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DailyCost is a simple and elegant expense tracker that helps you organize your personal finance. With just few taps and swipes, you can easily keep track of your daily expenses and learn how to spend your money smarter. Supporting 160+ currencies with automatically updated exchange rates, DailyCost could be your best travel companion to go around the world.

- Simple and intuitive gesture interface
- Elegant summary and financial reports
- 160+ currencies with auto-updated exchange rates
- Smart categories
- Stylish themes
- Data export (CSV)

- Hold your iPhone horizontally for statistics
- Tap and hold to delete an item

This app is designed and developed individually by a passionate designer. Fed up with complicated expense tracking apps, he determined to make one simpler and better.

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Email: support@dailycost.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/dailycost
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dailycostapp
Weibo: http://weibo.com/dailycost

Customer Reviews

  • Good app!

    by L. Lebrón

    Me encanta esta app! Me gustaría que añadieran más características como: tener varias cuentas, añadir categorías con nuevos iconos, más wallpapers, como un calendario* para ver gastos del mes fácilmente.

  • Very Clean and Simple

    by JMCullinan

    I absolutely LOVE the simplicity of the app and icons because it's not cluttered. However, I do wish I was able to enter a budget for a time period. For example, $350 for 2 weeks. And with that I would like a countdown of the 2 weeks and a counter that shows what I've spent and what I have left. That would make this my go-to app.

  • Love this!!

    by Whiteangel54

    Very user friendly. Use it everyday :)

  • Great, just one missing feature!

    by elisahidalgo91

    Use it every day, it's lying on my dock. Just hope I can be able to click a category and see how much Ive spent in said category with the option to view it weekly, monthly or whatever!

  • Simple and wonderful app

    by user001117

    First I have to send kudos to the author for his nice selection of wallpapers :-) I'm using another app to keep track of my daily expenditures but I love how Daily Cost allows the user to see the expense chart on top of the page. Nice and simple UI (and did i say i love the wallpapers?! Oh I did) I'd love to be able to set a budget for some specific categories and periods of time, also the ability to customize categories (rename, change icons) and iCloud syncing.

  • Custom category support

    by JohnLee2007

    Please save whatever custom category I have already created, and show it in statistics.

  • Not there yet

    by Shockedtm

    Can't see the total balance. And much of the variable should be customizable. For example category for earning and spending should be different. Need a cloud sync as well as overview of each category. But the design and use is good. Developer should also reply to feedback mailed.

  • A perfect example of simple and elegant app

    by Otepinnovations

    A perfect example of simple and elegant app. Coming from an app developer, I was amazed how the app 'just works' and really deserves a 5-star rating. I use the app daily for more than a year now. It just works. Keep up the good work!

  • Fantastic app!

    by Alchafocus

    This is a great money management app overall. But lacks of monthly spendings review.

  • Exactly what I need

    by pebz13

    Great for people who just want to keep track of their expenses!!

  • Add sync to app

    by Nami017

    Please add synchronisation to app

  • neat!

    by anony091

    this app's what I've been looking for - keeping track of my daily spendings. it's got a very clean & simple interface. sweet. but hey, a choice to add your own category would be nice :)

  • Great app..one suggestion

    by Payton's mommy

    This is an awesome app to track everyday expenses. The only thing that would make it better to me is if I could scan my receipt and attach it to a daily entry. It would help reduce the receipt clutter in my wallet.

  • Good app!

    by L. Lebrón

    Me encanta esta app! Me gustaría que añadieran más características como: tener varias cuentas, añadir categorías con nuevos iconos, más wallpapers, un calendario para ver gastos pasados fácilmente y un diseño compatible con iOS7.

  • Almost the perfect app. Almost.

    by HarshilShah

    The good: It's got a really fast, clean, and sane design. I love the way the little animations and transitions work. There really isn't much to find fault with in the UI, despite no iOS 7 optimisation. It's THAT good. The bad: First things first, I'd like the developer to be more responsive on Twitter or through support emails. I recently switched to a new device and had a query about transferring my data, and he still hasn't responded, ten days later. Next up, same problem: Data sync. I am yet to find a way to transfer data over from my old device. Sure, I can export it from there in a CSV file, but there's no way of adding it here. iCloud sync would be great, as would Dropbox. Thirdly, I'd love it if, as many others have stated, we could edit categories ourselves. Really hoping I at least find a way to move the data over from my old device soon.

  • UI/UX

    by Interionic

    Please, update UI and icon to like iOS 7

  • Great!!

    by NicolexalexiA

    Love the app, excellent design

  • Quick and simple

    by RandomStringOfCharacters

    Fast to use, good for keeping track of those smaller expenses that tend to add up...

  • Very Good, but...

    by Rafa_cv

    Great design, simple and elegant, easy to use.. But I really miss a way to change or create a new category.

  • Really useful

    by Gustavsb

    I've been using it for some months, and the app does the job very well.

  • Horrible crashing update.

    by Pétalos Luminosos

    This last update keeps crashing down.... PLEASE FIX IT!!!! ... This app WAS really helpful until this last update, now I can't even use it. Where is the undo button??

  • Simple, y visualmente bonito

    by KevPons

    Cumple con mis necesidades, de llevar un conteo de cuanto dinero estoy gastando, sólo necesito eso, y esta aplicación cumple con lo requerido.

  • Very good app, but..

    by Celeron Hubbard

    ..PLEASE allow the end user to 1) change the default category name (eg Transport can be changed to Fuel or similar) and 2) add new categories (along with custom icons) and remove existing categories that are never used.

  • Simple and elegant

    by Yangchen1987

    Better than mint and a lot others is that you can define the entry yourself and get a quick idea about your expenditures and income in seconds. Fits my need perfectly.

