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  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Google, Inc.
  • Updated: Jan, 15 2013
  • Version: 2.0.13611
  • Size: 9.91 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Google, Inc.

* Get notifications when you’re near a merchant with a saved loyalty program
* Add your loyalty programs even faster -- just scan your card and the info will auto-populate
* Performance improvements

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Shop, save, and send money with a smarter wallet.

* Carry your loyalty programs in the app and leave the plastic cards behind
* Save more when you shop by taking all of your offers with you
* Send money easily to any friend in the US with an email address and get early access to sending money in Gmail
* Use the Google Wallet Card to spend your Wallet Balance at millions of MasterCard® locations and withdraw cash at ATMs
* For security, Google Wallet comes with a PIN and 24/7 fraud monitoring
* If your device is lost or stolen, you can always disable Google Wallet online

The Google Wallet app uses your location to show you nearby offers and more. If you would like to turn this feature off, please go to the Privacy section of the iOS Settings app.

Google Wallet works on devices with iOS 6.0+. Have questions or feedback? Call us at 1-855-492-5538.

Customer Reviews

  • Crashes

    by Faultyclones

    Crashes instantly on iPhone 5s iOS 7.0.4 jailbroken. Please fix . Thanks . This Dident happen until the update .

  • Paypal killer

    by barryb007

    This isn't like Paypal it's better. It's the way paypal used to be. No fees to except money. No $1 fee to withdraw money. Paypal going to a 1.50 shortly. Not sure on foreign fees. Max with draw 300. Paypal $400. I love google wallet. Thank you google. Buy buy paypal.

  • Still needs more work...

    by ifm725

    Almost all of the apps out there that support loyalty cards show some sort of graphic for the individual cards that are out there. GW only shows different colored stars. It does show graphics for the loyalty cards that are preloaded. I like the simple look of GW but would be great if it would show the individual graphics for all of my cards.

  • Love this app!!


    Works like paypal.

  • Finally Available!

    by Stiggky

    Finally available for iOS! Been using this for a while and it keeps up beautifully with cards and purchases.

  • Please Bring iPad Support

    by Stephen Bond

    This is a great app, please bring iPad support for the larger screen it has.

  • Missing Bitcoin support

    by Jonas Neves

    I'll use when it start accepting Bitcoins

  • Love the simplicity

    by Eglanton

    I have a few different bank accounts, and I have them all linked to my google wallet. If I want to add money to my Wallet balance, I can choose which account to transfer from and the transaction happens almost instantaneously. I love that if my wallet gets stolen, it's only x amount that's on my Wallet balance that could be stolen, rather than my checking account's entire balance. I usually keep my wallet balance low which actually helps me to keep track of my spending better. You get an instant--and I literally mean instant, like as soon as they swipe your card in their machine your phone vibrates with a notification of the charge--update to your transactions list. I would be over the moon if they would make this able to be used outside of the US.

  • Does the job

    by dellmydad

    The was the main reason why I got google wallet. I have yet to have any issues with the app. I love how I lets know now when a transaction has just been made

  • So far, so good

    by Isthistaken12

    I've had my Google wallet card for a couple weeks now and I'm pretty happy with it. I only wish that I could edit the transaction names, but that's just me being picky.

  • Confused


    Can I use this app if i am 15? How contact google.

  • Still waiti g on my google card

    by Choobies23

    Waiting on google wallet card

  • Good idea, poor execution

    by Pmrjulio

    I was looking forward to leave all my loyalty program plastic cards home and use my google wallet to check in at stores. Unfortunately, the app doesn't work without a wifi or cell connection. If you have no connection, the app is useless. Other apps as cardstar let you have access off line.

  • Great App

    by Frank Montes

    Google has made transferring money to friends and family really easy. If you know their email address then boom you can send them money from any credit/debit card or even a bank account. Only criticism is that if you do use your bank account it can take up to 7 days to post. But all in all the app works great.

  • Amazing

    by Frenchy30392

    Signed up for google wallet got my card in a few days. It's the best way to send money to family and friends and the app is just great

  • Love it!!

    by H1959

    Not sure what was all the fuss about not been able to see your funds or waiting to long. I just added money and it was there instantly. I’ll keep playing to see if anything else comes up. For now, good job Google!!

