollarbird is not just an expense tracker, it’s your all-round perspective on where you stand now and where you’ll be standing in the future, financially.

Main features

• Simple calendar-based interface
- Managing your money has never been this easy! If you can use a calendar, Dollarbird is your best choice.

• Expense and income tracking
- Easily add your transactions anytime, anywhere to reduce guesswork later on and be able to keep a budget.

• Financial planning and automatic balance calculation
- Add past or future income or expenses to the calendar, and your balance will be calculated automatically for each day, month or year.

• Bill reminder
- Schedule reminders for your rent, loan, electricity bill etc. and never forget to pay them.

• Recurring transactions
- Set up recurring transactions, like your salary or rent, for easy planning of your cashflow.

• Sleek interface and chart design
- See your 5-year financial projection on a beautiful interface.

• No registration or bank account data required.

Help us improve this app for you! Let us know what features would make it more useful for managing your cashflow!

Put your money where it matters.

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect app

    by Jiidee

    This is what i was looking for

  • 5 star finance app!

    by Randerosn

    I have used this now for over a month and there is no other app that gives you more power to help you control your spending based on a planned budget than dollartree! Spending guidance no matter where you are! And ability to download to CSV! Thank you for helping me to control my spending dollartree!

  • Fluid and Elegant Financial App

    by Richster13

    This app is incredible. It is so well-executed and smooth. Here are a few reasons why: 1. Stability: I have never seen it crash. It works like it should 100% of the time. 2. Simplicity and speed:The flexibility of the design. It's simple and fast to easily track daily spending, yet detailed enough to handle longer trends and big-picture spending as well. 3. Beautiful layout: The flat, colorful layout meshes perfectly with iOS 7 and delivers an app you will love to use every time you launch it. 4. Developers Care: The developers respond to email suggestions personally, and take seriously us customers who love the app and want to see it improve even further. To conclude-This app is so intuitive and useful, it is far more than worth the small cost of purchase.

  • Exceptionally good.

    by FoxLust

    I was mostly using Spendee before but prefer this app over it without a doubt. Planned expenses and easily editable categories are a joy. Really enjoy that you can see a categorical breakdown of your money spent with percentages. One thing that would be a nice addition would be maybe a double tap on the month at the top that would take you back to "today." Unless, there is a shortcut for that already that I haven't already figured out.

  • There's no going back

    by Eggman555

    I'm an accountant and I am ruthless about tracking my finances. This app is SUPERB! Aesthetically it is wonderful, it is seamless and simple, allowing for efficient entry of expenses, and the export to CSV file option is purely brilliant! I only wish they had a version for Mavericks.

  • Fantastic.

    by Sharks6

    This app is everything you need to track your finances. It will remind you of bills upcoming, balance your account automatically, and forecast how much money you'll have on a certain date (after bills of course). I love it. This is amazing. Where have you been my entire life!?

  • Fantastic App

    by Attentivemoneybug

    Found this app better, more simple, and has more functions than mint. A++

  • Impressive App

    by Mcollettdesigns

    This app makes keeping track of my finances easy and fun. The flexibility, categorisation, calendar guide, and graphic icons are all simple features that actually work with ease.

  • Exactly what it was looking for.

    by Teacher123789

    Soo easy.

  • Best money tracker around

    by Hemmagirl

    We'll worth the money! This app allows you to put future bills in and shows what your money situation is based on those future bills. A great app and I was searching for just this thing for a long time. You can schedule recurring payments and everything. A few upgrades would be nice but it appears that the developer knows this and is working in them.

  • Simple and easy to use

    by ErHeHa

    Wish it supported currencies, and I'm not completely sold on the pull-to-add expense gesture, but those are minor details – I love this app and have used it for several months now.

  • Excellent!!

    by J.Hutch46

    Words cannot express how helpful this app has been to my everyday life. I am currently budgeting for Christmas, and it's a LIFESAVER. Helps me track my spending and budget ahead. Use it everyday!!!

  • Like it but no ipad native support and icloud syncing

    by mac28mac

    Has potential to be the best financing app

  • Amazing app! It has changed the way I view my money.

    by Zane Ermine

    I'm a recent college grad and I had been trying to figure out the best way to budget my money. By keeping track of all of my expenses in Dollarbird, I am able to easily keep up with everything that I need to pay and how much money I will have left over when everything is paid down. It is extremely easy to use, the information is stored in the app on your phone and is not sent anywhere (allowing you to stay safe), it it shows you how much money you will have on any particular day of the month so you can plan accordingly. I highly recommend this app.

  • Sleek and Sexy

    by mhkkk

    It is very simple yet fun to play with. I've been using for 3 months now and it is nice seeing your income rise and fall and where you can make spending habits. Makes you aware of what you are buying and why.