  • Great design!

    by Stanly.ok

    Love this app! Use it, as name suggests, daily :D Please add blurred home screen wallpaper showing through (like in default Reminders app) - this makes so much sense that it should happen sooner than later (= Also iPad version + iCloud would've been awesome P.S.: nice icon ^^

  • Beautiful.

    by Rimon_591

    Simple & strong enough to calculate ur daily cost to go...

  • 简洁好用!

    by ZHen_Jy


  • Good app with lots of potential

    by 1947

    DailyCost does almost exactly what I need, and it really hits the mark. I use it to track spending on food and “spending money” not accounted for in my main budget. “Earn” items should be factored into the totals in the statistics view (currently you must switch between costs and earns). I don’t track my regular income in DailyCost, but if I sell something or receive a cash gift or a rebate, etc, that money goes into my spending pool, so I want to be able to just add it as an earn in DailyCost and have the value subtracted from my spending when viewing statistics. The interface for entering costs is super-easy. The design is clean and simple, though looks a little outdated in iOS 7. Swiping between days in the vertical orientation is not very discoverable (maybe add ability to tap on days in the graph above). I only accidentally discovered that tapping on the date range in the statistics view switches between week-view and month-view (it doesn’t look like a button and I would prefer to view a monthly overview by default). To the developer: thanks for reading my review and fixing that bug.

  • Perfect simple expense tracker

    by alex_ketch

    The latest addition of multiple currencies was just what I was looking for. The only thing that could make this better would possibly be recurring/scheduled transactions, but this isn't supposed to be a full budgeting app anyway.

  • Passcode lock

    by FRTEC Inc

    We need a passcode lock. Pleaaaaaaase!

  • полезная!

    by Zifirot

    Просто и доступно. Нету лишней засоренности интерфейса, как в других. Всегда легко можно найти нужный расход за считанные секунды.

  • Love it!

    by Roman Bulanov

    You made great app! If you add few more categories (like Car, Education) or categories editing option it would be 5*

  • Simple and elegant.

    by wanglutong

    If I can customize the items, it would be better.

  • 建议完善功能

    by nex wong

    DailyCost 数据没有同步,只能通过导出 excel 文档,建议增加 iCloud 同步,确保手机出故障,账簿也不丢;

  • Good

    by alyyyy1991

    It is a great app, but it could be better if they gave a list of our spending a year or month

  • Best money manager app so far

    by iHank724

    Been using it everyday. Nice work!!

  • Great update for multiple currencies!

    by Grienfkd

    I absolutely love the new update - I travel a lot and need to calculate my expenses with different currencies, so it's great that this update now does automatic conversions to my primary currency. Thanks!

  • Thank you for more currencies!!!

    by Saleem Aboabdo

    Great for keeping track what I spend

  • 好用!

    by youschan@Macidea

    挺好用户的记账软件,记账流程简单方便可以说是其最大的亮点了! 希望未来的版本能加入周周开销对比与月度开销对比!

  • 好用!

    by youschan@Macidea

    挺好用户的记账软件,记账流程简单方便可以说是其最大的亮点了! 希望未来的版本能加入周周开销对比与月度开销对比!

  • Nice update!

    by pearlecho

    I really appreciate the improvement on currency exchange. It helps a lot for us travelers. Just a few suggestions: 1. Plz add some categories specific to girls like clothes, cosmetics and as such instead of the general "shopping". 2. Maybe we can also look back to the past record? If we can check the charts for the past several months and the whole year, it would be perfect! Thanks for your efforts! I certainly would recommend this app to my friends <3

  • Just like in the title: clean, elegant and intuitive.

    by AcID_bOy DX

    This is the perfect application to keep track of your spending without giving out passwords to your online banking to some random applications. If you just can be consistent and make a habit out of putting in transactions right after you get out of the store; for instance I as soon as you get into my car usually get my phone out and put in how much money I spent and on what. Great app. Five stars. No update needed really.

  • Incompatible with iOS 7

    by SJ forever thank you.

    Unable to generate expense trends or analysis by tilting the phone to the horizontal position. No trend analysis is generated what so ever.

  • I never review apps but...

    by xAllisonxvvvvv

    This app is exactly what I was looking for & it's gorgeous & seemless. Loving it.

  • Simple and useful with room for improvement

    by BWolsey

    My wife and I have using this software for a month to track our expenses and I have to say, it's pretty good. I do wish there a couple of enhancements. First, I'd like to be able to modify the categories. Second, have the ability to save some default text based on the category. Third, the ability to use the cloud to keep both our devices in sync, so the expenses I input are in her software and vice versa. That said, even without these features, its pretty great software.

  • Easy to use

    by Jessicahsu

    Simple and convenient But how to change the category from lunch to dinner?

  • Concise and convenient

    by Bingqing Yang


  • Very useful app - 5 stars

    by ANGTPK

    It's so easy to record your daily expenses on this app. Since I started using it a month ago, I've realized I've been overspending! Some improvements have been made : It is now on Excel when you use the CSV function to send to your email. However, it would be helpful if we could choose what we want sent to our email (eg monthly) instead of everything that's been recorded. It will eventually be 1 whole year's record every time you use CSV to send to your email. Also, being able to edit the category to suit user's needs would be great. Thanks for a fun and useful app. Keep up the good work!

  • Excellent, attractive app

    by Manya62692

    It would be perfect except that it does not provide daily averaging. Otherwise, easy to use and it allows for changes in expense categories to personalize the experience. Best way to manage your cash budget for realistic cost forecasting.

  • Love te app!

    by JP Criales

    This app is amazing!! It's dead simple and easy to follow. The only thing I would ask is for an iPad cersion that would sync with my iphone on the cloud... (I would be more than happy to pay for it...)

  • 自从装了这个app之后

    by @有点到理


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