  • Can't wait for it to be better

    by Arykan

    On the way to awesome. Expecting great things from this! After only having the app for less than 30 min: To improve: 1) you can't search offers and loyalty programs? Google. You're...GOOGLE. And I can't google for offers? Come on, your reputation is at stake! Add an easy search--pull down to search makes sense for iPhone users. 2) make it so we can add our loyalty via email or pone numbers--I never carry my cards, just do they lookup by phone every time in store. That option here will make it much easier to use this app (and ease = people telling their friends to use this app!!).

  • Great app

    by Maximusi

    Great app . What else can i say ? Great app . It's a shame iPhone doesn't have NFC chipset .

  • Excellent app!

    by Carbon City Lights

    Google just do everything right. This is like paypal and more. And better. Great app! I've also seen a lot of stores supporting it too!

  • Cool App

    by ntroglin

    Cool app. Loyalty section is similar to Keychain. It will be better when more functionality and retailers catch on.

  • Why only in the USA

    by Bolt888

    Unhappy that works only in US

  • Can't authenticate?

    by Osyres

    Why aren't any of the cards able to authenticate?

  • not recommend

    by onayamerica

    I do not recommend this application is very slow, and the service is lousy

  • Why are statements so secret?

    by LDNY

    For the most part I like this app, the surface, and most the MasterCard debit card. My first transfers from my credit card and my debit card to the Google wallet work instantaneous later on when I took all of my cards out of my wallet except Google card I needed to add funds to my car to make a purchase of the store I was at and the transfers to the Google wallet took for ever and made my shopping experience fail. Now my biggest problem with the app and service is that the only place I could find a statement which has transactions along with the running balance around the end. Now they appear to be in PDF form but there's no way to print them there's no way to save the PDF somewhere else and on the desktop webpage statements don't exist at all! I find this extremely frustrating and kind of creepy! I should be able to print my statements review them and sure my running balance is actually accurate.

  • Extremely insecure!!

    by Hidossaji

    If your phone is stolen and you don't realize it, anyone can get access to your wallet and spend $$$. The only way to prevent this from happening is to find a computer and change your gwallet password. I wish they included a logout option in the app.

  • 2-Step Verification Glitch

    by Kvadrater

    Don't even bother with this app if you're smart and use Google's 2-step verification. There's an endless cyclical glitch during the sign-in process which renders the app unusable.

  • Where is the sign out????

    by Cooliesnoopy

    I never trust this app cuz I couldn't find the "sign out." At once I sign out then I will remove this app... Period... Sorry about it...

  • Useless to me!

    by Joe838383

    Takes way to long to transfer money into Google wallet. Made three deposits and although they are getting faster my most recent deposit (today) will take 6 days to post (longest I've waited is 10 days). Really no point to it since I can't use tap to pay either (only available if you have Sprint and a droid phone). I guess I'll just keep it for purchases I find risky where my card number might be compromised (like when shopping online or in Target!)

  • Login problems

    by mercNstein

    Cannot login I took my iphone off wifi and used cell data and same problem

  • Sign-in is broken

    by BurningDeisel

    I use a complex password for my google account as well as two factor authentication. When I try to sign into this app I need to background the app to switch to my password manager to copy my pw to the clipboard. Doing this results in several popup errors inside google wallet and causes signin to start over. Same thing happens when I switch to google authenticator for my 2-factor code. Maybe test the app a bit and submit a fix and I can leave a review about the app itself.

  • No Transparency delete immediately

    by pilot-mike

    Obviously evil... Total misrepresented scam of a service. I'm so upset with the whole experience. Needed to send money in a hurry to a vendor. He suggested looking at G wallet. Website says "Send money. Send instantly." No Charge for bank account to bank account transfers. Sounds Great! so I sign up and it says 3 to 4 days to verify bank account. OR verify instantly by inputting the Account Name and Account Passcode used on the Bank Website. Wait what??? I've never, ever, heard of any company anywhere asking for that info. (This from the company that hacked into router passwords all over the world while supposedly collecting mapping data) So I do it, got verified and immediately change the name and passcode info on the bank website. Ok so now I arrange to transfer $4,000. After COMPLETING the info and hitting SEND button, up pops a screen that says this transaction may take up to 1 week to complete. That's too long for my specific needs so I spend 20 minutes to find a support phone number with an actual person on the other end. They are helpful, understanding, very competent and cancel the transaction in a quick 5 minute phone call. Awesome! But wait. Next day my account is missing $4,000. I call my vendor did they get the money? "No, what money?" At the very end of the day, too late to dispute anything with the bank Google wallet sends an email saying that it will take 14 days to refund my money. Why do they even have the money? Why wasn't it a bank-account-to-bank-account transfer as described? Called Google wallet support again and described all this and asked to talk to the accounting department. Support says that will NEVER HAPPEN, sorry!

