Compound It Finance App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Front Pocket Software LLC

NOTICE: This update requires iOS 5 or later.

Added support for iPad and iPhone 5.

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Compound It can help you evaluate many fixed income securities.

* Calculate Price, Yield, Price to Call, Yield to Call, Accrued Interest.
* Handles Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Agency Bonds, Treasury Bonds, Medium Term Notes, Municipal Notes, Treasury Notes, Treasury Bills, and Banker's Acceptances.
* Handles Odd Short/Long First Periods, Odd Short/Long Last Periods, and a combination of both Odd First and Odd Last Periods.
* Handles 30/360, Act/360, Act/365, and Act/Act Day Count Bases.
* All formulas based on equations from Standard Securities Calculation Methods by Jan Mayle and validated against the included benchmark tests.
* Option to see all intermediate values from calculations.
* Option to send a formatted email of results.

Customer Reviews

  • Actually useful

    by Tweezer93

    Perfect for on-the-go calculations. Helps me quantify returns for my clients and demonstrate investment options. Basic functionality but very useful.

  • Pretty good

    by Mrinalr

    The app is simple to use without much confusion. Nice job!

  • Don't buy it

    by Nelfff

    This app doesn't do what it says, y recommended that the creator of this review this issue


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