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Languages: English, Chinese

Seller: Gladtiding Consulting, Inc.

Bug fix:
-Vendor expense total in PDF report

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Budget Alert is smart, intuitive and effective! Manage and synchronize budgets across iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Create family budgets to instantly share budgets with family members.

With Budget Alert, you can plan your budgets, transfer budgets and share budgets; Keep track of expenses or income, and monitor cash flow at your finger tips!

Budget Alert's powerful reporting engine produces detailed PDF reports that can be emailed or printed directly from the app.

Setup and customize alerts when budgets are running low. Get pre-alert notifications when your next expense transaction is about to happen.

Budget Alert is packed with over 100 unique features ensuring all your budgeting needs are covered.

★Money back guarantee★ If you are not satisfied with the purchase, we will gladly refund your money*!

Awesome features:

-Data store and sync using iCloud

-Data store and sync using Budget Alert Cloud

-Transfer budget

-View budget history

-Supports both income and expense transactions

-Recurring transactions

-Badge notification

-Customizable alerts

-Advance repeat options

-Interactive reporting tools

-Email and print PDF reports

-Supports AirPrint

-Export CSV files for desktop use

-Desktop backup and restore

-Built-in currency conversion tool

-Personal passcode protection

-Much more...

*Purchase refund: Must show proof of purchase; valid Paypal account required for refund requests; Limited time offer.

Try Budget Alert risk free today!

Budget Alert for iPad is also available. Get it and sync it!

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by JBLcooldude

    This is a nice app. I like this because it is easy and I can use it with my wife too. There is an issue with the recurring budgets as other have mentioned which is why this is four stars not five. However I just do what I need to do and make it work because that keeps me actively invoked in the budges process rather than letting it do my budgeting for me.

  • Exactly what we were looking for!

    by Macollin

    My wife and I wanted an app where we could track our expenses using multiple devices. The ability to sync is perfect. And the syncing happens super fast! The app itself is great for tracking expenses and the aggregate pie chart view is very slick. Thanks for a great app.

  • Father husband.

    by Sieve Head

    Great app. We discovered patterns in our spending we didn't realize. My wife is an accountant and she likes it.

  • Family budget

    by RegularPeople

    The app is good for family with different devices. It is easy to use. It definitely helps keep track of expenses for the whole family. However there are two things that can improve. 1: the recurrent budgets for each week doesn't always add up right. 2: the app sometimes freezes upon opening and needs to be restarted to unfreeze. These two bugs will need to be fixed.

  • Awesome reports

    by MacMonty

    Straight forward app with some awesome reporting tools.

  • Flexible

    by CatS&H

    Have tried several apps. What I liked immediately is that it let me add extra amounts as additional income to individual budget items --this was helpful since I was imputing March's budget midmonth and wanted to add $ left over from February. Next month everything should roll over automatically.

  • Switched from Billminder

    by Psychtec

    It is an excellent app. Would still recommend it. This app is quicker & easier to use. Try the free app first. Use your first 20 transactions wisely, but play around with the app first. Try all the features. It would be nice if you could take pictures of receipts. The one negative is that their customer service is non existent. I had a problem & a question that I eventually figured out. I emailed it to customer service. I have yet to receive a response. Customer Service get your act together! I recommend this app for now.

  • Really nice budget app!

    by Morris2000

    The best!

  • Best Budget App

    by Kenny G()

    This is absolutely the simplest and best budget app around. Anyone can use this app to stay on top of their personal budgets and really see where money is being spent! Really great easy to use App that will help u keep on top of your spending! Highly recommended!!!

  • How do you sync it?

    by AK1002

    I would love to get this info on all my devices, but it's not allowing it. I go into settings and sync it and it takes forever so I just end up canceling out. Any one know of a way to do this to where it doesn't take forever and that doesn't delete all my current data?!? Other than that I love it! The fact that you can make your own PDF file and it keeps track of it. Very good for budgeting and I have tried several!

  • Me

    by Pack34rat

    Love it easy app to use

  • Great budget app

    by Mataserda

    This is exactly what I was looking for, a powerful little app. I love that you can sync the same budgets with other devices. The set is great!!

  • Great App!

    by D.J.F.D2569

    Easy to use and the PDF report is very helpful.

  • Great

    by Keeops

    Love it

  • Simple but effective

    by Three Kids Love It

    Great app. Does exactly what we needed for a family budget. Easy to use and sync between 2 iPhones and an iPad. Works great!

  • Great app!

    by Michellitaus

    Great app!

  • Intuitive interface

    by Sixfootsevenco

    Very intuitive and does what I need it to.


    by NELHACK


  • What a cool app!

    by Tasterfalul

    Waiting for something like this to come along. Halelujah!

  • Excellent: Worth Every Penny

    by NumberDude2012

    Researched a multitude of budget apps and am extremely happy with BA. I was looking for something for my wife and I to track our variable expenses. We have each of our iPhones and the iPad sync'd and it works flawlessly (used the BA cloud for instant sync). The interface is very intuitive and as a numbers nerd, I love the PDF and CSV file export capability.

  • Passwords


    Will not email you a new password when needed even though it will state that a new password has been sent to your email address.

  • User friendly.

    by Meliwood

    I really like this app, it is easy to use and addicting when you are eager to save or on a tight budget.

  • Serious stuff

    by Ebem Bigby

    Solid budgeting app with magnitudes of features. Breaks many milestones when compared to the competition.

  • New and improved

    by Gonzo Loarti

    Dirt cheap considering how jam packed BA is. I use iCloud a lot so I'm glad they removed the bugs

  • Perfect!

    by gibsonsmm

    Exactly what I've been looking for since iCloud arrived. Superb layout and beautifully simple.

  • Godly APP!

    by CEmil pArty Boy

    I like to set my income to ten times it's real value. :) Oh well, someday. Also this app rocks!


    by saugust3

    Backup feature saved my life yesterday. My phone went crazy (they said it was a glitch or something) Thankfuly I made a backup. :)

  • A keeper in my book

    by Ernesto Spigeel

    Love the pie charts. Stunning app

  • Best of the bunch

    by Julio Melendy 4O

    Was wondering when a high quality app would finaly come along. Too good for the price they're offering it at.

  • GreAt app

    by Gigifrey

    I love this app what a way to keep spending in check daily

  • Favorite

    by Lionel R.

    Highly detailed app considering how cheap it is. My favorite budgeting app so far

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