  • Perfect

    by joplo03

    Does exactly what my home grown excel spreadsheet does, but does thinking for me! Daily balance forecasting separates this app from all others. Thanks!

  • Great App!

    by KateJanzo

    Simple and easy to use! Great interface

  • Excellent software

    by NYChaos

    Exactly what I have been looking for. Wish icloud support was added :)

  • Finally what I've been looking for!

    by thezachpike

    This app does exactly what I need it to do. The way I organize my finances is monthly. I like to view my total expenses for each month and see how it's all split up. Because of how this app bases this on a calendar view, it makes things very convenient. I also contacted the developer about a suggestion and was given a prompt response. Great job guys!

  • Close

    by dixiecup24

    Best functional budget app idea. Need more icons. Especially need ability to create more than one account (for example checking and savings) so one could transfer money between the two accounts and keep track of $$ in this way as well. Close to being the perfect budget app.

  • Directions? Icons?

    by Boys'nana

    I found this very dissatisfying. Not enough help to get started, not enough icons, not enough ways to describe categories. Thought it's intuitive nature would be helpful, but I needed more info, I guess. Won't use it, but if others can, that's fine. Just not what I need.


    by Dr.DLL

    Completely useless, you can't even create multiple assets, so all different sources of income get jumbled up to one big number and you will have no idea how much money you have left or have spent from each category/type of income source. SKIP THIS APP AND LOOK FOR SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!

  • Excellent!

    by Benjamin Jack

    I grew frustrated with apps like mint and personal capital because they are slow to import your transactions and the auto categorization is terrible. I decided to start tracking my expenses "manually". I wanted something with a simple interface where I could quickly add expenses while I'm out. Dollarbird is excellent in this regard.

  • Great tracker

    by jerome514

    Shows me exactly what I need: how much money I'll have in the future based on my projected income and expenses! Helps make decisions on the fly

  • Clean, simple, effective

    by Chipperson

    Love it -looking forward to the upcoming sync capabilities :D

  • Excellent

    by Ruben_miami

    Love it Tried every single one around and finally a real app with a slick, fast interface and many features that are useful. And support is excellent Good job guys.

  • Calendar Budget

    by Meryl1211

    Love this app! Easy to use and great to look at. Most of all its awesome to see expenses on a calendar view; not very many budget apps have that. Love the simplicity!

  • Best budget app

    by mrprings

    This app is amazing. The ux is great. The colander view and predicted spending is genius and the new break down of spending in specific categories is great. No other budget app can compete with it. Bravo!

  • Attractive and modern

    by Kadrey

    Awesome. I love: The app icon, the calendar view (it's novel!), the simplicity of entering items, and the speed and visual clarity of the design. I would like to be able to manually arrange the spending category icons; also, it would be nice if I could set budget caps for each category so I could keep track of how on-track I am for the month. Beyond that, this app does everything that I need in an attractive and modern package. Overall, great job! This app has earned a lasting place on my home screen.

  • Nice

    by A.V.L.

    Best finance app. Super easy to use.

  • Exactly what I was looking for!

    by GBTP

    This has quickly become my number one app for budgeting and personal financing. The interface is extremely streamlined and efficient, colorful while remaining minimalistic and attractive and the whole experience is incredibly intuitive. While I can see where people would like to see bank syncing, I don't find it to be a detriment that it doesn't. **Update** I would love to see coloration on the calendar days that I have transactions on. I would also really like to see an option to set up recurring transactions for a set time of every month (i.e. The second Friday of every month, or the first Monday of every month)

  • Finally! Simple, streamlined tracking and projecting

    by Lucky7even

    I deleted several other "budget tracker" and "planner" apps because they were way too complex and clunky. This one is perfect - lets you project income and expenses on a calendar. Preset categories are logical, and it's easy to add new ones. The only drawback for me is that you have to enter all future (projected) expenses on a date. That's fine for my bills - I pay them on about the same date every month. But I can't add grocery, food, gas, and misc expenses because I don't know exactly when I'm going to incur them. I'll have to add them daily as they occur so the balance reflects them, but this app wont help me budget for (and then track) those things.

  • More icons required!

    by sirindra

    More icons required to group the expenses better rather than having default icon for all custom group. Ex: vegetables, drinks, parking, fuel etc.

  • Not as Smart as I was hoping

    by 's

    Using this app would require a lot of work. It's great if all you want to do is use it as a bill calendar. But inputing each transaction you make and categorizing it is asking a bit much from the average consumer. It would be more useful for me if it had a link to my bank account and automatically calculated these bills and purchases and added them to my spending calendar.

