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As you may know a spreadsheet is a program for organization and analysis of information in tabular way. Spreadsheets developed as computerized simulations of paper accounting worksheets. The program operates on data expressed as cells of an array, organized in rows and columns. Each cell of the array is a model–view–controller element that can contain either numeric or text data, or the results of formulas that automatically calculate and display a value based on the contents of other cells.


✓ Import/Export CSV files (upgrade required)
✓ C/P (Copy/Paste) enabled
✓ Supports all your iOS devices
✓ Bold text
✓ Multiple font selection
✓ Easy Access arrow
✓ Customize Cell/Text Color
✓ Unlike similar apps, this one support currency prefix and suffixes.
✓ Open/Save/Delete Spreadsheats

Future Features:
✓ We are working on a charting module
✓ Cell-border customization

Customer Reviews

  • A waste of time

    by JMD2112

    Very annoying and difficult to get work done when foolish pop ups come every few seconds. I'd gladly pay a few dollars to get rid of them. Deleting this now.

  • Completely Unusable

    by Candidate X

    A popup appears every few seconds rendering the app completely unusable.

  • Really?

    by clever nickname inserted here

    I am a patient person who tries to be understanding (honestly.) I wanted to throw my iPad across the room and tear my hair out in under two minutes. The only reason I lasted that long was because there are no instructions AT ALL on how to use any of the functions in this app. I was sure that I could figure out how to set up a spreadsheet if I tried long enough. But the CONSTANT, ENDLESSLY REPEATING, pop ups made focusing on anything in this app impossible. Do you remember I wrote that I try to be understanding? I understand that there are problems at first for any app. But for them to (1) go on for such a long time with (2) so many people complaining about (3) the same things? I just don't understand. The description for this app indicates that some people liked it enough to give it four and five stars. However, none of them wrote a review. I suspect that none of those customers COULD write a review and loved this app because it has pretty colors. Do not download this app unless you adore schadenfruede and just HAVE to see how bad it could poosibly be. Everyone else: don't press the Install button if you have high blood pressure. Trying to use this app will only make your condition worse.

  • Unbelievably bad

    by lcmm12345

    As other users said, pop-ups show up every few seconds. Also no instructions, no way to expand the width of the columns, etc. This cannot work for any mildly-serious user. I'm deleting this immediately!

  • Nope.

    by Spirited777

    Just like everyone says, every few seconds a pop up message appears. I figured these people would have gotten rid of these pop ups since they caused many people to delete this app, but the pop ups are still there. I'm deleting this app as well and I'm not going to buy any apps from these people.

  • Spreadsheet

    by Styler13o

    I liked the app but a few things would make it better, NO POP UP'S No instructions no help guide, I downloaded the game thinking if I did pop up would quit but it didnt. Going to delete

  • Review

    by angela murry

    Do not download. There are other ones that are better. Wait, not better. There are better ones that work. This app does not work! Please save your memory and time. I rate this one -1, you got it. They do not need to be in the list of rated apps! ! !

  • Doesn't save info

    by Jgorbics

    It doesn't save your spreadsheet after you export it. Now I need to resend but have to redo everything. Not very user friendly

  • Worst App Ever!!!

    by KSpakes87

    Pop ups every few seconds. I see this is an on going issue with this app. If your goal is to get the worst rating ever then guess what...SUCCESS!!!!!!!!

  • Deleting NOW!!!

    by Karizmako

    It would have been a nice app if those game pop ups didnt keep spamming my phone every time i would try to use the app. Horrible

  • Avoid this unless you like spam!

    by sparkyJay

    I wish I never downloaded this ad machine. I'm interrupted about every 30 to 40 seconds with an aggressive barrage of ads for some stupid games. I didn't get this to play games, I have work to do. I'm deleting this awful app and (unfortunately) all the work I have done so for. NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!

  • Total Gabage

    by Mikstravaganza

    Lackluster features. Clumsy controls. Topped off with massive ad spam that interrupts your typing every 30 seconds. HORRIBLE app.

  • Crap

    by Ex-storm8 fan


  • Worst app

    by Workers form

    You can't get anything done because it keeps sending a pop up for the same add app I don't recommend for anyone

  • Worst app ever

    by TimnColo

    You can't type three words without getting a pop up I purchased the upgrade to no avail the pop ups still exist. Good bye crappy app

  • Ugh POP ups!!

    by D_jumps23

    Not user friendly. Takes forever to input. And it's even slower because I have to hit cancel on a popup for some underworld. Horrible app. If you can fix the bugs I would gladly write another review but until then ill use Something else

  • Popup ads kill this app

    by afowler711

    Paid for the upgrade and still get pop up ads every few seconds, very basic function ( which I expected) would keep if I could get rid of the pop ups

  • Annoying App

    by willaim ward

    Deleted this awful app immediately just to get ride of the pop ups Signmaker9

  • Terrible

    by Put it back6594

    Not user friendly, sever limitations, free version gives you a pop up every 10 seconds. You guys didn't even try. I hate this app

  • Too many pop ups

    by &dis5

    Not user friendly

  • This app is horrible!

    by Fafd 3464

    I have never been so disgusted with an app in my life! Every few seconds I would receive a pop up! If I could have figured out how to use it I wouldn't have been able to! This app gets a huge thumbs down from me!

  • Annoyed

    by Jaggerandtan

    Constant annoying pop up adds. Very difficult to use an no instructions. Needs a lot of work. I would gladly pay a few bucks for something that works the way a spread sheet should.

  • Deleted immediately

    by Brettm800

    Ad popped up every few seconds. Couldn't find instructions. Couldn't find a simple multiplication formula. Would love to find a simple, inexpensive spreadsheet app but this one needs some work.

  • I would rather pay

    by Bob S..

    Charge a dollar and get rid of the ridiculous pop ups. You can't possibly believe any serious users would put up with this.

  • This is a non-starter

    by thunder puppy

    Those pop-up ads every few seconds kills this for me. I'm deleting. Also, maybe it's just me, but I don't see multiplication, division or subtraction functions. Pretty basic functions...


    by Rkrhawaii

    I'm going to delete this mess. Pop ups for STUPIDgames appear every few seconds.

  • Are you kidding!

    by WJaac

    It's a very nice simple app, but pop up offers come up every few seconds. Very frustrating.

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