  • Artur

    by Ba[R]aD

    Use it a lot on my pc I wish to use it on my phone please add Israel support

  • Basically a unless service

    by Wolf Den Studio

    I expected a true electronic wallet and I got a confusing mess. It’s Google bait to get your personal info and delivering an incomplete solution. I can’t wait for COIN to be released. COIN will be a true electronic wallet.


    by iPro31

    Lemon/LifeLock wallet is 100x better then this Google Wallet!

  • Authentication fails

    by Ian G in GA

    Unable to use the app because after authentication, I just receive "unexpected error occurred". Website also shows error when accessing the cards section. So, useless for now.

  • Can't Sign In

    by Dionis Loire

    An unexpected error occurred. Please try again!

  • Not helpful

    by Defective and inefficient

    The app seemed like a great idea the first time we used it. The second time we transferred funds it took a week to get the funds from checking into the wallet and then another several days for it to get into my checking. Completely unreliable as far as length of time/ execution. How can this be considered a convenience.

  • Ugh.

    by Anjelai

    Verify my identity by submitting paper forms of proof of address and ID? No thanks I'll just use the BofA money transfer. Delete app.

  • Serious flaw in Verification<-->Wallet link

    by jtmoderate876

    I can't verify my account because my wallet is disabled. I can't reinstate my wallet because I need to verify my account. Infinite loop I just spent a couple of phone calls and about an hour with Google wallet support. In the end they said that Google verification department is a different department and that that dept. controls this portion of the process. There is no phone number and they are having trouble contacting that dept and there is nothing else he can do. Nice guy and he sees the problem but is powerless. This problem lies with "Google Verification Department" for which there is no contact. By the way, if I hit help or "contact us" it too takes me to the screen to verify my account.

  • Another Reason To Stick With Apple

    by wick0140

    I was excited to learn of the new Google Wallet Card which on paper looked almost as good as the upcoming Coin card. Turns out, however, the card is not as flexible as Google leads you to believe. You currently can only use the card to charge to your Google Wallet account. No other cards can be associated with the card as advertised. This is a must DELETE app. I was told G Wallet will start the new year with a bang but as no details were provided to better define the bang I'm expecting more smoke and maybe a mirror or two. Boo! Hiss! Google.

  • Very disappointed

    by SleepyKeeg

    Great concept...terrible execution. Can't even get my checking account verified. They say they deposited the account says otherwise. Customer Service rep was horrible and didn't know the product she was supposed to be helping with. I'm extremely frustrated!!

  • Love it

    by Ericop


  • Can't authenticate

    by Critic81

    I have 2 factor. In order to authenticate myself I need to switch to the authenticator app. When I come back to google wallet, it kicks me out of the login process and makes me start over and by that time the code has expired.

  • Unsafe

    by DOlivarez

    I am giving the app an overall 1 star because the security features are horrible anybody can access the app. Also upon opening the application it takes way too long to load up.

  • Google Susspended My Account

    by chem_fun

    Very upsetting. I got an email letting me know that my loyalty program was available in Google Wallet. Upon downloading the app, I added my account. I then added my wifes account, and changed the name and birthday to verify. Success. Wanting to add my daughters account, I recieved an error that my birthday made me unable to use Google wallet. Not a problem, so I thought. Upon exiting from Google Wallet, and trying to get into my email, I found my gmail account suspended!!! Unsure if important emails would be bounced, I paid the $0.30 to unlock my account. Beware if trying to add a childs loyalty accont.

  • iOS 7 optimization

    by @chaseagiles

    Needs to be better optimized for the new UI...

  • Thanks google

    by Joelburgos

    Please give me an option to attach a pic of my loyalty card or w.e i want instead of that stupid tile with a star in the middle. Think out of the box with style

  • Update for iOS7

    by Peter Gamal

    Can we redesign the app so it can match with the software we have on our phones.. Thanks :)

  • It locks!

    by DadeoZ

    Just had to put my two cents in. It definitely locks on ios. Default is one day, can be set to 15 mins. Seems like a cool app.

  • Error in login though I have US address

    by mahitakp

    While loging in to Google Wallet app on iPhone I am getting below error, though I have US address on my google account. "Google wallet is only available in US. Google wallet is not available in your country yet. Please update your home address if you have moved." Please resolve the bug in app.

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