  • So far, so good!

    by Ktshad

    Update: the official iOS7 reboot is awesome! even better UI. I have been using this app daily since I downloaded it and it really is the perfect finance app. Quick, simple, and very organized. Loving this app so far. Very quick and easy entries and I love that you can customize categories and schedule your planned income and expenses in advance, plus of course you can add in your purchases in real time. Very clean and pleasing UI. Fits in well on iOS7 and all of the gestures feel natural.

  • Super slick interface but no iCloud make me nervous

    by chadomaly

    Nice updates, very innovative interface and this will be replacing my bill reminder app as well as my expense tracker. Suggestions: - iCloud backup/sync - ability to import dollarbird csv exports - quicken exports - different color dot on days w/income - ability to select manual date ranges across month breaks (I.e. 10/20-11/10)

  • Almost perfect

    by i_Thor

    Almost perfect, except for the only language by default, PLEASE add spanish language…thanks! great app!

  • Solid!

    by dmnkntz

    Just looking for a iOS 7 facelift.

  • No.

    by Stacey0823

    App is not user friendly at all. So annoyed I purchased it.

  • Must Get

    by apbears5

    I've used check, mint, next, and many other budgeting apps and this is by far the best out there. Just input your expenses and income and that's it. It's that simple. Got all my friends using it too!

  • Perfectly Simple!

    by Rachel BrannbeRg

    This is literally the fifth expense tracking app I've downloaded. It's awesome! Once you enter all your standard bills to repeat, it makes budgeting a breeze! I love the calendar layout so daily balance can be reviewed at any time moving forward. The reviewer who said transactions can't be changed is wrong. They are very easy to change. Also, you can create as many expense categories as you want so the other reviewed that complained about that had no point either. Bottom line, extremely simple to use, user friendly, and export to CSV is an awesome feature for budgeting. Keep up the good work!

  • Good App Needs More Features

    by Brad Knick

    I looked at a bunch of different budgeting apps to replace my excel spreadsheet and this one seems to track almost everything I need. I really wish it showed total income by category and let you view category breakdowns in expenses and income. If it did those to things it would be a five star.

  • Great App

    by Akuchi

    Wonderful app. I wish you could edit the order of the categories like you can with apps on the iPhone home page

  • So far so good!

    by z3r0cr

    Its being a long journey until finding the right app! No annoying accouts binding, or hard to edit entries! I love how swipes makes the adding expenses so easy! Much less time waste on an app once you get use to it! :) It also looks beatiful and fresh! Great job app creators! I only miss having budgets so could know how much I can expend on a category! :)

  • Don't get this app

    by Laser zombie

    Unclear how to add stuff like payday. No app support. It sends you to a web page that goes nowhere. What about e mail app support? Don't ask questions I guess.

  • I like it

    by Buburuzele

    Must have

  • Not iPad dedicated.

    by Rhaj199

    Good so far but it's a universal app. Kinda disappointed by that. Will Edit this or add as i go

  • Needs sync!

    by Riley Gates

    I use my iPad and iPhone all the time and would love for the app to sync across devices! It would really help! Also custom icons! And the final feature would be to setup several accounts. Expenses on debit/cash and a credit card account. That way I can see how much I've spent on my credit cards that need to be paid off and how much I've spent with debit/credit! Then it would be a 5 star app!

  • Stellar!

    by MrAndrewShah

    A perfect FAST and convenient way to keep track of expenses and see where my money is going!

  • Really Great App

    by Ken Gardner

    This app pulled me away from YNAB, which was a hard ask. Love the interface, it makes it so easy. As others have mentioned cloud integration would be nice.

  • Really needs support for multiple devices

    by Arosebun

    Overall I'm very pleased with this app. Sleek, intuitive, simple. I bought it hoping to keep on top of expenses with my husband, but there is no way to sync more than one device to the same set of data. Thus the search continues...

  • Beautiful, off to a great start.

    by tsimonds

    But it needs one simple feature: Breakdown by category. I should be able to tap a category and see the individual items. Hoping to see this soon! Then I might consider it a 5-star app. It's that good.

  • The BEST budget app!!

    by melloki

    I've tried quite a few other budgeting apps and this is by far the best I've had so far and the only one I've kept and used daily. The calendar view and method of adding by date is by far the best feature and makes it much easier to view and add transactions. I have no idea why none of the other budget apps are following this method because it makes the most sense, especially for visual people. This app has already saved me from overspending by allowing me to estimate balances later in the month at just a glance. The UI design is also beautiful and simple to use yet colorful and friendly. I like that the developers listened and added the ability to edit new and existing categories' colors and icons. It would be even better if there was a savings tracking feature and/or support for multiple accounts.

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